Sneer And Shout Swipe – Punk ‘N’ Rollers SWINE TAX Back With ‘SCREENSAVER’

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8 June 2020

Turn Up The Volume follows punk ‘n’ rollers SWINE TAX from Newcastle since their 2018 uppermost EP Recycle Bin on. I can’t figure out why they didn’t obtain world domination by now, but I’m pretty sure new ace single ‘SCREENSAVER‘ should catapult them to the next level.

This fresh stormy fireball is about ‘gawping at screens all day, slowly going insane and totally reliant on technology to communicate‘ and grabs you firmly by the throat from the wham-bam intro, the hefty harbinger for a rap-like sneer and shout swipe. The speedy pace, the rattling guitars, and rapid-fire chorus cutting like a shiny Swiss knife raise your body-temperature and adrenaline production. It’s a clear-cut wake-up call to go back to the good old face-to-face chat. Capeesh? Turn up the decibels and lose your mind here…

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Also available via iTunes

Swirling Trio SWINE TAX Is In Pole Position – Here’s New Single ‘GRAND PRIX’…

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2 August 2019

SWINE TAX, the British indie rockers from Newcastle upon Tyne are back and nail it firmly again with new hefty single ‘GRAND PRIX‘. A rollicking cracker that steams from the get-go, slows down just a little bit in the middle to give the band time to reflect harmoniously on their future’s strategy and reload their engine’s batteries, so they can conquer pole position and restart their swinging punch. Glorious stroke! Join the sonic rally right here…

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SWINE TAX Scores Big Time With Glorious New Single ‘NEVER ENDING’…

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19 July 2018

Turn Up The Volume featured Newcastle upon Tyne‘s indie rockers SWINE TAX several
times before, so we’re in pole position to judge and announce that their new single
NEVER ENDING is, without a shadow of a doubt, their very best release (so far). It’s
about “a person, defiantly trying to hold back the tides of time and is determined to cling
onto a transitory pleasure, which in reality, will nevertheless fade from their memory and eventually disappear forever
” explains the band.

Sonically ‘Never Ending‘ is nothing less than an effervescent masterstroke. A multifaceted crackerjack that will activate your bloodstream’s flow every single second of its huge impact. This is intoxicating guitar pop at its very British best. High-spirited, perfervid,
totally electrical and injected with a monumental, hair-raising chorus with an anthemic resonance. Catch the imposing impressiveness right here…

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Available on iTunes and Bandcamp 


British Indie Gunslingers SWINE TAX Slam Hard With New Thwack ‘TORY WATER’…

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1 June 2018

Newcastle upon Tyne‘s rowdy indie trio SWINE TAX just shared new track TORY WATER, their rawest cut so far. “Part disjointed character study, part sardonic commentary on the local music industry, ‘Tory Water’ is unflinching in its account and unrelenting in its intensity.” says the band. Oh yes, this manic stroke hits like a hell-raising explosion driven by fierce frustration, heated anger, and biting discontent. I guess there are enough love songs out there. What we need – again – is more young, committed and opinionated bands, like this rowdy engine, coming out and question unjust issues with furious energy and razor-sharp knockouts. This scorching thwack does the job exquisitely. Open your windows and doors and share this electrical flare-up with your neighborhood. Hell yeah…

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TORY WATER available on Bandcamp

SWINE TAX – Discover Debut Single ‘CHRONIC’ – A Highly Cathartic Experience…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Vince Lisle, a young but also troubled musician based in Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
formed a four-piece band called SWINE TAX in the autumn of last year “with the desire to combine expressive, abrasive rock music with more complex textural and electronic elements.” The singer/songwriter told us about debut single CHRONIC that “it’s a very personal song which interrogates my own feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition. ” The track is a highly captivating experience building up from a quiet, dreamy intro to an intense, passionate and guitar injected eruption that will definitely touch your heart and soul. Discover the profound, sonic catharsis here…


SWINE TAX: Facebook – Twitter

‘EAT YOUR HEART OUT’ – Another Razzle-Dazzle Compilation By Indie Label DISOBEDIENT RECORDS

10 February 2021

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label. Their impressive roster is
filled with young wolves with buzzing indie swagger and rattling tunes. Turn Up The
already featured kick-ass disobedient bands like Permo, DeafDeafDeaf and
Swine Tax before.

You can hear them and 11 other, equally stem-winding clans
on the label’s new, third compilation EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

Trust me, this is a red-hot-blooded collection of razzle-dazzle thrills.
I know, I already purchased my copy. What about you?