Soulful Sunday With Supreme Canadian Voice THEO TAAMS

23 April 2023

THEO TAMS is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter.

He just shared his cathartic cover of Phil Collins‘s 1981 hit
In The Air Tonight (more than 570 million streams on Spotify).

TAMS: “For me, the personal attachment to this lyric runs deep. I recently ended a friendship with a really narcissistic individual and I had a really hard couple months where I was feeling really off and down about it all. I started listening to this track so differently, and I wanted my version to centre around the feeling of when you know something is off, but you find yourself making excuses for someone else’s red flags.”

This Canadian songsmith will overwhelm your ears with his majestic voice, the hero of this cover. The gripping, almost stripped to the bone, performance is heart-and-soul touching. Now and then the emotional resonance flares up but always returns to its bone-chilling core and its subtle piano play. Beautiful.


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