WHISPERING SONS – Stirring New Single ‘WHITE NOISE’ Is A Mind-Bending Cracker…

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Who: Belgian’s premier post-punk band and very soon a clinking name all over Europe…
Score: to my hungry ears this, without a shadow of a doubt, is the band’s most impactful achievement so far. The powerful cracker was already part of their ardent live shows for some time and it always stood out, loud and proud. The track is irresistibly dominated by
a repetitive, haunting drum boom from start to finish, while wailing guitars pump up the volume now and then. The monumental moment is the crushing chorus with frontwoman Fenne Kuppens delivering an overwhelming vocal performance. Overall this is their most accessible composition so far. Blazingly catchy and it rocks like hell. Top! Press the button and experience the heat here…

WHITE NOISE, backed by a sensational remix of earlier song
PERFORMANCE, will be out on 7″ vinyl on 15 September.
All pre-order details  here.

WHISPERING SONS: Facebook –  Bandcamp – Twitter

(concert pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE MOONLANDINGZ Are Back With Rabies – Get Your Doggish Injection Here…

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‘The Rabies Are Back’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ

Maddest band of the year: THE MOONLANDINGZ
Weirdest track of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Absurdest lyrics of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Wickedest video clip of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Funkiest gig of the year: The Moonlandingz at Dour Festival Belgium – 14 July
Second funkiest gig of the year: The Moonlandingz in Amsterdam – 26 April
Grooviest disco punk album of the yearInterplanetary Class Classics
Intensest frontman of the year: Lias Saoudi
Greatest and fattest joint I ever seen: watch this clip…

I turned my back on Paris
Because I heard their dogs do bite
I didn’t mind the taste of their crepes
Oh they were alright!!!

What’s that barking at night
Keeping me up
Scowl at the light
I said, what’s that hair in my ears, foam in my mouth
I feel like a lousey werewolf!!!

Ladies, the rabies are back
Ladies, the rabies are back
Ladies, the rabies are back
The rabies are back for good

You don’t need to cross the channel
For the taste of cheap wine
Just bob along to Aldi or Lidl
Any old time
But what’s that creeping about
Down on all fours, blood in its mouth
I said ‘hop back’, showing its paws
It looks like a massive werewolffff

Ladies, the rabies are back
I said, ladies, the rabies are back
I said ladies, you know the rabies are back
The rabies are back for good

THE MOONLANDINGZ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(Concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Grooviest album artwork of the year

ELEPHANT STONE Goes Ambient On Upcoming ‘REMIX OF FOOLS’ EP – Here’s A Dancey Taster…

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Canadian psych rock trio ELEPHANT STONE, led by Indian roots vibes inspired frontman
Rishi Dhir will release a remix EP of their latest album Ship Of Fools  featuring members
of Young Galaxy, TOY, Caribou, Tahiti 80 and more. A press statement explains more about
the experimental project: “The renditions found on ‘Remix of Fools’ intensify the moments of infectious rhythm, highlight the swirling atmospherics, amplify the hidden hooks, and take the songs into unexpected and uncharted territory.” More details on the EP here on Bandcamp.

And here’s a dancey taster. THE DEVIL’S SHELTER remix by Montreal band Young Galaxy. Move your furniture, get your dancing shoes and go high on this mind-pleasing trip…

ELEPHANT STONE: Website – Facebook – Bio

Ship of elephant stones…

PIXIES – Playing Energizing loudQuietloud Bossa Nova Music 27 Years Ago…

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Weekend Beat(s): : BOSSANOVA – 3rd album
Released: 27 years ago on 13 August 1990…
Reviews: by Rolling Stone and Classic Rock Review
Note 1: melodic rock at its punky best – like frontman Francis Black once
said “you have punk rock, you have rock, you have blues, you have soul, it’s all disco.”
Note 2: I still have the cassette (somewhere hidden under all my other cassettes)…
Three Top Tracks: Velouria / Is She Weird? / Dig For Fire

VELOURIA – catchy scream along single…

IS SHE WEIRD? – nightmarish impact…

DIG FOR FIRE – great title, great flow…

It’s weekend, time to play this
disco record in full & on repeat…

PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Discography

Pixies – 1990…

Pixies – last week (Friday 4 August live in Belgium – more pics here )

Dance Your Head Off In Another Galaxy With Synth Wizards… KRON

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‘Arcane Sanctuary’ by KRON

KRON is an audio/visual electro trio from Los Angeles creating mind and body stimulating dance floor beats with massive, battle-cruiser sized modular synths adding hallucinating visuals when playing live. After performing as a house act on a monthly art/tech party held in a spacious warehouse in downtown L.A.’s Chinatown, the band got noticed and started
to draw large, exciting crowds. Equal parts Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, sentient rogue Microsoft screen saver, and Amun-Ra (ancient Egyptian god), KRON’s electronic jams turn into ecstatic, delirious and rapturous symphonies. ARCANE SANCTUARY, a multi-colored trance trip from their upcoming 8-track EP ‘Raptoid‘ will tell and will show you everything you need to know about this transcendent trinity. Open your mind and eyes…

KRON: Facebook – Website – Instagram

KORN will impact your skull – Artwork for EP ‘Raptoid’ – 11 August via Ring The Alarm

Vivacious Electro Pop Vibrations With Los Angeles Duo… FLOOD COASTS

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‘Don’t Hold The Door’ by FLOOD COASTS

FLOOD COATS is a fresh Los Angeles collaboration between Joel P West (guitar, songwriter, film composer) and Darla Hawn (drums, vocals). Next week their debut album VAQUITA will be out (28 July). According to a press statement, the record ‘channels the spirit of 80’s pop like Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates through dream-pop sounds reminiscent of Beach House or Tame Impala. Fuzzy analog synthesizers and punchy brass arrangements follow
tight grooves, all supporting lush vocal melodies that are traded off between Joel and Darla throughout the record. All nine tracks invite listeners in with catchy melodies and beautiful production, but are rich with musical complexities and introspective lyrics for those looking to dig a little deeper.
But first, DON’T HOLD THE DOOR, one of the LP’s tracks the band just shared. A delectable, highly catchy electro pop vibration with a reflective touch. A richly colored synths harmony with Hawn‘s impressive & soulful voice shining throughout…

FLOOD COASTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

‘Vaquita’ album out 28 July –  all details here on Bandcamp

RADIOHEAD – Monumental Magic At Glastonbury 2017…

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Yesterday RADIOHEAD played Glastonbury, probably the best festival on this planet. I wasn’t there (I’m busy baking in red-hot Italy, on vacation). Even with a hangover from
last night I checked the BBC’s website immediately this morning to find out if they had
the permission to cover the performance from one of the biggest rock bands ever, the masters of intense drama and amplified melancholia. Bingo! Here’s Thom Yorke, and his stellar musicians looking and sounding incredibly inspired, motivated and emotional. Experience three outstanding renditions of three of their most wanted masterstrokes…

FAKE PLASTIC TREES (1995 – from ‘The Bends’ LP)

CREEP (1993 – from debut album ‘Pablo Honey’)

NO SURPRISES (1997 – from ‘OK Computer’ album)

Okay, my senses are activated now. Feeling alive and kicking (sort of) again. I’m gonna watch the whole show over the weekend. Thank you Radiohead, thank you BBC …

RADIOHEAD: Website – Facebook – Discography


ACTING STRANGE – Debut Album ‘TALK TALK TALK’ Is A ‘Party Party Party’ Jukebox…

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‘Talk Talk Talk’ by ACTING STRANGE

ACTING STRANGE are two musical cousins and a mysterious friend out of East Kilbride, Scotland. Young, restless and ambitious the Strange boys decided a couple of years ago what probably all youngsters actually should decide to do: going mad for it and create some heated rock and roll firework. Their 2016 debut EP ‘Night on the Tiles‘ revealed their early sonic direction: shaky and bluesy DIY pop nostalgia à la Liverpool legends The La’s. Their sound evolved quickly into a 60s/70s glam rock injected vibe and the band recorded, produced and mixed their debut album TALK TALK TALK in just two weeks in a converted shed in their hometown on a Tascam 8-track in order to get a ‘straight to the point‘ organic sound. The brand new longplayer contains several flaming crackers (Sharp End / Save Me / Start It Over / Questions / Acting Strange) to start a weekend-long party but their firstborn has more to offer than just go bonkers electricity. Moody jingle jangle beauties like Dream Away , Wrong Desires and Universe Blues – think iconic The Kinks‘s frontman Ray Davies going acoustic – are the perfect yearning songs to sing along at the end of that same party… when the sun comes up. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ is a jukebox full of ‘Party Party Party’ tracks. From swirling kicks to dreamy reflections. From steamy retro beats to stripped-to-the-bone melancholy. Press the button and fuel your weekend with this versatile Acting Strange debut…

ACTING STRANGE: Facebook – Twitter

Shake, Shake, Shake…

LAS COBRAS – Discover The South American Duo’s Psychedelic Trance Debut Album ‘TEMPORAL’…

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‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS

LAS COBRAS out of Canelones, Uruguay is an invigorating and experimental psychedelic duo. They got our attention earlier on when they shared some intriguing tracks from their debut album TEMPORAL which is out now via Fuzz Club describing the band’s very first achievement as: ”influenced as much by psych/krautrock greats as it is wildly immersed in
the lysergic sounds of South America – at times delving into lush and textured afro-beat and tropicalia influences.

It’s really an amazing record. A haunting and enthralling trance trip from start to finish
with a tremendous mix of electronics, glowing guitars and twilight vocals. At times their soundscapes are dark, far-out and mysterious, but Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebella‘s overall groovy approach turns the whole journey into a thrilling and ongoing energizing experience. They explore sonic waves from the past, the present and create some of their own for the future. Definitely one of the best debut albums of the year. Here’s why…

LAS COBRAS: Facebook – Fuzz Club