Nie Mój Cyrk – Celtic Punks THE DREADNOUGHTS Storm On New Single ‘PROBLEM’

New striking strokes

9 May 2022

Photo by Basia Kowalska


Who: With over 80 million streams on Spotify alone, The Dreadnoughts
are the biggest band you’ve never heard of. Formed in 2006, they’ve been
on a cider-fueled bender across the globe bringing their furious brand of
Celtic polka punk klezmer mayhem to an ever-growing legion of obsessed

Active: Since 2006 / 6 studio LPs (new one incld.)

New album: ROLL AND GO
Out: June 24th through Stomp Records

“The new album was written primarily by singer/guitarist Nicholas Smyth
in his one-bedroom apartment in New York City at the peak of the first wave
of the pandemic, with a newborn infant, during lockdown.”

New single: PROBLEM

Smyth (singer/guitarist: “This song is about our love-hate-mostly-love-but-sometimes-really-hate relationship with Poland, a country we’ve toured many times. In particular, it’s about a winter tour we did where everything just kept breaking and going wrong, and we kept fighting it and raging against it until we realized that this was normal in Poland, and that you needed to just do what everyone else did: sit back, have a beer and a smoke. The Poles are amazing at this, it’s actually a really healthy attitude to have in a lot of situations. The song’s title comes from a word that means the same in English and Polish, and we quickly realized that we were going to hear it from our tour manager (who spoke no English) about 18 times a day. ‘Ah…’ he would say, his face scrunching up and worry-creasing his forehead… ‘Problem’.”

Turn Up The Volume: If you can resist going bananas to this crackbrained belter you really need to change your meds. Problem is a twist and shake accordion-infused booster going left and right, forth and back, up and down with a punked-up polka whizz. After a Polish intermezzo, the speed gathers momentum and its full throttle towards the finish.

I dare you to dance to this stormer without falling
over your feet. Long live Poland. Hallelujah!

Sing along

Nie mój cyrk. Nie moje małpy
Nie mój cyrk. Nie moje małpy
Fajka, Laska, piwo, kapusta
Say it again, Zajebiście kurwa!

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