Coming Soon… MELVINS Working With GOD

13 January 2021

Most musicians love to work and collaborate with other artists in order to get inspired,
or to benefit from the famous status of the other one(s), or to just jam around for fun. It happens all the time. But as far as I can remember nobody worked with the Almighty so far, which what proto-punk veterans MELVINS will exactly do on their new 24th (!) album, coming your way on 26th February.

While you wait, check lead-single Caddy Daddy, dropped
on the first day of this new year. Wow! God sounds just
like Black Sabbath

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The Holy One Is A Punk – MELVINS Thunder On New LP ‘WORKING WITH GOD’

18 March 2021

Band: MELVINS (Montesano, Washington, U.S.)
Making havoc since 1983

Album: WORKING WITH GOD – 24th (!) LP
Released: 26 February

Info: The second release from the Melvins 1983 iteration of
the band which features Buzz, Dale and original drummer Mike Dillard.

Kerrang! wrote: “As with the rest of the Melvins’ lengthy back catalogue is that the guitar takes centre stage for the duration; enormous, bouncy riffs lay the foundations of every song like a wrecking ball, while Buzz’s vocal delivery adds a leisurely juxtaposition to the breakneck speed of the instrumental dynamics. As far as sludgy, frenzied noise rock is concerned, there are few who do it better than Melvins, and Working With God is tangible proof.” Score 4/5.

Turn Up the Volume: If this is the first time you hear legendary metallic-punk-rock engine Melvins you’ll defintely think that they are some young glue-sniffing bastards who just left their smelly basements to rock their asses off. Expect Black Sabbath going paranoid (Caddy Daddy/Hot Fish/Negative No No), Ministry speeding with their hot rods (Boy Mike/Bouncing Rick), Metallica with balls (Hund/The Great Good Place), The Beach Boys chasing Californian Riot Girls, and enough fucks to make Tony Montana aka Scarface sniff another series of fucking coke lines. Hell bloody hell yeah! No rest for the wicked!

It’s official now: God is a devilish punk and Melvins are his messed-up Apostles.

Stream/buy his work here…

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24-Hour Rave Extravaganza With Electronic Eccentric ACID KLAUS

21 November 2022

Who: Solo conceptual electronic music project of Adrian Flanagan also the driving force behind The Moonlandigz, The International Teachers Of Pop and Eccentronic Research Council.

Album: STEP ON MY TRAVELATOR: The Imagined Career
Trajectory of Superstar DJ & Dance Pop Producer, Melvin Harris

Another moniker, another wayward Adrian Flanegan
record featuring several guest vocalists.


A 24-hour rave marathon.
Itchy beats, bitchy bleeps.
90s Acid House intoxication.
E-tastic escapism.
Titillating techno trips.
Hey boy, hey girl chemicals.
Fuck the Tories’ disco.
Sexual healing.
X-tasy extravaganza.
Bad Club Bad Drugs Bad People.

Singles-clips: Party Sized Away Day / Blow Your Speakers

– PARTY SIZED AWAY DAY – feat. Maria Uzor


Press play.
Start the party…

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Fight Your Right To Party Like A Zombie At Halloween With THE FREQS And Their New Sledgehammer ‘WITCH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 October 2022

Who: Three-piece psych-punk/noise rock band from Salem, MA.
Influences: Melvins, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana & The Mars Volta.

New single: WITCH

Holy cow! If Black Sabbath wanted to make a mad tower-of-Herculean drones impact
with their last reunion they should have had the dynamite force of these three manic motherrockers like here on their new ballbreaker Witch, a colossal sledgehammer with
a skullcrushing fierceness

No mercy!

And when the clamorous chorus kick in it’s like Beastie Boys are back to fight for
their right to party. Wait, don’t go yet. Midway a pyrotechnics Tony Iommi guitar solo
erupts, making way for a mental climax. It’s gonna be a boiling zombie Halloween party.

Loud! Louder! Loudest!

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Amazing Artwork! Cover Of New Album By Seattle’s Noise Giants GITHYANKI

Eye-catching album cover art

2 March 2022

Who: A mind-melding heavy grunge and noise rocking punk-metal
trio from Seatlle (WA), formed in 2014. The three share a love for
Pacific Northwest legends like TAD and Melvins, as well as the unique
sonic density of Helmet, Crowbar, and Whores.

Artwork: Cover of the band’s upcoming album ROLLIN’ THE DICE
designed by Seattle artist Moises Pimentel. Out on 26 March 2022.

Single: Tower Of Conviction
As imposing, bomb-astic and
mastodonic as the LP’s cover art…


TOMAHAWK (With MIKE PATTON) Drop Another Slam Dunk From New LP

New sonic impulses…

27 February 2021

Supergroup with Mike Patton (Faith No More),
Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard) John Stanier (Helmet)
and Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins/ex-Cows)

New album: TONIC IMMOBILITY – fifth LP
Out: 26 March 2021

New single: DOG EAT DOG
A vintage Tomahawk slam dunk.
Drone, drone and drone. Actually
big head-banging fun!

Let’s roll

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New album TONIC IMMOBILITY out 26 March

Bang-On Blazing Blasts – New LP ‘TONIC IMMOBILITY’ By Supergroup TOMAHAWK Out Today!

26 March 2021

Supergroup with Mike Patton (Faith No More),
Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard) John Stanier (Helmet)
and Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins/ex-Cows)

New album: TONIC IMMOBILITY – fifth LP
Release: 26 March 2021

KERRANG! says: “This is an album that’s compelling and will leave you
hanging onto your headphones to see what’s coming next. Of course, it’s
helped massively by the fact that Mike Patton has the type of voice that
could recite a bus timetable and make it seem genuinely interesting.”

Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Loudmouth Mike Patton and his mates had
7 years to load their batteries for this new head-banging LP. Let your
dog out and prepare your poor ears and your poor speakers for some
scream-your-lungs-out slam dunks by this bulldozing hit team.

Singles/clips: Dog Eat Dog / Business Casual



Full album…

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Punch-Powered-Punk-Passion – Play ‘i became birds’ by ‘Home Is Where’ Very Loud

9 March 2021

band: home is where
who: inspiring punks from florida, america producing a unique blend of whirlwind hardcore aggression and warm, open-hearted folksy melancholy. the bittersweet
folk melodies seep deeply into the band’s DNA, adding an element of accessibility
and immediate nostalgia to otherwise churning and angular song structures and
sonic assaults. vocals range from an intimate, gentle, and disarming croon to a full-
bodied expectoration of the soul. gothic post-punk and staccato-heeled screamo.

album: i became birds
released: 5 march 2021

score: i’m damn sure this incredible punch-powered-punk-passion turbo was here
before, about 40 years ago, inspiring bored kids like black flag , shellac, melvins, jello
, and other anarchist snotnoses, to leave home, steal guitars and drums in order
to have some wild fun while scaring bad people with their deafening racket that’ll teach those old-fashioned adults watching all day long.

so here they are back again, inspiring young social media junkies to steal guitars and drums instead of watching their phones all day long. home is where it all starts when you have no money to rent a smelly rehearsal room to rock your heads off. so you move into your own smelly basement and scream your poor lungs to pieces. listen up all you lost teenagers out there, play i became birds over and over again ’cause these hungry florida misfits can and will save your lives…

all music written by home is where / all lyrics written by brandon
produced, mixed, & mastered by matt goings at killian studios
released & distributed through knifepunch records

home is where: Twitter

josiah gardella – drums
trace george – guitar
brandon macdonald – tantrum, harmonica, singing saw
connor “fat slaps” o’brien – bass