CAGE THE ELEPHANT – Top Of The Underground Scene…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


After four albums the Kentucky indie rockers CAGE THE ELEPHANT are on top of te underground scene. Inspired by the best sounds of the mid-Sixties pop & rock they became succesful experts in turning those elevating vibes into nowadays emo-tional
and spectacular alternative firework. This live rendition of CRY BABY, one of the many highlights of latest album Tell Me I’m Pretty will vitalize all your senses…

Last Tuesday they played in The Netherlands as part of a(nother) short European tour.
As they ignored Belgium I crossed the border to see them in the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam . Wow! I was aware (long live YouTube) of the band’s live reputation but the tsunami I experienced was nothing less than overpowering with a remarkably young crowd jumping up and down from start to finish and singing every single word of each song. Really stunning. An unstoppable stream of adrenalin, on and off the stage. Here
are some pics…




CAGE THE ELEPHANT: Website – Facebook

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