SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 26/27 March…


New edition of this weekly mix with seven steamy strokes
to shine a light in these troubled times. Music is the dope!

1/ ‘Coming Out Backwards’ by THEM BRUINS
Hammering four-piece on a roll with a nasty rockabilly punk twist à la The Cramps.
Only one of the towering highlights of their brand new 7-track EP. 2016 is theirs !…
On:: ‘No One Wants To Dance With Them Bruins’ EP – listen here
Home: Melbourne, Australia
THEM BRUINS: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Sign’ by MAN OF MOON
Scottish hyped drum/guitar duo with a new adrenalin injection to prove again that
they’re here to blow us all away with their hypnotizing beats & enthralling swagger…
On: brand new EP ‘Medicine’ out May 6 via Melodic Records
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland
MAN OF MOON: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Sunday TV’ by BLACK TWIG

Gloriously agitated & fuzzy pop bolide spiced with boosts of sparkling guitar firework.
On: new, third, LP ‘Blaze On A Plain’ out 15th April via Soliti
Home: Helsinki, Finland
BLACK TWIG: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Freeway’ by WHALE HOUSE
A deliciously swinging cracker with a single tone guitar riff that will stick as glue
in your ears after only one spin and a flamboyant chorus with an elevating force!…
From: brand new 2-track EP – here on Bandcamp
Home: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US
WHALE HOUSE: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Articial’ by FANG NIGHT
Ben Walker & Ewa Lefmann score big time with this debut. Brilliantly shaped and
soulfully performed pop pearl. The interweaving vocals are heavenly. Pure gold!
From: self-titled debut EP out now – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
FANG NIGHT: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Simple Song’ by BLUE HOUSE
Highly glamorous pop folk earworm brightened with exalting harmonies,
shiny guitars and a bouncy springtime organ in the back. Feels simply great!…
Home: London, UK
Label: Whipped Cream Records
BLUE HOUSE: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Tea, The Drink’ by SKYJELLY
A band centered around guitar vibes explorer Skyjelly Jones. They claim
to produce – take a deep breath – “Improvisational guitar noise pop blues
psychedelia left field soul loops
“. In short: mind-bending sonic escapades…
From: 4-track ‘Skyjelly & Sun’ EP – on Bandcamp
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, US
SKYJELLY: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…