SUMMER JUKEBOX PARTY – Part 9 – 20 Vibrant Vibes

Weekly playlist for all you party animals out there

It’s still summertime.
It’s still cocktail time.
It’s still groove and move time.

Here comes another non-stop
Wurlitzer jukebox party.

20 Vibrant Vibes.
Old and New.

This week’s entertainers

The Horrors
Bloc Party
The Vaccines
The Bankrobber
Dropkick Murphys
Cherokee Death Cats
Steven Sware
The Soup Dragons
Abi Rose Kelly
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cosmo Gold
New York Pavements
Nat Dempsey & The Near Strangers
The Bergamot
Dune Messiah
Conor O’Donoghue

Let’s roll

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Next week last edition of these 2022 summer jukebox series