BELLY Shares Past And Present Clip For Stellar Track ‘HUMAN CHILD’ Off Their Comeback Album…

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23 February 2019

Last year Boston‘s guitar pop legends BELLY, led by wonderful voice & songwriter Tanya
returned in convincing style with comeback album DOVE. A striking record with multiple beauties on it like that graceful pearl HUMAN CHILD, one of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorites. And precisely for that superb song, Belly just released a video with footage from the band on and off stage, then and now. Just lovely. Watch it here…

BELLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

You can stream comeback album DOVE right here

Swiss Foursome ANNIE TAYLOR Eager To Get ‘UNDER YOUR SPELL’…

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23 February 2019


Who: Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy dark pop. Imagine ANNIE TAYLOR as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora’s Box opened in end of 2016, when Gini (singer & guitarist) forced her flatmate to rehearse in the living room, until the neighbours came by to sing along or shut them up.”

Track: UNDER YOUR SPELL – brand new track from upcoming EP ‘Not Yours‘, out in April

Score: Annie Taylor‘s new cut feels like a twofold story. In the first half frontwoman
Gini, backed by her electrifying band, tells us joyfully that she’s under someone’s
spell but almost midway the tempo drops down, the mood gets darkish, the drums
start rattling and a feverish guitar solo kicks in as if the process of ‘I’m gonna make
you mine’
isn’t as innocent as it first appeared. Enigmatic electricity all around. Tune in…

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – ‘Under Your Spell’ available on Bandcamp

JOHNNY MARR Goes Disco To Ignore The Imminent Apocalypse – Here’s New Track ‘ARMATOPIA’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 February 2019

JOHNNY MARR‘s productivity is unstoppable. After releasing Call the Comet, his best
solo album so far last June, followed some months later by new spiky track Jeopardy
the Manchester legend just dropped another new one. Marr feels that the Apocalypse
is just around the corner and proposes to get-together and have fun in order to forget about the imminent collapse of our troubled planet. Great idea! Here’s the soundtrack
to escape the fatal downfall. ARMATOPIA is a dance floor disco filler to get up to and
fight for our right to party one more time. Shake your booty, folks…


ALBERT HAMMOND JR Launches New Sparkly Single ‘FAST TIMES’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 February 2019

(Bridgette Aikens Photos)

While THE STROKES are rumored to release a new album later in the year their guitarist ALBERT HAMMOND JR doesn’t wait for that to happen or not and does again what he does best as a solo artist, producing effervescent guitar pop. Oh yeah, new single FAST TIMES is bouncy, breezy and blithesome. Spring is in the air. Enjoy its first sonic sign here…


Norway’s INSOMNIAC BEARS Excite With Sizzling Single ‘PASSING TRAINS’…

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22 February 2019

(photo by Anne Valeur)


Who: The band is a vibrant combination of established Norwegian musicians from different bands. “Since the release of their debut EP ‘Hypercolor last year, the band have continued to deliver lyrical vulnerability, sonic experimentation and honest pop-anthems.

Track: PASSING TRAINS – brand new single – out via Fysisk Format

Score: Despite the fact that this song is about loneliness the sonic performance is tremendously high-spirited and enormously energizing reminding me immediately
of the sparkling liveliness of folk rockers The Waterboys led by amazing voice and frontman Mick Scott. ‘Passing Trains’ is amplified pop vivacity with multiple layers, stimulating vocals and a grand finale. Abundantly orchestrated and infused with a
high dose of adrenalin. Check the vibe right here…

INSOMNIAC BEARS: Facebook – ‘Passing Trains’ on Bandcamp

Quote Of The Day – Here’s NME Slaughtering The 2019 BRIT AWARDS…

British online music website New Musical Express (once upon a time the weekly newspaper bible for alternative music. But as the Internet took over the world it became hard to keep the paper magazine going. In March last year, after 66 years, the publisher announced that the print edition of NME would cease publication) hasn’t the same underdog soul and passion
for alt/underground music anymore as before but now and then their good old dissecting spirit comes to the surface again, like with their feature about the 2019 BORING BRIT AWARDS SHOW.

Here’s one of NME’s quotes about what the Brit Awards really are…

And you can read the hilarious (but also very sad) full story right here

THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH Drops Another Blistering Cut From New Album – Here’s ‘LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

21 February 2019

On 29th March Berlin via Manchester cult post-punks THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH
will release their ninth album MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR via Fuzz Club.
After launching inflammable lead single The Death Of An Author the band shares another furious track. LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE is a 24 karat knockout. A blistering
blast sounding like THE VELVET UNDERGOUND on speed instead of heroin. Ominous, threatening and sinister. A wall of repetitive riffage with vocalist/guitarist Craig Dyer’s
mind-boggling vox accentuating the cutting gloominess of this rabid ripper. Hell yeah!

Get doomed right here…

THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH: Facebook – Tour Dates

New album MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR out 29th March via Fuzz Club