THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 46

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

1. ‘Let’s See Each Other’ by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (New York)

New York’s electro darkwave bulldozer has its 6th album See Through You
ready for release on 4th February 2022. It’s a return to their fiercely independent,
DIY roots on their own label Dedstrange.

Lead single Let’s See Each Other is an intimate and disarming love song from
a forgotten future. Syncopated memories and deconstructed fantasies of lovers
lost in an ity that doesn’t know their names.

Press play, watch and listen…


2. ‘Sonic’ by DAYFLOWER (UK)

This indie dream-pop band from Leicester, England, combines nursery rhyme melodies, reverb-drenched guitars, and electronic textures. They released their debut full-length Honeyspun two years ago and now return with this astonishing wall-of-shoegaze stroke. Imagine My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Swervedriver having a decibels contest.

Sonic is a hazy, multi-layered and perplexing
discharge leaving you behind with your mouth open
and totally puzzled.

Here’s why…


3. ‘Do Ya Feel The Love’ by STEREOPHONICS (Wales, UK)

On 4 March 2022, the vivid Welsh veterans will make their
loyal fans smile with new full-length Oochya!, their 12th LP.

This track is a feverish rocker with an immediate impact on your
body’s activity. Add Kelly Jones‘ characteristically fervid vocals and
energetic guitars and you have a solid gold Stereophonics winner.

Make your move here, folks…


4. Be Sarcastic‘ by SHYBITS (Berlin)

This fervent German trio fuzz and buzz with panache and determination. Jingle jangle electricity with that early B-52′s swagger. If this steaming stunner doesn’t make you jump out of your lazy couch you better fire your shrink and change your meds at once while we all go crazy to this head-spinning twister. Top!

Feel the heat here…


5. ‘Capture Love’ by MELTED WINGS (Toronto)

Melted Wings is the multigenre project of Toronto musician Michael Wynn (founding member of bands Trains of Winter and Vicky von Vicky.)

His new longplayer lands next year. Ahead of it comes first taster Capture Love which explores the melancholy of feeling down and the occasional small lights of brightness
that can help you get out of the funk of these depressing times.

Expect an electro head-in-the-clouds groove with an 80s New Romantics vibe.
Heartening, beatific, and hopeful…


6. ‘Tenement Time’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester UK)

The Former The Smiths guitar hero has another solo LP canned,
actually, a double one called Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 that lands
next year, in February.

New single Tenement Time is an excitatory tune, with
instantly appealing hooks and upbeat chorus.

Turn it up, Johnny…


7. ‘Big Wave’ by MODERN MOXIE (South Carolina, US)

Vivid guitar pop band centered around multi-instrumentalist
Madison Lucas who took up songwriting in college.

Two years ago entrancing debut album Claw Your Way Out saw the day
of light and now Modern Moxie have a 5-track EP, called Gutter Honey,
ready to unleash on 9 December.

First taster Big Wave sticks from the kick-off, jumps forth and back
and energizes all the way driven by Lucas‘ avid vocals. Touchdown!

Let’s roll…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Berlin Based Indie Turbo SHYBITS Returns With Clamorous Stroke ‘SKIN FLOATS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 March 2020

(pic by Skylar Kang)

Turn Up The Volume turned euphoric about this Berlin-based, psych/grunge/surf/garage turbo trio several times before. Why? Because SHYBITS know how to trigger your aural antenna and pump up your bloodstream with their buzzing firecrackers.

And they’re back now with new bang-up corker SKIN FLOATS. An adrenalin injected glam
rock wallop that impacts your body movements from the get-go. Glowing guitars, a non-stop ass-kicking drum/bass beat, and roaring harmony vocals make your inner stereo go berserk from start to finish. Another welcome reason to stay home and test your speakers’ resilience while letting tons of steam off in these troubled times.

Here’s the clip directed by Andreya Casablanca from legendary German indie band Gurr

Also on Spotify

SHYBITS: Facebook

Riveting International Trio SHYBITS Hits Again With New Lively Single ‘CRYING’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 October 2019

(pic by Skylar Kang)


Who: An international Brighton/Berlin based trio that produces “a fuzzy,
feel-good sound reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock”

Pick: CRYING – newest single is “about a moment of nostalgic romance,
mistaking a lover crying unnecessary tears.

Score: After their tantalizing summer stroke Colours this most energetic trio nails it again with new lively corker ‘Crying‘. Centered around a clobbering bass riff and a sort of metallic Gang of Four like guitar line this tear-jerking stomper develops a formidable swagger that explodes every time the peppy chorus kicks in. Effective firework! Capture the bustling sparks right here…

SHYBITS: Facebook – ‘Crying’ available on iTunes

Tantalizing Trio SHYBITS Causes Cheers With Catchy Clanging ‘COLOURS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

17 June 2019



Who: An international trio that produces “a fuzzy, feel-good sound
reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock”

Score:  To my catchy melody orientated ears this band lives somewhere in the hottest
part of California instead of their actual home base Berlin, where they fabricate sizzling tunes with clanging jingle jangle guitars, joyful vocals and a speedy flow that turns you giddy. They sound like a sort of 21st century shoegazing Beach Boys And One Girl trio making fun with bikes and roller skates instead of surf boards. See and hear why right here…

SHYBITS: Facebook

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For JUNE 2019…

This past month’s best…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A mesmerizing mix of crushing corkers and cool cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout June Team!

1. ‘Made With Hate’ by PROPHETS OF RAGE (US)
Super group, super blow-up, super rap chant, super score…

2. ‘Shoulderblades’ by GIRL BAND (Ireland)
The Irish noise engine is back with ear-splitting, bass booming pounding. Shocking stuff…

3. ‘Hollow Thing’ by LIFE (Hull, UK)
Lifelike energy and indefatigable self-belief turned into adrenalized electricity. Top smack!

4. ‘Shifting Shape’ by HAVVK (London/Berlin)
Fierce eruption tackling the inhuman pressure to look how society expects you to look like

5. ‘The Desert’ by WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Intoxicating swagger, sensuous vocals, cutting atmosphere, sticky chorus. Boss stroke!

6. ‘IIII’ by FÖLLAKZOID (Chile)
Darkwave psych force returns with an enigmatic and mind-boggling electro marathon…

7. ‘Red Mirror’
by MECHANIMAL (Athens, Greece)
Droning synths beats that will make your body move in mysterious ways. Magnetic trip…

8. ‘Orange County’ by WILD MERCURY (Montreal, Canada)
Boosting banger bouncing up & down, going slow & fast, hopping from left to right & back

9. ‘On Graveyard Hill’ by PIXIES (Boston, US)
Catchy cemetery noise rock. Yep, Pixies are back kicking ass…

10. ‘Colours’ by SHYBITS (Berlin)
A 21st century shoegazing Beach Boys And One Girl trio causing swirling waves…

11. ‘Letters’ by THE LVE (Belgium)
Delightful guitar pop humdinger about being yourself and staying that way…

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SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 13…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven solid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven top tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Metaphors & Maps’ by YOUNGEST OF ELDERS (San Francisco, Bay Area, US)
Here’s a vibrant crackerjack that hits you from the very start. Ardent, vivacious and catchy as bloody hell. Flamboyant guitars, powerful drums and impassioned vocals. Top score!
YOUNGEST OF ELDERS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

2/ ‘Can’t Tell You Anything’ by LAVA DOLLS (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
My fav track from this hefty grunge trio’s new EP. A highly clamorous killer cut with a knockout chorus. Terrific firework. Here’s the new EP ‘Little Secrets’ in full on Spotify.

LAVA DOLLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘That’s’ by IN HOODIES (Bursa, Turkey)
Murat Kılıkçıer aka In Hoodies generates dazzling electricity with this red-hot steamroller.
A robust blast from his new 4-track EP ‘Circling The Cage’. Check it here on Bandcamp.

IN HOODIES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Let Down’ by SHYBITS (UK/US)
A jingle jangle garage stroke that will impact your head’s movements with rattling guitars, solid drums and agitated vocals. From this duo’s new EP ‘Idiot Like You‘, here on iTunes.

SHYBITS: Facebook  / Label: Duchess Box Records

5/ ‘The Devil And Me’ by SLUTTY HEARTS (Portland, US)
This blustery mid-tempo blues rock hammer kicks gloriously. Ardent vocals, fervent
guitars and a sexy organ in the back. A thunderous bravado all the way. Hot stuff!

SLUTTY HEARTS: Facebook – More SH music on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Blue And Bleu’ by THE RAFT (Liverpool, UK)
The Raft is singer/songwriter Phil Wilson‘s musical project. The opener of his new EP
is a poppy rainbow, colored with sunlit Teenage Fanclub like harmonies. Delightfully orchestrated with a melancholic touch. Check new 4-track EP ‘Orion’ on Bandcamp

THE RAFT: Facebook

7/ ‘Butterflies’ by STONY SUGARSKULL (Berlin, Germany)
Monika Demmle aka Stony Sugarskull has that mysterious, vocal timbre of ex-Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval. Gloomy and downhearted, yet weirdly attractive and sensual.

STONY SUGARSKULL: Butterflies available on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

See/hear you next week, music junkies

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 5…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven striking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven towering tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Higher Than Love’ by GOLDBIRDS (Brighton, UK)
London’s rhapsody pop outfit is back with a tremendous stomper generating a nowadays Saturday Night Fever heat to go bonkers to all night long. Stunning comeback! Big score!…

GOLDBIRDS: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Modern Waves’ by BLURRED OUT (Oakland, US)
This feel-good humdinger will make you dance in front of your mirror while bouncy guitar sparks tickle your senses. Amplified pop with an exotic touch. Available on Bandcamp.

BLURRED OUT: Facebook – iTunes

3/ ‘Jaw’ by SHYBITS (UK/US)
This duo describes their sound as ‘wonky-oddball-surf-pop’. Weird and bloody stupendous it is! Like slack legends Pavement taking speed instead of valium and turning the decibels up! Paranoid screams and schizophrenic guitars. The way you damn like it!

SHYBITS: Facebook / Label: Dutch Box Records

4/ ‘Flytrap’ by TEENAGE BURRITOS (San Diego, US)
SHOUT! SCREAM! HOWL! These San Diego outcasts are the perfect punk unit to go bananas too! Hyperkinetic heckedness that will make you jump madly in all directions!

TEENAGE BURRITOS: Facebook / LABEL: Burger Records

5/ ’30 Minutes Or Less’ by CRUEL REFLECTIONS (San Fernando Valley, California, US)
Here’s an irresistible, poppy rainbow with a dark color in it. As if Joy Division‘s late legendary frontman Ian Curtis fronted The Cure in their early days. Catchy & gloomy track from their brand new, excellent 8-track album ‘One Year’ – experience it on Bandcamp.

CRUEL REFLECTIONS: Website – Facebook – Twitter / LABEL: Wiener Records

6/ ‘Speakeasy’ by THE VIOLET KIND (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Singer/songwriter Katya Mansell‘s band generates here some affecting, melodic mixed emotions guitar electricty alternated with reflective sequences. Intruiging beauty…

THE VIOLET KIND: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘I Stroked Her Like Leper’ by ASHLEY REAKS (London, UK)
This born wrong collage artist and experimental musician makes me think of The Residents meeting Frank Zappa for a jazzy chill-out session. The fascinating result feels like a mind-massage. From new, multifaceted LP The Earth Swan Sings Again – here on Bandcamp

ASHLEY REAKS: Website – Facebook – Bio

See/hear you next week, music junkies