PARROT DREAM Drift Away On New Poetic Single From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘PARADISE & PREY’…

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12 August 2018


Who: appealing duo formed at the end of 2013 in Santiago, Chile. The following
year Kiki and Gonzalo brought their hazed, dreamy sound to Brooklyn, New York

Track: PARADISE & PREY – single from their upcoming album. The duo says: “The lyrics
are inspired by the song’s repeating melody, which resonates like the slow, sure-footed steps
of statue-like men moving in a spiritual procession through a world that contains both birds
of paradise and birds of prey.”

Score: Twinkling guitars, smooth pace, tempting vocals and an ongoing poetic melody turn ‘Paradise and Prey‘ into a heartfelt daydream you can lose yourself in instantly. Tender and idyllic. Capture the chill out sentiment right here…

PARROT DREAM: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

Debut album LIGHT GOES out 24 August via Good Eye Records

SEVEN IN THE MIX ! 2015 – Weekend 19/20 December…


Seven electrifying crackers to test your speakers this weekend!…

1/ ‘Animalia’ by GANG
Towering crude rock explosion caused by crushing guitars and unfaltering vocals – boss !
Work: AA-side single here on Bandcamp
Home: Brighton, UK
Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Skin Dives’ by TANGERINES
An ongoing adrenalized, guitar-charged steamroller – highly addictive stuff!
Base: London, UK

3/ ‘Our Blade’ by THIRD UNCLE
This Irish/English five-piece deliver funky grooves for your New Year’s Eve party!
Base: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

Steamy electro pop euphoria touching the sky – get your wings and join the rad beats…
Album: ‘New Cells’ – on iTunes
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland
Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Manning Hill’ by CHASTITY
Noisemaker Brandon Williams & friends with a smoking hot psych punk rock bolide – ace!
Work: 4-track ‘TAPE’ EP cassette via Hand Drawn Dracula
Home: Toronto, Canada
Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Salt’ by GOLDEN DAZE
A psychedelic dream pop injection spiced with sunshiny guitars and floating vocals!….
Album: self-titled debut LP will be out next February
Home: Los Angeles, California
Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘3 Reasons’ by IN DRIFT
3 reasons to love this band: blissful vocals, surfy swagger & an overall magical pop feel…
Home: Toronto, Canada
Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Electro Robos FERAL FIVE Welcome You To Their Tranquilizing ‘PET SHOW ‘…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 December 2018

Move over Robocop, here are some cool robots you can dance to. London‘s electro fantasizers FERAL FIVE created a Gorillaz world of their own for their new tranquilizing single PET SHOW, out next Friday. A sort of transcendent hallucination with starry-eyed Chemical Bros atmospherics while Kat Five‘s drifting vox emphasizing the chill-out colored experience. Loosen up, sway to the beat and drift away right here…

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

(photo: FB – Feral Five)

London’s Singer/Songwriter ISHANI Is Going Through… ‘STORMY EMOTIONS’

New sonic impulses


29 November 2018

(Photo: Zuzia Zawada / Make up : Vivi Solomon)

Artist: ISHANI

Who: London based Singer/songwriter/producer “combining her colourful background and cheerful character with the moody downtempo sounds that influenced and shaped her as an artist; she breathes some much deserved new life into music.”

Track: STORMY EMOTIONS – New single – A song “about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life, from the darkness to light.”

Score: The hypnotic, bass-driven, electro chill-out groove of this brooding humdinger makes an instant impact from the very start and with Ishani‘s crystal clear voice on top
of it you’ll get the sense of a mystifying experience, even spooky with some creepy backing vocals popping up now and then. I’m sure trip-hop legends Massive Attack would love to have this magnetizing performance on one of their albums. Yes, it’s that impressive, it’s that ravishing. Tune in and drift away…

ISHANI: Facebook


Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 November 2018


Who: “A band formed from London’s open mic circuit. Sonically sitting
somewhere between early 90’s grunge, 80’s indie and melodic post-rock,
their breed of anthemic pop rock features elements of math and psych,
and is played with both volume and vitality.”

Track: COMFORT IS BEING FOOLED track from upcoming debut EP
Five Year Plan‘. A song about “It’s about being in a loveless relationship,
but rather than going through the pain of a separation, you continue to
lie to yourselves and go through the motions to keep up appearances.”

Score: There are countless ways to ventilate your mixed emotions about an empty relationship. This fresh formed 4-headed bolide does it by turning up the volume of
their instruments and diving into a trembling rocker that blows you off your socks with blustering guitars, impetuous drums/bass dynamism and pondering vocals all over it.
Get the band’s heated drift right here…

RIVER FURY: Facebook

Debut EP FIVE YEAR PLAN out 30 November. More info here

Electrical Irish Team SILVERBACKS Drops New Rad Single ‘JUST IN THE BAND’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 November 2018

Watch your back Fontaines D.C. here come your Irish compatriots SILVERBACKS with new rip-roaring firecracker JUST IN THE BAND. A rumbling stroke pushed by a stone solid beat with gloriously crepitating guitars all over, from start to finish, while Daniel O’Kelly‘s chill out vox fits the sonic turmoil terrifically. Non-stop groove rapture. Ongoing riff rhapsody.

Catch this up and coming squad’s thrilling drift right here, right now…


JUST IN THE BAND out 23 November

London’s MODERATE REBELS Announce Second Album And Share Lead Track ‘THE VALUE OF SHARES’…

20 November 2018

London’s variable and still mysterious outfit MODERATE REBELS (although the new press photos reveal 4 female members instead of 2) are about to release the follow-up album to their lo-fi pop debut The Sound Of Security. New longplayer SHARED VALUES will hit the streets on 30 November via Everyday Life Recordings.

SHARED VALUES out 30 November – pre-order facilities via iTunes

The self-proclaimed anti-music project says about the new record: “We went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves. It’s a case of mucking around and seeing what feels right and what doesn’t. We say it all the time, but it’s important to note – we don’t intend anything. We don’t feel like ‘artists’ with grand statements to make.”

Ahead of the fresh full lenght’s launch here’s, following earlier shared cuts I Love Today  , Beyond Hidden Words and Science & Faith, lead track THE VALUE OF SHARES. Another magnetizing mantra-like mind-ripper with fuzzy guitar flashes and ongoing vocal repetition of the main line ‘I Like You / You Like Me’. You bet I do. Catch their feverish drift here…

MODERATE REBELS: Twitter – Instagram

(photo: Moderate Rebels press)

Lustful Turbo TOKYO TABOO Returns With Fierce Slam – Here’s… ‘NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 November 2018

London‘s rip-roaring force TOKYO TABOO is back with a big fierce bang! After their explosive debut album  6th Street Psychosis, the gloriously kooky duo are about to
unleash their, Los Angeles recorded, follow-up longplayer. Ahead of its launch here’s
brand new scorching single NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN.

A cooking mid-tempo banger ‘about the animal attraction you feel for someone even when you know they will only cause you pain.’ This new flaming killer stroke moves like a vicious serpent ready to jump you any given moment. Its ongoing head-splitting beat hammers from start to finish. Ophidian frontwoman Dolly Daggerz’s vox resonates both horny and hungry, like an insatiable coyote looking for its daily prey and electrical sidekick Mickey Danger creates doomed Black Sabbath-like riffs that’ll give you a hairsplitting electric chair experience. Get their booming drift, all you drooling freaks out there? Feel the burning pain right here…

TOKYO TABOO: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

NO PLEASURE ONLY PAIN out 30 November – get it here

Welsh Youngsters AL MOSES Debut With Barbed Wire Rocker ‘I WANT MORE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 November 2018


Who:An incendiary new band made up of four nineteen-year-old friends from the South Wales valleys, who take on rock and roll history and stamp it with their personalities and the youthful ambition to be heard beyond their hometown.”

Score: Al Moses just arrived with a big firework debut bang! Barbed wire riffage, stomping beating, vocal spitting, and an overall rowdy panache that gets you in the right mood to kick all bloody Trumps and Mays off this messed-up planet. These young Welsh gunslingers want more for the right reasons and so should you. Catch their feverish drift right here…

AL MOSES: Facebook

10 Questions For Nashville’s Sonic Pop Daydreamers – Here Are… PALM GHOSTS

Discover up and coming bands in 10 questions

31 October 2018

Nashville based sonic daydreamers PALM GHOSTS touched Turn Up The Volume‘s moony side of his soul some months ago with the release of their third, excellent album, entitled ARCHITECTURE. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most delicate and captivating guitar pop longplayers I heard all year. Formed by Philadelphia native Joseph Lekkas, an experienced singer/songwriter/producer, this 5-headed collective generates that sort of gracious and magical pop melancholy that is able to relieve your moodiest moments,
able to make your mixed thoughts drift away on a cloud, able to forget your reality for
a while. Enough reasons to have a chat with the clan’s chieftain to learn more about his compelling music. Let’s start the acquaintance with one of the group’s fresh beauties…

Hello Joseph!
Welcome, let’s roll

1. What’s the story behind the band’s name and
how would you describe the group’s sonic identity?

“The name Palm Ghosts comes from the idea that darkness can exist in broad daylight, and ghosts can haunt the most unlikely of places. I’ve always been interested in the concept of duality. Perhaps it comes from reading too much Hermann Hesse in my formative years. With Palm Ghosts, I try to create cinematic and dreamy music. I love the sounds of 80s dream pop and many of the early 4AD bands as well as more aggressive post-punk bands like The Chameleons or The Birthday Party. In our early catalog, there’s even some indie folk and indie pop. I like to keep things a bit open, musically.”

Writer Herman Hesse, a Palm Ghost influence

2. You started this project back in 2014, Joseph. How does the band interact with you, as musical maestro & vice versa when it comes to write and record the songs?
“In the past, I used to write songs in a more traditional way, on an acoustic or electric guitar, rehearse them for months with a band, and record them. For the last couple of records, I write in my studio and record as the ideas come, and edit them later. So, I’ll come up with an entire concept, often with the help of Benjamin Douglas (guitars and keyboards) and then bring in the other members to play parts on the final recording,
thus adding their signatures to the songs.”

3. What or who inspired the newest album’s title ‘ARCHITECTURE’?
“On ‘Architecture’ I wanted to celebrate the more esoteric offerings of the 80s. Groups
like Japan, The 4AD catalog, Eno’s work with David Byrne, Peter Gabriel’s Security, even some 80s King Crimson, especially Discipline. So I immersed myself in that stuff and tried to build the songs from the ground up, inspired by those sounds. So, in my mind, the study of what made those songs great to me was, in essence, studying the architecture of that era, hence the name.”

One of the most inspiring labels ever

4. Tell us more about the album’s front cover image.
“That cover was designed by an amazing graphic designer in Philadelphia named Matt Hanemann. I asked him for something inspired by Vaughn Oliver’s work with 4AD or Peter Saville’s work with Factory Records and I think he nailed it. It’s so perfect in it’s geometric minimalism and represents the music on the record so perfectly to me.”

5. To me the duet vocals – you and Erica Whitney Wilkes – give the songs a truly magic pop touch. How/when did the idea of using two voices developed?
“Thanks for that! There are not many groups that combine male and female lead vocals in that way. The Raveonettes is a band that does it to a degree, but not as heavily throughout their catalog. I remember thinking it might be cool to add a female voice to my recordings and then, I thought, what about a male / female co-lead situation. The first time I heard our voices in that way, it clicked for me and I thought it might be a signature sound for us. It’s actually quite difficult to pull off sometimes, as phrasing and pitch have to be near perfect because much of it is in unison. We rehearse quite a bit to make it work.”

6. Which song do you consider as the PALM GHOSTS signature track so far?
“I’d think ‘Love in Winter‘ would be my choice at the moment. It captures the dark dreaminess as well as the pop qualities of the band.”

7. New single TURN THE KNIFE is a beauty.
Was it part of the ARCHITECTURE sessions?

‘Turn The Knife’ was not part of the ‘Architecture‘ sessions, actually. The record had been done for quite some time and I wanted to start writing some new songs and both ‘Turn
The Knife’
and ‘The Golden Age’ came together very quickly. So I released them as singles while I work on the follow up record to Architecture, which is around 50% finished.”

8. Which movie would you pick to visualize the band’s
music on a big screen while playing a concert?

“Interesting question! I think Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey
would be a nice visual representation!”

Palm Ghosts in space

9. If you would go back in time on which artist’s front door would
you knock and ask to have a selfie together?

“A toss up between Salvador Dali and David Bowie.”

Cross or coin

10. Your number one artist/band to go on a world tour with?
“Going on tour with Peter Gabriel would surely be something amazing.”

Thank you Joseph Lekkas for this cool chat.
May the road rise with PALM GHOSTS

Stream/purchase ARCHITECTURE here…

PALM GHOSTS: Facebook – Website – Twitter

Be sure to wear some flowers if you’re going to Nashville