AEROSMITH Released Third Album ‘TOYS IN THE ATTIC’ 45 Years Ago…

8 April 2020

Hard rockers AEROSMITH released their third, successful album ‘TOYS IN THE ATTIC’
on 8 April 1975, today 45 years ago. It sold 8 million copies in the US and its second single WALK THIS WAY became a monster hit afterward when they teamed up with RUN DMC.

AllMusic wrote: “After nearly getting off the ground with Get Your Wings, Aerosmith finally perfected their mix of Stonesy raunch and Zeppelin-esque riffing with their third album, ‘Toys
in the Attic.’ The success of the album derives from a combination of an increased sense of songwriting skills and purpose… Aerosmith cribbed heavily from the records of the Rolling Stones, New York Dolls, and Led Zeppelin, but they didn’t have any of the menace of their influences, nor any of their mystique. Aerosmith was a gritty, street-wise hard rock band who played their blues as blooze and were in it for a good time; Toys in the Attic crystallizes that attitude.”
Full review here. Score: 5/5

Top tracks…


(Live version)


Album in full…

AEROSMITH: Facebook – All Albums

APHEX TWIN Known As ‘user18081971’ On His SoundCloud Page Shares 6 Unreleased Tracks…

New sonic impulses

8 April 2020

After his 2014 comeback album Syro, eccentric electro wizard Richard D. James
aka APHEX TWIN has uploaded six unreleased tracks on his SoundCloud page
where he’s known as user 18081971 as Resident Adviser found out.

The fresh tracks are quite accessible compared to what we are used from this
cult artist. The pieces vary from ambient to cinematic, from spacey to ghostly.

Check them all out here…

– qu 1 –

– Tha2 [world scam mix] –

– s8v1 [Brooklyn] –

– Tha2 –

– prememory100N pt2 –

– m11st on –

APHEX TWIN: Facebook

Last Band In Town – THE CLASH Released Classic Debut Album 43 Years Ago…


8 April 2020

THE CLASH translated their social commitment and political discontent into a razor-sharp and outstanding debut album. A historic LP and probably one of the most important punk albums ever. A new generation raised its voice. Loud, clear, fast, innovative and straight in the face of the narcissistic, right-wing establishment.

After forty-three years (8 April 1977) this ‘no fillers, all killers‘ knockout record still sounds furious and roars mighty and still is highly inspiring for many young, committed bands who try and hope to make a difference. The restless heart and honest soul of the only band that mattered will never vanish

AllMusic wrote: “Never Mind the Bollocks may have appeared revolutionary, but the Clash’s eponymous debut album was pure, unadulterated rage and fury, fueled by passion for both rock & roll and revolution. Though the cliché about punk rock was that the bands couldn’t play, the key to the Clash is that although they gave that illusion, they really could play — hard. The charging, relentless rhythms, primitive three-chord rockers, and the poor sound quality give the album a nervy, vital energy. Joe Strummer’s slurred wails perfectly compliment the edgy rock, while Mick Jones’ clearer singing and charged guitar breaks make his numbers righteously anthemic.” Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Three stormy highlights…




The classic in full…

THE CLASH: Biography – Discography



8 April 2020

Artist: NIGHT HOUSE (Brighton, UK)

Who: Brighton based Night House blend electronic beats, orchestral arrangements and
lyric driven songwriting. Drawing from a wide range of influences such as the electronic
work of James Blake and Radiohead and the folk harmonies of Sufjan Stevens, Joni Mitchell,
and Bon Iver.


Score: This is truly one of the debut longplayers of 2020, so far. Ten arresting ballads,
from introspective to observant, from heartening to moody. Supreme songwriting, melodious arrangements and gripping orchestrations with Nicholas Williams stunning voice causing goosebumps. Sonic rainbows with an emotive and romantic sentiment. Soulful pearls for the midnight hours. A soundtrack your own introverted meditations.

Top tracks: The Roots In the Wires (with wondrous vocals by Ellie Ford) /
Five Years Old / New Year’s Prayer / Bloodlines

Album in full…

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8 April 2020

Band: THE SUNCHARMS (Shefflied, UK)

Who: Band formed in 1990 the band supported indie-pop legends such as The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids and The Television Personalities plus gigs with emerging shoegaze bands such as Cranes, Catherine Wheel and Curve.”

Track: MONSTER CLUB – latest single

Score: If this was the sixties this moody love ballad would be on a Wurlitzer jukebox in a downtown bar where lonely hearts have a drink and dream about the one and only true companion. It’s a hopeful reverie many of us experienced sometime, somewhere. Relax, sit down, dim the lights and let your thoughts drift away…

It’s Saturday night, that doorway looms
leading to the darkness under the streets
A room painted black, lost souls they collide as one.

Chill in my heart, you’ll suck me dry – I’ll do the same to you – there’ll be stories to tell
I’m feeling immortal, I’m feeling immortal again.

You told me to embrace the dark – will you take me with you?
I hope you will – I’ll wrap you in a cape and take you to the Monster Club, The Monster Club…

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Debut Single ‘ROXETTE’ by DR. FEELGOOD (1974)

Top singles from the past…

8 April 2020


Band: Dr.Feelgood (UK)
Note: Flamboyant frontman Lee Brilleaux passed away 7 April 1994.
Legendary, original guitarist and singer/songwriter Wilko Johnson  
is a cancer survival, alive & kicking and still going strong. He recorded
with Roger Daltrey an album called ‘Going Back Home with ten
Johnson songs and a Bob Dylan cover. The LP reached No 3 in the UK
Single: Roxette  
B-side: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66  
Released: November 1974
Album: Down By The Jetty 

Here we go…

DR. FEELGOOD: Biography


Belgian Zum Kotzen Noiseniks PINK ROOM – Ghent 2019

Memorable live moments…

PINK ROOM is a derailed noise rock turbo led by red-hot-blooded motherrocker Bart Cocquyt. How do they actually sound, I hear you ask? Paranoid. Sickening. Ear-piercing. Horror-ific. Wrecked. Zonked. Verrückt. Deranged. Flipped. Uproarious. Disorderly. Mad. Vomiting. Hellish. Diabolic. Loudmouthed. Psychotic. Messed-up. Demonic. Apocalyptic.

Here’s this Belgian trio with two outbursts, LOVE and WASTED, from their debut LP …

One year ago they released their
maniacal blitzkrieg debut album
ZUM KOTZEN. Stream/buy the sonic
havoc right here…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

Here Are 15 Standouts By Psych Groove Junkies THE DANDY WARHOLS…

Only the greats can fill a jukebox …

THE DANDY WARHOLS are, without a shadow of a doubt, the supreme kings (and a
cool queen) of psychedelic grooves and chill-out jams. This non-stop-dope-vibe-turbo
was conceived in Portland, Oregon back in 1994 by charismatic frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor and guitarist Peter Holmström. They were joined by keyboardist Zia McCabe and drummer Eric Hedford, replaced in 1998 by Taylor-Taylor‘s cousin Brent DeBoer.

They started their sonic explorations in 1995 with debut longplayer ‘Dandys Rule OK!‘.
And they still bloody rule! With a total of ten studio albums it was hard to pick only
15 solid gold crackers to fill our Wurlitzer. Anyway, here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s jiving selection. Every day should be a Dandy Warhols holiday. Stay home, stay safe and listen
to 15 standouts by Portland’s psychedelic junkies…

The songs were selected from the following longplayers: Dandy’s Rule OK! (1995) /
The Dandy Warhols Come Down (1997) / Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia (2000) / Welcome To The Monkey House (2003) / Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars (2005) / Earth To The Dandy Warhols (2008) / This Machine (2012) / Distortland (2016) /
Why You So Crazy (2019)

New: ‘Tafelmuzik Means More When You’re Alone’ – 214 minutes of Dandys goodness. Just $11.11! with $1 going to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Buy here via Bandcamp