Leeds’ Ardent Rock Engine KATH & THE KICKS Steams On Their Newest Single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’..

21 January 2020

Last July Leeds’ boosting rock ‘n’ roll engine KATH & THE PICKS caught my aural attention
with their vigorous and exotic sounding cracker ‘Let It Out’. Their newest single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’ is even a more energetic eruption.

It’s a song about: “about a complete miscommunication, being lost in how to relate to those around you and feeling that the chance to do so is slipping away. The song disconnects you from the real world where things make sense, and the ‘other’ world where nothing is real. This
is a really strong power-house anthem for us, the structure is powerful and the progressions are clear. Quite the opposite of how the person in the song is feeling.”

Walls Between Us‘ is a dynamite stroke with Kath‘s persuasive and imposing vox right
in the middle of this kick-ass flare-up backed by a thunderous drum/bass turbine and
Kath‘s turbulent guitar play. Its stormy flow, its emotional intensity and its overall robust force will have an instant impact on your ears and your speakers.

Check out why right here…

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Leeds Act KATH & THE KICKS Strike With Rumbling Stroke ‘LET IT OUT’…

21 July 2019


Who: Glowing indie rock trio from Leeds

Track: LET IT OUT – their newest single – the song ‘represents a build-up of being misunderstood, underestimated and suppressed in different areas of life. The song is
a journey through various emotions; tension, confusion, darkness then explosions of
power. It’s a celebration of frustration and something that everyone can relate to.”

Score: This is a vigorous knockout that grabs your aural attention from the very first
big bang. Its booming impact and its pounding panache will make your head going up
and down relentlessly. The Eastern-sounding strings and the highly vibrant chorus inject this stellar groover with an irresistible dynamic you just can’t resist. Big score! Top kick! Catch my drift right here…

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The best of the past month…

A swirling fusion of rhapsodic rippers and cool crackerjacks,
that activated my bloodstream and my limbs this past month!
Turn Up The Volume‘s 10 Knockout Tracks for January!

1. ‘Sweet’ by PORRIDGE RADIO
An overwhelming and emotional quietLOUDquiet eruption that does your head in.
New album Every Bad out 13 March. More info and details right here.

2. ‘Ultra Plus Ultra’ by ELEFANT (Belgium)
Motorik stomper, smashing sledgehammer with bloodthirsty guitars & scary synths.
Brand new album BeJAhung out now. Available here.

3. ‘What Can I Say’ by GIANTS OF JERICHO (Australia)
What a glorious stunner! A rousing wake-up call to celebrate each and every day you live.
The band’s debut single from upcoming EP ‘The Fuss And The Feud‘.

4. ‘Closer’ by LAS KELLIES (Argentina)
A funky, bass-driven pop humdinger spiced with an avalanche of contagious guitar lines.
New album ‘Suck This Tangerine‘ out 27th March via Fire Records.

5. ‘Exhale’ by VVYNN (Belgium)
A tower of a song reminding me of PJ Harvey’s electric intensity and spine-tingling voice.
One of the two new singles the band recently shared. Here’s the other song ‘Moaning.

6. ‘Reducer’ by PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS IGS PIGS PIGS (Newcastle, UK)
From their upcoming album Viscerals , out on 3 April.

7. ‘Brain Suck’ by SHADE (Canada)
A red-hot punk ‘n’ roll steamroller with a buzzing turbulence and a sassy swagger…

8. ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns) by DREAM NAILS (London, UK)
Who needs a Bikini Kill reunion when you have Dream Nails now! Text them!….

9. ‘Walls Between Us’ by KATH & THE KICKS (Leeds, UK)
A dynamite stroke about human communication. A kick-ass flare-up with fervent vocals.

10. ‘Cactused’ by WIRE (UK)
The London post-punk veterans still rock like the best with style and finesse.
Their seventeenth album Mind Hive is out now.

All 10 Knockouts together on Spotify

See/hear you next month…