SUN CLUB – Exotic Pop Punk Party in Belgium…


SUN CLUB – Café Video, Ghent – 8 February 2016

About one month ago I saw/heard this irresistibly vital Baltimore gang for the very first time. In Tourcoing (France) they were support act for Spanish garage pop hype Hinds. It was no less than a smashing revelation. They generate more watts than Lance Amstrong ever did when he was on a maximum dose of epo. The streams of electricity this club produces with their debut album The Dongo Durango could illuminate the Eiffel Tower
in Paris 24/7. With their fast/slow pop punk outbursts, spiced with delicious exotic vibes, they change tempo faster than Michael Schumacher ever drove his red Ferrari. Get the smoking picture? Yes, quite special indeed.

Party time in Ghent…

Yesterday they invaded my hometown Ghent for the last gig of their European tour. They played Café Video, probably the coolest bar of Western Europe. Damn cosy place. But also very small. Actually a horror for people with claustrophobic problems.

Tons of ecstasy…

No issue for these five rousing globetrotters. As long as they can start a riot they will play everywhere. They are obsessively in love with what they do. They’re having the time of their lives. The sonic tumult they develop comes straight from their bodies and souls. Ecstasy is the key word. They had no room enough, as they had on that big stage in France, to jump in any direction they want. But small or big venues, they always will do their own special voodoo dance.

Voodoo priests…

The spectators were utterly keen to join in and give way to their seething adrenalin
but that’s not easy when you’re trapped in a packed bar where the volume of oxygen diminished with every single second.

sUN7 - kopie
Full house…

To avoid any sort of accident the band limited their set to just thirty-five minutes.
35 memorable minutes, 35 dazzling minutes of punky screams, explosive howls
and tropical beats. Swirling euphoria. One party never to forget…

Sun3 (2)

(All photos by JL/TurnUpTheVolume)

Move your furniture to your garage, call your best friends and
start your own Sun Club fiesta right here, right now…

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(concert pics: Turn Up The Volume!)