IDLES Unleashed Their New Boiling Third Album ‘ULTRA MONO’ And A Video Clip For Opener ‘WAR’

26 September 2020

Bristol fierce punks IDLES released their third LP called ULTRA MONO confirming
their status of boiling-and-sharp-mouthed in-your-face misfits.

NME‘s verdict: “The Bristol punks’ third album is a juggernaut that roars through sarcasm, defiance, compassion and controversy… Talbot and the gang have built a wall around themselves and their followers, but also spend about half the record peering over at the
hostile world outside, before lobbing a few flares in its general direction… It’s a bumpy ride,
but one worth taking… This record fuses the first album’s goofy sense of humour with ‘Joy’s’ brazen manifesto for a healthier society. Despite their imperfections and the often justified criticism, IDLES are ultimately a good thing. The band want to take you on a trip and for you
to enjoy the ride, and for the destination to be serene. Hold on tight.”

Full review here. Score 4/5.

Frontman JOE TALBOT is 100% convinced that…

Check for yourself…

Simultaneously the band shared a video clip for the opening track WAR

IDLES: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)


SMASHING PUMPKINS – Another Pair Of Songs From Upcoming Album ‘CYR’

New sonic impulses

26 September 2020

The new SMASHING PUMPKINS album (a double one) called CYR will
be for sale from 27 November on. Ringleader Billy Corgan produced the
records and James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder joined him
in the studio.

The band already dropped two songs. The title track and ‘The Colour Of Love’ and
here’s another pair. CONFESSIONS OF A DOPAMINE ADDICT is an introspective
synth-scape ballad and WRATH comes from the same mellow angle with dreamy
Corgan vocals.

Listen here…




Quarantine Juxebox – 45 Previously Unreleased ‘SIGN O’T HE TIMES’ Vault Tracks From Purple Genius PRINCE

25 September 2020

The Prince Estate dived into the archives of the late genius’ 1987 double
masterpiece album SIGN O’ THE TIMES. The result is a gigantic super deluxe
edition including 45 studio ‘vault’ tracks varying from okay to good to very
good to brilliant. A total of 92 songs and 8 hours & 2 minutes of music.

Here’s what you get…

CD1 or LP 1- Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)
CD2 or LP 2 – Sign O’ The Times (Remastered)
CD3 or LP 3 & 4 – Singles Mixes / Edits / B-Sides (Remastered)
CD4 or LP 5 & 6 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
CD5 or LP 7 & 8 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
CD6 or LP 9 & 10 – Vault Tracks (Unreleased)
CD8 or 9 / LPs 11-13 – Live In Utrecht June 20th 1987 (Unreleased)
DVD – Live at Paisley Park December 31st 1987 (Unreleased
Sign O’ The Times show ft Miles Davis)

If you’re a fan of his Purple Highness I propose
to lock yourself down at home for an 8-hour quarantine,
with your disinfected headphones on, for an isolated
and safe ‘Sing O’ The Corona Times’ experience…

Info & expensive prices here

Blissful Dream Pop Magnificence – Hear New Single ‘KNOWN TO FALL’ By By Melbourne Trio HYLA

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 September 2020

Band: HYLA (Australia)

Who: Pulling influences from dream pop, garage and shoegaze, Hyla is a project
formed by Alex Hayes. They produce a swirl of fuzzed-out guitars, layered melodic
vocals, and a sound that is at once fresh and nostalgic.

Influences: My Bloody Valentine, The Verve,
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ty Segall, BRMC

Pick: KNOWN TO FALL – newest single from their upcoming LP

Score: Oh, this is blissful and entrancing music. Combine the ambient shoegaze
poppiness of Slowdive and the foggy amplified melodiousness of Ride and you
will catch my rapturous drift. ‘Known To Fall’ takes you on a melancholic 4-minute
mixed emotions trip.

Beautifully orchestrated, stylishly multi-layered, colored with musing vocals and that ongoing guitar riff keeps ringing in your head-in-the-clouds long after this wonderful
gem came to an end. Think of a glimmering rainbow up there in the sky. You can’t stop watching its brightness, just like you can’t stop listening to this sonic magnificence.


HYLA: Facebook

Double A-Side Single ‘MIS-SHAPES / SORTED FOR E’S AND WIZZ’ By PULP Came Out 25 Years Ago Today

Top singles from the past…

25 September 2020

Band: Pulp (Sheffield)
Active: 1978–2002, 2011–2013
Single: Double-A with Mis-Shapes and Sorted E’s And Wizz

Note 1: “Sorted for E’s and wizz’ is a phrase a girl that I met in Sheffield once told me”
said frontman/songwriter Jarvis Cocker about the inspiration for that song.

Note 2: The pre-release single had an inlay which a British tabloid/gutter journalist
of the Daily Mirror called Thornton alleged showed how to make an origami ‘wrap’ or
parcel with the intention of “offering teenage fans a DIY guide on hiding illegal drugs”.

Released: 25 September 1995 – 25 years ago today
Score: #2 in the UK and Scotland and #6 in Ireland
Album: Different Class



PULP: Facebook


PRINCE And JAMES BROWN Join Forces In Manchester – New Album ‘ACR LOCO’ By Post-Punk-Funk Legends A CERTAIN RATIO Out Now

25 September 2020

First album in 12 years

AllMusic/Andy Kellman verdict: “ACR Loco is freer in spirit and lighter in touch than their previous LP, Mind Made Up. While ACR could be forgiven for feeling the weight of a 40-year history, there’s a spring in their step… They’re as comfortable with referring to their past as they are with exhibiting old and new inspirations… it’s all put together in a way that only A Certain Ratio could possibly manage… forward motion and eternal optimism.”

Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume‘s first impressions: sounds like the late great sex machines Prince and James Brobn teamed up in ACR’s notorious Manchester haven, recording together in the infamous Haçienda night club with the band’s Jez Kerr in the production room.”

R.I.P. Denise Johnson

Shoegazy Soul Reflections – Discover Brand New Jingle ‘WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?’ By MADAME SO

25 September 2020

Last August Paris-born, London-based singer/songwriter MADAME SO spoiled
our ears with striking single You Say, a towering tune by a towering voice.

And here’s another, brand new tune called WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?. A moody, melancholic and wondering reflection “on young hedonism“. This time her mightful
soul voice sounds moony and meditative, giving this catchy, shoe-gazy, guitar-riveting jingle a heartfelt think-about it feel.

Two things are crystal clear now, Madame So
explores different sonic directions with flair and
determination AND she’s here to stay.

Here’s why…

MADAME SO: Facebook