2020 Funky Reggae Party – LOUD APARTMENT With New Longplayer ‘SYSTEM BREAKDOWN’

5 November 2020

Who: A New York City music group created by musician and technologist
Nevaris AC in 2008 with changing line-ups over the years.

Info: “The new LP refers to the collapse of the systems meant to protect citizens during
a time like this. Access to healthcare. Access to a vital financial lifeline after the collapse of
the live music industry during the pandemic. The album also takes aim at the incompetence
and negligence of the current administration. We wanted to address this in the music beyond ourselves personally, addressing the collapse of the existing system as a whole.”

Key references: P-Funk, Santanta, Willy Bobo, Los Lobos, Talking Heads,
Ray Barretto and Jimmy Castor Bunch

Turn Up The Volume: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin‘ sung living legend back in 1964.
And they still do, unfortunately, in the wrong direction. We live in troubled times for a while now. It seems like we’re on our way to destruction as the greatest part of our
world is ruled by narcissistic leaders who preach hate, intolerance and division.

Time for action, time for a change while a hip-shaking, funky reggae party soundtrack blasts out of our speakers. Oh yeah, uplifting music is what we need to inject our concerned minds with hope and faith in a better future, while battling for survival. It worked in the past and it will work now. This swinging, feel better record does the trick perfectly without ignoring reality. Get up, stand up and shake your booty, people.

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Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS For November 2020 – Hells Bells!

This past month’s best…

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I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll all month long!
Turn Up The Volume‘s 15 Knockout Tracks
November 2020
! Right here, right now…

‘State Of The Union’ by PUBLIC ENEMY (US)
Whatever it takes, rid this dictator / POTUS my tail, Ass debater / Prime-time Preemo, rhyme-time crime / Like no other in this lifetime / Stay away from me / State of the Union, shut the
fuck up / Sorry ass motherfucker / Stay away from me / State of the Union / Shut the fuck up

‘There’s A Ghost’ by SUPERCHUNK (North-Carolina)
This steamed-up missile proves that Superchunk still has the adrenalin-fueled buzz and fuzz energy to make you go nuts like a manic kangaroo. A welcome wham bloody bam smack to ventilate your lockdown frustration. Pogo along here…

‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing’ by MAXÏMO PARK (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Instant rollicking-guitar-crazy stormer. An agitated and keyed-up cracker on the
run with an adrenaline-fueled chorus triggering your jump up-and-down button.
From the upcoming album Nature Always Wins, out 26 February 2021…

‘The Eyeball Dance’ by HEY COLOSSUS (UK)
From the get-go, this ongoing repetitive-riff-ripper infiltrates your mind without asking permission. And the sickly sticky chorus causes head-twisting dynamics making you totally dizzy. Mind-bending psych jam for greedy ears! Get up and turn it up…

‘The Observer’ by FLYING MOON IN SPACE (Germany)
Only thirty seconds in and this electrical Kraut-synth stunner is already jumping from left to right and back in your uncontrollably spinning head. Ongoing sparkling rotations cause a transcendent experience giving you the opportunity to escape our grim reality for a while…

‘Alien Nate’ by FILIBUSTER (Belgium)

Cutting Sonic Youth echoes, flashing Metz dynamics, and layers of Dinosaur Jr. guitars.
A sizzling bolide about loving each other while rocking your balls off. From the band’s excellent debut LP Future Anachronisms. Start the fire…

‘Out Of The Shadows’ by GREAT HARE (Sweden)
This is the wake-up-call I want to hear when I can’t get out of my bed in the morning. You simply can’t resist this shot of adrenaline. This is what elevating pop is all about. Vitalizing, energizing, and galvanizing. In a normal world, this should be a global hit…

‘Breaking Out’ by GHOSTLAWNS
Middle finger to the lockdown, there’s no law against freaking out in your living room and it helps to activate your adrenaline production. And kraut-dance impulses are so much cheaper and more effective than therapy. Hit the floor…

‘For Daze’ by FAUX MACHISMO (Leeds)
Passion, desperation, devotion, distress, and heartache. An anxiety-driven outburst making your hair in the back of your neck stand up. A haunting groovy guitar riff-mad stroke with emotive vocals dragging you to the dark side of your soul and the exploding full-grunge chorus messes up your mind. Smells like heart-shaped box melodrama to me…

‘Where You Find Me’ by THE NOTWIST (Germany)
The German indie rockers are gearing up for a new album called Vertigo Days, out
29 January 2021. Lead-single Where You Find Me is a frolic pop tune you’ll whistle, hum and/or sing along pretty quick in your shower. As sticky as first-class glue…

‘Edge Of The World’ by THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT (Los Angeles)
One-man band The Sea At Midnight balances between twilight and sunrise, between
past and present, between pain and hope. This both melodious and darkwave blues introspection has a healing effect. Gripping piece from his new self-titled album

’20th Century Boy’ by BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat. AL JOURGENSEN
20th Century metal boy Al Jourgensen from industrial noiseniks Ministry obviously
has fun with this hot-tempered and filthy cover of the 1973 T.Rex blockbuster…

Well, It’s plain to see you were meant for me / Yeah, I’m your toy, your 20th Century boy.

‘King Of Machines’ by TIGER MIMIC (London)
Tiger Mimic rants about the dangerous state of chaos we live in with a crystal clear, outspoken jackhammer fueled by sinewy guitar hooks, a battering beat, sharp-cutting male/female vocals, and a caustic chorus. Midway the tempo drops and the intensity goes up before starting the pugnacious ‘I’ll Stand My Ground’ finale. Time to act! Time to survive!

‘No Justification’ by LOUD APARTMENT (New York)
Uplifting music is what we need to inject our concerned minds with hope and faith in
a better future while battling for survival. This hip-shaking, funky, hip-hop party tune
will do the trick perfectly. From the new album System Breakdown

‘Compersion Pt. 1’ by ARAB STRAP
Back after 15 years. A track that “depicts a quest to find the ever-elusive unicorn, to bond fluidly, and safely, with the like-minded and adventurous, in the comforting arms of an anonymous hotel, and the stark realization that you never really wanted it.” A near-spoken story over an ongoing addictive riff. Magnetic cut…

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See/hear you next month for the best-of-2020-tracks…

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Three Times Gorgeous – MOSCOW APARTMENT Shines On New Brisk Track ‘NEW GIRL’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


18 June 2020

Toronto’s up and coming, folk imbued indie rock-pop teenagers
MOSCOW APARTMENT, Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, will release
their second EP, titled BETTER DAUGHTER on 10th July.

Last month the highly crafted singer-songwriters enthralled with
alluring and romantic pearl Halfway. And here’s track two, NEW GIRL.

It’s “misogyny and catcalling that served as the impetus behind ‘New Girl’. There was one
week where we were cat called probably 10 times. We felt fed up and wanted to write a song about men not respecting women’s boundaries, especially in public”
said the young artists.

NEW GIRL is more uptempo and brisker than Halfway. Its lively and bodacious groove pushed by a vivacious beat, shining guitars, and colored with the glamorous tandem’s golden voices make your aural antenna tremble instantly. It’s the sickly sticky tune you want to play, out loud, on your car radio with the windows open, driving along the beach while the sun is high up there in the sky. These ladies sound gorgeous, write gorgeous tunes, and look gorgeous. Rose-colored vividness for the summer. Listen up, all you
dumb machos, there are two new girls in town! Show r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

Tune in here…