Imposing And Electrical – London’s MASS DATURA Dropped Staggering Single ‘SUTRA SWOON SUTRA’

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17 June 2020

After compelling 2017 debut album Sentimental Meltdown London’s psych-rock collective MASS DATURA announced the launch of their sophomore album ‘Wish Untitled‘ for a 10th July release via All Types of Slime Records.

Here’s opening track ‘SUTRA SWOON SUTRA‘. It’s a rattling guitar riff powered
haymaker with an enigmatic and hypnotizing psych resonance while bone-chilling
vocals add an eerie vibration to the overall nightmarish image. About midway the
already menacing radiation slows down for an eldritch finale. Imposing, electrical,
and spooky are the keywords and nerve-racking, disturbing and ambiguous
are the sonic sentiments. Staggering stroke!

“It’s a fairytale for two and we’re down on our knees, sutra swoon sutra.”

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(Photo credit: Ellen Rogers)

Discover Ballsy Brooklyn Duo NO SWOON And Their Fired Up Debut Single ‘DON’T WAKE UP, WAKE UP’…

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26 September 2019

(photo by Christopher Malarick)


Who: Duo – Tasha and Zack – from Brooklyn, NY, formed in 2016.
Their music draws from dream pop, shoegaze, and post-punk revival

Track: ‘DON’T WAKE UP, WAKE UP’ – first single from their debut album
out 1 November via Substitute Scene Records

Score: Wow! What a jaw-dropping debut this is! ‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up‘ rushes and
races fiercely like if somebody chases you in a nightmare and you have no clue how to escape. Screaming guitars, ablaze percussion and urgent vocals all add to the anxious impact of this bang-up buster. Sturdy stuff! Antsy turbulence!

NO SWOON: Facebook

Self-titled debut LP out 1st November – all info here

PICK OF THE DAY – Electro Rockers SWOON Impress With Banger ‘FUN POLICE’…

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23 April 2018


Who: “A cracking four-piece electro alt-rock band hailing from
Brighton, UK, who create leftfield pop songs. Songs with teeth.

Track: FUN POLICE – title track of upcoming EP

Score: This Brighton quartet combines vivifying electronics, hot-spirited guitar lines and pushing bass/drums perfectly in order to create an overpowering bravado that blows you off your socks. ‘Fun Police‘ is a roaring knockout that turns totally badass when the rowdy chorus kicks in. This Brighton quartet combines vivifying electronics, hot-spirited guitar lines and pushing bass/drums perfectly in order to create an overpowering bravado that blows you off your socks. Add frontwoman Alice‘s sturdy and biting vox on top of it and what you get is pure dynamite. Don’t hesitate to turn up the decibels and let this solid
gold wallop mess up your head the way you like it. Listen/watch right here, right now…

SWOON: Facebook – Twitter – Spotify

FUN POLICE available on iTunes – Same-titled 4-track EP out 25 May

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For SEPTEMBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout September Team

1. ‘Land Of Dead’ by ELEPHANT STONE (Montreal, Canada)
A stomping rocker pushed by a steamy sitar riff. Wham bloody bam!

2. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (North Of England, UK)
Flaming fuel for all you out there who needs to ventilate their fury once in a while. Yeah!

3. ‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up by NO SWOON
Savage guitars, ablaze percussion & urgent vocals! Bang-up buster! Jaw-dropping debut!

4. ‘Getting Older’ by RETAIL SPACE (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Dazzling guitar pop catchiness that will make your head swirl 360°. Irresistible zinger!

5. ‘Pushing Back’ by THE NEW POLLUTION (New York, US)
An ongoing repetitive hypnotic guitar riff spiced with airy dancey vibes. Bingo!

6. ‘We’re Not Detective’ by FEVA (Newcastle, UK)
Boiling hot smasher! Uproarious hubbub that will blow up your speakers! Kaboom!…

7. ‘Ego‘ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Blistering blessing for those who want to swing themselves into a coma. Tanze jetzt!

8. ‘Mexico’ by HUSBANDS
The 21st Century Beach Boys. Non-stop fun, daily sun and sonic bubblegum. Surf’s up!

9. ‘Second Hand Emotion’ by SAYTR PLAY (Manchester, UK)
Put on some mascara, your sexiest boots, your coolest shirt and let your adrenalin flow.

10. ’75 Trips’ by REFLEKTER (Nottingham, UK)
Hungry guitars, jumpy electro beat injections, cocky vocals and a knockout chorus. Top!

11. ‘Love Is Around‘ by GREAT HARE (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A sticky amplified guitar pop tune, jingle jangle chants and a nostalgic Dinosaur JR feel…

All together on Spotify…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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PICK OF THE DAY – Vibrant British Newcomers SWOON Will Make You Feel Free With ‘CAGE’…

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23 January 2018

Roots: Brighton, UK
Who: “an electronic pop band hailing from the buzzing seaside town of Brighton, UK. They’re a group of music-obsessives who met in the summer of 2017 at a lonely hearts night. However, they didn’t fancy each other, so decided to form a band instead.”
Track: CAGE – only their 2nd track
SCORE: this mighty synths explosion, alternated with some short reflective moments,
is spiced fiercely with hot-blooded vocals and draws a burning trace from start to finish. No entrapment for these inflammable newcomers. Big sound, rad vox, knockout score. Launch this firecracker right now right here, turn up the heat and feel free…

SWOON: Facebook – Twitter – Spotify

STEF KAMIL CARLENS – Romantic Troubadour And Melancholic Storyteller Heading For The Road…

STEF KAMIL CARLSEN – N9, Eeklo, Belgium – 13 January 2018


Ex-dEUS, ex-Moondog JR, ex-Zita Swoon
Romantic troubadour & melancholic storyteller
Songs about yesterday’s lost loves, songs about
Gainsbourg & Birkin, a Scottish girl & going away
Mesmeric melodies and gripping narratives…

Whispering vox, sensual harp, affectionate bass,
vivid keys, jazzy drums, glimmering slide-guitar
and nostalgic pop rainbows for heart and soul
up-tempo, mid-tempo, slow-tempo… MAGIC


STEF KAMIL CARLSEN: Website – Facebook – Instagram

“I have my eyes on you…”

Sensual harp, country voice…

Slide sentiments


Two hours of magic…

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)