LAVA DOLLS – Join ‘THE LUCKY ONES’ And Go Completely Apeshit…

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Three-headed Canadian noise monster LAVA DOLLS is a volcanic rock machine with an unstoppable greed for Molotov cocktail riffs, inflammable hooks and slashing drum/bass eruptions. The boiling trio just released new single THE LUCKY ONES. The band explains what the slam is all about ” it’s a schizophrenic party song for the Everyman. A “get up and give ’er” battle cry for those down but not out. It’s quick and dirty, like life. Intended to be played at maximum volume, or at least loud enough to drown the voices in your head”.

Can’t agree more. This nasty sledgehammer is made to start a ‘fight for your right to party’ revolution in your street. Absolutely, here are some hard-rockin’ beastie boys with a full-throated blast. Perfect time to test your lungs’ capacity and have some badass fun, folks…

‘The Lucky Ones’ is available on Bandcamp. It’s the lead track from their upcoming Little Secrets EP, recorded by legendary noise expert Steve Albini. The 5-track EP was canned in less than 4 days with no computers (entirely analog).

LAVA DOLLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter
‘The Lucky Ones’ on Apple Music

Daydreamers Of ‘SOUVENIR DRIVER’ Deliver One Of The Most Gripping Guitar Pop Albums Of The Year…

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Time flies, 2017 progresses slowly but surely towards its end. So thoughts of ‘best albums of the year’ come to mind. One that will be definitely on my list is the fourth, self-titled LP by Portland dream pop experts SOUVENIR DRIVER, released last April. It’s an enrapturing work of epic splendor. Eight gripping masterstrokes where poetic guitar lines, melodic grandeur and delightful vocals meet and turn at times into moody rainbows, at times
into electrifying jams. Magnificent compositions, beautifully arranged and orchestrated, romanticized with shades of shoegaze melancholy and full of sterling emotions.

Guitarist/singer Nate Weye said earlier in an interview: “It’s an evolution, but also a step toward something more personal, vulnerable, and human. The main themes are inspired by relationships, nature, and strangely enough, turtles. Like the image of a parachuter which we use on our merchandise, the turtle exists between two worlds, is vulnerable yet strong. Most importantly, its movement, a slow, but straight vision — mirrored the length of time it took to write/record/and release this, something that at times tested our patience, but which we never questioned or judged.”

Here’s – to my ears – the shiniest diamond on the album…

Experience the beauty in full…

SOUVENIR DRIVER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Turtles lovers, so happy together

BECK is Back With Bouncy And Lively ‘COLORS’ – Party Time Again…

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After the 2014 gloomy ‘Morning Phase‘ album BECK David Campbell is back with new longplayer COLORS. Just after one spin, it’s obvious to my ears that the flamboyant L.A. born chameleon artist definitely wants to party again. His new, thirteenth, longplayer – released yesterday, Friday the 13th – sounds funky, upbeat and vivacious from start to finish. This gonna be a delightful weekend fueled with a cocktail of ecstatic vibes…

BECK: Website – Facebook – Instagram

Back to party…

Listen Up Rockers! Here’s LIAM GALLAGHER With First Solo Album ‘AS YOU WERE’…

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Finally. Here’s LIAM Big Mouth GALLAGHER‘s first solo album AS YOU WERE. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t never ever have thought that the ex-Oasis frontman would actually write and record a whole longplayer of his own stuff. Here are quotes from some press reviews.

PITCHFORK: ‘The debut solo album from the 45-year-old, would-be rock’n’roll savior fails to match the charm of his cantankerous public persona.’
NME: “Certainly there’s a lot of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones here too, but the glammy, foot-stomping country bounce of tracks like ‘Greedy Soul’ make sure this isn’t a hoary dad-rock indulgence, but a totally 2017 rock record with its sights set high. Welcome back Liam – never leave us again.”
ROLLING STONE: “Eight years after that band’s messy breakup, Liam puts his signature voice on the line in a mostly original set of strut and reflection that sticks to Oasis’ template – brawny Britpop, Beatle-esque ballads – and often invigorates it.”

Me, myself and I heard the album only once so far and I’m going definitely listen again
a couple of times these coming 48 hours as here’s some solid, retro rock ‘n roll quality songwriting. From muscled rockers to heavy-hearted ballads. C’mon, Liam, this weekend you’re a rock and roll star again…

LIAM GALLAGHER: Website – Facebook – Instagram

And unlike his fellow countryman John Rotten Lydon (now officially a ‘American citizen’!) who turned into a right-wing bla-bla-bla populist over the years, even claiming recently to be a fan of fascist and racist idiots Trump & Farnage, razor-sharp Liam has far smarter ideas and thoughts on Brexit: “I love Europe. I guess the borders have got to be tightened but all that stuff about going ‘this is my country’, I don’t get that. We all live under one sky. I certainly don’t sit there and go ‘this is my fuckin’ England, stay out’, but I think we should definitely keep an eye on who’s coming in and out of the country. That just makes common sense because you don’t want a load of loony cunts coming in. But good people should be allowed to move and groove wherever they want.” and on clown Trump: “He’s a dick. They’re all dicks. Kim Jong fuckin’ whatever he’s called, they’re all off their fuckin’ tits. I’m here to take people away from
all that. You certainly ain’t gonna get me stomping around like Bono.”

Flaming Liam is back…

Fresh Duo ‘WORLDS’ Will Brighten Your Weekend With Some ‘GOOD SHIT’…

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Who: a fresh musical partnership with Erica Driscoll (from Blondfire) and
Anthony Polcino (aka Antoine Diligent)
Track: GOOD SHIT – their debut single
Story: Erica revealed how the song was born: “The whole ‘Good Shit’ thing started when
we were about to write a new song together and actually hadn’t played a note of music yet. Anthony asked me what we should call this song and I blurted out, “Good Shit”, half joking around. He was like, “actually… yeah, let’s do that.” Once we had the title, the story and music all came together so fast. Pretty much like all the music we’ve been making together. We’re just having fun and going with what feels good, then we kind of magically have a new song.”

Score: This is how legendary 60s duo Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood would sound today. Dancey, seductive, playful and as alluring as back then. Trust me, this highly catchy electro pop groove will make you smile and feel funky all day long. Good shit indeed. Here we go…

WORLDS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

METZ – Brand New Third LP ‘STRANGE PEACE’ Is A Giant Contender For Noise Album Of The Year…

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Canadian noisemakers METZ just released brand new album STRANGE PEACE. A massive wall-of-sound monster that will end up way high on my end-of-the-year list. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare your mind & body for some clamorous trash electricity. Hit here…

METZ: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

(concert pic: Turn Up The Volume!)

THE MOONLANDINGZ Are Back With Rabies – Get Your Doggish Injection Here…

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‘The Rabies Are Back’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ

Maddest band of the year: THE MOONLANDINGZ
Weirdest track of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Absurdest lyrics of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Wickedest video clip of the year: THE RABIES ARE BACK
Funkiest gig of the year: The Moonlandingz at Dour Festival Belgium – 14 July
Second funkiest gig of the year: The Moonlandingz in Amsterdam – 26 April
Grooviest disco punk album of the yearInterplanetary Class Classics
Intensest frontman of the year: Lias Saoudi
Greatest and fattest joint I ever seen: watch this clip…

I turned my back on Paris
Because I heard their dogs do bite
I didn’t mind the taste of their crepes
Oh they were alright!!!

What’s that barking at night
Keeping me up
Scowl at the light
I said, what’s that hair in my ears, foam in my mouth
I feel like a lousey werewolf!!!

Ladies, the rabies are back
Ladies, the rabies are back
Ladies, the rabies are back
The rabies are back for good

You don’t need to cross the channel
For the taste of cheap wine
Just bob along to Aldi or Lidl
Any old time
But what’s that creeping about
Down on all fours, blood in its mouth
I said ‘hop back’, showing its paws
It looks like a massive werewolffff

Ladies, the rabies are back
I said, ladies, the rabies are back
I said ladies, you know the rabies are back
The rabies are back for good

THE MOONLANDINGZ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(Concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Grooviest album artwork of the year

ELEPHANT STONE Goes Ambient On Upcoming ‘REMIX OF FOOLS’ EP – Here’s A Dancey Taster…

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Canadian psych rock trio ELEPHANT STONE, led by Indian roots vibes inspired frontman
Rishi Dhir will release a remix EP of their latest album Ship Of Fools  featuring members
of Young Galaxy, TOY, Caribou, Tahiti 80 and more. A press statement explains more about
the experimental project: “The renditions found on ‘Remix of Fools’ intensify the moments of infectious rhythm, highlight the swirling atmospherics, amplify the hidden hooks, and take the songs into unexpected and uncharted territory.” More details on the EP here on Bandcamp.

And here’s a dancey taster. THE DEVIL’S SHELTER remix by Montreal band Young Galaxy. Move your furniture, get your dancing shoes and go high on this mind-pleasing trip…

ELEPHANT STONE: Website – Facebook – Bio

Ship of elephant stones…

PIXIES – Playing Energizing loudQuietloud Bossa Nova Music 27 Years Ago…

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Weekend Beat(s): : BOSSANOVA – 3rd album
Released: 27 years ago on 13 August 1990…
Reviews: by Rolling Stone and Classic Rock Review
Note 1: melodic rock at its punky best – like frontman Francis Black once
said “you have punk rock, you have rock, you have blues, you have soul, it’s all disco.”
Note 2: I still have the cassette (somewhere hidden under all my other cassettes)…
Three Top Tracks: Velouria / Is She Weird? / Dig For Fire

VELOURIA – catchy scream along single…

IS SHE WEIRD? – nightmarish impact…

DIG FOR FIRE – great title, great flow…

It’s weekend, time to play this
disco record in full & on repeat…

PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Discography

Pixies – 1990…

Pixies – last week (Friday 4 August live in Belgium – more pics here )

Dance Your Head Off In Another Galaxy With Synth Wizards… KRON

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‘Arcane Sanctuary’ by KRON

KRON is an audio/visual electro trio from Los Angeles creating mind and body stimulating dance floor beats with massive, battle-cruiser sized modular synths adding hallucinating visuals when playing live. After performing as a house act on a monthly art/tech party held in a spacious warehouse in downtown L.A.’s Chinatown, the band got noticed and started
to draw large, exciting crowds. Equal parts Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, sentient rogue Microsoft screen saver, and Amun-Ra (ancient Egyptian god), KRON’s electronic jams turn into ecstatic, delirious and rapturous symphonies. ARCANE SANCTUARY, a multi-colored trance trip from their upcoming 8-track EP ‘Raptoid‘ will tell and will show you everything you need to know about this transcendent trinity. Open your mind and eyes…

KRON: Facebook – Website – Instagram

KORN will impact your skull – Artwork for EP ‘Raptoid’ – 11 August via Ring The Alarm