11th Album Out 30 April – Enjoy New Track ‘THE SUN WON’T SHINE ON ME’ By TEENAGE FANCLUB

New sonic impulses…

16 March 2021

Scotland’s guitar pop crooners TEENAGE FANCLUB
have their new, 11th album ENDLESS ARCADE out
on 30th April.

After lead-single I’m More Inclined the Scots show
their love for 60s legends The Byrds once again.

THE SUN WON’T SHINE ON ME is a harmonious,
melancholic ballad with a jangly, weeping guitar
we heard so much on the works of that American
60s beat group.

Enjoy here…


TEENAGE FANCLUB – New Single But Album and Tour Dates Postponed

New sonic impulses…

26 January 2021

Scotland’s guitar pop darlings TEENAGE FANCLUB had their new, 11th album,
entitled Endless Arcade ready for a 5th March release. But that terrible pandemic
made the band decide to postpone the album’s launch to 30th April and their promo
tour dates to September 2021 and the spring of 2022.

The good news is that, to comfort their fans,
the group has dropped a new cut from the LP.

I’m More Inclined has – again – that
harmonious touch of 60s legends The Byrds.

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TEENAGE FANCLUB Released Seventh LP ‘HOWDY!’ 20 Years Ago Today

16 October 2020

Band: TEENAGE FANCLUB (Glasgow, Scotland)
Active: since 1989

Album: HOWDY! – their 7th LP
Released: 16 October 2000 – 20 years ago today

NME: “‘Howdy!’ demonstrates that Teenage Fanclub have attained such an
imperious mastery of their one musical trick – Beach Boys, Big Star, Beatles,
Bacharach, Byrds, Badfinger and Band imitated, assimilated and expanded,
that you can’t even be bothered to get annoyed with them anymore.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Singles: I Need Direction / Dumb Dumb Dumb



Full album…


‘GRAND PRIX’ – Fifth LP By TEENAGE FANCLUB Released 25 Years Ago

29 May 2020


Artist: TEENAGE FANCLUB (Scotland)
Album: GRAND PRIX – their fifth LP
Date of release: 29 May 1995 – 25 years ago today
About the cover: The now-defunct ‘Formula One’ racing team
‘Simtek‘ provided the car that appears on the front cover!
‘The Independent’ wrote: “Breathtakingly superb album with finely
honed dynamics, nagging harmonies, and deceptively simple lyrics”

Highlights: Mellow Doubt / About You / Sparky’s Dream / Don’t Look Back /
Verisimilitude / Neil Jung / Say No / I’ll Make it Clear
Top single

The winner in full…

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Brand new sonic impulses

(artwork new single)

Scottish pop veterans TEENAGE FANCLUB just shared a brand new track since their 2016 album Here and one year after bassist, vocalist, and founding member Gerard Love left the band. The title of the new song EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART doesn’t sound optimistic but sonically it has that vintage Fanclub swagger and catchy melodiousness. Tune in here…

TEENAGE FANCLUB: Facebook – American Tour Dates

‘Songs From Northern Britain’ By TEENAGE FANCLUB…

Remarkable albums from the past

‘Songs From Northern Britain’

Released: 29 July 1997
Sixth longplayer

ALL MUSIC wrote: “No longer the brash, slightly grungy flavor of the month they were
in 1992, Songs From Northern Britain finds Teenage Fanclub’s trio of singer/songwriters
– Gerard Love, Raymond McGinley, and Norman Blake – addressing adulthood and responsibility with a bright optimism that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries. From the cheeky yet heartfelt title to the gorgeous cover photographs taken by the band with photographer David Milne in the Scottish Highlands, Songs From Northern Britain is ostensibly
a concept album about home and love. The album may be too gentle and subtle for those listeners not willing to give it more than one spin, it is a resolutely beautiful album that will
most likely stand as Teenage Fanclub’s masterpiece.
” Score: 9/10 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: ‘Mesmerizing LP by the Scottish Byrds and Eagles’…

TOP TRACK: I Don’t Care

Album in full

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