THE CORAL Release New Electrifying Psych Pop Track ‘CHASING THE TAIL OF A DREAM’…


After their excellent ‘lost’ album Scottish psych pop gang THE CORAL will be
really back with new, eight, album ‘Distance Inbetween‘ on March 4. The
record is dedicated to Alan Wills. The Coral’s early mentor and Deltasonic
label boss who died in 2014.

Magnificent artwork (as always)…

The band just shared a brand new slice of the forthcoming LP. A swirling
vintage-Coral-psych-o-dream-trip titled CHASING THE TAIL OF A DREAM’ .
You can download the song here and hear it below…

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BEACH FOR TIGER – Sparkling & Elevating Debut…


Who/home: Fresh psychedelic pop rock collective having fun in Essex/London…
Track: COCO – debut single !
Score: These are the big sparkling tunes we need in these troubled times. This new British five-piece knows everything about ‘feel better’ vibes. ‘Coco’ is a dreamy psych gem that takes you on a careless, sunlit trip while spoiling you along the way with exotic guitar lines and delightful sixties inspired harmonies. In the end you feel completely relaxed and in high spirits ! An unmistakable topper !

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A feel better band…

THE CORAL Getting Ready For The Real Comeback…


24 November 2015


Some cool news in these troubled times. The psychedelic Liverpool pop rockers The Coral will return early next year with a new album and a UK tour (followed by Europe, I hope). Distance Inbetween will be released on March 4 and is their 8th full body of work. All details here. It’s their first since the excellent 2010 Butterfly House album and last year’s ‘lost album’ The Curse Of Love. Here’s a trailer for the new LP…

Frontman James Skelly on the new one: “Before we started making the album we had discussed that we wanted it to be more minimal and rhythmical. We thought ‘if you’ve got a rhythm section that’s been playing together for almost twenty years, why not make that the centre of the songs?’” The album is dedicated to Alan Wills, the band’s early mentor and Deltasonic label boss who died in 2014.



CROCODILES ! Warm-Up Selection for Brussels…

22 September, 2015…


Crocodiles, the thrilling San Diego (California) psych popsmiths duo – Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell – released their fifth album in six years, titled ‘Boys’ earlier this year.


A collection of vibrantly distorted pop noise spiced with plentiful overdubbed harmonies and injected with some Latin beats and a dollop of salsa. Glorious stuff. Next Thursday (September 24) they will play Brussels. First time I will see them perform live. So I made a 7-track Crocodiles selection to create the right mood. Enjoy the mighty beat…

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THE HIGH LEARYS ! How To Reproduce That Sixties Beat Extravaganza …

12 August, 2015…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Who/home: 60s psychedelic beat four-piece from Perth, Australia formed in 2011 – Jamie Turner (lead singer, bassist), Michael Nutt (vocalist, organ, harmonica), Matt Williams (guitarist) and Mitchell J Benson (drummer) – they released their swirling debut album ‘Here Come The High Learys’ (10 tracks, 24 minutes) in 2013 (Spotify link below)…
Track: LETTERS TO ALICE – brand new single, officially out September 4…
Score: this band consists actually of four from the sixties reincarnated characters who know damn well how that swinging, mind-expanding sixties sound was shaped – thumping beats, feverish riffs, smoking hot harmonica, seducing psychedelic organ, a tambourine man, love/hate lyrics and richly colored harmonies – yesterday sounds bloody exiting down under – even bigger and more orchestrated than their debut …

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Here’s the sparkling debut LP…

… and the beat goes on !

FRUIT & FLOWERS ! Beautifully Colored Psychedelica…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

Artist: Fruit & Flowers
Who/home: F & F are Caro Lyzi and Ana Shaw from Brooklyn, New York
Track: ‘Turquoise’ – stunning debut single !…
In their words: ‘prepare to be inspired and have your little paws rocked like no wolf before…’
In our words: ‘Turquoise’ is like a magic rainbow unfolding slowly high in the sky soundtracked with dreamy pop vocals surrounded by a psychedelic orchestra led by sharp tuned guitars – beautiful and enchanting – ‘Fruit & Flowers’ created a brightly colored pearl – impressive entrance…


you know, rock and stuff
you think, you know

Im tripping fences on the dark side of the moon.
Im chasing tigers with a golden attitude.
Im looking out on blue green waves of paradise
Im lifting troubles with a concrete fork and knife
Im sinking forward in sweet molten memories of the velvet past.

Im seeing faces in my coffee morning news.
Im making up this world as it comes into my view
Im taking our my hesitations in bittersweet gaze
Im hoping for some kind of
Im sinking forward in sweet velvet memories of the glistening past.

Im making up for lost time in my daily commute.
Im hoping you might do the same in your muse.


Fruit & Flowers…