This Counterculture Band Matters – THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY Introduce New Clip For ‘THE ALGORITHM’

Watch/hear it here first…

13 May 2021

Who: A Haarlem (The Netherlands) based rock band with its roots firmly planted in both
the regional and international counterculture. The Dutch-American band produces a raw,
dirty groove that is heavily influenced by icons of beat-, Provo- and punk culture.

Their new album We… Are Doomed is one of the best LPs of this (young) year.
Turn Up The Volume wrote: “The rap and roll venom of Rage Against The Machine,
the fuck-you-hypocrites grimness of Black Flag, the punky saxophone of X-Ray-Spex,
the sharp poetic spit and sneer anarchy of Mark. E. Smith.”

Single/clip: THE ALGORITHM – one of the highlights of the album
Who is he/she: “Director Marius Bruijn introduces us to a figure called ‘A.G. Rithm’, the personification of algorithms, digital systems and codes. He’s living as normal a life as possible. He tries to come across as a ‘regular’ person at all times, but despite his efforts, we notice he’s struggling. Especially interacting with truly alive beings turns out to be a problem. It shows how technology, with algorithms and even artificial intelligence, seems to become more and more human, but never really gets there.”

Turn Up The Volume: To be honest A.G. Rithm is a good friend of mine. Thanks to that smart and mysterious person I have 24/7 access to the greatest library in the world… the Internet. Right? On the other hand, I rather hug a real human, like my wife and my kids, instead of a PC, a smartphone, or a widescreen TV. Anyway, I like the substantive idea of this sticky and nasty bass-groove outcry and its spitting-spoken-word waterfall.

Overall (lots of more algorithms on the LP: stream/buy below) this band stands out because they care about the real social issues, the real Big Brother crimes that harm
our vulnerable minds, the real threat of a new, dangerous far-right-is-okay culture and
they embed all their anger in a sonic ass-kicking-doom-and-gloom-party katzenjammer.

Video story: In the clip, A.G. Rithm is performed by drummer Lars van der Weiden,
but with a sharp eye you’ll also spot several political cartoons by TRIK out of the book
We… Are Doomed
. This way the video The Algorithm captures the world of The Irrational Library: absurdist, incredibly groovy, and at times… irrational.

Watch and learn…

Buy/stream the album here…


The band’s brand new official CITY POET Joshua Baumgarten

(photos/info via Treetop Agency)

Going Down With A Big Rap And Roll Bang – Here’s THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY With ‘WE… ARE DOOMED’

26 January 2021

Who: The Irrational Library is a Dutch-American rock band with its roots
firmly planted in both the regional and international counterculture. The
Dutch-American band produces a raw, dirty groove influenced by punk,
provo and punk icons. Their poetry is packed with social criticism.

References: The Minutemen, Gil Scott Heron, The Mekons, The Fall, Iggy Pop

Released: 15 January 2021

Turn Up The Volume says: The rap and roll venom of Rage Against The Machine,
the fuck-you-hypocrites grimness of Black Flag, the punky saxophone of X-Ray-Spex,
the sharp poetic spit and sneer anarchy of Mark. E. Smith, the challenging spirit of an
open-minded-plainspoken-asskicking-anti-establishement-and-other-scumbags force
of doom and gloom. Sounds exactly like 2020/2021, like the end of the world as we
know it, but also like an album that’s going to be on my earphones for a long time.

Title track

Full stream…

Buy… here


Close Encounters With The Third Kind And Intriguing Portland Duo LORE CITY

29 September 2021

LORE CITY is one of Turn Up The Volume‘s most intriguing finds of 2021.
An art rock duo – Laura Mariposa Williams and Eric Angelo Bessel – formed
in 2011 and currently based in Portland, Oregon. So far they made 4 albums,
including their most recent one, the puzzling PARTICIPATION MYSTIQUE LP.

In my mind, it’s a spiritual soundtrack for a science-fiction movie like Spielberg’s
1977 classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The past, the present and the future,
all in one. This is mesmerizing music that triggers your imagination in different directions. Laura Mariposa Williams‘ bewitching voice is the heroine of this record. Her psychedelic, gothic, far-out and at times wailing timbre magnetizes and hypnotizes while wandering in an orchestral space. About time to keep silent now and let Laura Mariposa Williams do the talking.

But as usual, before starting a Q & A, a piece of music as an introduction to the artist(s)…

Hello Laura,
Thank you for your time,

Is LORE CITY a real or fictional city?
Why this choice as your artist name?

Lore City is a real place in Ohio, but this is a coincidence. We’re not related.
Mostly we hope the townspeople aren’t mad at us. Our music feels like someplace
that we travel to, so our name resembles the idea of somewhere… a place of lore.”

Which song would you pick to introduce yourselves
to those who never heard of your music?

“I would pick “I Am the One” because it’s a song that was a long
time coming. Exhumed from the ethers – that’s a good place to start.”

Is your creative process a joint venture or a fusion of individual ideas?

“It’s a mixture of both. We tend to go solo in the development stage,
and then work side by side on finishing a song.”

The new album’s title is PARTICIPATION MYSTIQUE (written the French
way, isn’t it?). What does it mean related to the record?

“I discovered the phrase ‘participation mystique‘ while studying astrology.
It encapsulates the human experience so well: the mysteries of life, projection, attachment, delusion… concepts woven into the album. And yes, this is a French
phrase; the English phrase is ‘mystical participation.”

I’ve read in the press info that the 2020 event of ‘Saturn directly aligned
with Pluto within the constellation of Capricorn’ influenced the album’s
writing process. Honestly, I have no idea what that all means…

“These planetary movements reflected what was set into motion during 2020,
including the life-altering Coronavirus pandemic and the transformative Black Lives
movement. I’ve pointed out the symbolism between the stars and the earth because I believe in astrology, and I hope to get others into it, too.”

What did you want to visualize with the album’s artwork?

“The Participation Mystique album artwork is an evolution of the imagery from the previous album, Alchemical Task. A little wordless story about the roulette of being.”

‘I KNOW YOU KNOW’ is one of my favorite tracks. What’s the song about?

“The song acknowledges that others can see through things to the heart of
the matter like I do. It’s a rallying cry for kindred spirits.”

What movie would you pick to show on a big screen while the album’s playing?

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Except you’d have to play three of our albums to cover
the whole thing. So chronologically it would go: Kill Your Dreams, Alchemical Task,
and Participation Mystique. I think it would work, actually.”

What impact did that awful pandemic had on your musical activities?

“Since we were always at home together, we focused on writing, recording,
and launching the Lore City Music label. Making art was our tonic.”

Many artists covered other artists during the lockdown period.
Did you do that too? If not, which song would you pick to cover?

“We tend to stay away from covers, but if I ever did sneak one in,
it would be “Where I End and You Begin” by Radiohead.”

Do you play live? If so, what can we expect from a LORE CITY show?

“Yes, we play live. You can expect to look at the stage and think – this duo
has more gear than a four-piece band. Then enjoy Eric’s ambient drones
between songs as a special, live treat. Also, I don’t sing with my eyes closed.”

What‘s the best and worst track you heard so far in 2021?

“Well, overall the best thing I’ve heard in 2021 is Thom Yorke’s new project, The Smile.
The worst thing I could hear in any song is a wordless “whoa-oh-oh” chorus. Except that one Arcade Fire song.”

Any chance yet now that Joe Biden is the POTUS?

“What kind of a chance?”

What’s the next step for LORE CITY?

“Writing and recording and releasing and
repeating. Building a record library.”

Thank you Laura for this Q & A.
May the road rise with Lore City.

‘Participation Mystique’ here…

LORE CITY: Bandcamp

BEST SUMMER PLAYLIST Ever (Probably) With All 160 Killer Tracks Of The Past 2 Holiday Months Together

6 September 2021

SUMMER 2021 JUKEBOX – The Final Part

No fillers, the 160 killers of the
past 2 months all together.

Shake and swing, twist and twirl, move and groove…

With… Underworld/Iggy Pop, The Liminanas/Anton Newcombe, A Certain Ratio, Millionaire, Death Valley Girls, Partefacts, Bugeye/Feral Five, The Human League, Warmduscher, Crystal Castles, Rich Girls, Porridge Radio, deux furieuses, Black Needle Noise, Chemtrails, Night Haze, The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, Joe Cocker, John Cooper Clarke
The Kills, Patti Smith, Placebo, Golden Earring, Broke Bldgs, Pins, The Moods, Sleigh Bells, Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers, Sinead O’Connor, The Honeyrunners, Stay Lunar, Girlboy J, Wilder., Devan, Black Grape, International Teachers Of Pop, Peaches, Sleater-Kinney, dEUS,

Death Valley Girls, Parquet Courts, The Charlatans, Vampire Weekend, Autogramm, Jenny, Headshrinkers, Timothy and the Apocalypse, Peaches, Pink Diamond Revue, T.C. Matic, U2, Caroline Rose, Girl K, Mechanimal, Thrillhouse, The Waterboys, Dropkick Murphys, Kill Chicago, Robert Plant, Kings Of Leon, Internet Friends, The Peach Fuzz, Keith Richards, Wolf Alice, Temples, Lucy Dacus, The Dandy Warhols, Partefacts, Where We Sleep, Gareth Sager, Pesh, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elefant, Saving Jackie, The Bankrobber, Trickshooter Social Club, The Parrots, Tricky, M. Exen, LCD Soundsystem, Suicide, Alan Vega,

Hey Colossus, Ramkot, Public Enemy, Yard Act, The Irrational Library, Tom Morello & Pussy Riot, Hideaways & Tiny Dyno, Texas & Wu-Tang Clan, La Jungle, The Horrors, Sleaford Mods & Amy Taylor, Bilie Eilish, Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul, Attawalpa, I The Mountain, Bleachers feat. Springsteen, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals Leftfield feat. Roots Manuva, The Chemical Brothers, Tiny Magic Pets, Tone-Loc, Paul Weller, The Prodigy, The B-52’s, Gruppo Sportivo, Todd Rundgren and Sparks, The FlaviansCurses, Massive Attack, Cypress Hill, Misled Convoy/Kat Five, Unruly Girls, Twist Helix, 9 O’Clock Nasty, Plastic Sun, Ghostlawans

And don’t forget


2 August 2021

Another Wurtlizer party.
2021 SUMMER JUKEBOX – Part 5
No fillers, 20 serial killers. Old and new.

Start it up, turn it up, and shake it up…


M. Exen
LCD Soundsystem
Hey Colossus
Public Enemy
Yard Act
The Irrational Library
Tom Morello & Pussy Riot
Hideaways & Tiny Dyno
Texas & Wu-Tang Clan
La Jungle
The Horrors
Sleaford Mods & Amy Taylor
Bilie Eilish
Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul
I, The Mountain
Bleachers feat. Springsteen

And don’t forget…

Steamy Pop Punk Roller – THE LINDA LINDA’S Go ‘OH!’

22 July 2021

Who: Half Asian / Half Latinx. Sisters, cousins and
friends who play music together because it’s fun!

New single: OH!

Last May these outspoken punky teenagers went viral on YT
with a live performance in a Library when playing their brilliant
Riot grrrl rant Racist, Sexist Boy.

The zealous lasses follow that glorious moment now with a new
single, titled OH!. A steamy pop-punk roller that storms ahead from
the flashy get-go and rushes to its hurrah finale. Bingo! Pretty cool,
pretty pithy, pretty fun! Another hit score for the Linda’s.

Oh, oh, oh,
here we go…


These Are TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 BEST ALBUMS Of 2021 (So Far)

1 July 2021

1. ‘Calvacade’ by BLACK MIDI (UK)

Released: 26 May 2021 – their second album

Turn Up The Volume: From outlandish sonority – think Scott Walker – to Zappa-esque adventurousness, from a ‘normal’ song (Marlene Dietrich) to free jazz weirdness. The sonic mind of this impressively inventive band is both inscrutable and intriguing. Cavalcade confirms the experimental brilliance of their debut LP. Miles Davis experimenting with guitars in the 21st Century.

Key Track: John L

Full album…



Released: 26th February 2021 – debut LP

Turn Up The Volume: Manimal and Samara are a poetallica sensation. Imagine Sylvia
fronting a theatrical and mind-challenging psychedelic noise band. Their debut album is a multi-faceted opus in sound and vision. Compelling poetry embedded in a titanic thunder and lighting symphony going from perplexing metal to chill-out ambient. The final result is at times jaw-dropping, at times confusing, at times dumbfounding but always fascinating. When surreality becomes reality you know something is about to happen.

Key track: Psychopath’s Monologue

Stream album here…


3. Album: SEEK SHELTER by ICEAGE (Denmark)

Released: 7 May 2021 – 5th LP

Turn Up The Volume: Finally, Iceage do what they were expected to do for a long
time. Creating a standout album that makes the hair in the back of your neck stand
up. Melodramatic with ardency, impassioned with vigour, romantic with grimness. Charismatic frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt leads the troops as never before.
Their fifth, their best.

Key track: Vendetta

Full album…


4. ‘SURVIVORS’ by ONISM E (San Antonio / NYC)

Released: 19th February 2021 – debut album

Turn Up The Volume wrote: Gusto, high-spiritedness, and anxiety are the
keywords here. This warm-blooded record is a heart-rending reflection of the
group’s state of 2021 mind. A galvanizing collection of cohesive poignant emo
songs influenced by the disturbing way our troubled world is handling human
issues, once-in-a-lifetime dramas, and the personal turmoil of frontwoman Chavez.
Her soul-stirring and powerful (Aretha Franklin / young Tina Turner) voice, weeping
guitars, and the electrical intensity are at times overwhelming and heartbreaking. Impressive!

Key track: Stay

Stream/buy album here…


5. ‘i became birds’ by home is where (florida, us)

released: 5 march 2021 – debut album

turn up the volume: i’m damn sure this incredible punch-powered-punk-passion
turbo was here before, about 40 years ago, inspiring bored kids like black flag, shellac, melvins, jello biafra, and other anarchist snotnoses, to leave home, steal guitars and drums in order to have some wild fun while scaring bad people with their deafening racket. so here they are back again, inspiring young social media junkies to steal guitars and drums instead of watching their phones all day long. home is where it all starts when you have no money to rent a smelly rehearsal room to rock your heads off. so you move into your own basement and scream your poor lungs to pieces. listen up all you lost teenagers out there, play i became birds over and over again ’cause these hungry florida misfits can and will save your lives. home is where this fuck-and-punk-tastic record is made.

key track: sewn together from the membrane of the great sea cucumber

Stream/buy here…


6. ‘For The First Time’ by BLACK ROAD, NEW ROAD (London)

Released: 5 February 2021 – debut LP

Turn Up The Volume says: Like Pavement going prog rock with the sound- exploring
state of mind of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Jazzy and classical music textures make sure your curious mind is focused all the time. And singer Isaac Wood‘s voice resonates freakishly identical to the chilling voice of American songwriter Conor Oberst from indie band Bright Eyes. It’s not a happy record, but who needs cheesy pop tunes all the time in these science-fiction-like times, anyway. I know it’s their first time, but these hungry noise crusaders will stun us again and again in the future. Believe the hype.

Key track: Science Fair

Full album…



Released: 25 February 2021

Turn Up The Volume: This black and white pearl is a mix of the romantic crooner and
the haunting crooner. Growing with every spin. Compelling orchestrations, classical arrangements, with Ellis showing his musical skills once more. Can’t remember when Cave made an average album. Did he, actually? Okay, Carnage once again on my headphones.

Key track: White Elephant

Stream album here…



Released: 15 January 2021

Turn Up The Volume: The rap and roll venom of Rage Against The Machine, the fuck-you-hypocrites grimness of Black Flag, the punky saxophone of X-Ray-Spex, the sharp poetic spit and sneer anarchy of Mark. E. Smith, the challenging spirit of open-minded-plainspoken-ass-kicking-anti-establishement doom and gloom crusaders. Sounds exactly like 2020/2021, like the end of the world as we know it, but also like an album that’s going to be on my earphones for a long time.”

Title track: We… Are Doomed

Stream album here…



Released: 2 April 2021 – 7th longplayer

Turn Up The Volume: A fitting soundtrack for a funeral. The funeral of humankind. The funeral of the planet we, ourselves, destroyed. Somber and apocalyptic. Repetitive doom-and-gloom psychedelia. Repetitive wall-of-guitar-scapes. Goosebumps all the way. But in the end, Godspeed thinks we will start all over again, a new beginning, a new future. Let’s hope so.

Stream/buy here…


10. ‘Blue Weekend’ by WOLF ALICE (London)

Released: 4 June 2021 – third LP

Turn Up The Volume: Except for flaming rockers Smile and Play The Greatest Hits
the band takes a different direction with a stream of epic ballads with gospel-like
choirs (The Last Man On earth), emotional symphonies (How Can I Make It OK?) with
multi-layered goosebumps harmonies and orchestrated pop brilliance overall.

Key track: The Last Man On Earth

Full album…


11. Mutator by ALAN VEGA

12. New Fragility by CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH

13. Putain Royale by PINK ROOM

14. As Days Get Dark by ARAB STRAP

15. Vivre by ARNO

These Are TURN UP THE VOLUME’S 20 Knockout Tracks Of 2021 (So Far)

This year’s best tracks (so far)…

Yes, we have already reached the middle of 2021. The world, finally, looks brighter
than last year. Mad summer parties are just around the corner. And here’s the perfect soundtrack… Turn Up The Volume’s 20 best knockout tracks of 2021, so far!

All together on Spotify…

Track by Track

1. ‘Finger Pies’ by ANIKA (Berlin)
Electro earworm that moves and grooves from the get-go driven by a rolling
bass riff. Strangely catchy, mysteriously designed with a hypnotic effect. Top!

Catch the vibe…

2. ‘Nike Soldier’ by ALAN VEGA (US)
Alan Vega is dead! Long live Alan Vega! This spine-chilling
slo-mo groove comes from his lost album Mutator.

Check in…

3. ‘Night Is Mine’ULTRA SUNN (Brussels, Belgium)
Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibes, Sisters Of Mercy‘s gloom and doom hallucinations, and Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir thrills and you know it’s time for a dazzling night. It’s the title track from their standout debut EP.

Put on your leather jacket and dance…

4. ‘One + One’ by DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 (Canada)
With Is 4 Lovers the Canadian champions of drone noise rock made one of their best
full-lengths (so far). And the lead-single ‘One + One’ is a bulldozing, yet catching power blast that comes right at you.

Get slammed…

5. ‘Ten Points On The Damage Meter’ by HOW TO LOOT BRAZIL (Germany)
No rest for all who are addicted to dance their asses off. This is a hip-shaking belter, 145 seconds of steamed-up pop-punk euphoria. Imagine German dark disco legends D.A.F. on speed, fronted by Brit-girls Shampoo who are in trouble again.

Here comes the shot of adrenalin…

6. ‘Coma-Inducing Gibberish‘ by PIZZA CRUNCH (Scotland)
Scottish hit the bullseye with this sturdy stunner. A fab-tastic masterstroke to shut up all narcissists. Beware of getting too excited. It can lead to a rock ‘n’ roll coma. Whatever! Go for it!

Right here, right now…

7. ‘Stay’ by ONISM E (New York)
A soul-stirring and highly affecting vocal highlight – from one of the best albums of 2021 – by this rad emo-striking NY-based outfit. Stream/buy ‘Survivors’ LP here.

And stay for this pearl…

8. ‘Fall Of The Big Screen’ by DEADLETTER (South London)
Imagine George Orwell fronting The Fall back in Nineteen Eighty-Four scaring the
world with a grim, futuristic vision of humankind about to collapse in 2021 due to
a deadly virus. Scary!

Turn up the heat here…

9. ‘Wake Up’ by LOBSTERBOMB (Berlin, Germany)
A screaming triumph. This up-and-coming Berlin trio combines Bikini Kill‘s rough
outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto, and B-52‘s peppery liveliness. Touchdown!

Wake up here…

10. ‘Heroin’ by PERMO (Scotland)
A sizzling slice of trash and slash punk. Expect 135 striking seconds of heavy thunder
and creepy lighting. Totally insane drums and bass, deranged guitar frenzy, and cranked-up, psych-o-tic howling. Fucktastic intensity!

Hell yeeeaaahhhh…

11. ‘We… Are Doomed’ by THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY (Dutch-American)
A challenging rap and roll rant by an open-minded-plainspoken-ass-kicking-anti-establishement-and-other-scumbags force of doom and gloom. The title track from
this caring collective’s excellent new album.

Apocalypse now…

12. ‘Boilermaker’ by ROYAL BLOOD (UK)
The blues-rock tandem is back with this motherfucker of
a slam dunk from their brand new album Typhoons.

Wham bloody wham bam…

13. ‘The Men Who Rule The World’ by GARBAGE (US/Scotland)
A surprisingly funky disco banger that triggers your head’s up-and-down movement the very moment the money drops into the corrupt politicians’ pockets. I still love you, Shirley!

Let’s roll…

14. ‘This Is Not’ by CROWS ON WIRES (Germany)
Sultry synths, punchy percussion, glimmering guitar lines, and vibratory vocals.
Sounds like Sisters of Mercy are back, produced by Bauhaus who listened to Soft
on repeat. A stunner, indeed!

Get magnetized here…

15. ‘Vendetta’ICEAGE (Denmark)
An intoxicating jam with a threatening pace. A glam
power punch from their best-ever album Seek Shelter.

Press play and get moved…

16. ‘Not To’ by WOLFVANWYMEERSCH (Belgium)
Melancholia at its starry-eyed, synth-pop best. Here’s a romantic at heart, going
solo, who’s sanely obsessed with creating music, playing music, and enjoying music,
if possible, all at the same time. Damon Albarn‘s moody side comes to mind.

Dim the lights and enjoy…

17. ‘Unspoken’ by ANNIE TAYLOR (Switzerland)
A troubled love reverie with a sorrowful touch. Heartbreaking romanticism at its balladesque best, notable for its vocal splendour and silver-toned resonance.

Enjoy the sweet little pearl…

18. ‘Carry Me On’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)
This new musing feels like a nightly gloaming. Acoustic soul-searching and intimate tenderness. The darksome sorrowfulness of several past and present crooners come
to mind when hearing this gloomy song.

Dream away…

19. ‘Man Alone (Can’t Stop The Fadin’)’ by TINDERSTICKS (Nottingham, UK)
Surprising stonker! An 11-minute psychedelic and epic journey. Trippy and spacey.
From their new, 13th album, Distractions.

Follow the flow…

. ‘Amsterdam’ by MOONLIGHT PARADE (UK)
Magical and red-colored ballad, combining the melodic melancholia of Teenage Fanclub and The Coral. A sweet little gem about a wonderful city I’m in love with for a long time now. Press play and let your thoughts drift away on a cloud.

Listen to the beauty here…

See/hear you next time, music junkies…

Awesome School Teens THE LINDA LINDAS Make Furor With Riot Grll Punk Anthem ‘RACIST, SEXIST BOY’

25 May 2021

Band: THE LINDA LINDAS (Los Angeles)
Who: Awesome female teen band Half Asian/Half Latinx
featuring Mila (10), Eloise (13), Lucia (14) and Bela (16) who
play together since 2018 (!) and already opened as support
act for punk icons like Bikini Kill and Best Coast.


A song inspired by a real-life racist incident as the utterly cool
10-year old drummer Mila explains: “A little while before we went
into lockdown a boy in my class came up to me and said his Dad had
told him to stay away from Chinese people. After I told him I was Chinese
he backed away from me. So Eloise and I wrote this song based on that

The school teens premiered their new punk anthem in the Los Angeles
Public Library
, which has been hosting a TEENtastic Tuesdays Series of
concerts, celebrating AAPI (that’s Asian American and Pacific Islander)

Score: This is awesome. I love this. Young kids standing up and making a
sharp-cutting, alarming statement about racism and sexism with a spot-on,
in your face, punk anthem à la Bikini Kill. This clear-cut, and totally fun, riot
grrl ripper is fueled by young spirits saying ‘move over, adults, rock and roll
belongs to the young generations, not the old ones and definitely not to
the racist ones and the sexist ones.’ You betcha!

Plug in, Lindas…