How Was 2021 For Tucson, Arizona Rainbow CHATEAU CHATEAU… BLEU Tells Us All About It

9 December 2021

Band: CHATEAU CHATEAU (Tucson, Arizona)
Who: An evolving community of musicians led by power couple
Alex and Bleu. With beginnings in an abandoned aerospace warehouse
in 2018, Chateau Chateau has grown into Tucson’s favorite self-deprecating
glam-rock band, dusty and sparkly. They take pride in supporting
the LGBTQ+ community.

This up and coming sensation is gearing up for its second album, hitting the streets in 2022. It’s the follow-up to their notable 2020 debut LP Princess. An effervescent cocktail guitar/synth pop thrills with real-life stories of falling down and getting up again. Glam and glitter riot tattoo grrl Bleu is the charismatic Amazon in the middle and she’ll tell us all we need to know (so far) about Chateau Chateau and her personal struggles in her young life.

But as usual, we start a Turn Up The Volume interview with music
to get us in the right mood. And why not with some fucking shit…

Hello Bleu,

In your bio I read that CHATEAU CHATEAU is an evolving
community of musicians. What does that mean in reality?

“Ultimately, the band is led by Alex and I, Bleu, who write all of the songs, guide the vision and keep everything running on and off stage, but we welcome almost anyone who wants to make magic with us. We’re open to making music with anyone who loves what Chateau stands for as much as we do.

We often have horn players, dancers, synth players, etc. perform with us and become part of our little community.

It isn’t uncommon for you to see a rotating cast of performers from show to show. But some members like Jay, Bleu’s brother, have been with us for years. Jay switches between guitar, bass, synths, and more depending on the show and who else we have on stage.”

What’s the story/meaning behind the band name CHATEAU CHATEAU?

“At one point we had a whole story around it, but honestly we each picked a few names
we liked, and Chateau Chateau fit us best. You could say we’re a large, sparkly, grand, hard to miss group just like a French castle, though.”

Greatest musical influences?

“Definitely Talking Heads, of Montreal, Blondie, Joy Division,
Fanny, The Strokes, The Kinks, and Bowie

What track would you play to introduce CHATEAU CHATEAU
to music fans who never heard of you?

“Probably I Don’t Love You Anymore right now, but honestly our new album about to be released is a really good evolution of our music and showcases a good mix of everything we’ve done before, but at our best.”


“This song is actually my favorite story wise on the new album, the chorus quotes things my dad said to me growing up. When I wrote it I had found an old diary which had letters that my dad wrote to me when I was a teenager. My dad has an illness that changed his mind. I started getting punished for things I never did, and to this day still get treated like an awful piece of shit child. Even though I was a straight-A student, worked full time, was an athlete, etc.

Everyday I was told horrible things about myself and was constantly threatened with things like taking away health insurance, taking me off his will, etc. if I didn’t do exactly as he wanted. He unwarrantedly told me I was worthless, resentful, stupid, throwing my life away, and other things that as a young woman you shouldn’t have to hear. He would also send me articles on how being gay is a choice and constantly tell me I’m going to hell.

When I stood up for myself it only got worse. I learned patience, how not to treat people, and how to be on my own from a young age.

I had to build myself from the ground mentally and physically. I took the experience and learned and grew from it. Writing this song felt really good, I’ve always been so afraid of speaking about him and our relationship, and I fought too hard for too long to try to keep it. This song is the most honest I’ve ever been.”

On debut album PRINCESS the main vocals were
mostly by Alex. What or who decides who’ll sing?

“We’ve had a different vocalist on each album/era so far. This decision was part of a bigger conversation that Alex and I are constantly having: who is Chateau, what do we want to represent, and what is our identity. We decided that I can better represent who Chateau Chateau is, they think I’m a better vocalist so I dedicated a lot of time to improving my singing and frontman skills to do the job justice.

I also enjoy it a lot more, Alex never really liked the pressure. It’s a tough role but I love representing and getting to pour my emotions in vocally now, not just through music and lyric writing. If Chateau history was a little different, I would’ve been the front person from the very beginning according to Alex.”

I love the artwork of the LP. Who designed it
and what did you want to visualize with it?

“I design all of our artwork from album covers to Instagram posts to concert posters! For each era, I’ve wanted the look to evolve with us. The LP told a story of going from a really dark place of substance abuse, self harm, low self esteem and rock bottom, to taking back what’s yours and finding a voice and confidence in yourself and by yourself. So taking the original photos in my favorite crazy, kind of dingey dive bar in my hometown felt right.

The mannequin represents modern pressures and standards everyone is expected
to fit, and how without individuality and expression, we’d all be the same, and
going through the same motions. And having it in black and white with rainbow
lettering felt right for the message as well.”

This year’s 3 singles are all glam and glitter dance crackers, as glam
and glitter as all band pics and singles’ artwork are
. Is that look essential
to the band?

“That look has always been a part of Chateau’s image and is essential to who we are.
It started with the conception of the band – Alex didn’t want Chateau to look like every other band. I also like to think he wanted an excuse to wear glitter makeup. We wanted to basically throw a party at each show, to have fun and make sure our audience had more fun than anyone else.

So, it made sense to dress like a glittery glammed out 80’s pop band. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable to express themselves for whoever they are. Our shows are a safe space to do that. Having a range from dark lyrics to loud fashion really tries to include room for everyone.”

Although I haven’t tattoos myself I admire the art of it.
What does body-tattooing mean to you, Bleu?

“As a tattoo artist myself, everyone has their own meanings behind their tattoos and
why they get tattooed. For me, I love getting to create that kind of personal art. Some of my tattoos have personal meaning, but most of the time I think of it as art collecting.

I do a lot of my own tattoos and it’s such a fun way to express myself and beauty. They make me feel my most confident and beautiful.

I initially started tattooing myself on the parts of my body I didn’t like, and it taught me how to love and not to be so hard on myself. I also have some tattoos that tell a story and bring back memories, some tattoos only I can see and they’re a daily reminder not to slip back into bad habits. Instead of hiding my mistakes I turn them into something I can smile at and remember.”

What movie would you pick to soundtrack it with CHATEAU CHATEAU music?

“Something like Big (1988) or Freaky Friday (1977). Obviously, the fun cheesy 80’s vibes were something I had to go with. But the message of duality, growing up to make some life-changing mistakes, and thinking you know better when you’re young.

You know that feeling when you’re a kid and you just want to be a grown up because you’re tired of being told what to do, but then you blink and your life has passed you by, and now you’re trying to find the time to hang out with a friend, take a nap, have some fun, and you want to be a kid again. I think our music would be perfect for one of those movies.”

How’s Post-Trump life in America?

Trump changed a lot. The last few years brought out the worst in a lot of people,
and divided more. But a lot of us have come together to try to create some real change.

Change is needed. In general, we fight for acceptance, progress, justice. It’s sad that
there are people fighting for things to go backwards. All of a sudden they’re talking about making gay marriage illegal again, making laws against abortion, essentially trying their best to oppress anything different than them.

It’s scary sometimes, last month I had to take the pride sticker off my motorcycle helmet because I got threatened by a man with giant American and trump flags on his truck and thought that was it for me. We do have a platform though, and we will continue to do whatever we can to fight for what’s right and donate to organizations in need.”

A lot of artists started covering other artists when the COVID-19
whirlwind turned our lives upside down. Which would you pick to cover?

“We actually got to cover Essential Logic’s Wonderful Offer! Or label, Kill Rock Stars, celebrated their 30th anniversary so all of the bands got to cover a KRS catalog song.
It was so fun to turn a post-punk song into our synth-pop version. We also have a cover coming up on our new album, Voices Carry by Til Tuesday, which has always been one
of our favorites!”

The best track and album you heard in 2021?

“I found a lot of old music that’s new to me, one of my favorites being Fanny who
has influenced a lot of the new music. Although it’s really hard to pick just one,

I discovered so many sick bands like New York Dolls, Vampire Beach Babes,
Mdou Moctar, The Old Haunts
, I could go on.

I can never pick just one! I’m always jamming out to all different playlists and genres
to find new music. The weirder the better, and if you know any cool bands always send
them my way!”

Are you fans of traditional Xmas carols? If so, which one is your favorite?

“Not as much Christmas carols, but more the Pop songs! Last year we covered Santa Baby by Ertha Kitt which was so fun. We love jazz. But I think my all-time favorite is Last Christmas by Wham!. Even as a kid I was jamming out to that song all December long.

It’s just so catchy and cheesy, but has those classic 80’s synth sounds and drum machine that you can’t miss.”

Which song will be on your stereo on 31st December at midnight??

“This is also such a hard one for me. Something like Liza Anne’s Bad Vacation, The Beatles’ Ticket to Ride, or Caroline Polacheck’s So Hot you’re Hurting my Feelings. All of them are upbeat indie pop songs that make you want to dance. They’re fun and pretty optimistic, and all bring me a lot of joy.

I just want something playing that’s going to give me good vibes, I’m stoked for the new year. So far they’ve only gotten better and I’m always looking forward to what’s next!”

Name three things you really love to happen
in 2022 for CHATEAU CHATEAU, Bleu

“We have an album coming out, so I’m beyond excited for the release of that! We’ll be announcing more details soon, but for now, we’re excited to be releasing singles from it. I’m so excited to see how everyone reacts to it, it’s my first time being this open and honest, and while being this personal is a little scary, it’s been so awesome and a crazy experience.

Secondly, we get to play a festival that we’ll also announce soon, it’s going to be such a great opportunity for us, it’s such an iconic festival we cannot wait! I’m hoping to meet some other cool artists there and expand more.

Lastly, we’re planning on touring, so I’m really just hoping that we get to continue to grow our audience and meet more amazing people, see more of the world, and just continue to grow and have a blast doing it!”

Thank you very much for the interview, Bleu.
May the road rise with Chateau Chateau in 2022.

Check this out. More glam and glitter
with debut LP Princess…


(All artists photos of CC by Jeaninne Kaufer)

From Tucson, Arizona CHATEAU CHATEAU With Glam And Glitter Middle-Finger ‘I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 November 2021

Band: CHATEAU CHATEAU (Tucson, Arizona)
Who: An evolving community of musicians led by power couple
Alex and Bleu. With beginnings in an abandoned aerospace warehouse
in 2018, Chateau Chateau has grown into Tucson’s favorite self-deprecating
glam-rock band, dusty and sparkly. They take pride in supporting
the LGBTQ+ community.

The first taster of a new, upcoming full album.

“It’s about an abusive relationship, with quotes from front-woman
Bleu’s father, taken from the emails of confrontation for being gay,
tattooed, independent and strong-willed.”

Turn Up The Volume: Glam and glitter riot tattoo grrl Bleu attracts all attention,
sonically as well as visually. She swirls and scintillates on I Don’t Love You Anymore
while cursing idiots who hate the LGBTQ+ community, who hate tattoos, and who
actually hate anybody who doesn’t live by their ultra-conservative rules. Fuck all idiots.

Meanwhile, enjoy this jangly earworm that sticks as first-class glue and reaches an
aural orgasm every time the chorus pops up. Bleu‘s vox adrenalizes and vitalizes. Her vivaciousness is contagious. This pumped-up pop gem is contagious. You don’t need vaccination against this castle of a song.

Get up, stand up and fight for your right to dance yourself dizzy…

Also streamable via Spotify


(Images via Kill Rock Stars)

SUMMER JUKEBOX PARTY – 20 Far-Out Knockouts Part 4

Weekly playlist for all party animals out there

It’s summer time.
It’s cocktail time.
It’s shake your hips time.

Move your furniture, make some room,
pick your favorite drink, and start
a wild Wurlitzer jukebox party.

20 Far-Out Knockouts
Old and New

This week’s entertainers

The Dandy Warhols
The Moonlandingz
Lucy Dacus
The Irrational Library
Billie Eilish
Fat White Family
Common Flaws
Revolution Above Disorder
Chateau Chateau
GmBt Life
Francine Honey
Love Itoya

Move to the grooves here…


Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of The Month – NOVEMBER 2021

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 Knockout Tracks for November 2021!
A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams and romantic reveries.

All together on Spotify

Knockout by knockout…

1. ‘Miami Lounge’ by PEEPING DREXELS (London, UK)

I discovered this brilliant post-punk turbo last month at an indoor festival in Amsterdam. The whole crowd went bananas. These motherrockers slash and trash with a burning vehemence and a flabbergasting fervency. Miami Lounge is the crackerjack opener of this year’s released 5-track EP Bad Time.

Now it’s your turn to discover this awesome London squad.

Right here, right now…


2. ‘Ded Würst’ by DITZ (Brighton, UK)

Earlier this month this dynamite hit team blew all punters away with their jaw-dropping gig in my hometown Ghent (Belgium). They razzled and dazzled with ebullient exertion, blistering British bluster, and a fuck Brexit fierceness. The roof went off.

Ded Würst, their newest single, is nothing less
than a nasty and filthy sledgehammer. Das super!

Here’s why…


3. ‘Traps’ by BLOC PARTY (London, UK)

Kele Okereke‘s band returns next year – 29 April 2022 – with
new LP Alpha Games, the first in 5 years.

Talking about a comeback! Traps is a stunning stormer, a killer
single, a whopping whirlwind. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


4. ‘Against The Blade’ by THE HORRORS (Southend-on-Sea, UK)

After dropping one of the best knockout blows of 2021 with Lout
The Horrors followed it up this month with new EP Against The Blade.

The title track is brutal, rough, and rowdy. Like Nine Inch Nails on acid.


5. ‘Tsunami’ by DEAP VALLY

The Los Angeles sisters in rock crime just launched
their new LP Marriage, celebrating their 10 years of
rockin’ out together.

Tsunami is one of my favorites. A glam wham-bam
banger with a feverish impact.

Play it loud…


6. ‘His Ilk’ by BRONSON ARM (Kalamazoo, Michigan, US)

From Michigan here come 2 Pc Noisey Slacker Psychedelic Sludge Punks.
They joined Canada-based indie label Off White House Records
this year with a big bang.

Their newest outburst is a riffin’ rollercoaster that makes the hair in
your neck stand up with its metallic resonance and relentless bass
frenzy. Add nightmarish vocals and I’m sure Santa Claus will run
away in fear.

Turn up the jingle bells here…


7. ‘Never Ready’ by WÏLDERMAN

The alias of British singer-songwriter of Bobby Anderson.

Never Ready is a vicious droning blast. Wïlderman rankles,
rages, and has a bad taste in his mouth. Never ready for
her look and her voice. 133 seconds of sonic sex.

Hot groove, hot intensity, hot slam dunk. Fucktastic!

Get ready here…


8. I Don’t’ Love You Anymore’ by CHATEAU CHATEAU (Tucson, Arizona, US)

Glam and glitter riot tattoo grrl Blue attracts all attention,
sonically as well as visually. She swirls and scintillates on this
new kick while cursing idiots who hate the LGBTQ+ community,
who hate tattoos, and who hate anybody who doesn’t live by
their ultra-conservative rules.

To hell with all these idiots.

Meanwhile, enjoy this jangly earworm that sticks as
first-class glue and reaches an aural orgasm every
time the chorus pops up.

Get up, stand up and move…


9. ‘Absent Transient’ by IT’S KARMA IT’S COOL (Lincoln, UK)

One of the highlights from the group’s excellent new album
Homesick for our Future Destinations. Check TUTV’s raving
review here.

With Absent Transient they show their masterly skills of writing ear-and-mind
pleasing pop tunes charged-up with rotating riffs and dreamy vocal harmonies.

Press play here…


10. ‘Better Than Life’ by GLASS SANDS (London, UK)

Here’s the title track of TUTV’s best album of last month.
Read the review here.

A guitar-driven ripsnorter that gets more intense along its way.
This one-man band slips under your skin without asking and
you’ll love it big time.

Roll along…


11. ‘Let’s Stick Around’ by DJ RITON and JARVIS COCKER (UK)

When an old skool DJ teams up with Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker you
get a sizzling acid house corker to start and end all upcoming
New Year’s Eve parties with.

Hallelujah! Holy Mary!

C’mon, Jarvis


12. ‘The Magic’ by EELS (Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California)

Mark Oliver Everett and his Eels mates plan to release their
new album Extreme Witchcraft on 28th January 2022.

Ahead of it comes this magic groover.
Eels are alive and kick with a dash.

Roll the dice here…


13. ‘What You Keep Telling Yourself’ by DOWN WITH SPACE (Montreal, Canada)

The motorik and magnetic rhythm of this electronic exploit makes your head
turn 360°. The catching combination of near whispering vocals, scintillating David
guitar vibrance and cybernated elegance create an overall ear-ecstatic
vibe culminating in a dynamic finale.

Dive here into space…


14. ‘Dissonance’ by VEDA RAYS (Brooklyn, NY)

From the Brooklyn duo’s new Crucial Fictions LP. TUTV’s review here.

Expect flashy echoes of the 80s British New Romantics movement with
this instant catching pop spark, fueled with glimmering guitar/play,
impassioned vocals, and a non-stop drum beat.


Stand up and shake your pelvis…


15. ‘Still’ by TINY DYNO (Bristol, UK)

This sugary pop bliss feels good at first, better the second time,
and the best with all other spins. Great pop-ular music is about
lifting up the listener’s mood to a euphoric level for about
3/4 minutes. Easier said than done, but not here.

Still is a glorious harmonious touchy-feely gem that appeals from
the kick-off with Gardiner‘s tantalising voice and Kuras‘ vitalizing
guitar ravishment. Add a delirious chorus and you have yourself
a 24-Carat top thrill.

Play it here…


16. ‘Knight Of Cups’ by ODAWIN. (Italy)

This Italian singer-songwriter, born Patrizio Ottavianiiter,
produces a blend of psychedelic rock and Arabic harmonies.

Knight Of Cups is the latest single in a series of monthly releases this year.
Electric dream-pop at its tempting best. Sparkling, spirited, and seductive.

An orchestral triumph. Score!


17. ‘Monterey’ by OCEANOGRAPHY (US)

Oceanography is the solo project of Oakland-based singer,
songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Kelly.

This sweet little pearl comes from his new album
Thirteen Songs About Driving Nowhere
in Alphabetical Order
(awesome title).

“A tribute to my big sister who I lost last year. I hope you enjoy
it and it provides some comfort for any loss you’ve experienced.”

Monterey is a heartfelt ode to a beloved one that passed away,
evoking recognizable, universal feelings of loss, mourning, and

Listen and watch the touching video clip…


18. ‘The Ship Song’ by NELL SMITH and THE FLAMING LIPS (US)

Nell Smith is a 13-year old fan of Oklahoma’s eccentric stargazers Flaming Lips
(one of my all-time fav bands). Frontman Wayne Coyne spotted her at one point
as she attended several gigs with her father. They got in touch and after Coyne
found out that she’s a singer he proposed her to work with the band on a Nick
tribute album he already had in mind for some time.

They got all in the studio and the result is a 9-song Nick Cave
covers album baptized Where The Viaduct Looms with
the nightingale voice of Nell as the heroine in the middle.
You can stream the brand new record on Spotify

One of the standouts is her version of
the heart and soul ballad The Ship Song.

Special, wonderful, lovey-dovey.


19. ‘Always Together With You’ by SPIRITUALIZED (Rugby, UK)

Jason Pierce and his orchestra have a new LP,
called Everything Was Beautiful coming on
25 February 2022

With this spellbinding symphony, he does what he does so splendidly for so long. This
first new piece is another soulful spiritual growing slowly into a gospel-like trance. Epic!


20. ‘We Are Not Alone’ by NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS (Australia)

Last June mega-star-crooner Cave and his bad seed friend Warren Ellis
signed for one of the best LPs of 2021 with their astonishing Carnage opus.

And they’re not done yet. The duo releases the soundtrack they wrote for the French nature documentary Panthère Des Neiges (The Snow Leopard) on 17 December.

Here’s the magnificent taster We Are Not Alone.
A characteristic Cave humdinger. Tender and gripping.

Watch the magic, hear the magic…

See/hear you next month with the best 20 knockouts of 2021

From Tucson Arizona Here’s CHATEAU CHATEAU With Guitar Loaded Ripper ‘EVIDENCE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 January 2019


Who: “Chateau Chateau was birthed from the desert flora and jagged hills of Tucson, Arizona in the beginning of 2018. The formation of the seven band members began in the cold, dark caverns of an aerospace hanger with nothing but an audience of semi-casual and passerby drunkards making their way to the next door brewhouse. In the following months of springtime the band began forming their sound. What was once a loose, rocky, garage-pop four-piece would eventually become a blooming, bouncy, glittery troupe of seven with an equally tightened and raw sound.”

Pick: EVIDENCE – new single “that chronicles the Sisyphean nature of creativity. As musicians we are constantly asking ourselves ‘is this good enough?’ Evidence describes the struggle of finding value in something you have created and coming to the conclusion that often it is not worth anything, and when this is true, the consequences of sharing it with listeners.”

Score: ‘Evidence’ is that kind of euphoric pop cracker that gets under your skin from the get-go. Exciting guitars have an instant impact on your body’s mobility, while enticing vocals and spirited harmonies add an upbeat effect of joyousness. The colorful members of the band look like they are solid party animals and they provide the fuel to join them on the dance floor. Swing along right here…


TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Knockouts Of 2021

Simply the best

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 best
of all the best knockouts of 2021.

All together on Spotify…

Knockout by knockout right here…

1. ‘Stay’ by ONISM E (San Antonio, Texas)

This impassioned stunner kept growing on me the past few months. Why?

Because frontwoman Angeline Chavez‘s voice balances somewhere between
the ones of a young Tina Turner and a flaming Aretha Franklin, because the
guitar play is overwhelming and because Stay is a superb tune.

The glorious 2021 No 1 hit in my book.

The opener of this year’s excellent debut album Survivors. Wanna learn more
about this Texan 4-piece? Read the interview with Turn Up The Volume here.

Don’t go away, stay …


2.’Lout’ by THE HORRORS (Southend-On-Sea, UK)

A stand-alone single from the (lazy) synths driven post-punks that
shocks and rocks with bulldozing force. An industrial slam dunk all
the way.

Play this lout, folks…


3. ‘Miami Lounge’ by PEEPING DREXELS (London, UK)

I saw this amazeballs post-punk turbo in action for the first
time at an indoor festival in Amsterdam, last November.

Holy smoke!

These motherrockers slash and trash with a burning vehemence and
a flabbergasting fervency. Miami Lounge (from their Bad Time EP) is
a perfect example of their mind-blowing mania.

Go for it, ladies and gents…



4. ‘Ded Würst’ by DITZ (Brighton, UK)

Early last month I discovered this dynamite hit team from Brighton
when they blew all punters away with their blistering performance
in my hometown Ghent (Belgium).

They razzled and dazzled with ebullient exertion,
bewildered British bluster, and a fuck Brexit fierceness.

Their newest cut Ded Würst is nothing less than
a nasty and filthy sledgehammer. Hallelujah!

Release the bats…


5. ‘And This Next Song’ by THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY (The Netherlands)

A sharp-cutting stonker from this Dutch collective’s
ace debut longplayer We… Are Doomed .

It rattles like crazy around a rip-roaring-riff while frontman
Joshua Baumgarten raps and rips and tells us who the song
is for.

Find out here if you’re in the song too…



Samara and Manimal already scored Turn Up The Volume’s
best debut LP of 2021 with Full Spectrum.

This raw rollercoaster single came afterward. A slow-burning torch with
hellish flare-ups of Rammstein‘s Götterdämmerung hysterics and manic Manimal
riffage combined with Samara‘s spoken-word ode to the legendary American
confessional poet/writer Sylvia Plath hypnotizes and magnetizes.

Welcome to the terrordome…


7. ‘Hertz’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australia)

A beserk blast from the Aussies second smoking LP Comfort To Me with
peppy punked-up punkette Amyl, as we know her, on an adrenalin rush.

Mamma mia!

Join Amyl’s wild ride…


8. ‘Night Is Mine’ by ULTRA SUNN (Bruxelles, Belgium)

This Belgian body-activating rave duo causes an instant flush of excitement with
booming beats, nightmarish resonance, murky dynamics, and ominous vocals.

When you mix D.A.F.‘s industrial vibes, Sisters Of Mercy‘s gloom and doom and
Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir thrills, the final result is a dancefloor hit.

Turn it up…


9. ‘Soap And Cigarettes’ by NUN HABIT

This queer five-piece from London dropped a notable full-length this year with
their brisk Hedge Fun LP where pop, rock and garage meet for a vitalizing feast.

My absolute favorite track is this energising earworm with phenomenal vocals
that make the hair in the back of my neck stand up. Just irresistible!

Go bananas here…


10. ‘La Novia’ by RICH GIRLS (New York City)

What can I say? Sad or happy song, Rich Girls make me always feel good
when they come on. Luisa Black‘s mesmerizing midnight vox is totally
glamorous and sensual and the band’s pop-noir melancholia is soul-stirring.

All New York City’s night bars without a Rich Girls track
on their Wurlitzer Jukebox should be closed. Immediately.

Get seduced here…


11. ‘New Fragility’ by CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH (Brooklyn, NY)

Mastermind Alec Ounsworth released CYHSY’s
best album since their self-titled debut in 2005.

And the title track accentuates Ounsworth’s outlandish voice again.
Add sparkling guitar lines and you sense a touch of magic.



12. ‘Wherever It Takes Us’ by JAMES (Manchester, UK)

Remember them? Remember their massive hit ‘Sit Down’? James has never been really away since they hit the scene 40 years ago. And with this year’s All the Colours Of You album they prove why they still deserve attention. It’s an all ecstatic-pop killers, no silly fillers longplayer.

This is one of the highlights


13. ‘Nike Soldier’ by ALAN VEGA (USA)

From the late great Suicide hero’s Mutator lost album that comes from a very dark place, from the deepest corners of Vega‘s soul, creating a pitch black and Kafkaesque chill-out atmosphere.

Enter the darkness here…


14. ‘Magic Medicine’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles)

From these utterly cool L.A. Amazons’ third album, called
Marriage celebrating the duo’s 10-year blues-rock

Single Magic Medicine is a full-on-sound mid-tempo jackhammer
with an intense impact. Always love you, ladies.

Oh yeah

Marriage album.


15. Not Alone But Not With You’ by ARXX (Brighton, UK)

A rollicking rocker from start to finish. These two frisky Brighton popsters know
how to make your head spin 360°. Fire your shrink, listen to this crackerjack two
times in the morning, twice in the evening, and on repeat in between and you’ll
feel euphoric. So much cheaper than therapy.


Get heated here…


16. ‘Better Than Life’ by GLASS SANDS (London, UK)

The title track of one-man-London-band’s debut longplayer
(one of TUTV’s 2021 favorites) is a guitar-driven riff-hook-and-lick
belter. A swirling bang-on stroke. Absobloodylutely.

Catch the fire here…


17. ‘Traps’ by BLOC PARTY (London, UK)

Talking about a comeback! Holy Moses! Traps is a steaming
stormer, a whopping whirlwind. New album Alpha Games
out in April 2022.

Sing it, Kele…


18. ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ by CHATEAU CHATEAU (Tucson, Arizona)

Charismatic front queen Bleu sparkles on this jangly jive that sticks as first-class glue and reaches an aural orgasm every time the chorus pops up. Her vox adrenalizes and vitalizes. Her vivaciousness is contagious. This pumped-up pop gem is contagious. You don’t need vaccination against this castle of a song.

Get up, stand up and fight for your right to dance yourself dizzy…


19. ‘Faze Out’ by JAMES DOMESTIC (UK)

Faze Out is a slash and smash rant. An angry spit and sneer storm, a Sturm und Drang firestarter, 143 seconds of furious frustration is what you get. Retro organs clatter like if Doomsday is just around the corner, but Domestic sizzles like he’s a determined survivor who will not go down just like that.

‘Sucked into the vortex / it’s a Faze out /
you feel just like you’ll fade out …


20. ‘His Ilk’ by BRONSOM ARM (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

This rumbling steamroller bulldozes its way in slow motion, forth and back, while
a haunting vocal brouhaha causes a creepy noise experience. Whatever the song’s protagonist’s ilk is, it doesn’t sound like you want to be friends.

Hit the start button here…

Have all a pumped-up end of 2021 and a turned-up-volume 2022, music junkies!