Harmonious UMA CHINE Orchestra Shines On Brand New Single – Here’s ‘LONELY GIANT’…

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29 October 2018

(pic by Shervin Sheikh Rezaei)


Who: Belgian band of experienced musicians/voices formed around singer/songwriter Nele De Gussem, producing roots and electronica related vibes colored with marvelous vocals.

Pick: LONELY GIANT – new single from upcoming debut album, out early 2019

Score: After launching lustrous debut single Screens last June UMA CHINE (hUMAn MaCHINE) releases a second track from their upcoming LP this week. LONELY GIANT
is a remarkable stroke of adventurous pop exquisiteness. The ingenious way the playful and cinematic electronics, the propelling drums/bass, frontwoman Nele‘s spirited vox,
the resplendent harmonies and the whole refined orchestration come together and
turn a charming song into a fascinating pop symphony with multiple layers of sonic processing is pretty special. You’ll discover new things with every spin. Capture the
rich right vibe here while enjoying the accompanying artful video clip…

UMA CHINE: Facebook / Label: Starman Records

Human Harmony Machine… (photo: Turn Up The Volume! Ghent 2018)

Belgian Daydreamers UMA CHINE Glisten On Wondrous Debut Single ‘SCREENS’…

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5 June 2018

(photo: Shervin Sheikh Rezaei)

UMA CHINE (hUMAn MaCHINE) is a Belgian band formed around guitarist/keyboardist Nele De Gussem who was/is being part of several other outfits and varied projects. She’s surrounded by a team of experienced and eclectic musicians. Together they just released their debut single, titled SCREENS. A pure pop pearl that triggers your fantasy instantly. A wonderous rainbow colored with heavenly harmonies wrapped in electronic atmospherics touching your senses. A truly lustrous debut that will put a blissful smile on your face. Find out why right here. Music, maestro, please. Time to dance and sing

UMA CHINE: Facebook / Label: Starman Records

Psychedelic Groove Machine JUJU Drops Trippy Single ‘I’M IN A TRANCE’ Feat. GOAT…

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2 May 2019

After his sensitive alter ego Herself released the beautifully intimate album Playground Rigel last year, Italy’s multi-instrumentalist Gioele Valenti returns with his psychedelic groove project JUJU. Third longplayer MAPS AND TERRITORY will be released at the end of next month via Fuzz Club Records.

Ahead of it comes new track I’M IN TRANCE featuring Swedish rhythm wizard Goat. An infectious, repetitive electro-driven groove with a pulsating cadence going on like forever while blurry vocals hovering all over the tribal African beats. Midway a 60s Hendrix like guitar sequence gives the throbbing and trippy flow an electrical shot before this multi-layered eurythmics gets back to its transcendent vibrations tripping in your head by now. Capture the mind-pleasing and otherworldly ride right here…

JUJU: Facebook

New album MAPS AND TERRITORY out 31st May – all info and pre-order facilties here

(pic on top: Turn Up The Volume!)

Legendary German Visionaries KRAFTWERK Released 7th LP ‘THE MAN-MACHINE’ Forty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

17 May 2018



Released: 19 May 1978 – 40 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote back then: “As with Trans-Europe Express, the new record has a built in ambiguity that pretty much accounts for the group’s charm. Though Kraftwerk would seem to worship machines — totally unlike Brian Eno, who, on his brilliant Before and after Science, explores their possibilities — the band might actually be committed humanists, documenting how emotionless the future will be if we continue to cheer such “innovations” as the Chemical Bank Cash Machine. Maybe. Whatever its stance, Kraftwerk still parodies us dumb mortals.”
Score: 5/5 – Full review here.

Dance with the robots here in full…

KRAFTWERK: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Men and machine

Anniversary Albums – Living Legend TOM WAITS Released His Memorable Longplayer ‘BONE MACHINE’ Twenty-Five Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…



Released: 8 September 1992 – 25 years ago

Cover image: it consists of a blurred , close-up image of Waits in a leather skullcap with horns and protective goggles, was taken by Jesse Dylan, the son of legend Bob Dylan.

Note: the album won ‘Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album‘ that year…

Rolling Stone wrote: “For more than twenty years, Tom Waits has chronicled the small wins and grotesque losses of the seedy underworld. Bone Machine, his first full-length studio album since Frank’s Wild Years (1987), continues observing a world of deathly mysteries, half-baked gospel truths and secular ambitions. His drunken bluster to the fore, Waits tramples melodies with an ear for twisting clichés. The music matches Waits’s hollers with plenty of upright bass, late-night piano and over-the-top percussion. Albums this rich with spiritual longing prove the validity of that effort, no matter the odds…”

My bone impression: Tom Waits is one of the last originals – incomparable,  special, genial, genuine and he always did/does it his way…

Three Top Tracks: Who Are You This Time / Going Out West / I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…

* WHO ARE YOU THIS TIME (lyric video) – vintage Waits ballad, human tristesse…

* GOING OUT WEST – punky creepiness at its very best…

* I DON’T WANNA GROW UP – irresistible cracker, insane video clip…

Full album…

TOM WAITS: Biography – Website – Facebook – Discography

photo: Anton Corbijn…

Please Welcome From A Doomed Galaxy Of His Own The One Man Madness Band …’DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER’

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19 June 2019


From Leicester, UK here’s one man madness band called DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER “whose music is a visceral and dark monologue soundtracked with slowly building guitar feedback and drum machine. He’s a black metal fan but musically his sound is more post-punk or a touch of doom-rock (in a lo-fi way), perhaps for fans of Sleaford Mods or post-punk poet John Cooper Clark for his angry and honest stream of consciousness… and his music is used as a laxative for Capybara’s that have constipation.”

I suppose we know after this quite crystal clear press description that either this artist is a psychic patient who spends most of his time in a strait jacket or he’s taking us for a wacko ride, or both. Let’s find out on his newest track ‘IN BED WITH HUMANITY‘ right here…


Brighton’s Zealous Trio GRYMM With Pitch Black Discharge… BR-EA-THE

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26 November 2018


Who: “An energetic indie-grunge hybrid with all the catchiness of pop, outfit from Brighton. The band creates a cacophony of sound, yet they still intrinsically maintain a strict grip on melody and vocal hooks.”


Score: Here’s a pitch-black slow burning discharge translating the evil of our media dominated society where it becomes really hard to breathe like a normal, free-thinking human being, into a claustrophobic groove with a petrifying chorus. Its tone is ominous,
its drone is doomy. We definitely need some pure oxygen again. Here’s why…

GRYMM: Facebook –  Twitter

Why Outspoken Blitzkrieg Punk Gang IDLES Is The Best Fucking Band Right Now On Our Troubled Planet…

IDLES – De Zwerver, Leffinge, Belgium – 2 November 2018

Soon, at the end of the year, Bristol‘s steamrollin’ punks IDLES will be in countless 2018
lists in two categories: best album and best live act. Second longplayer JOY AS AN ACT
catapulted the band into the highest regions of alternative music. It’s an awesome red-hot-blooded record capable of bringing your speakers down, but also, and actually most of all, this socially committed combo looks, acts and plays like HUMANS – very exciting ones, that is – they write about ALL HUMANS and they do it for us, HUMANS. Read the gripping interview NME had a couple of months ago with blazing frontman Joe Talbot right here and you’ll learn that this dynamite squad has a very BIG HONEST HEART!

And then there are their smashing live shows. On a podium, this down-to-earth quintet becomes a blitzkrieg machine blowing your minds unstoppably with emotional force and relentless panache. Yesterday was my fourth live encounter. Another oh-yeah-fucking-hell experience. Explosive every-nerve-in-his-body-is-alive-and-kicking frontman Joe Talbot leads the hair-raising troops but all of his remarkable teammates assist him brilliantly to make the crowd go totally gaga. Everybody’s screaming, yelling, jumping, cheering, clapping and sweating with the greater part of the crazed crowd involved in the boiling mosh-pit in the middle of the fired-up venue and at one point many of us, including myself, hit the stage
to hop around madly like a bunch of wild kids. Yes, folks, this is what ENTERTAINMENT is all about. Having the time of your life on a night out and returning home, voiceless, with a large smile on your face. Great bands make people feel BLOODY HAPPY! This hot clan is not only great, right now, right here IDLES id the best fucking band on this troubled planet…

If you never heard of them , check this cooking BBC TV performance and
you’ll realize why I’m in a euphoric state during and after an Idles gig…

Some shots from yesterday’s steamy party

L-o-u-d and intens joy as an act of resistance

Blitzkrieg electricity

By the people for the people

Creating a deafening Black Sabbath like finale…

See you next time



IDLES: Website – Facebook

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Penthouse And Pavement’ Debut LP by HEAVEN 17…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘Penthouse And Pavement’ by HEAVEN 17
Debut LP released September 1981

ALL MUSIC wrote: “When synthesists Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware left the Human
League in 1980, the decision seemed iffy; after all, the League appeared on the way up and would achieve global fame the very next year with Dare!. The first album from Heaven 17, Marsh and Ware’s new trio with singer Glenn Gregory, wasn’t greeted with quite the same commercial kudos when released in 1981, but it turned out to be an important outing nevertheless. Picking up where Kraftwerk had left off with The Man Machine, the group
created glistening electro-pop that didn’t skimp on danceable grooves or memorable
– Score: 4/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Stylish electronics, sticky dance tunes,
and infectious grooves.

TOP TRACK: the inevitable one, because of its infectious geniality…

Album in full…

HEAVEN 17: Website – Facebook – Tour Dates

Still spreading sonic prayers

Erste Langspielplatte von Musikgruppe ELEFANT Is Out! Here’s A Track By Track Guide To ‘KONARK UND BONARK’…

Everything you always wanted to know about ELEFANT’s album but were afraid to ask

22 May 2018

Finally, the very-long-awaited lange debut Spielplatte ‘KONARK UND BONARK’ von
das verrückteste Belgische Lebenslied Orchester ELEFANT found its way to our troubled planet! These four misfits, dressed in a modern designed version of Stanley Kubrick‘s
outfit for his Clockwork Orange‘s gang of droogs have some serious shit out now. Just imagine Pink Floyd‘s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon‘ escapade produced by Ennio Morricone
while having a nightmarish LSD trip. Trust me, this is not Scheißmusik! This is the
optimum Armageddon soundtrack. Eine geistig gestörte Aha-Erlebnis! A sort of close encounters of the third kind, whatever that might be. Exactly! Only the band knows
what really fucked up their sick minds when creating this balls-shaking mumbo
jumbo. Only they know the secret to the song’s codes. Only they can clarify what
this mind-cracking ‘Konark und Bonark‘ bollocks is all about…

Ladies, gents and all wicked science-fiction fans, it’s Turn Up the Volume‘s pleasure to welcome, right here the Fürher dieser kranke Musikgruppe who will reveal all enigmas
of ELEFANT’s first baffling record, one by one. Spit it out, Wolfman

The music

The stories, track by track

1/ Haven’t Heard Of Yet
“Some time ago I had nodes on my vocal chords. I had surgery and the following night I had to keep silent. That and a bottle gin was a bizarre experience, I wrote some five pages of drunken rant about having to shut up, which was love I haven’t heard of yet. I edited the lyrics and turned it into an a-capella song. In the studio we just jammed on it to what it is now.”

2/ Oh My Dog (Oh Mein Hund)
“When I heard that someone close to us was diagnosed with cancer,
it freaked me out and this popped out. Satie meets Black Sabbath.”

Ozzy, Elefant’s invisible fifth member

3/ Schräg
“I wrote this fairly quickly watching TV. I started with a quote from Wolfgang
‘s “Der viele viele Schnee“, because I am such a well-read prick. It deals
with the sexy subject Death, that ugly thief that I meet more and more.”

Writer Wolfgang Borchert: an inspiration…

4/ Landman
“This is the last one wrote I for the album. It ended up as an ode to our maecenas and sound engineer Dr. P. Landman. Some lyrics are easy to explain and some you just don’t know what they’re about. Landman is one I can’t figure out what it means. Schizophrenia dealing with your genetic past/psycho-shit/keep coming back smaller and smaller//////….”

5/ Credulity
“This is the hippie song, at least lyrically. It’s the new ‘We are the world‘.
Deliciously naive I wish I was myself.”

We were the world, we sounded like shit…

6/ Wie Scharf Ist Dein Messer?
“This song is the result of the alienating vibe and the eery repetitive sounds echoing
in Pre-Op Room. Racing thoughts, sweaty paws as you’re left in the hands of science,
its machinery and disciples. We live in an era where Man and Machine become more
and more intertwined, be it smartphones, bionic implants, robots, or A.I.”

7/ Groan Sweet Groan
“I like this song a lot, because its arrangements just happened. we jammed on it in the studio and this is take 1 shortened to what it is now. Lyrically it’s about the goons in power fucking it up for the rest of us minions.”

8/ Der Publizist
“For this one I tried to use the most dissonant sounds. combined with – according to our keyboardist StijnDas Ich-like vocals and lots of humour. This one has the Sherman filterbank all over it.”

9/ Lord Sleep
“What’s that face? Who are you? Where is this room I’m in? Who that face? Who that space, well I recall, I do recall, don’t I?” My grandmother lived her last years becoming more and more demented until she was totally gone. A painful thing to witness.”

Lord Sleep… in motion

10/ A 1000 Smells
“This one is for humanity: you’ve wandered far off…”

11/ 1929
“This is one of the oldest Elefant instrumentals and still a favourite.
It’s a beautiful, moody, almost happy and freaky piece.”

11/ Norsun Muisti
“Another hip dementia inspired song. I am trying to remember
all the things I was trying to forget. Now are you?”

Thank you Wolfman for being our guide!
Thank you ELEFANT for freaking us out…

ELEFANT: Facebook – Bandcamp

(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)