This Day And Age Rage – ‘SKALLYWAG’ By Junk Punks THE HELL BEINGS

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 October 2020

Junk punks THE HELL BEINGS, probably the loudest band of the classic
Mods vs Teddy Boys clash city Brighton are back with a new hammer blow
titled SKALLYWAG..

A brutal beast, a clamorous in-your-face punch. No meditations about the birds
and the bees for this DIY trio. Only rage about this day and age. And like all genuine
punk bands do, they limit their loudmouthed swipes to the length of an average
Ramones blitzkrieg bop. Why doing a Pink Floyd marathon if you can be loud and
clear in 135 sweaty seconds? Hell yeah!

Skallywag skallywag
Virulent skallywag
This day and age
Youtube the rage
Maybe you seen just big enough
Size of bus
Fool and his love

Download for free right here…


Rest In Peace SPENCER DAVIS – Sixties Pop Star Passed Away At 81

(Spencer Davis – second from right)

SPENCER DAVIS – born Spencer David Nelson Davies on 17 July 1939 in Wales – was the songwriter, co-singer, and multi-instrumentalist of his band THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP. Wunderkind and tremendous voice Steve Winwood joined the group at the age of 16.

Davis passed away yesterday at the age of 81, due to pneumonia complications.
Here are 3 of the band’s classics to honor and remember the ever-popular musician…

(With Spencer Davis speaking German fluently on TV)




Dance Till You Drop – THE NEW POLLUTION Shakes You Down With Debut EP

20 October 2020

Who: A band from New York/Worcester. This sparkling
trio combines groove, punk, psychedelic music, pop,
and atmospheric sounds.

Info: This extended play is the culmination of many shades of musical history from
the 1960s up until the present. New Pollution’s ambiguous blend of genre and styles
takes a front seat here, with tracks ranging from dance floor shakers to Glam rock snottiness. Lyrically, each track on the record explores some elements of modernism, group identity, and artistic frustration. With influences ranging from ESG to Herbie Hancock.

Key references: PiL / Gang Of Four / Talking World Music Heads / The Rapture /
A Certain Ratio / Wire / The Mekons and Sonic Youth

Expect: funky punky injections with clashing guitars, manic bass lines, organ-ic
electronics and critical vocals. Edged tunes for basement parties and illegal ramshackle discos. The restless sound of this science-fiction-like 2020. Dance till you drop is the key message as Armageddon is just around the corner.

Get up and shake down…


(Promo photo via a band’s member father. Thanks dad)

Irish Heroes U2 Released Their Debut Album ‘BOY’ 40 Years Ago Today

20 October 2020

Band: U2
Album: BOY
Label: Island Records
Producer: Steve Lillywhite
Artwork: The ‘boy’ is Peter Rowen, the younger brother
of Guggi then a member of the Virgin Prunes and close
friend of Bono.

Released: 20 October 1980 – 40 years ago today
Score: (only) #52 in the UK

BBC Music: “U2’s debut album, was originally to be produced by Martin Hannett, but
at the last minute he withdrew, distraught over the recent death of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. Imagine how the universe-gobbling careers of the four boys from Dublin would have fared
in the hands of the Mancunian experimentalist… In interviews of the time the band hinted
that their collective christianity had informed the writing. It would take a few more years
before Bono’s words matched his vaulting ambitions and messianic zeal. Also, musically,
it lacks a satisfying variety, with most songs fitting the same skittering four-four pattern
shaded by the Edge’s minimal chords, arpeggios and ringing harmonics… but all the
warning signs were here in this brave, life-affirming cry of youthful defiance.”

Bono: “God’s Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that
can never be constricted by any one religious paradigm. I love that.”

Turn Up The Volume: The first signs of messianic stadium rock.
Bono has found what he was looking for by now, with or without
you, on the streets with no name. Hallelujah, it’s a beautiful day
when we are all ‘one’.

Key tracks: I Will Follow / Out Of Control


(Stunning live version)

Full album…

U2: Facebook

Californian Power Rock Supergroup FUZZ Drop New Buzzing Track ‘MIRROR’ From Upcoming LP

New sonic impulses

20 October 2020

If you put TY Segall on drums, the Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich on bass, and multi-
instrumentalist Charles Moothart on guitar, together in a recording studio expect
some powerful firework as the trio already accomplished on their first two albums
Fuzz (2013) and II (2005).

They continue their thunderous way with third LP called, eh, III, out this Friday.

To get us in the right mood Fuzz just dropped the third single MIRROR.
A full steam ahead riff cannonball.

Bang, bang, here we go…

FUZZ: Info

(Photo on top: artwork new album III – out 23 October 2020)