SEVEN IN THE MIX ! 2016 – Weekend 13/14 February…


Seven smashing tracks to get lost in,
for 48 hours straight, this weekend…

1/ ‘Acid Gasp’ by MYSTIFIED
Let’s start this weekend with a garage rock hammer to start all weekends
– you’re trapped now, no return possible from here on, hell yeah…
From: 3-track ‘Lick It’ – on Bandcamp
Home: London, UK
MYSTIFIED: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Rogue Island’ by CLAIR MORGAN
This swirling stroke rocks, grooves & rolls – sonic extravaganza all over the place – big!…
Album: ‘New Lions and The Not Good Night’ – out May 6th via Egghunt Records
Home: Richmond, Virginia
CLAIR MORGAN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Blurry Images’ by SAUNAU YOUTH
Gloriously messed up post punk riffs will hypnotize you mercilessly – smoking drive…
From: B-side on 7″ ‘The Bridge’ single – on Upset The Rhythm
Album:Distractions‘ – on Bandcamp
Home: London, UK
SAUNA YOUTH: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘You Like Something I Killed’ by TANGERINES
Brilliant song title for some brilliant ramshackle guitars & excorcistic screams on
a we-take-no-prisoners mission to your inner system…
New single: on R.I.P. Records
Home: South London, UK

5/ ‘Telephone Jones’ by SEAZOO
A shiny 60s church organ colors this electrifying guitar pop trip magically – wake-up call!
EP: new one out in March…
Home: North Wales, UK
SEAZOO: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Trust Fall’ by ATLAS LAB
Singer Solei‘s fascinating voice leads this wonderfully and richly orchestrated
soul venture – trust Atlas Lab, they know exactly what they’re doing…
EP: 4-track debut ‘Wake Up Slow’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Boston, Massachusetts
ATLAS LAB: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Fatheads’ by SEAWITCHES
Sounds like your favorite worst psychedelic nightmare with desperate vocals
crying for help deep down in there – enjoy under your blankets…
Home: Liverpool, UK
SEAWITCHES: Facebook – Twitter