Turn Up The Volume Was There – IDLES Exploded In Belgium In 2018

Looking back at ace concerts

IDLES – De Zwerver, Leffinge, Belgium – 2 November 2018

Here’s the original review…

Soon, at the end of the year, Bristol‘s steamrollin’ punks IDLES will be in countless 2018
lists in two categories: best album and best live act. Second longplayer JOY AS AN ACT
catapulted the band into the highest regions of alternative music. It’s an awesome red-hot-blooded record capable of bringing your speakers down, but also, and actually, most of all, this socially committed combo look, act and play like HUMANS – very exciting ones, that is – they write about ALL HUMANS and they do it for us, HUMANS.

Read the gripping interview NME had a couple of months ago with blazing frontman Joe Talbot right here and you’ll learn that this dynamite squad has a very BIG HONEST HEART!

Blitzkrieg electricity

And then there are their smashing live shows. On a podium, this down-to-earth quintet becomes a blitzkrieg machine blowing your minds unstoppably with emotional force and relentless panache. Yesterday was my fourth live encounter. Another oh-yeah-fucking-hell experience. Explosive every-nerve-in-his-body-is-alive-and-kicking frontman Joe Talbot leads the hair-raising troops but all of his remarkable teammates assist him brilliantly to make the crowd go totally gaga.

Preparing for a deafening Black Sabbath-like finale

Everybody’s screaming, yelling, jumping, cheering, clapping, and sweating with the greater part of the crazed crowd involved in the boiling mosh-pit in the middle of the fired-up venue and at one point many of us, including myself, hit the stage to hop around madly like a bunch of wild kids. Yes, folks, this is what ENTERTAINMENT is all about. Having the time of your life on a night out and returning home, voiceless, with a large smile on your face. Great bands make people feel BLOODY HAPPY! This hot clan is not only great, right now, right here IDLES id the best fucking band on this troubled planet…

If you never heard of them, check this cooking BBC TV performance and
you’ll realize why I’m in a euphoric state during and after an Idles gig…

Some shots from yesterday’s steamy party

L-o-u-d and intens joy as an act of resistance.

Creating a deafening Black Sabbath-like finale

See you next time



IDLES: Website – Facebook

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)


You can/could find Bristol punk gunslingers Idles everywhere this past year.
On tribute albums, on covers albums, on collaborative tracks (like the one with
Tom Morello) and of course on their own 4th LP Crawler. Same story for lady of
the night St. Vincent.

So I think they met somewhere in between while being busy
for others and decided to have some fun together too.

Here’s the result. Idles remixed Pay Your Way In Pain,
a highlight of St. Vincent‘s 2021 LP Daddy’s Home.

Get those legs up and dance
this bloody blue Monday away…

Bristol IDLES On Screen – Documentary ‘DON’T GO GENTLE’ Traces Origin Of The Band

Popcorn time

8 February 2022

Last year an IDLES documentary hit screens all over Europe.

DON’T GO GENTLE: A FILM ABOUT IDLES is a docu about finding strength in
vulnerability. It journeys through IDLES determination, friendship, and adversity
as they fight for a place in a divided socio-political environment, unexpectedly
inspiring and unifying an international community along the way.

BBC Film said: “Entertaining & thought-provoking study of modern manhood!
NME said: “Touching proof that bands can still change your life.”

The film has now been added to The Coda Collection, A video channel
screening hundreds of concerts, documentaries, and episodic series in
music. More info here. The film is also available on DVD.

The trailer

The newest album (one of the best of 2021)

IDELS: Facebook

IDLES Annouce New Album – Hear The Lead Single ‘THE BEACHLAND BALLROOM’

New sonic strokes

29 September 2021

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Band: IDLES (Bristol, UK)

New album: CRAWLER
Release: 12 November 2021
Order-info: here

Lots of artists had a lot of time on their hands as tours were canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic and started writing/producing new music. So did Bristol punks Idles. The new LP is a follow-up to Ultra Mono, their first No 1 album in the UK, released 12 months ago.

An honest-to-goodness soul song named after the iconic Ohio venue.

Expect the slower side of Idles with hefty eruptions now
and then and frontman Joe Talbot‘s blood cooking…

IDLES: Facebook

New album CRAWLER out 12 November 2021

IDLES – Frontman JOE TALBOT Remembers His ‘CAR CRASH’

New striking strokes

5 November 2021

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Band: IDLES (Bristol, UK)

New album: CRAWLER
Release: 12 November 2021
Order-info: here

New single: CAR CRASH

We already focused our ears on lead single The Beachland Ballroom
some weeks ago and here comes a personal Joe Talbot song about his
near-death experience following a severe car crash.

“It’s the horrific, comedown hangover – waking up in the morning and realising
the smashes, like, what the fuck am I doing with my life?”
the band’s frontman

The accompanying video clip contains fragments of…
car crashes from old films, edited together as one.

Watch out…

IDLES: Facebook

New album CRAWLER out 12 November 2021

IDLES Cover – Yes – Songstress SHARON VAN ETTEN

12 March 2021

Affecting singer/songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN releases
epic TEN soon. A double longplayer celebrating the 10th
anniversary of her sophomore album.

The new double LP features, besides the original album, notable artists
covering one of tracks. Among the contributors are Fiona Apple, Lucinda
Williams, Big Red Machine
, and more. The first shared taster was A Crime
performed by Big Red Machine.

A very surprising name on the list are UK punks IDLES
turning PIECE SIGNS upside down and it works damn well.

Tune in…

IDLES: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

epic Ten is out digitally 16 April and physically 11 June. Order info here.