WEEKEND BEAT – Relax In The Shadow With Berlin Artist STONY SUGARSKULL…

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20 April 2018

The greatest part of Europe enjoys sunny days, but if you rather prefer to relax in the shadow than here’s Berlin-based artist Monika Demmler aka STONY SUGARSKULL to
keep you company with her darksome, twilight voice and puzzling reveries, sounding like the enigmatic ex-Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval fronting an acoustic Velvet Underground. Mystifying and heavy-hearted, yet weirdly attractive and sensual. Here are two of her new, sonic meditations. Two gloom-ridden reflections that will affect the moody side of your dreamy sentiments while reposing in the shade…

STONY SUGARSKULL: More on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

Sonic Psychedelia At Its Most Compelling – Here’s MIEN’s Spellbinding Debut Album…

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14 April 2018

MIEN features vocalist Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Tom Furse (The Horrors),
Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone‘s sitar maestro) and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies)

Last week this thrilling quartet released one of the best albums of the year (so far).
Their self-titled debut LP is a multi-layered tour de force. Contrary to countless other
side-projects these four most compelling musicians definitely didn’t come together
just to kill some time while their respectively bands took a pause. Oh no, not all,
the final result of their magical collaboration is nothing less than amazing. Here
is a splendiferous record full of mind-stimulating explorations, richly orchestrated compositions, transcendent soundscapes and rapturous arrangements overall. A
sonic work that needs several plays in order to discover the detailed grandeur of it.
After daily spins over the past seven days, I now fully feel and experience Mien‘s psychedelic depth and magnitude. It shows clearly that his group should go on…

EARTH MOON: spiritual illumination
BLACK HABIT: haunting electronica
psych paranoia
YOU DREAMT: experimental escapade
OTHER: cinematic gloominess
ROPES: neurotic disorder
ECHOLALIA: freaky mindfucker
ODESSEY: astonishing groove
EARTH MOON (reprise): cinematic finale


MIEN: Facebook – Website

Album available here.

Canadian Synthpop Duo CUBS REFRAIN Shines On Impassioned Debut LP ‘TELL ME YOU LOVE ME’…

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7 April 2018

Synthpop duo CUBS REFRAIN, formed in 2015 by Toronto artists Erin and Jordan,
just released their captivating debut album, titled ‘TELL ME YOU LOVE ME’.

Erin revealed in a press statement that “the album tells the story of a high-school aged
couple as they navigate the desire and despair of romantic awakening. My bandmate, Jordan, and I have spent the past year writing, recording and mixing the 14-track concept album, independently, in the home studio we constructed. Besides the prominent synths, the album features cello, drums and electric guitar, all performed acoustically. Most arresting are the sounds made when Jordan dismantled his family grand piano following the house fire referenced on the album’s artwork and on the track “Death of the Grand Piano 2017,
Scissors on Wire.”

SCORE: ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a gripping work of fervent passion, zealous intensity
and vital romanticism. A gratifying record that pleases your senses all the way through.
A sparkling collection of versatile, emotions loaded compositions. From vigorous electro splendour (When It Started / St. Andrews / Breathe / All New Lives and the superb ‘We Almost Failed, Brian (Epilogue II)) to soulful synth balladry intensified by Erin and Jordan‘s highly impressive voices (Collide / Underway / Where We Where). Overall this first longplayer is a stirring triumph marked by towering electronica dynamics, overwhelming duet vocals, and sky-high melodies. Imagine Editors and CHVRCHES producing some epic grandeur together. Yes, that magical! Discover the sonic brightness right here…

CUBS REFRAIN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

TELL ME YOU LOVE ME – Out now and available on iTunes

HAWK Launches Remarkable Video Clip For Newest Track ‘KEEPS ME OUT’…

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31 March 2018

Band: HAWK

Who: “Grunge-filled indie via London, Ireland, and Berlin. With activism at its core, HAWK combines an abrasive edge with celestial vocals, to create a driving, expansive sound. The band has been compared to Warpaint and The Cranberries with hints of Slow Dive and Radiohead…”

Track/Clip: KEEPS ME OUT

Score: here’s a mysterious slo-mo shoegaze drone, fascinating and dazzling in sound
and vision with frontwoman Julie Hawk‘s other-worldly voice as the most impressive instrument of this up and coming London trio. Hawk‘s vox and the song’s transcendent impetus is a perfect match turning ‘Keeps Me Out’ into a puzzling soundscape that has an impact on the dark side of your mind. Here’s the remarkable clip directed by James Byrne. “Explore the effects of stop-motion in this glitter-infused video…

HAWK: Website – Facebook – Twitter

TUBELIGHT – Belgian Garage Trash Force With Hottest Album Of The Moment…

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24 March 2018

They rattle, they rumble, they roar and they roll. They are TUBELIGHT. A cracking 5-piece out of Belgium that released its second album EXPERT BY VIRTUE, THEREOF just a few weeks ago. A blazing record Turn Up The Volume had on his earphones every single day since it hit the streets (review:  here). Imagine the early Velvet Underground with Mark E Smith – who’s singing instead of barking – producing some hellish hullabaloo jams. Fierce, sharp, nasty and hair-raising with frontman Long Tall Lee spitting and sneering like the demonic best. Pretty awesome! Best gang of the moment, on record and on stage. Why
I hear you ask? Here’s why…


Available on iTunes
Yesterday the trashy engine played my hometown Ghent again and turned their stupendous longplayer into a smashing powerhouse on stage at the Charlatan
venue with an overall riotous knockout sound that makes your head spin 360°.
Boiling guitars, kicking rhythm section, Ray Manzarek‘s ghost on keys and Lee
‘s screaming and shouting on top of it. No nonsense, no special effects,

LSD boy….

Snake Oil Salesmen

Full house

Nervous Lee

Flaming riffage

“Who are the fucking Glücks?

TUBELIGHT: Facebook / Label: Fons Records

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

WEEKEND BEAT – Capture The Trippy Electro Magic Of RUMOURS’ Debut LP ‘MEGAMIX’…

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17 March 2018

(photo FB Rumours)

RUMOURS is an up and coming 2-girls/2-boys electro force out of Belgium taking a giant step on their sonic journey with their first full length record. They describe their music as “pitch dark Shaman-hop and obscure cold with a frisking rustle, veiled by an oppressively dark sample-web.

Last week their highly atmospheric, soulful and dancey debut longplayer MEGAMIX, saw the light of day. A truly magnificent and magnetizing work of transcendent soundscapes.
A monumental sound, ranging from grand symphonies to mighty bass-loaded-synths drones. From twilight vibrations to battering reverberations. From heaven to hell and back, with frontgirl Hannah‘s divine and ardent voice as the band’s most impressive instrument. Here’s the dark splendor, the trippy magic and electronic majesty…

RUMOURS: Facebook
TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s live review of the LP release happening right here

Available on iTunes

Sweden’s Outlandish Dancey Duo ‘ShapeShiftingAliens’ Show Their Electronic Face…

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10 March 2018

ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of experienced musicians Niklas Rundquist and J.P Cleve. Their inventive work appealed to Nolan Cook of renowned, experimental avant-garde collective The Residents, leading them to collaborate
with one another on ‘Shadows‘, the final track from their 2017 eponymous album…

And here’s the dancey tandem’s newest single SHOWING MY FACE. A sparkling electro humdinger that is both highly catchy and weirdly intriguing. Singer Cleve‘s distinctive vox balances somewhere between the legendary voices of David Bowie and Gary Numan while the song’s electronic dynamic echoes The Sisters Of Mercy‘s darkest and most reflective moments. Find out what I try to stutter right here, right now…

ShapeShiftingAliens: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – More SSA music on Bandcamp

THE BREEDERS Launch New Intriguing Track ‘NERVOUS MARY’ From Forthcoming Album ‘ALL NERVE’…

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24 February 2018

THE BREEDERS are back with their classic line-up and just shared another new track
from their first LP in 10 years. NERVOUS MARY starts almost silent and whispering
before catching a flared up pace. “Run for your life, they’re coming up on us” sings Kim
mysteriously at one point giving this new one an edgy twist. Experience the
nervous drive here…

THE BREEDERS: Tour Dates – Website – Facebook

ALL NERVE – details on new album here on 4AD

Monumental Electro Splendor And Vocal Grandeur – Here’s ISKWÉ feat. TANYA TAGAQ With ‘THE UNFORGOTTEN’…

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17 February 2018

ISKWÉ is a Winnipeg-bred, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter (pronounced iss-kway) who “is fostering an unmistakable sound that weaves together her Irish and Cree/Dené roots with poignant politically charged lyrics, dark soulful R&B rhythms, electronic flourishes, and trip
hop breakbeats.”

This fascinating artist just released brand new track THE UNFORGOTTEN featuring the superb throat singer TANYA TAGAQ. It’s ” a community song that’s meant to be shared
by all people, a round dance where everyone holds the hand of the person next to them, forming a circle that connects us with our ancestors, as one. The current climate of events for Indigenous people is not lost on me and makes me feel that much stronger releasing this bad boy now. I’m proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I’m proud of what we’ve fought for, and how we continue to fight for our culture, our languages, our children, our women, our men, our earth and our water. But I’m also proud of all my non-Indigenous family and friends who continue to fight alongside us. This song is for all of us. Let’s dance together!”
” explains Iskwé.

THE UNFORGOTTEN is a truly magnificent masterstroke driven by vigorous vivacity, phantasmagorical passion and an immense intensity. The colossal electronic sound
feels like a mighty tribal trance-like celebration and the vocal performance is nothing
less than stunning. You’ll have this on repeat before you’re aware of it. Splendid score!
Sit down, relax, open your ears and your mind for something really special…

We are the war that’s forgotten
We stand up tall against the other side
We are the nation of tomorrow
We are the children who were not afraid to die

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

We are the ones, the unforgotten
We’re the acquaintance that the stories told you died
But we are here for all tomorrow
We are the keepers to forever hold up high

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

Wii do kaaw way Anishinaabe (help the people)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh

ISKWÉ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THE UNFORGOTTEN – available here on Bandcamp

GAUSS – Cinematic Electro Pop To Get Completely Lost In…

Weekly vibe to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


10/11 February 2018

(photo: Henk Cottenier)

GAUSS is a Belgian electro pop duo producing dreamy sonic waves for the late night
hours. Their brand debut new debut album BIOMETRICAL LOVE feels like a trance like symphony colored beautifully with enchanting singer Mati Le Dee‘s angelic voice – floating somewhere between Björk and Florence Welch – and Emile Sertyn“s electronic explorations. A relaxing experience for your mind’s imagination. A tribal trip that will elevate you to a higher level, to a place called phantasy. If you never heard of this vibrant Brussels based tandem I propose to start right here with the graceful beauty of the title track…

You can stream/purchase longplayer BIOMETRICAL LOVE on iTunes

GAUSS: Website – Facebook – Instagram

Cinematic psychedelia at the album release show in my hometown Ghent last Thursday