Coming Soon – ‘PAST IMPERFECT: The Best TINDERSTICKS ’92 – ’21

18 January 2022

Who: Gloomy nightdreamers from
Nottingham (UK), led by crooner Stuart A. Staples (56)
Active: 1992-present / 13 studio albums with last year’s
Distractions as the most recent one / they also scored
several soundtracks for movies.

New album: ‘PAST IMPERFECT: The Best TINDERSTICKS ’92 – ’21
Out: 25 March 2022 through City Slang

Content: A limited-edition boxset containing…
Past Imperfect, the best of Tindersticks ‘92 – ’21 (coloured 2LP)
Live At Glasgow City Halls 5th October 2008 (coloured 2LP)
Exclusive 7”: A: “Both Sides Of The Blade” B: “For Those …”

Staples in a press statement: “30 years! This collection has been difficult to compile, but here it is. I have always felt we move forward in small steps (the occasional leap), at times we have been happy to slow right down and examine what is in front of us so thoroughly that we could appear static from the outside. But on the inside of this world, like looking down a microscope, it is brimming with life. We now get a chance, or are forced, to look over our shoulder to see how far we have traveled.”

Here’s a taster titled Both Sides Of The Blade featured
on last year’s French Claire Denis movie called Feu

TINDERSTICKS: Facebook – All Albums


22 January 2021

Band: TINDERSTICKS (Nottingham, K)
Active: Since 1992

Out: 11 February
Info: Tindersticks sounds fresh again. ‘Distractions’ is an album of subtle realignments
and connections from a restless, intuitive band. Rich in texture and atmosphere, it lives between its open spaces and details, always finding new ways to connect with a song.
The LP isn’t untouched by the lockdown, but it’s not a lockdown record.

Stuart A. Staples (frontman): “I think the confinement provided an opportunity
for something that was already happening. It is definitely a part of the album, but
not a reaction to it.”

Trippy & spacey, brill bass, pretty surprising!!

Funky score! You can dance to Tindersticks now!!


TINDERSTICKS Keep On Exploring The Human Psyche With ‘DISTRACTIONS’

24 February 2021

Who: Successful outsiders from
Nottingham, UK active since 1992

Album: DISTRACTIONS -the bands 12th LP
Released: 19th February 2021

Uncut Magazine wrote: “In many ways, ‘Distractions’ is an enigma.
In years to come, we may look back on this record as transitional, or a
product of its times. But to hear a band of this vintage still listening, and
responding, to their instincts is a joy in itself.”
Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: These moody troubadours, led by midnight crooner
Stuart A. Staples, keep on exploring the human psyche with melancholic musings
with a slightly different sound as we are used to. Opening track Man Alone (Can’t
Stop The Fadin’)
is a masterly 11-minute trip.

Full album…


Full UNCUT review (click on it to read)

Relax With Brand New Album ‘STILL LIFE’ By Manchester Balladeers THE SLOW SHOW

Reveries for the laziest day of the week


6 February 2022

The Manchester balladeers THE SLOW SHOW led by Rob Goodwin‘s
shady croorer voice released their 4th album SLOW LIFE two days ago.

You can file this moody pearl between albums of those other chamber
pop experts The National and Tindersticks. Perfect for this lazy Sunday.

Relax and start dreaming…


Los Angeles Rockers THE DREAM SYNDICATE Glow On Bluesy Ballad ‘DAMIAN’

New striking strokes

3 May 2022

New album

After 30 years of inactivity L.A. rockers, THE DREAM SYNDICATE returned with a new album in 2017, followed by another one in 2020 (you can stream them both on Spotify)
and a new, third longplayer named Ultraviolet Battle Hymns And True Confessions lands on June 10th. Order info here

New single

The band just shared a new cut titled Damian from the forthcoming LP.
It’s the second single off the full length titled DAMIAN. following lead
single Where I’ll Stand.

Steve Wynn (frontman) says: “I wanted to write and record something that
would have sounded good coming out of the Radio Shack speakers in my Gremlin.
The sense of mystery and time was enhanced by Marcus Tenney’s era-perfect sax
and trumpet work and then sweetened by a backing vocal arrangement Stephen
McCarthy brought to the session.”

Damian is a bluesy ballad with a Tindersticks feel, to my ears. Soulful, shady and
pensive with melancholic guitars, crooner vocals, and atmospheric trumpets here
and there.

Dreamy and glowing splendor…

Tour 2022

DREAM SYNDICATE: Facebook – Website

Electro Pop-Noir Artist TEROUZ Grooves With His Teasing ‘TIGER GIRL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 February 2023

Artist: TEROUZ
Who: Hypno pop-noir artist
from Montreal, Canada

New single: TIGER GIRL

Terouz: “Tiger Girl is a testament to resilient women and the empowering effects they have on not just other women, but people altogether. The story is as much about growth through a deeper connection with someone as it is about the hardness of growing apart and finally letting go. It’s also about a deeper understanding of closeness. An introspective look at what it is to really know somebody, from the smell of their skin to the way their brain works. It wouldn’t have been as complete or as authentic as it is right now without my ex’s permission to sample her real personal vocal messages that we exchanged at the time. She has also been a major influence in the creation of this character.”

TUTV: Canadian pop noir artist Terouz isn’t a productive artist as such since the release of his debut single Outstanding in 2019, but the 4 pieces he shared so far (including this new one) are top compositions. As I said before his voice, tone, and timbre balance between Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples‘ midnight hour voice and The National‘s maestro Matt Berninger’s melancholic candlelight musing.

Tiger Girl‘s love-drunk groove featuring the sensuous vocals of his ex-partner brought the sexy Je T’Aime Mois Non Plus sultriness to my mind but wrapped here in a funky swagger and dance-seducing pulsation.

“She loves to tease
She’ll fight you while
she’s being killed.”

She’s a femme fatale.

Also trippin’ on Spotify.

TEROUZ: Facebook

Danish Songwriter DENNI IAN Brings Great Crooners To Mind With His Gripping Single ‘TWO FIGURES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 April 2022


Who: Danish multidisciplinary artist Denni Ian explores
the murky waters of uncertainty. His confessions come
together in an artful composition of considered expressionism
and traditional songwriting.

New single: TWO FIGURES

(Cover art single)

IAN: “I wrote the lyrics for “Two Figures” in the summer 2020 while being hospitalised at
a local psych ward. Close to an all-time low, I had lost my mind, felt existentially exhausted, and alone. The day I was released, I started working on the expressionistic animations you see in the “Two Figures” music video. A year later, I headed into the studio to record the song, which was a much-needed relief. If it isn’t obvious what it’s about, listen to it again.”

Turn Up The Volume: Two Figures is a gloomy pearl of a song that shadowplays
in Ian‘s troubled mind. It’s a somber ballad that affects, touches and moves. The color is pitch black, the sound is both dreary and mesmerizing. And when that wondrous female voice enters, the gripping theme song of blockbuster movie The Gladiator started playing on my inner stereo. Don’t ask me why, it just happened.

Ian‘s shady vox has that twilight timbre of illustrious crooners such as Nick Cave
and The National‘s frontman Matt Berginer, but resembles the intimate voice of
Tindersticks frontman Stuart A. Staples even more. Great company. That says it all.

Dim the lights and listen/watch…

DENNI IAN: Instagram – Spotify

Poignant Heart And Soul Intimacy With Midnight Hour Crooner OLI SPLEEN

Best longplayer of April 2022

30 April 2022

Who: Singer-songwriter
from Brighton, UK

New album: STILL LIFE

Oli Spleen: Ten years ago when I was in Paris finalising my debut solo album
“Fag Machine”, I would not have believed that ten years on I’d be five albums in.”

Cover artwork: The cover art is a painting by Sara Abbott of a baby albatross,
dead from plastic consumption. Based on a photograph by Clare Fackler (NOAA
Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
). In seafaring folklore, it is thought that he
who kills the albatross will be cursed. This image reflects how we as a species are
dooming ourselves and future generations in our relationship to the environment.

Turn Up the Volume: Oftenly, hard times can be an artistic inspiration for
musicians (for all sorts of artists, actually). It can work or not for the psyche
of the listener. Here it works magnificently.

Spleen constructed 10 sonic paintings about his struggle for life, about
soul-destroying and physical pain, and doubts about the present and
the future.

10 heartfelt, tender, and very intimate ballads, at times distressing, at times mournful,
but in the end, there’s hope, redemption, and lust for life. Spleen‘s voice is both doleful
and warm, just like star crooners such as Nick Cave, Father John Misty, The National‘s maestro Matt Berninger and most of all the midnight hour voice of Tindersticks maestro Stuart Staples sound.

Ten pearls about suffering and surviving.
A poignant and riveting work. Don’t miss it.

Stream/buy Still Life here…

OLI SPLEEN: Facebook – All Albums on Bandcamp

SOULFUL SUNDAY – 10 Musings For The Laziest Day Of The Week

9 October 2022

The 7th day is one to be lazy, to relax, to walk in slow-mo
from your bed to your couch, to have a glass of wine and
to listen to musings/reveries/ballads that massage your
ears and mind gently.

Turn Up The Volume picked 10 new musings
to create the fitting atmosphere for a blissful trance.

Start dreaming

1. ‘Glide’ by PAUL WELLER

Lovely ballad of his 2018 album True Meanings

2. ‘Isn’t That What Jimi Said? by CAESAR SPENCER

New track by Paris-based singer/songwriter. An ode to
the late giant guitar hero Jimi Henrdix. His debut album
Get Out Into Yourself comes out on 4 November.

3. ‘The Strangle Of Anna’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield UK)

Featuring Fat White Family’s vocalist Lias Saoudi and Rebecca Lucy Taylor (Self Esteem).
Murder ballad from 2017 debut longplayer Interplanetary Class Classics.

(pic by Turn Up The Volume! Amsterdam, 2017)

4. ‘I Never Gonna Change’ by SHARON VAN ETTEN

A deluxe edition of this year’s album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong
lands on 11 November. It’ll feature 2 new tracks including this jewel.

5. ‘Spoon’ by WAKE

Blues singer/songwriter from Hull, UK
with his moony and moody debut single.

6. ‘Stars At Noon’ by TINDERSTICKS

New single by Nottingham barflies led by
natural-born crooner Stuart A. Staples.

7. ‘Dive In’ by LEAH WELLER

The wonderful daughter of Paul Weller.

Dive In is a sweet little pearl from her
upcoming debut album Freedom.

8. You Want It Darker by IGGY POP

A bone-chilling cover of the title track of Leonard Cohen’s final album.
It’ll feature on a new Cohen tribute full-length, out next month.


The moniker of songstress/multi-instrumentalist Brittany Tsewole from Boston, MA.
This new piece is a meditative and dance-y track that’s lyrically centered around overcoming addiction and becoming mentally and physically healthy.

10. ‘Light In Your Soul’ by STARRY SKIES

Scottish folk rock band

The song is a gripping tribute to Prime Minister Of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern
who embraces all humans. It’s part of the band’s 4th album Small Wonders.