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4 July 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured this pretty special Welsh trio led by Peter Roberts, the sharp-witted singer/songwriter before (check previous singles ‘Generation Y and Dead Beat) and here we go again as GUIDE DOG just dropped a new intriguing single from a long announced but not yet released album. Fresh cut ‘BODY SHAME (AND THE MINISTRY
reads lyrically like a combination of a daydream and a nightmare and resounds exactly like it too. The first part rattles and hammers terrifically in rhythm and gives us a blazing shout along chorus…

I want to get high,
Shiny assholes in the sky,
Bang a drum ’til you get young and free,
I’d be in your army if you’d love me.

Around the 3-minute mark hell breaks loose, Tempo and temperature go up and
glorious confusion takes over until the chaotic end. Pretty mad stuff! Check it here…

GUIDE DOG: Facebook

Welsh dogs

Welsh Trio GUIDE DOG Starts The New Year With A Crushing ‘DEAD BEAT’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 January 2019


Who: “The hottest new sound out of Cardiff, Wales that all the mums
and dads are talking about!”

Pick: DEAD BEAT – the first single from their upcoming
second album entitled ‘Generation Y

Score: Here’s a head-smashing wallop with crushing percussion, far-out synths, freakish electronica, beating vocals and a monstrous chorus. Sounds like Nine Inch Nails with a hammering hangover. What a colossal drone to start the new year! Feel it right here…

GUIDE DOG: Facebook

Welsh Three-Piece GUIDE DOG Releases Punchy Title Track From New Album – Here’s ‘GENERATION Y’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 February 2019


Who: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Peter Roberts

Pick: GENERATION Y – the second single and also title track from the trio’s upcoming second album. “It comes at a time when children are bunking off school to protest outside Parliament about Westminster’s flimsy and inadequate response to climate change, prompting a swift and aggressive backlash by the politicians who dismissed the adolescents and ridiculed their irresponsibility” says Roberts.

Score: Guide Dog‘s mastermind Peter Roberts says the time is appropriate to release
a protest song. It sure is. With the political Western world becoming a demagogic
monster it is indeed great to see young people hitting the streets en masse all over
Europe and raising their voice about the tremendously serious climate change issue.
And yes, ‘GENERATION Y’s overall punchy impact, blustery timbre and explosive chorus
fit today’s rebellious reality pungently well. There’s a saying ‘you’re never too young to change the world‘. This committed generation got the message…

GUIDE DOG: Facebook

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For JANUARY 2019…

The knockout killer tracks of the past month…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A smoking fusion of roaring rippers and gusty grooves
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout January Team!

1. ‘Feet’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
The Saoudi/Adamczewski family returns with magnetic mantra-like chant. Intoxicating stuff!

2. ‘Motor City Steel’ by The Dandy Warhols (Portland, US)
Irresistibly catchy earworm from The Dandys marvelous new LP Why You So Crazy.

3. ‘The Creeps’ by LAURA IMBRUGLIA (Melbourne, Australia)
Australian singer/songwriter turns her anger into a burning banger. Top cut!…

4. M.A.H. by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS (Manchester, UK)
A massive cannonball. A dance punk anthem for 24 hour party ravers…

5. Ar.Mour by UNKLE feat. Miink & Elliot Power (UK)
Vibey, spaced-out and cosmic. Yes, UNKLE is back!

6. ‘All I Want’ by BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE (Toronto, Canada)
Toronto’s harmony team returns with an upbeat and funky cracker. Bingo!

7. ‘Chain Of Being’ by CROWS (London, UK)
A relentlessly drums driven missile with a terrifically rollicking guitar fanfare…

8. ‘Dead Beat’ by GUIDE DOG (Bridgend, Wales)
A head-smashing wallop sounding like Nine Inch Nails with a hammering hangover…

9. ‘Steppenwolf’ by THE RINGARDS (London, UK)
Claustrophobic groove with wailing guitars creating a sort of weird voodoo feel…

10. ‘Another Mess, I’ by AYU (Switzerland/Germany)
Soulfully trippy, emotionally atmospheric, charmingly poppy with a Massive Attack touch…

11. ‘Seventeen’ by SHARON VAN ETTEN (Belleville, NJ, US)
Impassioned and melancholic pearl, with a vocal finale that causes goosebumps…

(photo Sharon by TUTV!)

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GUIDE DOG – Experience Pounding Glam Grunge Debut Single ‘I AM THE DADDY’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

‘I Am The Daddy’ by GUIDE DOG

Out of Cardiff three Welshmen are ready to conquer the world while barking like fierce noisemakers. Frontman, songwriter and guitarist Peter Roberts has been around making music for some time now (with People Planes, the wonderful Cold Specks and solo). At one point he quit touring to become a daddy but soon teamed up again with some old friends to start GUIDE DOG. They canned debut album ‘Lovely Domestic Bliss‘, produced by long-term collaborator Dan Austin in just three days. It will be out 7 July. But first debut single
I AM THE DADDY. A heavy grunge smack injected with a pounding glam rock chorus that will activate all nerves and muscles in your spinning head. Open windows and doors, turn it up and wake up your neighbourhood with this incendiary blow. Here’s the beast…

GUIDE DOG: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

Album out 7 July via High-Vis Records…

Techno Panderemix With Demonix LEG PUPPY Trixs

25 January 2021

Artist: LEG PUPPY (London)
Who: Masked dance junks addicted to show
up everywhere, just like Forrest Gump

Released: 22nd January 2021

Why: Let’s be honest, who needs a remixed album by Leg Puppy?
Me and you and a dog named Boo, as long as the puppy panderemix
roars its ugly head.

Sounds like: Lucy in the Leg Puppy sky with diamonds / Dillinger’s cocaine
running around our puppy brain played at il-leg-aly speed / Taking a leg on
the vicious puppy side / Brown Leg Sugar with Mother’s little puppy helpers /
Poor paycheck painkillers / Cigarettes and puppy alcohol / White Brexit rabbits /
Snoopy puppie vibes and chemical brothers thrills /

Not remixed… yet

The full pandemix

LEG PUPPY: IntsagramPuppybook

Buy the remixed viruses right here.

Erratic Combo ELEFANT Released Their New Sturm Und Drang Album – Discover ‘BEJAHUNG’ Track By Track

14 February 2020

After their gloom and doom debut album Konark Und Bonark, a nightmarish psycho opus remarkable for its both otherworldly and creepy metallic sludge disorder, Belgian erratic combo ELEFANT returns with the synthtastic motherrocker called BEHAJUNG.
A more accessible work, except for the schizophrenic and hair-raising moments which make me think of longtime weirdos The Residents. Anyway, the experimental misfits
have entered another bloodcurdling sound area with layers of special effects, some
steamy knockouts, some puzzling razzmatazz, and an overall arresting new Sturm Und Drang sonority of which, even after several spins, you still haven’t a clue how to define it. Therefore we invited Herr Wolllf, the band’s musical maestro to tell us more about their second electroshock longplayer.

The tracks…

The anecdotes by Herr Wolllf, track by track…

1. Ultra Plus Ultra
“This one was bound to be the first song of the album. Lyrically it’s about the heroic
deed of walking the dog…”

2. Rechtschreibe
“This one I wrote like in 10 minutes and I really love it. It’s pretty complex rhythmically and dissonant as fuck! The lyrics go back to Robert Frost‘s poem ‘Lodged’ showing humanity who’s in power.”

3. Eazy
“Eazy’ is balancing between Minor / Major, Happy / Sad, Annoying / Soothing.”

‘I will make you go, take a step forward
Let’s take you home, enjoy the walk
I will help you cope, take a step inward
and take you home, enjoy the walk’

4. Water Always Flows Down

“I’m a sucker for choir and vocal music. In Elefant most of the lyrics are pretty upbeat
(no irony) and here i’m trying to put stuff in perspective: humanity might have wandered off its path, but hey, water still flows down. We might destroy ourselves and everything around us, but atoms will survive!”

4. Stillleben
“This is one of my favourites! It’s not sexy. It’s too sad and too slow, but I love
the drama. The title is also the most beautiful word with ‘lll’ consecutive lll’s!”

5. Welcome To Life Sonny
“A fond welcome to my son Elko, the destroyer of death. Musically it turned
out to be our take on 80’s wave boom tchak-ing all the way through…”

6. Bejahung
“A Meeting with Death: Sit down, loosen up, have a cookie. The whole album deals with life/death in a direct or indirect way. Do you choose life or death? It’s got a great oriental vibe provided by our lord of oud: Dr. M. Flamand.”

7. The Dooor
“Tony Clifton in the house! I think in 2019 I was half Wolf, half Tony and this song reflect that. Soundwise to me, it’s Slayer performing in a Bollywood movie.”

8. 3-3-3
“This song was also sung by Tony. Musically, it was inspired by Mariachi music,
but it mutated to this thing called 3-3-3.”

9. A Conversation In A Room
“I needed a little pause before the last track and I remembered this canon.
It’s an invitation to a conversation if the occasion would arise.”

10. My Race Race is Better Than Your Race
“This one’s a bitch to play, but what a lovely squeaky bitch! It’s a reaction to the fear/propaganda that has been pumped in our veins by the press and politicians.”

close your doors for they are coming
close your borders, the water’s rising
close your eyes, the sun is shining
shine your light ’cause all are hiding

forget your rights for they are coming
sell your profile, the water’s rising
shut your voice, the sun is shining
buy a choice ’cause all are hiding

close your doors
close your eyes
they are coming
the sun is shining

Thank you Herr Wolllf to guide us through
Behajung! May the road rise with Elefant!

The album is available digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes, streamable via Spotify

ELEFANT: Facebook

One more thing. From day one the Elefant squad, on stage, dressed as deranged scientific engineers in white outfits and their faces smeared with white chalk, but that’s over now. The band burned their camouflage and look almost normal now.

Even After 25 Years There’s No Doubt – Groove Masters THE DANDY WARHOLS Are Here ‘FOREVER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 October 2018


Portland‘s legendary jam masters THE DANDY WARHOLS have big plans for 2019.
The quartet will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a new (10th) LP and live shows.
To start the festive party here’s new single FOREVER . A slo-mo groove with a darkish undertone sounding like a hip classical symphony. Both enigmatic and magnetic. Both funky and ghostly. Let it be loud and clear… The Dandys are here to stay!

Frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor said about the accompanying clip for the new track:
“To get a feel for the massive length of our career in a three and a half minute video, I broke
it up into 3 parts and used Greek mythology as my guide. First, the labyrinth with the minotaur guarding the passage. A classic jerk doorman with a tiny nose ring making us wait as if he’s gotta make sure these are the right ghosts. Welcome to our lives. Next, the hermaphrodite angel (wearing a tie as subtle symbolism). Sweet and just wants to be helpful, not making a distinction whether it’s for better or worse. Finally, Cerberus the multi-headed dog, which represents our personal demons or whatever drives us to continue doing this.”

“All in all it sounds like and probably is a pretentious
lot of shit, but it sure feels good to do it anyway.”

Let’s roll…

THE DANDY WARHOLS: Anniversary shows – Website – Facebook

All platforms to stream/buy FOREVER right here

Erste Langspielplatte von Musikgruppe ELEFANT Is Out! Here’s A Track By Track Guide To ‘KONARK UND BONARK’…

Everything you always wanted to know about ELEFANT’s album but were afraid to ask

22 May 2018

Finally, the very-long-awaited lange debut Spielplatte ‘KONARK UND BONARK’ von
das verrückteste Belgische Lebenslied Orchester ELEFANT found its way to our troubled planet! These four misfits, dressed in a modern designed version of Stanley Kubrick‘s
outfit for his Clockwork Orange‘s gang of droogs have some serious shit out now. Just imagine Pink Floyd‘s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon‘ escapade produced by Ennio Morricone
while having a nightmarish LSD trip. Trust me, this is not Scheißmusik! This is the
optimum Armageddon soundtrack. Eine geistig gestörte Aha-Erlebnis! A sort of close encounters of the third kind, whatever that might be. Exactly! Only the band knows
what really fucked up their sick minds when creating this balls-shaking mumbo
jumbo. Only they know the secret to the song’s codes. Only they can clarify what
this mind-cracking ‘Konark und Bonark‘ bollocks is all about…

Ladies, gents and all wicked science-fiction fans, it’s Turn Up the Volume‘s pleasure to welcome, right here the Fürher dieser kranke Musikgruppe who will reveal all enigmas
of ELEFANT’s first baffling record, one by one. Spit it out, Wolfman

The music

The stories, track by track

1/ Haven’t Heard Of Yet
“Some time ago I had nodes on my vocal chords. I had surgery and the following night I had to keep silent. That and a bottle gin was a bizarre experience, I wrote some five pages of drunken rant about having to shut up, which was love I haven’t heard of yet. I edited the lyrics and turned it into an a-capella song. In the studio we just jammed on it to what it is now.”

2/ Oh My Dog (Oh Mein Hund)
“When I heard that someone close to us was diagnosed with cancer,
it freaked me out and this popped out. Satie meets Black Sabbath.”

Ozzy, Elefant’s invisible fifth member

3/ Schräg
“I wrote this fairly quickly watching TV. I started with a quote from Wolfgang
‘s “Der viele viele Schnee“, because I am such a well-read prick. It deals
with the sexy subject Death, that ugly thief that I meet more and more.”

4/ Landman
“This is the last one wrote I for the album. It ended up as an ode to our maecenas and sound engineer Dr. P. Landman. Some lyrics are easy to explain and some you just don’t know what they’re about. Landman is one I can’t figure out what it means. Schizophrenia dealing with your genetic past/psycho-shit/keep coming back smaller and smaller//////….”

5/ Credulity
“This is the hippie song, at least lyrically. It’s the new ‘We are the world‘.
Deliciously naive I wish I was myself.”

We were the world, we sounded like shit…

6/ Wie Scharf Ist Dein Messer?
“This song is the result of the alienating vibe and the eery repetitive sounds echoing
in Pre-Op Room. Racing thoughts, sweaty paws as you’re left in the hands of science,
its machinery and disciples. We live in an era where Man and Machine become more
and more intertwined, be it smartphones, bionic implants, robots, or A.I.”

7/ Groan Sweet Groan
“I like this song a lot, because its arrangements just happened. we jammed on it in the studio and this is take 1 shortened to what it is now. Lyrically it’s about the goons in power fucking it up for the rest of us minions.”

8/ Der Publizist
“For this one I tried to use the most dissonant sounds. combined with – according to our keyboardist StijnDas Ich-like vocals and lots of humour. This one has the Sherman filterbank all over it.”

9/ Lord Sleep
“What’s that face? Who are you? Where is this room I’m in? Who that face? Who that space, well I recall, I do recall, don’t I?” My grandmother lived her last years becoming more and more demented until she was totally gone. A painful thing to witness.”

Lord Sleep… in motion

10/ A 1000 Smells
“This one is for humanity: you’ve wandered far off…”

11/ 1929
“This is one of the oldest Elefant instrumentals and still a favourite.
It’s a beautiful, moody, almost happy and freaky piece.”

11/ Norsun Muisti
“Another hip dementia inspired song. I am trying to remember
all the things I was trying to forget. Now are you?”

Thank you Wolfman for being our guide!
Thank you ELEFANT for freaking us out…

ELEFANT: Facebook – Bandcamp

(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)