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2 May 2022

Who: Power pop collective out of St.Albans, Hertfordshire,
, centered around singer/songwriter Jonny Bennett

Two years ago this art-pop-rock collective canned and released a grand album
of rainbow-colored psychedelia titled The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness with environmental awareness as the common thread throughout.

A week or two ago it was Earth Day, the yearly day when all attention is focused
on environmental protection. This year the theme was Invest In Our Planet.

For this special occasion, The Mighty Orchid King wrote a new piece called Two Trees Tangled Together. When it comes to constructing a symphonic psych opus with multiple intertwined layers you always can count on this British orchestra. Like here again with swirling eurhythmics, with lush brass orchestrations, and with floating vocals.

At first, my ears couldn’t follow the spiralling flow as the music seemed to come from
all over the place. But after a couple of spins, the sonic puzzle falls into place. Riveting.


Two trees tangled together forever
Two trees tangled together forever
Unprepared by our simulated lives
There is the potential for the sublime
Whenever we leave these concrete boundaries
All these ideas seem somehow connected
We’re two trees tangled together forever
We roam the endless wastes which they have left
On these ancestral routes I unravel
And understand that we’re infinitely
Related, friends and equals in the wild
We’re two trees tangled together forever
I don’t have the words I need
To feel the flight of the golden eagle
I don’t have the words I need
To feel the flight of the golden eagle
And learn its poetry
But I felt something lift in me
Hearing the bells ring in blue cathedrals
Those whispering harmonies


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ON REPEAT! ‘The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING

‘The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St. Albans, UK)

A bold, existential, bizarro piece of psychedelic work. A sonic visualization of Stanley Kubrick‘s spectacular sci-fi vision ‘2020: A Space Odyssey. Otherworldly, metaphysical, mindboggling and rainbow-colored. Lose yourself in their nature caring stratosphere.

Without a shadow of a doubt a Top Ten album on Turn Up The Volume’s 2020 list!

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Glam Banger – THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING Released New Single ‘SWIRLING’ Today

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


30 May 2020

What can I say? British flamboyant group THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING have a new single out and it’s as their previous pieces a glorious score. SWIRLING is a solid gold glam banger with T.Rex echoes. A sixties influenced psych-rock gem. A spot-on shake and sway corker! Expect a king-sized beat, bright harmonies, towering guitars and a punchy drive. Huzzah!

Get it on, here come the 21st Century boys…

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Psych Rockers THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING Dropped Brand New Nature Caring Single ‘LUNGS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 March 2020

British psychedelic outfit THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING just released their brand new single called ‘LUNGS‘. Both a striking ode to nature, in particular trees, and a wake-up call for all those who are in denial modus about the many devastating dangers our mother Earth has to face. We need bands like these right now who emphasize those urgent world problems.

All my friends are working for free,
To save their mother
There won’t be another.
Just trying to live naturally,
I seek the Forest Language
In the Autumn.

In a statement on their FB-page the band says:“When we started working on this song the Amazon was burning at unprecedented rate and by the time we finished Australia was enduring one of its worst ever bushfires. At the same time we are witnessing an incredible movement of people seeking to reconnect with nature rather than the endless pursuit of profit and fighting for the survival of this planet.”

Musically ‘Lungs’ is an impressive, richly orchestrated achievement. A multi-layered zinger going forth and back with a vertiginous effect. The colourful song is spiced with imposing percussion, vigorous vocals, glimmering guitars and an overall retro psych vibe with a revitalizing, stimulating and even spiritual impact. I think it’s the right moment to cite American Writer and environmental activist Wendell Berry: “To cherish what remains of
the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

Inhale here…

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6 July 2020

THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING is the British answer to King Gizard King Gizzard & The
Lizard Wizard
, that incredibly productive and mind-expanding Aussie collective. The
St. Albans psych prog rockers just released their kaleidoscopic debut album called
THE DOCTRINE OF INFINITE KINDNESS. A bold, existential, bizarro piece of work.

These Five Horsemen of Eco-Anxiety combine Kerouac-esque spontaneous prose
with more direct protest songs about the ongoing destruction of our beloved, living
Earth. Their spectacular firstborn sounds like a sonic visualization of Stanley Kubrick‘s spectacular sci-fi vision ‘2020: A Space Odyssey’. Otherworldly, metaphysical, starry-
eyed and rainbow-colored. Several of the songs were written about their experiences
in the Extinction Rebellion movement, others were inspired by long periods of
isolation and attempts at enlightenment.

Sonically they mix their appetite for 60s harmony, fuzzy guitars, synth arpeggios with occasional impressions of samba, jazz, and house.

Sounds pretty far-out to my ears. Curious, aren’t you? No problem, ringleader Jonny Bennett will tell us all and more about ‘The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness‘ track by track.

Let’s roll, Jonny…

“A recurring theme of the album is diving down deep inside our consciousness to
see what’s there — I was inspired by an idea from Sharon Salzberg that we can inherit trauma through generations. A lot of the lyrics were written spontaneously, often early in the morning. I’m endlessly obsessing about different ways to get the creative flow going – for a while summoning the spirit was about meditation then totally overwhelming my senses with crazy jazz and coffee while reading from my favourite site called Brainpickings.”

“We pick up again on this journey into the mind here. I’d been reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and remember being really struck by his Orwellian prophecy that love would be unnecessary for cyborg humans of the future.
The synth arpeggio section was on endless loop for a few days, I got totally lost in it”

“I like the juxtaposition of the fancy-free shuffle groove with the lyrics which are basically about escaping the fear of climate meltdown by getting intoxicated and the ensuing guilt of feeling like you’re ignoring the crisis. It’s not just about getting drunk, but anything that we lose ourselves in to avoid confronting reality. We included a line about the absurdity of obsessing over streaming figures while our actual rivers and oceans are being polluted. The irony is that checking our Spotify stats is all we do at the moment!”

“This is the jam song on the record and our usual live set closer. This dates back to
a rehearsal jam in 2017. I started playing this weird rhythm on the kit and as soon
as I heard Martin’s guitar riff I grabbed my phone to record it. We used to write all
our songs that way. The synth sound felt like a real turning point for us towards
more dance elements. These were very spontaneous lyrics again, evoking a kind of
fundamental connection between people and nature.”

“Another song about the sanctuary of the early morning before facing the chaos of the world. There’s even a mangled Trump quote in there — “violence on both sides” — symbolic of the way these everyday horrors encroach on our peace. This is the album’s central conflict I think, between the bliss of withdrawing from the world and the need to confront the existential threats we face.”

(From Martin) “Head started off with the little drum machine beat and a few guitar parts but was condemned to the depths of my computer before Jonny helped bring it back to life. Lyrically it was a real mess at first. Basically just written to try get the song ready for a gig, but it ended up becoming about boozing/partying but that it leaves you feeling worse off (in more ways than one). I feel there’s something there about burying your head that fits in with the environmental message of the rest of the album.”

“This one was written by Michael C. Rea AKA Symbol Soup, who doesn’t play with the
live band now but is still very much a part of our collective. I went overboard on the harmonies. It was about trying to move away from just stacking on top of the lead
line and instead create contrapuntal sounds where different voices sing different
rhythms and melodies to create these interweaving webs. I’m always trying to get
closer to that Brian Wilson sound!”

“The interlude track sets up the last three songs. It’s kind of a play on the Beatles song, and like the closing song on the album is about a Buddhist meditation where you bring people to mind and wish them well – usually you start with yourself, then someone you really like, then someone more neutral and then someone you don’t like. I stopped drinking for nearly a year and started diving deep into all of these practices. Sometimes I’d try and meditate for two hours in a session — it was quite intense.’ ”

“This is the most direct song on the album about our ecological crisis. I was reading about indigenous protectors in the Amazon being killed as the Bolsonora government moved in to clear more land. The song is about the fundamental absurdity of chasing money at the expense of our life support system. It’s also about the hope of change. Last year a few of the band members were out protesting with Extinction Rebellion often playing with the samba band. It was an incredible feeling to be part of that community for a few weeks – you just start to lose all sense of your individual worries.”

“I remember listening to a podcast with a guy who claimed to have achieved enlightenment and he said one of the downsides was that emotions became so heightened afterwards that even seeing a moth flying towards a lamp became too
painful. I was reading a book about the mycelium networks between trees that allow
them to communicate, share resources, and protect each other. In this context a tree
in concrete with no friends seemed so sad. This song has quite a silly structure, there’s about 6 sections which repeat and a really strange key change.”

“This is the most experimental moment on the record but also I think the most groove-based. All the instruments in the verses are based on a rudiment pattern on the drum kit – I was trying to do a kind of Tony Allen linear thing with guitars and bass emphasising different parts of the groove. There’s a few polymetric moments on the record but this is the most out there – we’d been listening to Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard and also Your Queen Is A Reptile by Sons of Kemet. There are sections where the guitars are in 7/8 while the drums are in 4/4 – I think this chaos reflects the central theme of sending out unconditional love to all beings. I hope that we leave listeners with a positive uplifting message at the end.”

Thanks, Johnny for this revealing breakdown.
May the road rise with The Mighty Orchid King

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British Psych Squad THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING Nails It Again With Brand New Single ‘HEAD’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

23 April 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured this nature caring psych team several times before and
with their brand new single HEAD – out today – they nail it again, big time. The track comes with the message “banned in most galaxies, this is THE jam the Mandalorian did
not want you to hear.”

HEAD is a steamy crackerjack with so much happening in four staggering minutes.
The swirling show starts with an excitatory bass/drum/guitar riff that keeps emerging during the song’s high-powered course like a pumping heartbeat. From there on it’s full steam ahead. The decibels go up, the vocals get peppery and the swelling euphony gets more intense with guest appearances of a spicy saxophone sound and symphonic synths. But the mind-bending cherry on the sonic space cake is a sickly sticky chorus that blows you of your socks. Over and out? Definitely not! The buzzing second part of this multi-layered escapade is dominated by guitar extravaganza, that addictive, ongoing riff and explosive blowup. Bang, bang! Mission accomplished.

After several spins, I’m quite sure that this ecstatic tour de force is
the best, far-out performance this squad delivered so far. Fact!

Here’s why…

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THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING In An Emotional Whirlpool On Brand New Single ‘SHIFTING SANDS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 March 2019


Who: Power pop collective out of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, England
centred around singer/songwriter Jonny Bennett

Track: SHIFTING SANDS – brand new single

Score: ‘Shifting Sands‘ is a mixed emotions song about good times, bad times and embracing impermanence. It sounds and feels like a restless whirlpool of clashing sentiments and excitements. Both euphoric and confusing. Both rhapsodic and bewildering. A swirling sonic carousel going fast forward without a moment of
repose as if the protagonist tries to get in control again. This is a multi-layered,
jittery pop discharge that will leave you behind out of breath. Here’s why…

THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING – Back With Mind-Expanding Psych Trip ‘BEACON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 October 2018

British psych-rock squad called THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING just returned with its sonic time machine from the mind-expanding sixties with a new transcendent track. BEACON
has that otherworldly, where-are-we-now feel so many out-of-their-head-bands created since the day hallucinogens find their way into their brains and their instruments. Expect far-out guitars, a pulsating rhythmic tandem, an overall buzzing resonance, echoing vocals and karma-like harmonies. Close your eyes, relax and float into space…



Killer tracks of the month…

Eleven standout tracks played on repeat in March!
A heated mix of flaming rippers and glowing grooves
energizing all of my senses and limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout March Team!

1. No Rock Save In Roll by CORNERSHOP (Northern London)
This sickly sticky earworm will put a big smile on your face! Welcome back Cornershop!

2. ‘Ponytail’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)
Hot disco banger that should be played in all discotheques around the globe. Dance fever!

3. ‘Home Thru Hell’ by DEAP LIPS (California, US)
The Flaming Lips + Deap Vally = Utterly Cool Yamaha Magic

4. ‘Vicious Little Sister’ by THE MEDICINE DOLLS (Cape Town)
Unquestionably one of the blowup singles of the year! The Medicine Dolls rule!

5. ‘Luminescence’ by THE HIDEAWAYS (Bristol, UK)
This burning sledgehammer’s riff is TITANIC! Kick-ass stroke! Hells bells!

6. ‘Cause Effect’ by SINKA (Watford, UK)
High-powered blast fueled by crazed guitars, banging percussion and racy vocals. Yeah!

7. ‘Somebody Else’ by PLASTIC SUN (UK)
Melodious swagger bringing stone rock icons Queens Of The Stone Age to mind. Top-notch!

8. ‘Louder’ by TWIST HELIX (Newcastle, UK)
A swirling electro pop stunner with sassy synths and stunning vocals. Bingo!

9. ‘Lungs’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St.Albans, UK)
A retro psych vibe with a revitalizing, stimulating and spiritual impact. Save the trees!

10. ‘TheWorldIsClosingDown’ by TV COMA (St. Albans, UK)
A catchy apocalyptic psych pop humdinger. Witty, satirical and pungent.

11. ‘Harbor Me’ by AUDRI (Belgium)
Starry-eyed vocals, clapping flamenco hands and glimmering guitars. A trippy beauty!

All knockout tracks
together on Spotify


See you next month, music junkies…

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 10 Knockout Albums Of The Year (So Far)…

The best longplayers so far in this science-fiction-like 2020. Ten cracking records that kept Turn Up The Volume safe at home, camping next to his vibrating speakers. Let’s roll…

‘Hot Slick’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)

These bad girls with ponytails will turn your summer into a daily party. Hot stuff for ravers, disco freaks, and funky night owls. Boogie in wonderland and move like it’s 1999 again.
Live for today, plan for tomorrow but go gaga right now, right here to this sweaty slick…

Stream/buy here…

‘Dead Lips’ by DEAD LIPS (Los Angeles / Oklahoma, US)

When coolness meets outlandishness then all motherfuckers have to go. Surprising super team Deap Vally and The Flaming Lips dont’ talk shit, they surprise us with a gloomy-moody longplayer that makes you happy. Femejism battling the Pink Robots. Top stuff!

Stream/buy here…

‘Bejahung’ by ELEFANT (Ghost Town, Belgium)

Sound-exploring desperadoes who open your doors of perception. Sonic crusaders who evolved into one of the most fascinating bands in this universe. Isolate yourself in your private quarantine and listen with disinfected headphones. Once in a lifetime experience!

Stream/buy here…

‘Self-Surgery’ by MRS. PISS (US)

Keywords: bloodcurdling shrieks, goth inferno, pitch-black nightmares, underground hysteria, gloom & doom sisters in crime, bone-chilling frenzy, hellish commotion. These princesses of darkness take you on a razorblade roller coaster. Keep a sharp lookout!

Stream/buy here..

‘Every Bad’ by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton, UK)

This up and coming gunslingers swing from amplified pop to emo punk and back
with glowing passion. Anarchic and sweet, chaotic and intense, zealous, and plainspoken with future indie star Dana Margolin as the driving force backed by a tremendous band. Without a shadow of a doubt on their way to world domination.

Stream/buy here…

‘Epidemic’ by UNRULY GIRLS (Italy)

A head-twisting extravaganza of high-tech trash. A mind-blowing record with a diversified melting pot of jaw-dropping knockouts and petrifying brainfuckers as if you are listening to several albums at the same time. Alert your poor neighbours before you press play!

Stream/buy here…

‘The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St. Albans, UK)

A bold, existential, bizarro piece of psychedelic work. A sonic visualization of Stanley Kubrick‘s spectacular sci-fi vision ‘2020: A Space Odyssey. Otherworldly, metaphysical, mindboggling and rainbow-colored. Lose yourself in their nature caring stratosphere.

Stream/buy here…

‘Trust No One’ by IZZY AND THE BLACK TREES (Poland)

Flamboyant and red-hot rock band out of Poland turning up the heat with sharp-edged riffs, jagged licks, hammering drums, and frontwoman Izzy‘s feverish vox in the middle.
A record serving a versatile cocktail of high-energy jackhammers and charged reveries.

Stream/buy here…

‘Five Things’ by SMALLTOWN TIGERS (Pisa, Italy)

Imagine The Stooges having an earsplitting fight with The Runaways while the Ramones are sniffing glue in the producer room and you know what is coming your way, straight in the face. Eight firecrackers, eight uppercuts, eight smoking guns, and lots of middle-fingers.

Stream/buy here…

‘Rough And Rowdy Ways’ by Bob Dylan (US)

What can I say? Best singer/songwriter/poet/storyteller of all time (in my big book).

Stream here…

Also thumbs up for…

‘925’ by SORRY  
‘Container’ by THE WANTS
‘Exquisite’ by MEKONS 
The New Abnormal by THE STROKES
‘England Is A Garden’ by CORNERSHOP 
‘Type II’ by SEX SWING

Have a great summer, music junkies