These Are TURN UP THE VOLUME’S 20 Knockout Tracks Of 2021 (So Far)

This year’s best tracks (so far)…

Yes, we have already reached the middle of 2021. The world, finally, looks brighter
than last year. Mad summer parties are just around the corner. And here’s the perfect soundtrack… Turn Up The Volume’s 20 best knockout tracks of 2021, so far!

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Track by Track

1. ‘Finger Pies’ by ANIKA (Berlin)
Electro earworm that moves and grooves from the get-go driven by a rolling
bass riff. Strangely catchy, mysteriously designed with a hypnotic effect. Top!

Catch the vibe…

2. ‘Nike Soldier’ by ALAN VEGA (US)
Alan Vega is dead! Long live Alan Vega! This spine-chilling
slo-mo groove comes from his lost album Mutator.

Check in…

3. ‘Night Is Mine’ULTRA SUNN (Brussels, Belgium)
Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibes, Sisters Of Mercy‘s gloom and doom hallucinations, and Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir thrills and you know it’s time for a dazzling night. It’s the title track from their standout debut EP.

Put on your leather jacket and dance…

4. ‘One + One’ by DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 (Canada)
With Is 4 Lovers the Canadian champions of drone noise rock made one of their best
full-lengths (so far). And the lead-single ‘One + One’ is a bulldozing, yet catching power blast that comes right at you.

Get slammed…

5. ‘Ten Points On The Damage Meter’ by HOW TO LOOT BRAZIL (Germany)
No rest for all who are addicted to dance their asses off. This is a hip-shaking belter, 145 seconds of steamed-up pop-punk euphoria. Imagine German dark disco legends D.A.F. on speed, fronted by Brit-girls Shampoo who are in trouble again.

Here comes the shot of adrenalin…

6. ‘Coma-Inducing Gibberish‘ by PIZZA CRUNCH (Scotland)
Scottish hit the bullseye with this sturdy stunner. A fab-tastic masterstroke to shut up all narcissists. Beware of getting too excited. It can lead to a rock ‘n’ roll coma. Whatever! Go for it!

Right here, right now…

7. ‘Stay’ by ONISM E (New York)
A soul-stirring and highly affecting vocal highlight – from one of the best albums of 2021 – by this rad emo-striking NY-based outfit. Stream/buy ‘Survivors’ LP here.

And stay for this pearl…

8. ‘Fall Of The Big Screen’ by DEADLETTER (South London)
Imagine George Orwell fronting The Fall back in Nineteen Eighty-Four scaring the
world with a grim, futuristic vision of humankind about to collapse in 2021 due to
a deadly virus. Scary!

Turn up the heat here…

9. ‘Wake Up’ by LOBSTERBOMB (Berlin, Germany)
A screaming triumph. This up-and-coming Berlin trio combines Bikini Kill‘s rough
outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto, and B-52‘s peppery liveliness. Touchdown!

Wake up here…

10. ‘Heroin’ by PERMO (Scotland)
A sizzling slice of trash and slash punk. Expect 135 striking seconds of heavy thunder
and creepy lighting. Totally insane drums and bass, deranged guitar frenzy, and cranked-up, psych-o-tic howling. Fucktastic intensity!

Hell yeeeaaahhhh…

11. ‘We… Are Doomed’ by THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY (Dutch-American)
A challenging rap and roll rant by an open-minded-plainspoken-ass-kicking-anti-establishement-and-other-scumbags force of doom and gloom. The title track from
this caring collective’s excellent new album.

Apocalypse now…

12. ‘Boilermaker’ by ROYAL BLOOD (UK)
The blues-rock tandem is back with this motherfucker of
a slam dunk from their brand new album Typhoons.

Wham bloody wham bam…

13. ‘The Men Who Rule The World’ by GARBAGE (US/Scotland)
A surprisingly funky disco banger that triggers your head’s up-and-down movement the very moment the money drops into the corrupt politicians’ pockets. I still love you, Shirley!

Let’s roll…

14. ‘This Is Not’ by CROWS ON WIRES (Germany)
Sultry synths, punchy percussion, glimmering guitar lines, and vibratory vocals.
Sounds like Sisters of Mercy are back, produced by Bauhaus who listened to Soft
on repeat. A stunner, indeed!

Get magnetized here…

15. ‘Vendetta’ICEAGE (Denmark)
An intoxicating jam with a threatening pace. A glam
power punch from their best-ever album Seek Shelter.

Press play and get moved…

16. ‘Not To’ by WOLFVANWYMEERSCH (Belgium)
Melancholia at its starry-eyed, synth-pop best. Here’s a romantic at heart, going
solo, who’s sanely obsessed with creating music, playing music, and enjoying music,
if possible, all at the same time. Damon Albarn‘s moody side comes to mind.

Dim the lights and enjoy…

17. ‘Unspoken’ by ANNIE TAYLOR (Switzerland)
A troubled love reverie with a sorrowful touch. Heartbreaking romanticism at its balladesque best, notable for its vocal splendour and silver-toned resonance.

Enjoy the sweet little pearl…

18. ‘Carry Me On’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)
This new musing feels like a nightly gloaming. Acoustic soul-searching and intimate tenderness. The darksome sorrowfulness of several past and present crooners come
to mind when hearing this gloomy song.

Dream away…

19. ‘Man Alone (Can’t Stop The Fadin’)’ by TINDERSTICKS (Nottingham, UK)
Surprising stonker! An 11-minute psychedelic and epic journey. Trippy and spacey.
From their new, 13th album, Distractions.

Follow the flow…

. ‘Amsterdam’ by MOONLIGHT PARADE (UK)
Magical and red-colored ballad, combining the melodic melancholia of Teenage Fanclub and The Coral. A sweet little gem about a wonderful city I’m in love with for a long time now. Press play and let your thoughts drift away on a cloud.

Listen to the beauty here…

See/hear you next time, music junkies…

MUSE Released Their Fourth Album ‘BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS’ 15 Years Ago Today

30 June 2021

Band: MUSE (Teignmouth, Devon, UK)
Active: since 1994 / 8 studio albums so far

Released: 30 June 2006 – 15 years ago today
Score: #1 in the UK, Australia, and several
European countries / #9 in the US

POPMATTERS wrote: “Muse impresses, and continues to impress
on Black Holes, not only because they have the Romantic classical
harmony-fueled huge stadium sound down pat, but in the details
that show a band mature and talented.”
Score: 7/10.

Turn Up The Volume: A series of Spaceship symphonies.

Singles/clips: Supermassive Black Hole / Starlight / Invincible




Full album…

MUSE: All Albums

MEATBODIES – Psychedelic Rockers Return With New LP And Slow Burning Single

30 June 2021

Who: Alt-rock group formed in 2013 in Monrovia,
by Chad Ubovich / 3 studio albums so far.

About mastermind Ubovich: “Within the fertile West Coast rock
scene of the 2010s, Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich was a perennial
candidate for MVP. Over the course of the decade, the Los Angeles
native could be seen peeling off guitar solos in Mikal Cronin’s backing
band, supplying the Sabbath-sized low end for Ty Segall and Charlie
Moothart as the bassist for Fuzz, and, of course, fronting his own

New album: 333 – out 3 September via In The Red

Ringleader Ubovich still is a devoted Black Sabbath fan, but goes
deeper into the darkness than before after a difficult, drug-fueled
period in his life with this slow burning psych stroke.

Watch/listen right here…


‘Song To The Siren’ by TIM BUCKLEY Who Passed Away 46 Years Ago Today

Top singles from the past…

29 June 2021

Artist: Tim Buckley
February 14, 1947 – June 29, 1975

Track: Song To The Siren
Written by: Tim Buckley and his writing
partner Larry Beckett
Released: 1970

Covers: by Pat Boone This Mortail Coil and Robert Plant among others
Album: Starsailor – his sixth LP released in 1970 – 51 years ago

Spine-chilling live version…

Studio version…

Tim Buckley passed away this day 46 years ago,
on 29 June 1975 from a heroin overdose, he was only 28

Twisted Trio PEGA Will Punk-And-Funk-And-Groove Up Your Summer With Their New 4-Track EP

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

29 June 2021

Band: PEGA (Brussels, Belgium)
Who: A musical project that first consisted of 6 Sunday
women in music freedom mode. Then 5, 4, then finally 3.
Expect Dino-post-punk, noise-rock straight out of a calm
apartment and rock ‘n’ roll of guaranteed prestige!

New EP: TEMPÊTE DE CHIPS (in English: Crisps storm)
Score: This twisted trio caught my aural attention on the spot
with their amazingly contrarian and out-of-their-minds EP.

Let’s have a look/listen track-by-track…


Manic guitars, hammering drum beats, and
Eastern-like howls resonate as if Bikini Kill
became a sort of weird punk-funk force.

Turn up the bass here…

– FADO –

Spunky vibes and a twisted cadence à la
female post-punk legends The Slits.

Hell yeah!…


A kooky intro, an eccentric and amplified middle, and
a what-the-hell-is-going-on outro. Another electrical cut
to pirouette yourself dizzy to.

Shake your booty, folks…


A continuation of the Eel Dance madness. These riot grrrls will
punk-up, funk-up, and groove-up your summer. Hallelujah!

Go nuts here…

All together
Buy/stream here…

Video clip for Trop Difficile

PEGA: Facebook

(photo: Barney Roberts)