Picture Disc – LIAM GALLAGHER Xmas Gift

26 November 2020

A special LIAM GALLAGHER Xmas gift.

What is it? A 7″ Collectors Edition called Why Me? Why Not
containing 14 white 7-inch vinyl records, spanning the complete
deluxe edition track-list of Why Me? Why Not, with 1-track per 7-inch.
Each B-side is screen printed with a different color Liam artwork.

Price: 140 pounds. Not cheap, but worth the investment
for Liam fan-antics. You can order it here.

Sturm Und Drang Punks BOOJI BOYS Drop New Slash & Trash Slam ‘SEX GENIUS’

26 November 2020

After the chaotic havoc of 2019 LP Tube Reducer Canadian outcasts
BOOIJ BOYS – named after a Devo character – returned to their smelly
punk basement to record a new nasty slam, titled SEX GENIUS.

It’s on a new compilation called Seaside Sickness,
a 7″ EP that features different punk bands from
the East Coast of Canada.

Sex Genius is a speedy slice of trash and slash punk. Thunder and lighting tumult
to scare your neighbors with. I have no bloody idea whatsoever of the identity of
the Sex Genius, let alone that I have any idea of what they actually yell about, but
it’s the perfect sturm und drang sledgehammer to crush that evil corona virus.

Here we go…

Label: Drunken Sailor Records


26 November 2020

British showy musician-composer-animator-and-video director Beth Jeans Houghton
aka DU BLONDE announced a new album called Homecoming, out sometime in 2021.

Her first since 2018 LP Lung Bread For Daddy.

Her longtime fan Shirley Manson, the Garbage amazone,
joins Hougthon for the lead-single MEDICATED.

“When she brought out [2015 album] ‘Welcome Back To Milk’, I thought it was an
amazing record. Her creativity and artistry blow me away. She’s really good at
” said Manson in a euphoric in a press statement.

Hear the seductive and electrifying duet here…

Also on Spotify

DUBLONDE: Facebook


25 November 2020

British music magazine MOJO brings you
a Deluxe Bowie Magazine Anthology!

What is it?

“Featuring 260 pages of fascinating features and interviews, illustrated with dozens of iconic and rare images, BOWIE CHANGES 1947-2016 brings together MOJO’s much-prized CHANGES 1947-1975 and CHANGES 1976-2016 bookazines into one sumptuous, single-volume Deluxe Anthology Edition. Within its heavy card covers, Bowie’s story is unfolded with the unrivalled knowledge and passion of MOJO’s finest writers, while readers are also guided through the singer’s key albums and greatest songs.”

You can buy it and let it send to your home. Info here.

Happy Birthday To Two Giant Voices ALISON MOSSHART and MARK LANEGAN – Why Not A Duet, Guys?

25 November 2020

The wonderful, Florida-born Alison Nicole Mosshart of THE KILLS, one of my favorite rock bands ever turned 42 yesterday. She was also the captivating blues voice of Jack White’s The Dead Weather and part of countless one-time collaborations. Utterly cool
vox and persona and a dazzling performer on stage, as I experienced myself several times.

Here are two big ones to celebrate…



THE KILLS: Facebook

And the darkest crooner around Mark William Lanegan was born 56 years ago today
in Ellensburg, Washington. He started his remarkable career in 1985 with grunge band Screaming Trees (1985-2000), was a notable voice on a couple of LPs of stone cowboys Queens Of The Stone Age, made an impressive series of solo albums and was/still is a guest vocalist who worked with tons of artists.

Two big ones to celebrate…

(With Screaming Trees)

(From 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking)

As they are probably the most wanted guest vocalists on this
planet, why not doing a duet together? Hello Alison? Hello Mark?

(both photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

Scottish Indie Tandem ARAB STRAP Scores Again With New Single ‘COMPERSION PT. 1’ From Upcoming LP

25 November 2020

Last September Scottish indie duo ARAB STRAP returned after 15 years with
a new top-notch piece of music called The Turning Of Our Bones (listen below).

Now they announced a new album titled As Days Get Dark, their first full length
since their 2005 The Last Romance LP and planned to hit the internet March next
year. “It’s about hopelessness and darkness. But in a fun way” says Aidan Moffat

Along with the good news the tandem dropped a new song called COMPERSION PT. 1.

A track that “depicts a quest to find the ever-elusive unicorn; to bond fluidly, and safely,
with the like-minded and adventurous, in the comforting arms of an anonymous hotel,
and the stark realization that you never really wanted it.

A near-spoken story over an ongoing addictive riff. Magnetic cut.

Listen here…

Lead-single The Turning Of Our Bones

ARAB STRAP: Facebook

20th Century Metalboy AL JOURGENSEN Covers T.REX

25 November 2020

AL JOURGENSEN, the disturbed spearhead of Chicago’s veteran metal act
MINISTRY teamed up in 2018 with LA-based Goth rock supergroup BEAUTY
for a titanic and back-breaking cover of 1973 glam hit 20TH CENTURY
by T. REX.

Their take is over the metallic moon. Steamed-up, hot-tempered, and filthy
with Jourgensen‘s horror-ific vox adding a Satanique craziness and heated
harmonica fragments reinforcing the stampede force of this blowout.


I actually picked this ripper as cover of the week in the light of the recent event of MARC
, rightly so, becoming a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His son ROLAN did the acceptance speech in name of his late father…

Rolan himself covered T. Rex‘s 20th Century slam, last year, together with
The Mission‘s frontman Wayne Hussey and also a Beauty In Chaos mix…


(photo on top: cover ‘Relapse’ album)

Mad 2020 Paranoia – Canadian Misfit TODOR O With Mental Single ‘FIX’

25 November 2020

TODOR O is an experimental electronic artist from Ontario, Canada. He describes his sound as adventurous, lyrical, detailed, intense and progressive. He mashes up different styles in his current works, including Black Metal, Folk, Electronic and Experimental.

His new single Fix from his multidimensional 6-track EP titled
No Forgiveness will confuse your mind and your ears.

This is probably the maddest piece of music I heard all year. Scary heavy-breathing, intimidating percussion, creepy ‘I need it‘ screams, overall hair-raising noise and exorcistic pain petrify you. After the first spin I had no clue what happened, I just thought that this claustrophobic outburst was recorded with the author crammed in a straitjacket. To be honest, a couple of spins later and I still have no clue.

Mad 2020 paranoia! Mental stuff!

Get scared here…

TODOR O: Facebook

High-Powered Violin Rock – Discover KNIGHTRESSM1 And Debut Album ‘DREAMS AND DEVASTATION’


25 November 2020

Band: KNIGHTRESSM1 (Oakland, California)

Who: The brainchild of violinist, vocalist, pianist, composer Emily Palen. She fuses dark metal, harmonic layering, intimately raw lyrics and a searing violin lead, redefining metal as a genre inclusive of beauty. KnightressM1 strives to be a powerful voice for those oppressed either by country or lover and based on the thematic concept of a female galactic warrior, who comes to Earth to bring justice, hunt corruption and restore truth.

Released: 25 September 2020

Info: This debut 12-song ambitious concept album explores both the emotional depths of personal transformation and the journey of cosmic awakening. Co-produced by Palen and esteemed producer John “Lou” Lousteau (Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett), it was recorded at Foo Fighters’ acclaimed Studio 606 near LA.

This record is dedicated to humanity flipping the script on centuries of unnecessary suffering and building a world which takes care of the many instead of the few.

Key references: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Florence + The Machine, Evanescence

Key words: Multifaceted metallic passion / Mind-boggling violin play / Pulverizing guitar solos / Monumental melodiousness / Gothic feminism / Towering vocals / Midnight wanderings / Mixed emotions eruptions / High-powered rock / Fired-up debut

Singles/clips: Butterfly / Lock & Key / Polarity Integrate


– LOCK & KEY –


Stream/buy full LP here…


(photos via Shameless Promotion PR)