ULRIKA SPACEK – Here’s Their New Psychedelic Jam ‘MIMI PRETEND’ From Upcoming Album…


After releasing their excellent debut longplayer ‘The Album Paranoia’ about one year
ago psychedelic adventurers ULRIKA SPACEK – formed one night in Berlin and based in London – have already finished their second LP titled MODERN ENGLISH DECORATION.
It will be out on 2nd June. All details here. It’s again recorded, produced and mixed in their shared London house – a former art gallery called ‘KEN’, named after a cryptic inscription found above the front door. Here’s the very first track MIMI PRETEND. A magnetizing trip build around a repetitive, haunting riff that will creep slowly but surely under your skin…

ULRIKA SPACEK: Facebook – Twitter

Antwerp 2016… (photos: Turn Up The Volume!)



Welsh Outfit THE TATES Scores With Debut Single ‘ELECTRIC GIRL’…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


THE TATESwere spawned in the twisted and insidious beauty of West Wales. Consisting of Liam Fusco, Tom Ryan, Matt Kilgariff, Jac Robin and Shaun Gwizdak the band absorbed the mainstream, mixed it with the alternative then spewed forth their own unique vision.
Influences range from The Libertines’ poetic raw energy, the death disco of early New Order
and the euphoric punch of Depeche Mode.”

Here’s their debut single ELECTRIC GIRL. A feel good pop sunbeam with animated harmonies and a catchy, funky twist that will make you smile on the dance floor…

THE TATES: Facebook – Decidedly Records



Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


SLEEPTALKING are “a young Bristol 5-piece, raised on the guitar sound of the Brit-pop era, inspired by the current grunge revival, but purveyors of something altogether more colourful and sassy. Sleeptalking mix psych with a twisted energy and guitar riffs reminiscent of alt-rock bands such as ‘Jane’s Addiction’, a comparison cemented further by the theatrical vocal flourishes of charismatic frontman Tom Nosek.”


Brand new, second, single PROFESSIONAL DREAMER will, undoubtedly put this hungry
5-piece on the list of new explosive bands to follow (they have been invited personally by founder and organizer Michael Eavis to play Glastonbury this year). This fresh track is a
kick-ass cracker. A heavily intense roller-rock-coaster burning from start to finish with nasty guitars alongside the brisk, echoing vocals of frontman Nosek while the pumped-up chorus makes you want to scream out loud. Press the button and experience the heat right here, right now…

Professional Dreamer will be on the band’s debut 4-track ‘Oh Isn’t It Strange’ EP
which follows on 21 April via Funnel Music

Band links: Facebook – Twitter – iTunes

SEVENTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-February-2017


Seventeen knockouts I played on repeat in February
A melting pot of irresistible vibes & steamy havoc
that vitalized my sonic bloodstream this month
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Currency’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (USA)
Electrifying roller coaster from forthcoming new LP ‘The Death Song’ – out April 21…

2/ ‘Always Sad’ by THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN (Scotland)
Amplified sugar sweet boys/girls cut from new album ‘Damage And Joy‘ – out 24 March…

3/ ‘Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey) by THE DANDY WARHOLS (US)
New high-voltage garage cracker from the imperishable groove experts…

4/ ‘Bodies For Money’ by GNOD (UK)
Krautdrone rockers with a LOUD and CLEAR message from new mini-album titled – take a deep breath: ‘Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine’ – out 31 March – check Bandcamp for details

5/’Ignorecam’ by PISSED JEANS (USA)
Nasty sledgehammer from their brand new album ‘Why Now Love’ – out now via Sub Pop

6/ ‘No Lives Matter’ by BODY COUNT (USA)
ICE-T’s gang returns with metal rap headbutt that matters. New LP ‘Bloodlust’ 31 March

7/ ‘Hit The Bottle’ by THE PEARL HARTS (UK)
New single from debut longplayer is a red-hot steamroller – more info on the album here

8/ ‘Nocturne’ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (USA)
Highly striking stroke from new LP ‘Gargoyle’ – out 28 April via Heavenly

9/ ‘Can I Sit Next To You’ by SPOON (USA)
Mighty funky score from upcoming album ‘Hot Thoughts‘ – out 17 March…

10/ ‘Alabaster’ by ALL THEM WITCHES (USA)
Hypnotizing voodoo blues jam from fresh album ‘Sleeping Through The War‘…

11/ ‘Laure Lee’ by THE BESNARD LAKES (Canada)
Slow moving psychedelic wave to get completely lost in – from the quintet’s new EP…

12/ ‘Down’ by BLACKWATERS (UK)
Pumped-up punk rock havoc you can scream along to until the roof comes down…

13/ ‘In My Head’ by LOOKAPONY (The Netherlands)
Magnetizing psych jam that will mess up your head – from new album ‘Ha-Satan’

14/ ‘Peckham Boys’ by TANGERINES (UK)
Riff electricity with a Velvet Underground twist – debut LP ‘Into The Flophouse‘ out 12 May

15/ ‘Because Of You’ by THE MAN FROM MANAGRA (Greece)
Atmospheric trip with an irresistible, repetitive drive from new LP ‘Half A Century Sun‘

16/ ‘Trauma’ by FOXYGEN (USA)
Eccentric duo back with bombastic retro splendor on brand new longplayer ‘Hang’

17/ ‘Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)’ by FLAMING LIPS (USA)
Melancholic & gripping beauty from new gloomy album ‘Oczy Mlody‘…


See/hear you next month, music junkies…

FOXYGEN With Their 21st Century High-Energy Big Band Revue Back In Brussels…


FOXYGEN – Botanique, Brussels – Friday 24 February 2017


After touring their rock opera inspired double LP ‘…And Star Power’ back in 2014/2015, Sam France (frontman/singer) and Jonathan Rado (multi-instrumentalist), the eccentric key members of Californian’s collective FOYXGEN announced, unexpectedly, the end of the band. Weird and sad, on the other hand I felt lucky to have witnessed their spectacular live ecstasy in Brussels on that final tour. Oh yeah, on stage their exciting, eclectic cocktail of soul, pop, jazz and many other sonic vibrations from the early years of popular music leaves an impressive impact on your ears, eyes and limbs. This live performance on the American David Letterman Show at the end of 2015 will give you a perfect idea of the group’s adrenalin injected live power…

And the good news, of course, is that FOXYGEN came, suddenly out of the blue, back last October with new single America, followed, last January, by their fifth longplayer, titled HANG. A continuation of their bombastic and theatrical approach of several decades of several musical genres of the past, featuring a 40-piece orchestra. Here’s the LP in full…

And… last Friday the Big Band Revue, with some help of a steamy horn section and an extra female singer/dancer, hit Brussels again with the charismatic Sam France leading the non-stop swinging spectacle as if it was his last concert ever. The highly energetic chameleon has multiple stage persona’s. From a sort of white James Brown madman on tons of speed to a hyperkinetic snake version of young Iggy Pop while he also demonstrated his Elvis moves in between. Explosive, flashing, 24 Karat entertainment! Here some of my pics…

‘Hello Brussels’…

‘We’re here to entertain you’…

Jonathan Rado going solo…


Elvis is in town

Passionate harmonies…

Great to have you back…

FOXYGEN: Website – Facebook – Discography


Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…




Psychedelia expert Anton Newcombe is probably the hardest working and most productive artist on the planet. Brand new album DON’T GET LOST, released yesterday 24 February, is his 4th release of new music in the past two years and his 16th longplayer overall with his band featuring this time Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Collin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt, and with contributions from Also Emil Nikolaisen from Norwegian group Serena-Maneesh and Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone, plus vocal performances
from Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Tess Parks and Shaun Rivers. Time to discover the San Francicso born and Berlin based psych wizard’s new groovy jams, all weekend long…

THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: New album on iTunes – Website – Facebook

The man in the middle…

PISSED JEANS – Hilarious New Video & Stream New Album ‘WHY LOVE NOW’…

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


‘The Bar Is Low’ by PISSED JEANS


Philadelphia‘s hellish noisemakers PISSED JEANS just released new, smashing album
WHY LOVE NOW (their fifth LP, co-produced by legend Lydia Lunch alongside Philly
metal veteran Arthur Rizk) The first single of the album – THE BAR IS LOW – was already launched last November. Now the band shared a hilarious video for this mighty furious AC/DC riff beast. Watch the band go completely mental in a gym. Hell yeah…

PISSED JEANS: Facebook – Twitter


You can stream the fresh LP, released yesterday 24 February, here…

Go Ballistic With IT IT ANITA – Agaaiin and Agaaiin…

On our stereo…


‘Agaaiin’ by IT IT ANITA


This mind-boggling four-piece out of Liege, Belgium released their new album AGAAIIN
last November. If you really want it LOUD & HEAVY come in, have a seat and check this thunderous engine out. High-voltage guitar frenzy loaded with muscled power chords, electrifying riffs and a manic madman on drums. Boisterous stuff! And …on top of it all raging vocals testing your ears’ flexibility. Sounds pretty mental, doesn’t it? You bet. I saw them playing live a couple of times in the past months and they blew me and many other affected spectators off their feet. Since then I have ‘Agaaiin’ on repeat on my stereo. A knockout from start to finish! Here’s the monster in full…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter


Hammer time in Brussels… (Botanique, Brussels – 9 February)



(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Swedish Band MANKIND After Meeting THE VELVET UNDERGOUND’s Man…


I recently discovered this Swedish band called MANKIND. Judging by their new single ART PROSTITUTE (featured on this week’s Seven In The Mix!) this quartet moves in mysterious ways. Those dark, obscure, psychedelic ways I really like. The B-side of the aforementioned new track – a cover of The Velvet Underground ‘s I’M WAITING FOR MY MAN – will show you exactly what I mean. Their extended version is something special. I’m absolutely sure that the band recorded this jam in one take AFTER they met THE MAN! Oh yeah, the first four minutes sound sloppy and stoned. Also loud, nasty and damn cool. And then a sort of The Doors’ The End outro comes on and lasts for about six minutes as if nobody had any idea when to stop. Final result: a doped VU cover! Experience the Stockholm madness here (warning: don’t watch the clip from too close or you might get seasick or high)…

MANKIND: Facebook – Soundcloud

The Stockholm Underground…