IDLEWILD ! New Single ‘Utopia’ – Magical Beauty…

22 October 2015…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Scottish indie rockers Idlewild will release a new single ‘Utopia! on November 27th via Empty Words. It’s a captivating, beautiful piano led ballad taken from the band’s latest album ‘Everything Ever Written‘ – enjoy the magic pearl here…

Everyone wants to ride that cool motor…

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Here’s the album in full…


PINS – Live In Brussels – Natural Born Indie Stars From Manchester…


PINS – Botanique Club, Brussels – September 24. 2015


PINS are five ‘we-do-it-our-way‘ pop-punk girls from Manchester who released their excellent second album ‘Wild Nights‘ last June. They already have a huge following in England and are now touring the European continent to show why they are going be
huge in the near future.


They played Brussels supporting American psych rockers Crocodiles. So, how good are PINS? Trust me, their mix of muscled pop and melodic punk is highly addictive and the down-to-earth lyrics are recognizable for any young troubled human being on this planet. They have all the qualities a band needs to reach pole position :

Massive tunes
Electrifying swagger
Confident attitude
Devouring ambition
18 Karat coolness
Topping looks


Here’s ‘Young Girls’ – First single from the second album – Pop brilliance…

That other Manchester band – the one with the two brothers – shouldn’t bother to get back together. PINS is far more than just a cool alternative. The second album is proof of their growing songwriting skills and you can’t resist them live when they turn up the volume.

Smoking live rendition of new single ‘Dazed By You’…

They rocked Brussels big time and are definitely on their way to conquer Europe.
On the other hand I hope they won’t polish their sound in order to rush fast forward
to the lucrative mainstream. It’s their cutting, mean side that makes them quite special and irresistibly attractive !…

One PIN down…

Here’s ‘Wild Nights‘ in full…

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(All concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE LIBERTINES – New Video For ‘Heart Of The Matter’…


The Libertines just revealed an intriguing video for ‘Heart Of The Matter‘,
a track from their new album ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’.

The video seems to reflect the drugs/booze past of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat (well, I hope it’s about their past) with John Hassell and Gary Powell as spectators of the mess the other two caused over the years. Wicked stuff. Here we go…



THE CRIBS ! New Cut – ‘Wish I Knew You In The ’90s’…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

British rockers The Cribs have shared a new song, titled ‘Wish I Knew You In The ’90s’. The track is a B-side to new single ‘ “Summer of Chances” (from their latest and sixth album ‘For All My Sisters’) and is available as part of a limited 7-inch from October 30. This cracker sounds as an A-side to me. Clamorous and electric, roaring and howling
‘Have A Freak Out’
. Music, maestro, please…

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Give them a smile…

London’s GOLDBIRDS Launch New Stellar Single ‘EMPIRE’…


14 September 2015


Goldbirds, the fresh four-piece London rockers just shared their third single ‘Empire’.
The band fronted by passionate singer/songwriter Si Connelly proves again that pop music can only be captivating and overwhelming when it’s driven by a genuine soul. No posing, no faking, no bullshit. Instead great rock music is about magnetic and honest intensity that touches the listener in an unforgettable way. That’s what Goldbirds do
again with their new cut ‘Empire’. A seducing crescendo moving tower of song with
fervent vocals and an infectious chorus that conquers you slowly, note by note, line
by line – I saw angels in your eyes last night – while the energy and the volume goes up heading to a fully charged, grand climax. This is Soul Music…

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If this is the first time you experienced Goldbirds you definitely should hear their
first two electrical singles ‘Giving Up’ and ‘Silver & Gold’ – Let’s roll…



KURT VILE ! Slacker Rapper’s New Cut ‘Life Like This’…

11 September, 2015…


Sometimes I get the sonic feel that Kurt Vile is a kind of slacker rapper’ – his spoken word flow is one long relaxing vibe as in this magnetic new track ‘Life Like This‘ from forthcoming new album “b’lieve i’m goin down” out September 25th on Matador Records – “All over the place. Everything you can imagine I’ve done… That’s where I’m at now, that I can sort of tap into every world and make it cohesive” says Vile about his new LP – here’s a damn fine taster…

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PUPPET REBELLION ! Captivating Indie Passion…


Who/home: unsigned indie rockers gang from Manchester – Oliver Davies (frontman), Danny Moss (drums), Paul Trochowski (guitars), James Halliwell (bass) and Craig Gibson (guitars)
Track: LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS – title track from their brand new 4-track EP (Spotify link below) – produced by Gavin Monaghan (Paolo Nutini / Editors) and the first record with new frontman Oliver Davies.
Score: the key word for Puppet Rebellion’s music is ‘passion’ – their songs are fully charged with sheer intensity and electric glow, with fervently guitar riffs and passionate vocals – ‘Life Is In Your Hands’ is Puppet Rebellion at its very best – pure captivating indie rock passion visualized in a damn cool freaky video clip – enjoy their force here…

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Painted puppets having fun…



Daydreaming before my PC screen my brain was just looking for a ‘Track Of The Day’ while Mark Lanegan Band was barking on the stereo in the back. No need to look further. Also I saw The Man playing live in Belgium last month. He still is the darkest blues rock crooner of all time. On ‘Sad Lover’ Lanegan turns up the speed. This mighty buzzing killer track was originally released on his 2014 vinyl-only EP ‘No Bells On Sunday’. The EP was later added as a bonus-cd to his most recent and excellent ‘Phantom Radio’ album.
Let’s Roll !…

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Barking in Belgium last month…


(Concert pics: Turn Up The Volume!)