Chill-Out And Relax – Here’s GORILLAZ Ft. SCHOOLBOY Q And New Groove ‘PAC-MAN’

New sonic impulses…

21 July 2020

Early this year GORILLAZ started a new project called Song Machine with the
cartoon heroes teaming up with other temporary artists. First came rap junk
Slowthai, then we got fierce punks Slaves, followed by Fatoumata Diawara,
then Peter Hook and Georgia joined the fun too just like Octavian did.

Today GORILLAZ premiered the collaboration with Schoolboy Q.

PAC-MAN is a relaxing lets chill-out vibe with Damon Albarn whispering over
a lazy beat. When Schoolboy Q takes over after two minutes the song turns
into a waterfall rap.

Chill here…

GORILLAZ: Facebook

Is The DALAI LAMA Becoming A Rock Star? Relax With Two Pieces Of Debut Album ‘INNER WORLD’

New sonic impulses…

1 July 2020

Is the DALAI LAMA, the spiritual Buddhist leader of Tibet on its way to becoming a rock
‘n’ roll star. Not really, although he had/has a personal bond with the musical world. Last year he joined Patti Smith on stage at the famous Glastonbury Festival in England where he addressed the massive crowd and condemned the acts of terror organization ISIS.

He also met, as you probably know, several big rock names at the Tibetan Freedom Concerts held in North America, Europe, and Asia from 1996 to 2001 to support the cause of Tibetan independence. So, he’s definitely no stranger to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe it inspired him to release his debut album called INNER WORLD on 6 July celebrating his 85th birthday.

So far we got two tracks. COMPASSION and ONE OF MY FAVORITE PRAYERS. Ethereal and relaxing trance-like Buddhist soundscapes with praying words by the 14th Dalia Lama. Two transcendent, beautiful pieces of inner peace. Hear both spiritual symphonies here…



DALAI LAMA: Facebook

(Photo: AP / Press)

Shake Your Booty To New Single ‘HEARTBREAKER’ By Funk Act GALAXIANS

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


20 May 2020

(photo: Tim Dunk)

Band: Galaxians (Leeds, UK)

Who: Swirling trio from Leeds fronted by imposing frontwoman Emma Mason producing “A polished yet primitive high-energy pop potion, fueled by “too much coffee and too many donuts” ) bring a human touch to electronic music with live drums, earth-shaking vocals and gold-plated grooves, recalling the likes of Roisin Murphy, Hercules & Love Affair, Lynda Dawn and Sink Ya Teeth.”

Track: Heartbreaker – new single from their second album ‘Chemical Reaction

Score: If you mix Maddona’s Vogue sexiness, Donna Summer‘s hot stuff ecstasy and
the tantalizing vivacity of Dan Hartman‘s smash hit Relight My Fire into one catchy, swing yourself giddy, cracker you have a flamboyant and triumphant groover to fill dance floors with, in a flash. Add Mason‘s arresting vox and you have no excuse whatsoever to not to clear your living room, hang your disco ball to the ceiling and start swaying your hips in a way you feel free instead of locked down. These funky beats will boost your mood on the spot.

Shake your booty here…

Also on Spotify


New album CHEMICAL REACTION out 26th June

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Topped UK Singles Chart With Debut Single ‘RELAX’ 36 Years Ago Today…

28 January 2020

Today 36 years ago, on 28 January 1984, controversial Liverpool gang FRANKIE GOES
topped the UK Singles chart with their dance floor killer ‘RELAX’. The song was released on 24 October 1983, and immediately banned by the BBC, because
the record’s suggestive sleeve and lyrics, yet it reached, after a slow chart, number one
on 28 January 1984, staying there for six weeks.

The single sold more than 2 million copies in the UK alone and won Best Single Award
at the 1985 Brit Awards. In the US ‘Relax‘ repeated its slow UK progress. After its first release, it reached #67 in May 1984. But in January 1985, it re-entered the Billboard
Hot 100
at #70 and eventually reached #10.

Relax if you wanna come…


Chill Out With Hungarian Electronic Duo BELAU – Here’s Their New Relaxing Single ‘NATURAL POOL’…

New sonic impulses

23 December 2019

If you are a devoted fan of electronic music than you will certainly know Hungarian downtempo and chillwave  duo BELAU. What started as a solo project by Péter Kedves three years ago turned into a band when Krisztián Buzás joined. They quickly released
their acclaimed debut album ‘‘The Odyssey’ which earned them an instant solid reputation in and around the dance scene.

The pair is now working on their second longplayer, planned to come out in the Spring
of 2020. Trippy lead single Essence’ was launched last May and featured  the warm and sensuous voice of Sophie Baker, who regularly works with famous British band  Zero 7.

And here’s Belau‘s  second single of their upcoming LP. ‘NATURAL POOL‘ is a slo-mo
Tricky like electro groove moving smoothly while creating a relaxing effect that feels
like a mind massage. This is dreamy music to get lost in, inspiring music that will
trigger your imagination with its cinematic sonority and its soothing rhythm.

Tune in and drift away…

BELAU: Facebook

Please Welcome From A Doomed Galaxy Of His Own The One Man Madness Band …’DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 June 2019


From Leicester, UK here’s one man madness band called DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER “whose music is a visceral and dark monologue soundtracked with slowly building guitar feedback and drum machine. He’s a black metal fan but musically his sound is more post-punk or a touch of doom-rock (in a lo-fi way), perhaps for fans of Sleaford Mods or post-punk poet John Cooper Clark for his angry and honest stream of consciousness… and his music is used as a laxative for Capybara’s that have constipation.”

I suppose we know after this quite crystal clear press description that either this artist is a psychic patient who spends most of his time in a strait jacket or he’s taking us for a wacko ride, or both. Let’s find out on his newest track ‘IN BED WITH HUMANITY‘ right here…


Multi-Instrumentalist JACCO GARDNER Spreads Relaxing Vibes On New Track ‘FADING COSMOS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

4 May 2019

Dutch versatile baroque pop multi-instrumentalist JACCO GARDNER has been around
for a while making cinematic, colorful, transcendent and mind-pleasing music since 2012. After last year’s acclaimed album Somnium Gardner is ready to launch a brand new 2-track EP with both songs “heavily inspired by everything Kosmische, Spiritual Jazz, Acid Folk and Progressive mixed with the feeling of exploration and discovery” explains the author.

Here’s the title track. FADING COSMOS is a beautifully shaped soundscape with otherworldly synths and an acoustic guitar creating an ongoing repetitious melody
that transports you to a relaxing state of total exaltation. Soul-tranquilizing odysseys
by atmospheric legends Pink Floyd and German electronic icons Tangerine Dream come
to mind, yes this delightful trip is that good. Sit down, press the button, and drift away…


Sit Back And Relax Here’s A New ARCTIC MONKEYS Track Called ‘ANYWAYS’…

New sonic impulses

30 November 2018

After the surprisingly soft new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino it seems like
the wild rockin’ years of Alex Turner & Co are over. Today the band confirms its swing of moods again with the previously unreleased track ANYWAYS, the B-side to their new 7″ single with the LP’s title track as the A-side. Sit back, relax and enjoy this modern day’s
Frank Sinatra

ARCTIC MONKEYS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

KRISTIN HERSH Reveals New Turbulent Track ‘LAX’ From Upcoming Solo Album…

22 May 2018

On 5 October KRISTIN HERSH, fab singer/songwriter and ex-frontwoman of guitar
pop legends Throwing Muses will release her new solo album Possible Dust Clouds
Ahead of it she just launched a first track, titled LAX. Wow! It seems like Hersh has
no intention to slow down. Here’s an electrifying groove that will grab your ears’
attention instantly. Burning swagger, flamboyant flow and feverish duet-harmonies.
A most vibrant score! Double wow! Absorb the turbulent firecracker right here…

KRISTIN HERSH: Website – Facebook – Twitter