Guitar/Synth Pop Brothers ALCABEAN Released Debut Album ‘CONFESSIONS’ – Explore It Track-By-Track…

20 March 2019

ALCABEAN is the musical vehicle of young Danish brothers Julius & Victor Schack.
They create melodious guitar synth pop colored with dreamy duet vocals that take
you to a blissful state of mind. They know pretty well how to write about daily life experiences and personal stories and wrap them neatly into modern-day tunefulness spiced with New Order and Tame Impala echoes. They just released their enraptured
debut album ‘CONFESSIONS’ and Julius & Victor will tell us all about it track by track…

Here’s the music

Here’s the track by track guide

“‘Athens‘ started out as a synth based song back when it was in its early demo form.
We really loved the vibe of the song and we decided to reconstruct it and record it on
our respective instruments. The synth bass line from the original demo also became the main bass line on the finished demo. We really kinda went nuts on this song and we didn’t care about the length of the track. We just wanted to create a song on our own terms.”

“We knew right away that confessions had to be the title track of the record. The lyrics and the vibe of the song really encapsulate what this record is about: the hardship of looking into your own fragile and yet egotistical psyche and realising you’ve become something that you never intended to be.”

“‘Tsukuyomi‘ was the first demo that we wrote for the album. ‘Tsukuyomi‘ is the song that opened us up to a new musical direction and from that song we kinda had a faint idea of how we wanted the album to sound and be aesthetical. This song actually started out really slow, as a downplayed almost acoustic demo. We then had the idea to speed it up, write a synth part and put an electric guitar on the song.”

” ‘Itchy Skin‘ is an amuse bouche on the album. Compared to other songs this was really easy to write. We gave ourselves a creative free-pass on this record and the song is a result of that. It stands out as a little different compared the other songs, yet it still fits the overall vibe of the album. This song was one of the least serious songs on the album and the solo at the end really embodies that. The slide solo was actually recorded with a small glass and not a guitar slide.”

“We have an ongoing joke in the band about this being the only proper rock song of the album. It’s probably the only song on the album based around a guitar riff, which is funny cause that used to be how we started writing most of our older songs. As Julius puts it: “I remember listening to Victor making the demo of the song and I really loved the riff. I asked Victor jokingly after hearing the riff “Are we now all of a sudden making Rock music again?”

“This is a pompous indie rock song about living a mediocre life and accepting that while still living in a society where mediocrity often is seen as failure and self-realisation as the
path to happiness.”

7. RED
Red‘ was probably the most fragmented of our demos when we started working on it.
We actually wrote the whole song before writing the lyrics. This gave us a chance to really write a story with narrative qualities to it. You follow the main character ‘Red’ who is feeling vulnerable and fragile and is trying to find solace in opening up to the people around him.”

Feel‘ was the first song we ever wrote 4-5 years back when we started. This song has been recorded and played live under every constellation the band has ever had. it was actually supposed to be on our EP ‘Head Down‘ but we just weren’t happy with the sound and feel of the song in that particular version. The song might be simple but it took us a long time to get it right, and luckily for the song we finally found a way to do it justice.”

“‘King The Queen‘ was reconstructed because we thought we could make it better. We
spent quite some time on this song trying to fuse the different elements of the record
into a song that had it all. The rhythm in the intro of the song was actually played on a
midi keyboard on the demo and our drummer tried to imitate it 1 to 1 when we recorded the album.”

“The magnum opus of the record. We never had a doubt in our mind that this should be the closing track of the album. This is the longest song we’ve ever made and probably one of the longest we will ever do. In the writing process, we knew we wanted something with an epic buildup that still left some room for its more fragile parts. We already have a feeling in the band that this is gonna be the best song from the album to play live.”

Brothers in arms

ALCABEAN: Facebook – ‘Confessions’ on iTunes

Danish Brothers ALCABEAN Release New Riveting Single ‘TSUKUYOMI’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 January 2019

ALCABEAN is the musical moniker of Danish brothers Julius & Victor Schack who will
launch their debut album CONFESSIONS in March. Ahead of it they just dropped lead single TSUKUYOMI.

“Tsukuyomi is a reference to the character Ithachis fighting style in the anime Naruto where he traps people inside an imaginary world of his design. It is named after a Japanese Shinto Moon God. So the song Tsukuyomi is a reflection on the time we live in, our so-called post-modern world. On how it can feel as though information and views are shoved down our throats and that this almost imaginary world of information stalks us around always and constant like the Moon.”

Tsukuyomi‘ is a guitar driven, melodious gem, with delightful duet vocals that take
you immediately to a rapturous state of mind. This is high-quality pop songwriting with
echoes reminding me of The Cure‘s most catchy moments. Its vibrant flow will have an instant impact on your sonic senses. Glorious performance. Tune in here…

ALCABEAN: Facebook

Danish Trio JOURS Amazes With Zestful Debut Single ‘TRICK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 April 2019

Sorry Mister William Shakespeare but there’s nothing rotten in the state of Denmark. On the contrary, the music coming out of that north European country lately is thrilling, elevating, compelling and totally riveting. Turn Up The Volume already featured some of those up and coming Danish artists such as great vox Rebecca Lou, electro pop brothers Alcabean and singer-songwriter M. Rexen.

Interesting detail is that they all are on the same indie label, called We Are Suburban,
the Rough Trade of Denmark. And here’s their next fresh act named jours. An arousing
trio that just released their debut single TRICK. A flamboyant piece of amplified guitar pop rapture. For some reason the melodic vivacity song reminds me of Liverpool‘s 80s one-time phenomenon The La’s but rockier and heavier. Anyway it’s a top debut. Check it out here…

jours: Facebook

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 32…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven striking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven towering tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Getaway’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Frisky Danish guitar popsters strike again. ‘Getaway‘ roars terrifically from start to finish.
Copious electricity, booming rhythm section and a striking chorus to go nuts to. Bingo!

ALCABEAN: Facebook

2/ ‘High Above’ by SEASIDE HEIGHTS (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Most notable track from their new 4-track EP ‘Made Up Minds And Bad News‘. Stirring swagger, anthemic spirit and expressive vocals. Top-quality songwriting. Stream EP here.


3/ ‘Too Fast’ by HEY HARRIETT (Adelaide, Australia)
Sunlit pop injection to sing, hum or whistle along. Playful, vivid and sparkling. Invigorating!


4/ ‘Hey!’ by SUMMER MAGIC (South City St. Louis, US)
Summer Magic‘ aka Kevin Bachmann sounds like a 90s psychedelic Britpop version of The Beach Boys on his new single. Addictive jingle jangle riffs and luminous harmonies. Top!


5/ ‘Pants Off’ by THE CREACHIES (Baltimore, Maryland, US)
Highly catchy pop stroke transferring you to state of careless ecstasy. Elevating and frolic!


6/ ‘Omador’ by NORPHLET (Waco, TX, United States)
Multi guitars fueled roller coaster going fast/slow/fast. What you get is tons of electrical energy. Infectious, intense and powerful. From the duo’s self-titled EP. Stream it here.

NORPHLET: Facebook

7/ ‘Nothing Is Enough’ by DELTA WILL (Toronto, Canada)
This relaxing bass driven groove, smoothly colored with twinkling guitars and impassioned vocals all over it, will make you dream away. From their new EP ‘Multitudes I‘ – stream here.

DELTA WILL: Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For April 2018!…

Killer tracks on repeat this past month

A red-hot cocktail of stupendous rippers
and vivid grooves energizing body & soul!
Go berserk with TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s
smoking April knockout team! Hell yeah!


1/ ‘Broken Algorithms’ by MANIC STREET PREACHERS (Wales)
A vintage Manics rocker / “Remember the mission to own your dreams”
Album:Resistance Is Futile’ – listen here

2/ ‘Odessey’ by MIEN (Texas, US)
Killer track from this experienced, mind-expanding supergroup’s debut LP…
Album: self-titled debut out now – stream here

3/ ‘Biker Song’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Amplified Danish firework thundering mercilessly from start to finish….
From New EPHead Down‘ – stream here

4/ ‘Better With Age’ by NIGHT OWLS (Leeds, UK)
Razor-sharp electro uppercut pushed by manic drums and jigsaw guitars…

5/ ‘3AM Lullaby’ by HOTEL MIRA ((Vancouver, Canada)
This passionate cracker resonates like an intense Dinosaur JR roller coaster…

6/ ‘Under The Moon’ by REBECCA LOU (Danmark)
A dazzling guitar firecracker that will make your blood stream faster – titanic score…

7/ ‘Spree’ by ALTAR FLOWERS (Manchester, UK)
Irresistible electro groove with a goth twist and tempting male/female vocals…
EP: stream 5-track ‘Performance’ EP right here

8/ ‘Pink Harlot’ by Skiska Skooper (Belgium)
When Black Sabbath jam with Sonic Youth you get schizophrenic racket…
Album: debut ‘Universal Space Shifter’ out now – stream/buy right here

9/ ‘Waxmage’ by SCHOOL DISCO (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Psych-o-delic and insane jam with a paranoid Suicide touch…
EP: new 4-track titled ‘Look To The Sky‘ out now – stream/buy on Bandcamp

10/ ‘In The Street’ by RICH GIRLS (New York, NY, US)
Gripping mixed emotions pop with a darksome twist…
Album: debut ‘Black City‘ out now – stream/purchase on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Lost In The Light’ by NIGHT HAZE (Athens, Greece)
Haunting, obscure, mysterious and catchy as bloody hell…

See/hear you next month, music junkies

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 15…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven stunning strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven top-notch tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Voices’ by ELLEVATOR (Hamilton, Canada)
Venturous power pop electricity driven by frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche‘s enticing vox bringing the feverish energy of 90s popsmiths Belly to mind. Potent and spirited stroke.

ELLEVATOR: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – Tour

2/ ‘Step One’ by FOGGY CITY ORPHAN (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish engine with a semi-spoken word drone that sounds like early Talking Heads‘s jamming with The Fall. Hypnotic hullabaloo with a hyperkinetic force. Topmost cut!

FOGGY CITY ORPHAN: Facebook – Twitter – You Tube

3/ ‘Biker Song’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Here’s some highly amplified Danish firework thundering mercilessly from start to finish. Multi-layered guitar frenzy and hammering drums. A red-hot crackerjack that will mess up your mind the way you like it. From new 6-track EP ‘Head Down‘ – here on iTunes.

ALCABEAN: Facebook / PR: A Badge Of Friendship

4/ ‘Looks So Good’ by BLADE OF GRASS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
This Californian trio’s new single is a puzzling psych belter going slow/fast and even funky at times. Enigmatic and eccentric, yet totally irresistible. Out 20 April via Etxe Records.

BLADE OF GRASS: Facebook –  Twitter – Instagram

5/ ‘3AM Lullaby’ by HOTEL MIRA (Vancouver, Canada)
This Canadian threesome changed their band name from ‘JPNSGRLS‘ to ‘Hotel Mira‘ and
hit bulls-eye with their first single. ‘3AM Lullaby’ resonates like an intense Dinosaur JR
roller coaster. Swirling, vehement, intense and hot-blooded. A splendid score overall!

HOTEL MIRA: Website – Instagram –  Twitter – / Label: Light Organ Records

6/ ‘That’s Not Me’ by BEACH SKULLS (Manchester/Liverpool, UK)
This Nelly Furtado loving threesome shines electrically on their fresh single. A moony indie promenade with rippling guitars and a captivating melody at the very heart of it. Starry-eyed and reflective. From the band’s upcoming, second, album ‘Las Dunas‘ – all info here .

BEACH SKULLS: Facebook – Instagram – Tumblr

7/ ‘Outside Saskatoon’ by ESPANOLA (Toronto, Canada)
‘Espanola’ aka singer/songwriter Aaron Goldstein & friends rumble and roll on this new effort. Feels like legends Neil Young and Bob Seger having an euphoric jam. Bingo!

ESPANOLA: Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 6…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven striking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven towering tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Fake It’ by CHASE CITY (Hobart, Tasmania, AUS)
Here’s a terrific power slam with a wicked dance twist while agitated vocals poke the
pace mercilessly. A dazzling sledgehammer by a dashing turbine! They are for REAL!

CHASE CITY: Facebook – Bio

2/ ‘Liar’ by PINK ROOM (Ghent, Belgium)
This Belgian’s three-headed punk trash trio will push your speakers to the fucking limit with a d-y-n-a-m-i-t-e outburst from fresh, n-a-s-t-y 4-track EP ‘Relationshit‘ – listen here.

PINK ROOM: Facebook

3/ ‘Still Remember’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Fully guitars charged score driven by a staggering and relentless drum/bass tandem while harmonious vocals glide all over it. A multi-layered effort performed with lots of bravado.

ALCABEAN: Facebook

4/ ‘Is This Man Bothering You?’ by THE FERNWEH (Liverpool, UK)
A heavenly psychedelic pop rainbow floating eight miles high. A sweet, colorful pearl, with spot-on orchestration transferring you to the best moments of 60s sonic splendour. Bingo!

THE FERNWEH: Twitter – Label: Skeleton Key Records

5/ ‘Hetty Merton’
Psychedelic galvanism taking you way up there in the blissful sky. Touching, moony and remembering me of the best moments of Dinosaur JR. Yes, that entrancing good! Top!

SKY BETWEEN LEAVES: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter (pic by Rosaline Shahnavaz)

6/ ‘I Get No Rest’ by INDIAN QUEENS (London, UK)
Captivating reflection of big city alienation. ‘London at night, nowhere to hide’. Restless loneliness translated into a gripping sonic contemplation. Only questions, no answers.

INDIAN QUEENS: Website – Facebook

7/ ‘Hot Tears’ by PINKY PINKY (Los Angeles, California, US)
Young, vibrant L.A. trio sounds here like an electrical reincarnation of 60s legends
The Ronettes with this amplified tearjerker, this teenage love-sick reflection in slo-mo!

PINKY PINKY: Facebook / Label: Innovative Leisure

See/hear you next week, music junkies