THE WHITE STRIPES Released Their Self-Titled Rough Blues Debut Album 20 Years Ago…

14 June 2019

20 years ago, on 15 June 1999, unknown Detroit blues rockers THE WHITE STRIPES released their self-titled debut LP. It was all about raw and rough, scream & hit DIY blues racket. Only a few critics noticed the record upon its release, but one famous one, the late great JOHN PEEL spotted it in a shop when it came out and said: “I just liked the look of it and I looked at the titles – you develop an instinct, d’you know what I mean? And it looked like the sort of record I would like, so I took it out and I did like it, and started playing it.” The rest
is history.

Here’s a perfect idea of the early The White Stripes with
a ramshackle live version of ‘Suzy Lee‘ one of the LP’s tracks…

Album in full…

THE WHITE STRIPES: Facebook – All Albums

British Bold Punks LIFE Share Belter From New LP – Here’s ‘HOLLOW THING’…

Brand new sonic impulses

13 June 2019

British punks LIFE out of Hull, who just finished a tour with IDLES will launch their second LP ‘A Picture Of Good Health‘ on 20 September. They look really smartly dressed for the occasion, sharing a new track off the LP titled ‘HOLLOW LIFE‘. ‘It’s about tackling isolation and fixing yourself. It’s about letting go of something in your life, something that’s passed and moving on and overcoming hurt, taking the hits but getting through it.’ reveals frontman Mez Green about the song.

Catch the lively energy here…

LIFE: Facebook

FAT WHITE FAMILY Puzzled BRUSSELS With Psychedelic Mood Swings…

FAT WHITE FAMILY – Botanique, Brussels – 12 June 2019

Turn Up The Volume! followed British desperadoes FAT WHITE FAMILY since the day his ears got perplexed by their 2014 debut LP Champagne Holocaust, a controversial piece of drug-fueled mental disorder. Since then I saw these anarchistic misfits going entirely bonkers on stage 3 times. Three unforgettable gigs. Chaotic, insane and baffling. Best fucking live band in the world I wrote back in 2016 (review here). Then key members
Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski took some time off to get clean(er) and making great stuff with other projects (The Moonlandingz and Insecure Men). Now three years and two FWF full lengths (the second was Songs For Our Mothers) later the Family is back. New album SERFS UP is as their two other LP’s half brilliant/half mediocre (meaning they made so far, a one and a 1/2 masterpiece). Yesterday they landed in Brussels to entertain
a sold out hungry club.

* Saul Adamczewski‘s mind-blowing psychedelic guitar play
was off the charts and dominated pretty much the whole concert
* The old jackhammers (like ‘I Am Mark E Smith’, ‘Tinfoil Deathstar’ and
Whitest Boy On The Beach‘) still carried the show and were the ones who
made the crowd go sickly bananas
* The set’s closer ‘Is It Raining In Your Mouth?‘ (from the debut LP) was (again)
the indisputable FUCKING INSANE KNOCKOUT HAMMER with frontman Lias
‘s vox going totally apeshit beyond normality. One day his head will
explode while screaming his brains out…

* Most of the time Saoudi‘s vocals got lost in the guitar-oriented mix.
A damn bloody sin as his voice is ESSENTIAL!
* Most of the new songs are sensuous and smooth and undermine
the feverish flow when played live. Pump them, up, cowboys!
* The new LP’s groovy killer cut ‘Feet‘ got lost in a cacophonic
mess-mix, so its hypnotic swagger got slaughtered. SHAME!

CONCLUSION: Maybe my expectations were too high but this show was half brilliant/half mediocre, half speed/half valium like their albums, but still way much better than many of the current competition. Fix the mix, drop the slow ones or pump them up and become the most challenging and dangerous band in the world again, you motherrockers!


A wall-of-Saul-psych-guitar-sound

One Fat White Family member down

Meet and greet with the stunned fans

Rest of the gang

Head of the family

Stream new album
SERFS UP! here…


(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

JOY DIVISION – Astonishing Debut Album ‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES’ Turns 40…

13 June 2019

Manchester’s post punk legends JOY DIVISION released their outstanding and spine-chilling debut album UNKNOWN PLEASURES on 15 June 1979, yes, already 40 years
ago. A landmark achievement. One of the best ever longplayers in Turn Up The Volume‘s sonic book. An at times pitch black experience that sounded like nothing else before. Mind-blowing, masterly music that appealed to doubtful hearts and confused souls, still does after all these years. The astonishing record, despite the fact that not all members were happy with the final result due to producer Martin Hannett‘s excessive drugs use and imposing views, became a timeless tour de force for generations to come.

To my and countless other ears and tons of influenced artists this superb album still
has a blood-curdling impact with every single member of the band delivering essential contributions to this incredibly gripping and wholehearted raw diamond. A full track-by-track accomplishment. Each cut is a winner, on-target and terrifically rousing, yet New Dawn Fades gives me just a bit more spine-tingling feelings because as well as musically, vocally and lyrically it’s the most frighteningly arresting outburst on this classic. Here is the lyric clip…

Album in full…


Rest in peace…

BABYBIRD Drops Darksome ‘NO CAMERAS’ Reflection From Upcoming LP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 June 2019

Those who only know Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD from his massive 1996 hit single
Your Gorgeous‘ (from the magnificent, gloomy Ugly Beautiful album) think that he
was just a one hit wonder. For those, like me, who kept track with this quite unique singer/songwriter/musician (check his splendid There’s Something Going On LP if you never heard it) we saw an artist who never stopped following his enigmatic and troubled muse. Check his Bandcamp page here and his Spotify here and you’ll wonder if  the man actually ever slept.

And now BABYBIRD is back from being never been away but this time with something really special. His first vinyl album in 21 years, entitled PHOTOSYNTHESIS will be out on 19th July. And here’s the newest single. NO CAMERAS feels like a bluesy torch song, like
a critical take on this modern times ‘Me, myself and I‘ photo epidemic. But you are never quite sure about Jones‘ ambiguous and/or inscrutable chain of thoughts. Anyway this stirring contemplation causes chills down your back. Absorb the mood right here…

BABYBIRD: Facebook

PHOTOSYNTHESIS – out 19th July – all info and pre-order facilities here


12 June 2019

Former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman BOB MOULD launched his new, 13th, critically acclaimed solo album Sunshine Rock last February. Today he announced new tour dates and he also shared his rendition of BUZZCOCKS‘ rad ripper ‘I DON’T MIND’ from the Manchester pop punk legends’ 1978 debut LP Another Music In A Different Kitchen. Check it out below…

Here’s the original…

R.I.P. Pete Shelley…

Kamikaze Punk Bolide AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Bombed ANTWERP Last Night…

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium – 11 June 2019

A non-stop volcanic rawk & roll bolide from down under, led by the charismatic and the stormy frontwoman Amyl Taylor. An uproarious Melbourne based punk turbine everybody is talking about right now. Imagine a lethal cocktail of The Runaways (Joan Jett‘s teenage band) and metallic fury Plasmatics (with the legendary Wendy O. Williams) fueled by an eruptive Motörhead drive. Final result: hot-tempered, neurotic and fiery pandemonium!

The band released their self-titled firework debut album last May. A boiling record filled with 70s influenced blitzkrieg jackhammers that drive you totally out-of-your-mind and want you to smash your head against the wall. Check the insane heat out right here…

Yesterday the Aussie tornado invaded Antwerp, Belgium. Holy shit! What a gash gash gash!
Stage beast Amyl was all over the place, on and off the podium, while screaming, sneering and spitting at the top of her lungs assisted by an ecstatic mosh pit crowd that shouted the whole setlist along word by word. Kamikaze rock ‘n’ roll at its very best. SWEATY! FERVENT! LOUDMOUTHED! MAD! RED-HOT! RABID! RAZOR-SHARP! Terrifically breathtaking speedy tumult that does your hungry head in the way you really love it. Here’s a whirling idea of this gang’s dynamite craziness. Go and see them if you can…


Hello Antwerp

Pure dynamite

Bang it up

Let it fly

Hell yeah

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Facebook – Website – Big NME Interview

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)