NOW PLAYING! New Spine-Tingling EP By Magnificent Voice And Songwriter OLLIE TREVERS – Listen Here To ‘CORDELIA’…

28 November 2019


Who: A London based singer-songwriter, who studied at Leeds College Of
Music and ICMP. He was in several bands before deciding to become a solo
artist. He started writing and performing music from fourteen years old and
cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to be an artist.

New Release: 5-track EP titled ‘CORDELIA‘,
it’s his second EP and came out on 15 November.

Sound: Ollie Trevers is blessed with a phenomenal voice and a tremendous skill
for writing captivating and spine-tingling songs with a wayward, unconventional
and venturesome touch as the late great songwriters Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith
did so touchingly brilliant. His new second EP ‘Cordelia‘ features songs about all
things human. About personal observations, heartache, solitude, worthlessness,
catharsis and emotional claustrophobia. The way he performs each and every
song is most gripping and absorbing. Pure heart and soul bewitchment.

Here are his wholehearted meditations…

On the video for key track ‘Stage Of Fools’ you
can watch Ollie Trevers in action with his band…