BANDCAMP Will Donate All Proceeds From This Friday’s (February 3) Sales To The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

This action deserves a very loud…


Ethan Diamond founder & CEO of Bandcamp, the American online music store,
released this press message today (31 January)…

“Like 98% of U.S. citizens (including the President), I am the descendant of immigrants—my great-grandparents came to America from Russia and Lithuania as teenagers and worked in sweatshops until they were able to afford to bring the rest of their families over. Most everyone you speak to in this country has a similar story to tell, because we are, in fact, a nation of immigrants, bound together by a shared belief in justice, equality, and the freedom to pursue
a better life. In this context, last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States is not simply immoral, it violates the very spirit and foundation of America.

Contrary to the assertions of the current administration, the order will not make us safer (an opinion shared by the State Department and many members of Congress including prominent Republicans). Christian religious leaders have denounced both the ban, as well as the exception prioritizing Christian immigrants, as inhumane. It is an unequivocal moral wrong, a cynical attempt to sow division among the American people, and is in direct opposition to the principles of a country where the tenet of religious freedom is written directly into the Constitution. This
is not who we are, and it is not what we believe in. We at Bandcamp oppose the ban wholeheartedly, and extend our support to those whose lives have been upended.

And so all day this Friday, February 3rd (starting at 12:01am Pacific Time), for any purchase
you make on Bandcamp, we will be donating 100% of our share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working tirelessly to combat these discriminatory
and unconstitutional actions.

As another way of showing solidarity with the immigrants and refugees from the seven banned countries—as well as those impacted by the construction of the Mexican border wall—we’ve compiled a list of albums made by artists from the affected countries (Bandcamp may be incorporated in the United States, but we host artists from every corner of the world). We believe that knowledge and empathy are crucial weapons against fear and intolerance. We hope that, as you listen to these albums, you’ll not only discover some great new artists, but will also gain
a further appreciation and understanding for the way music transcends all borders, and remember that, even in the darkest of times, there is more that unites us than divides us.”


Experience MOON DUO’s Fascinating Video For ‘COLD FEAR’ – New Track From Upcoming Concept Album…

Clips that will impress your ears and your eyes…


‘Cold Fear’ by MOON DUO


Portland’s psychedelic adventurers MOON DUO will release no less than two related concept albums this year, both built around the idea of hidden patterns in our world.
“The two records are intended to represent inverted components of a singular entity, like two faces on the same head which stare always in opposite directions but are inextricably driven
by the same brain”
explained keyboardist Sanae Yamada in a press message with guitarist Ripley Johnson adding: “There’s something really powerful about the changing of the seasons in the Northwest, the physical and psychic impact it has on you, especially after we spent so many years in the seasonal void of California. I became interested in gnostic and hermetic literature around that time, especially the relationship between music and occult qualities and that fed into the whole vibe.” The first record, titled OCCULT ARCHITECTURE VOL. 1 will be out on 3 February via Sacred Bones Records. The pair already shared new, magnetizing song COLD FEAR a few months ago and now launched a quite spectacular, animated
video to visualize the track’s repetitive, mind-exploring electronic wave. Dim the lights
and get yourself ready for a creepy and fascinating eyeballs journey…

MOON DUO: Tour – Facebook – Twitter

Occult Architecture Vol. 1 – Out 3 February

RYAN ADAMS – Passionate Acoustic Version Of KARMA POLICE by RADIOHEAD…


‘Karma Police’ by RYAN ADAMS – Original by RADIOHEAD


Jacksonville singer-songwriter RYAN ADAMS made more than a dozen albums by now
since his solo debut Heartbreaker (in 2000) but he sure likes to cover other artists too.
He even released a (splendid) track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift‘s self-titled album, two years ago. A couple of days ago he played an acoustic set for BBC Radio. One of the songs he performed was Radiohead‘s compelling track Karma Police from their breakthrough album OK Computer (1997). You can hear it here…

RYAN ADAMS: Facebook – Discography

Original was released by Radiohead as 2nd single from ‘OK Computer’ album…

SEVENTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-In-January-2017


Seventeen knockouts I had on repeat in January
Seventy-six minutes of overpowering vibrations
that energized my sonic bloodstream this month
From roaring to moody, from shaky to gloomy
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’ by TEMPLES (Kettering, UK)
Dazzling, psychedelic rainbow from another galaxy…
On: second album ‘Volcano‘ – out 3rd March via Fat Possum Records

2/ ‘I Give You Power’ by Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples (Montreal, Canada)
Electro anti-you-know-who funk firework feat. soul legend Mavis Staples
Album: new one probably out next summer…

3/ ‘Fact 67’ by THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE (Berlin based)
Most productive musician on the planet  Anton Newcombe with another hypnotizing jam
On: new LP ‘Don’t Get Lost‘ – Out 24 February

4/ ‘Star Roving’ by SLOWDIVE (Reading, US)
Energizing wall of glimmering guitars build around a catchy melody…

5/ ‘Dear World’ by NINE INCH NAILS (New Castle, PA, US)
Industrial rock giant Trent Reznor back with mind-boggling beats…
From: new 5-track EP ‘Not The Actual Events‘ – stream on Spotify

6/ ‘Rattlesnake’ by KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD (Melbourne, AUS)
An adrenalin injected serpent creeping under your skin…
On: new album ‘Flying Microtonal Banana‘ – out 24th February

7/ ‘Tomorrow’ by JOEL GION
The BJM tambourine man returns with glorious retro stroke…
On: self-titled, second, album scheduled for summer release

8/ ‘Wanness’ by GREAT YTENE (London, UK)
Motorik psych steamroller that’ll twist your head, over and over…
On: Album ‘Locus’ – via Faux Discx

9/ ’25 (From Floor To Ceiling) by IT IT ANITA (Liege, Belgium)
Fast and furious. Time to charge your batteries…
On: album ‘Agaaiin‘ – stream on Bandcamp

10/ ‘The Killing Of America’ by UNIFORM (NYC, US)
Engulfing, industrial hammer dealing with mindless gun violence in the US…
On: brand new album ‘Wake In Fright‘ – here on Bandcamp

11/ ‘You’re Going To Ruin This For The Rest Of Us’ by SUPERBLONDE (NYC, US)
Red-hot, angry grunge injected guitar headbutt…
On: same-titled 5-track EP – listen on Bandcamp

12/ ‘Give Blood’ by MENACE BEACH (Leeds, UK)
High-energy stormer with an irresistible double-voiced chorus…
On: new album ‘Lemon Memory’ – here on Bandcamp

13/ ‘Jodis Song’ by EERIE GLUE (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Elevating guitar ecstasy from start to finish…
On: 4-track EP ‘Horror‘ – stream on Bandcamp

14/ ‘Meat Moon’ by LOVE SPORT (Helsinki, Finland)
Sparkling guitar pop gem with a nasty edge…
On: brand new album ‘Lemon Memory‘ –  listen on Bandcamp

15/ ‘Finger’ by HYPOCHRISTMUTFREEFUZZ (Belgium)
On: debut album ‘Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’ (no joke) – listen on Bandcamp

16/ New Religion’ by GOLD CONNECTIONS (Charlottesville, VA, US)
Towering, epic symphony with an intense twist by one man band Will Marsh
On: self-titled 5-track EP, out 31 March – details here on Bandcamp

17/ ‘Way In’
by SLOMOTE (Antwerp, Belgium)
Appealing and swirling pop gem…
On: 5-track debut EP ‘Wretches’ – stream on Spotify

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Cut It With… ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


‘The Cutter’ by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN


ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN is one of my all time favourite bands and one of the most influential post punk bands of the eighties and still playing tremendous live shows with key founders Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant. Here is their 1983 monumental score THE CUTTER with those spectacular Eastern sounding, psychedelic strings from their third album PORCUPINE . A superb masterstroke to split Blue Mondays right in the middle…

Who’s on the seventh floor
Brewing alternatives
What’s in the bottom drawer
Waiting for things to give

Spare us the cutter
Spare us the cutter
Couldn’t cut the

Conquering myself until
I see another hurdle approaching
Say we can, say we will
Not just another drop in the ocean

Come to the free for all
With cello-tape and knives
Some of us six feet tall
We will escape our lies

Spare us the cutter
Spare us the cutter
Couldn’t cut the

Conquering myself until
I see another hurdle approaching
Say we can, say we will
Not just another drop in the ocean

Am I the happy loss
Will I still recoil
When the skin is lost
Am I the worthy cross
Will I still be soiled
When the dirt is off

Conquering myself until
I see another hurdle approaching
Say we can, say we will
Not just another drop in the ocean

Watch the fingers close
When the hands are cold

Am I the happy loss
Will I still recoil
When the skin is lost
Am I the worthy cross
Will I still be soiled
When the dirt is off

Am I the happy loss
Will I still be soiled
When the dirt is off

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Website – Facebook – Discography

From PORCUPINE album – 1983

CAGE THE ELEPHANT – Top Of The Underground Scene…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…




After four albums the Kentucky indie rockers CAGE THE ELEPHANT are on top of te underground scene. Inspired by the best sounds of the mid-Sixties pop & rock they became succesful experts in turning those elevating vibes into nowadays emo-tional
and spectacular alternative firework. This live rendition of CRY BABY, one of the many highlights of latest album Tell Me I’m Pretty will vitalize all your senses…

Last Tuesday they played in The Netherlands as part of a(nother) short European tour.
As they ignored Belgium I crossed the border to see them in the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam . Wow! I was aware (long live YouTube) of the band’s live reputation but the tsunami I experienced was nothing less than overpowering with a remarkably young crowd jumping up and down from start to finish and singing every single word of each song. Really stunning. An unstoppable stream of adrenalin, on and off the stage. Here
are some pics…





CAGE THE ELEPHANT: Website – Facebook

PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT – Tireless Bass Legend Plays Marathon NEW ORDER and JOY DIVISON Set…


PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT – Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium – 26 January 2017


After a successful appearance at a Belgian festival last summer flamboyant bass player PETER HOOK, former member/co-founder of legendary bands JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER already returned to my home country to play a staggering 31-song set. The almost 61-year-old, tireless Mancunian musician got into a nasty legal fight with his lifelong friends Bernard Sumner & Stephen Morris when they decided a few years ago to reform New Order without him. In return Hooky started to play extensively with his proper, excellent, band THE LIGHT, performing only songs from his two best known old bands’ repertoire and… with success. On his current tour the show starts with an elevating, dancy New Order set and continues after a short break with a Joy Division mix of early punk anthems and some of the dark greatest hits. Here’s the setlist…


Nostalgia drove the highly excited crowd, with a legion of loyal British fans in front of the venue, to ecstasy and spirited sing-alongs. Peter Hook isn’t the best singer in the world but his vocal achievement is genuine, intense and honest (a couple of ones are sung by his splendid guitarist). What struck me (again) was the timeless power of most of the songs. Like they were written only yesterday. In the end it’s that imperishable quality that turns a PETER HOOK (and his cracking band) show into a fantastic night out. Here’s some magic footage of an old Mexico City concert to illustrate yesterday’s atmosphere in Belgium



And some of my pics from yesterday’s triumphant gig…

Dance, dance, dance to the radio…

Classic Hooky pose…

Tireless and victorious…

Father and son…

Peter Hook also published recently a new book ‘Substance: Inside New Order’
You can read an extensive review by British newspaper The Guardian here .

PETER & THE LIGHT: Facebook – Twitter

Canadian Sound Wizards SUUNS Join Anti-Trump Charity Project ‘OUR FIRST 100 DAYS’…

Fresh electrifying impulses for your ears…


Our First 100 Days is an anti-Trump charity initiative which supports causes threatened
by the new, highly contested, president of the U.S.A. The musical project, launched on Trump‘s first day in the White House, will feature many well know artists. Subscribers can download all off the ‘one hundred songs that inspire progress and benefit a cause for change’ songs via Bandcamp for a minimum of $30 with proceeds donated to various progressive charities. Details here. Angel Olsen, Mitski, Toro Y Moi, The Mountain Goats, How To Dress Well, Strand Of Oaks, S. Carey, Will Oldham and Jens Lekman were already confirmed to participate. Now Canadian electronic sound explores SUUNS also join the line-up with fascinating track NATIVE TONGUE


THE STRANGLERS – Debut Single (GET A) GRIP (ON YOURSELF) Released 40 Years Ago…

Timeless in sound and vision.…



THE STRANGLERS, regarded as the ‘old men‘ of punk back then and criticised by the Pistols and Clash focused music press but with more talent and more creativeness than many of the young brats surrounding them at the time, released their steamy, keyboards driven, debut single (GET A) GRIP (ON YOURSELF) on 28 January 197740 years ago. The track, written by frontman Hugh Cornwell (and featuring a Welsh coal miner on saxophone) was included on their debut album RATTUS NORVEGICUS and reached number 44 of the UK singles chart…

Didn’t have the money ’round to buy a Morry Thou
Been around and seen a lot to shake me anyhow
Begged and borrowed, sometimes I admit I even stole
The worse crime that I ever did was play some rock ‘n’ roll

But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself
But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself

Suffering convictions on a two-way stretch inside
The air in here is pretty thin, I think I’ll go outside
Committed for insanity and crimes against the soul
The worst crime that I ever did was play some rock ‘n’ roll

But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself
But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself

And you should know

Now I find from week to week the sentence sticking fast
Turn the corner, rub my eyes and hope the world will last
Stranger from another planet welcome to our hole
Just strap on your guitar and we’ll play some rock ‘n’ roll

But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself
But the money’s no good
Just get a grip on yourself

And you should know


THE STRANGLERS: Biography – Discography

Debut album ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ – released 15 April 1977