Italian Nightdreamer THE BANKROBBER Carries On With Last Year’s Lockdown Blues Spirit – New Single Out

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

16 May 2021

THE BANKROBBER continues 2021 with the same heavyhearted
mood as the 2020 singles Blood and I.A.M.N.A.Y.A.M.D (Always
In My Nightmare)

New musing Carry Me On feels like a nightly gloaming. Acoustic
soul-searching and intimate tenderness. The darksome sorrowfulness
of the late great Buckley legends floats all over this new gloomy Giacomo
ballad. The Bankrobber is back and still has the lockdown blues…


Misty Winter Song – Here’s New Somber Single ‘BLOOD’ By THE BANKROBBER

29 November 2020

With only two singles it was a relatively calm year for Italian
synth-pop songsmiths THE BANKROBBER with siblings Oberti.

Last June they released the intriguing and darksome saga I.A.M.N.A.Y.A.M.D (Always
In My Nightmare)
and to say goodbye to 2020 they just shared new moody emo ballad, titled BLOOD.

Starting with a short repetitive intro of ah ah ah’s bringing Laurie Anderson‘s 1981
hit O Superman to mind, you instantly enter a twilight zone with dreamy atmospherics, weeping guitars and poetical, alternating male/female vocals. A shadowy, somber, and pitchy meditation, a misty winter song, a double-edged candlelight beauty.

Listen here…


Mysterious And Magnetic – THE BANKROBBER With I.A.M.N.A.Y.A.M.D (Always In My Nightmare)

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


15 June 2020

Italian guitar-synth pop act THE BANKROBBER returns with a new single, strangely entitled I.A.M.N.A.Y.A.M.D (Always In My Nightmare). The first new music since
their splendid debut album Missing.

The fresh track resonates like the soundtrack of a black and white thriller movie with the ongoing repetition of the keywords Always In My Nightmare and the subtle piano touches creating a mysterious and magnetic effect. The song’s slo-mo progression will keep on coming back in your mind after a couple of spins. An intriguing and darksome piece.

Welcome back!…

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Sprightly Debut Album ‘MISSING’ By Italian Pop Outfit THE BANKROBBER

New and old albums to make your day…

15 April 2020

Italian guitar and synth pop outfit THE BANKROBBER formed in 2008 and named after
that standout dub reggae cracker by The Clash. This sparkling outfit produces effervescent sonic rainbows and varied, lively symphonies. Their debut longplayer MISSING, released in 2018, is crystal clear proof of singer/songwriter and guitarist Giacomo Oberti‘s high-quality songwriting skills. The longplayer is a jaunty work of twinkling vibes, brisk electrodynamics, sprightly melodies, and scintillating vocals. Universal pop music without frontiers.

Album in full here…




Live in Belgium last year (pics by Turn Up the Volume!)


Another Tremendous Punk ‘n Roll Marathon With Irish Noise Warriors THE BARBITURATES

Standout longplayers

6 August 2022


Who: Take a deep breath… a grungy psychedelic indie postpunk Dadaist
Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology, discordian, skizophonic rock act from Derry city

The Barbiturates is actually the one-warrior-band of Geoff Street
who produces a multifarious mix of all things post-punk and post
prog-rock and who looks like a bankrobber.

Last February he came up with his Selection Box #1. A 60-minute long mishmash of
retro blues, post-prog-rock mania, paranoid psychedelia, big bang Kraftwerk disco,
psych-o-billy cramps, garage havoc, symphonic synth surprises, amplified ambient ambiance, sonic hallucinations and everything that can boggle your mind.

If you are not happy with just 60 minutes of his sonic brain twists you can lose
yourself now in Selection Box #2, it’s even longer with its 90 minutes.

Geoff Street “It’s a sneaky peak at a humble collection of early live performances,
alternative mixes of lo-fi tracks, semi-acoustic DEMOS of songs and experimental
music that will be coming in there true full glory in the near future.”

TUTV: Box #2 is also a mishmash of Street‘s non-stop appetite for music. It’s
an amazeballs concatenation of corking stuff. It’s a series of good to great tracks.

Trust me, it’s an AUTHENTIC WORK by an AUTHENTIC music junk, you can listen
to in full or in parts. One more thing. For all Catholics out there, there’s hope as
Street found out that JESUS never died. Although he’s a BANKROBBER who lives
in Ireland.

Press play and go into a trance.


SUMMER JUKEBOX PARTY – Part 9 – 20 Vibrant Vibes

Weekly playlist for all you party animals out there

It’s still summertime.
It’s still cocktail time.
It’s still groove and move time.

Here comes another non-stop
Wurlitzer jukebox party.

20 Vibrant Vibes.
Old and New.

This week’s entertainers

The Horrors
Bloc Party
The Vaccines
The Bankrobber
Dropkick Murphys
Cherokee Death Cats
Steven Sware
The Soup Dragons
Abi Rose Kelly
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cosmo Gold
New York Pavements
Nat Dempsey & The Near Strangers
The Bergamot
Dune Messiah
Conor O’Donoghue

Let’s roll

TURN UP THE VOLUME: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Next week last edition of these 2022 summer jukebox series


What is a ballad?

According to it is:

1. Any light, simple song, especially one of sentimental
or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all
sung to the same melody.
2. A simple narrative poem of folk origin, composed
in short stanzas and adapted for singing.
3. Any poem written in a similar style.
4. A sentimental or romantic popular song.

Okay, I just wanted to check if I picked the right songs here.

Below you find TUTV’s Ballads Of 2021 Spotify playlist with
a total of 30 beauties that I picked from the past 12 months.

And here’s the TOP 10

1. ‘Ode To The Mets’ by THE STROKES (NYC)

I played this song almost every single day this year.
So this is unquestionably the one that moved me the
most. From their newest LP The New Abnormal.

Just marvelous…


2. Albuquerque by NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS (Australia)

From the two bad seeds’ goosebumps album Carnage.

We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Anytime this year
We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Unless I dream you there


3. Samurai by ALAN VEGA (Brooklyn)

The late Suicide legend had a lost album out this year
called Mutator. One of those rare lost albums that are
actually really good. Samurai is one of the dark

Haunting and mysterious…


4. ‘Love Kills Slowly’ by ICEAGE (Danmark)

The passion-driven Danish outfit finally hit the bull’s eye
with their fifth longplayer Seek Shelter. A near-perfect
opus with this slow-burning torch…


5. ‘My America’ by ONISM E (San Antonio, Texas)

Stand out track from these young Texans’ debut album Survivors.

The lyrics are crystal clear. America is not what Hollywood tells you. It has become
a dangerously divided country where racism and far-right rebirth stimulated by
charlatan Trump and his ruthless entourage are frighteningly realistic (again).

Alarming feelings expressed with heavy-heartedness…



Finally, it happened. The two heavenly voices and
gorgeous Amazons teamed up for a tower of song…


7. ‘Skin’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Ontario)

A brave and affecting pop pearl. An inspiring encouragement for
the countless girls/women and boys/men worldwide, struggling with
the looks of their body when it doesn’t correspond with society’s
everlasting sexist perception of how a body should look like, as
we all know.

Singer/songwriter Chrisy Hurn sounds as if she’s
related to The Sundays‘ grand voice Harriet Wheeler.



8. ‘Weeping Willow’ by MODERN MOXIE (South-Carolina)

This nostalgic gem has that melancholic and magical feel we, adults,
are familiar with. Looking back at good times gone. This wistful lullaby
brings tears to your eyes.



9. ‘Monterey’ by OCEANOGRAPHY (Oakland)

This is the solo project of Oakland-based singer-songwriter,
and multi-instrumentalist Brian Kelly.

“Monterey is a tribute to my big sister who I lost last year. I hope you
enjoy it and it provides some comfort for any loss you’ve experienced.”

Universal feelings of loss, mourning, and tristesse. Heartbreaking…


10. ‘Carry Me On’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)

Feels like a nightly gloaming. Acoustic, soul-searching
and intimate tenderness for the twilight hours.


The full 30-song strong list..


The Power Of Repetition – COMMON FLAWS Just Dropped Electro Earworm ‘MOSHI MOSHI’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

25 April 2021

New Giacomo Oberti project,
the singer/songwriter for some
Italian Bankrobbers.

New single: MOSHI MOSHI

Score: After debut single Happy House (a Siouxsie & The Banshees cover)
Common Flaws just dropped this new rad piece, proving once more that the
irresistible power of repetition has an instant impact on your body language.

Moshi Moshi – mostly instrumental, except for a hazy voice in the distance –
gets under your skin from the clap along intro and goes on like forever. Imagine
Aphex Twin going synth-pop for a change. Addictive earworm all the way.

Let the siren howl…


(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Elevating Pop Act THE BANKROBBER Launched Lively Video Clip For ‘MY REVOLUTION’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

10 July 2019

Last year Italian pop ensemble THE BANKROBBER released their delightful debut LP MISSING. An enrapturing album of refined songwriting with exhilarating orchestrations and playful arrangements. Levitating music without frontiers. This year the band went on their first Euro tour, playing a series of gigs in different great European cities. To celebrate all these experiences the band just launched a lively video clip for one of the most notable songs on their debut LP. Here’s ‘REVOLUTION‘…

MISSING album in full here…

THE BANKROBBER: Facebook – Interview