DEAP VALLY – Smile More To The Bone…


Hammering Californian duo DEAP VALLY came back this year with a big bang and Femijism, their overall smoking successor to 2013 devilish debut album Sistrionix.
Ass-kicking single SMILE MORE , released last June, made my head moving in four directions but this stripped to the bone live rendition performed for British music magazine NME is another must-hear experience. A different drive and a different
feel than on record. A bare blues injection. Lindsey Troy (guitarist/singer) and Julie
(drummer/singer) are two of a very special kind. Going their own way
while doing it their own noisy way. This honest outburst electrifies your senses…

New album FEMIJISM was released last September. Explore it here on iTunes 


“I don’t wanna be a reflection, I don’t need your direction…” (Amsterdam, 26th September)

DEAP VALLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

CABBAGE – The Manchester Outlaw Sound Of 2017…

Music that shakes us in a way we want to scream out loud…


“It’s the best anti-band name and sums us up completely” explain clamorous newcomers CABBAGE, a 5-piece gang from Mossley, Manchester “serving up an idiosyncratic, satirical attack in the form of discordant neo post-punk.” BBC Music just put them on their Sound
Of 2017
longlist. If you never heard these rascals before than TERRORIST SYNTHEZISER, opener of the group’s brand new 4-track EP is a perfect introduction to the band’s chaos injected bravado. A drunk, scream along mid-tempo chant that reminds me of early Fat White Family and The Fall with a real singer. The sound of Manchester streets it is..

No need to stop yelling now, here’s the EP in full,
including a totally wicked cover of Nancy Sinatra‘s
These Boots Are Made For Walking‘.

CABBAGE: Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

ADWAITH Shares Moody Sisterhood Sentiments From Wales…

Fresh from the recording studio…


Together Gwenllian Anthony (bass, mandolin), Hollie Singer (vocals, guitar), Eva Chelsea Free (vocals) & Heledd Owen (drums) are ADWAITH, an all female indie Welsh four-piece. Their record label Decidedly Records states: “ They are like the Welsh Slits playing Johnny Cash songs all set in a distinctively European post-punk urban setting. Trailblazing like pioneering Welsh artist such as Datblygu before them. This is the future of Welsh music right in front of us…
The band’s very first single PWYSAU (means ‘weight’ in English) was written by Gwenllian Anthony for her teenage sister whose young heart was broken by a boy. It sounds like a moody, kind of comforting lullaby. Gripping sisterhood sentiments. With all this info I guess you don’t really need to understand the words, but I added the lyrics for those
who want to expand their language knowledge anyway….

Ca’ dy lygaid
Breuddwydia am anfeidredd
Os oes ofn arno ti, paid oedi
jwmpa mewn i’r gwely
gyda fi, gyda fi

Os ma pobol yn galw enwau
paid meddwl bod ti ar ben dy hun
os ma’r pwysau yn gormod i ymdopi dere,
ymlacio gyda fi
gyda fi, gyda fi

tin cofio’r bachgen o ti’n arfer ffansio
aeth e bant da Beca o Ty Croes
tin cofio faint mor ddigalon o ti
ond ‘drych fel ma bywyd yn mynd ymlaen, ymlaen, ymlaen
ymlaen, ymlaen

fi ‘llu gweld y tan yn dy lygaid
ond mae rhywbeth yn ei diffodd
mae’r cyfrinachau yn pwyso’n drwm ar dy ‘sgwyddau


ADWAITH: Facebook – Twitter – Decidedly Records

SEVENTEEN KNOCKOUTS – On.Repeat.November.2016.


Seventy-one minutes of stellar knockout sounds
that invaded my sonic bloodstream this month
From roaring to moody, from shaky to gloomy
Turn up the volume! Trust me, it helps instantly…

1/ ‘Black Hanz’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (London/Leeds, UK)
You can hit the outsiders, but you can not beat them! Let’s dance before we’re doomed…
EP: 4-track here on iTunes

2/ ‘Disco Glove’ by EXPLODED VIEW (Berlin/Mexico City/UK)
Twisted rhythmic machinery & singer Anika ranting about Robert De Niro. Top mindfucker!
Album: self-titled debut ‘Exploded View’ – here on Bandcamp

3/ ‘The Itch’ by CROWS (London, UK)
These post punk blusterers turn grimness into a forceful energy. Apocalypse thunder!…
EP: brand new 4-track titled ‘Cold Comfort’ – here on iTunes

4/ ‘Performance’ by WHISPERING SONS (Hasselt, Belgium)
Goosebumps vocals, pulsating bass/drum beats and gripping guitars. Bright darkness…
Their new single – here on iTunes

5/ ‘City Of Eyes’ by THE POP GROUP (Bristol, UK)
Legendary prostitutes going wah-wah while Mark Stewart tries to get rid of his straitjacket…
Album: ‘Honeymoon On Mars’ – on iTunes

6/ ‘Jennifer’ by JENNIFER (London, UK)
Massive swagger, electrified with hellish guitars & a delirious Velvet Underground beat…
EP: ‘Stop Diggin’ – on Bandcamp

7/ ‘Don’t’ by DYR FASER (Boston, US)
Mind-stimulating trip to experience on your headphones with the lights dimmed…
EP: ‘Trio’ – here on Bandcamp

8/ ‘Like describing colors to a blind man on acid’ by THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE – Weirdest song title in ages and a vintage BJM groove as we know and love…
Album: ‘Third World Pyramide’ – on iTunes

9/ ‘Take Me Home’ by SILVER ROSE (Mexico City)
Dreamy pop melancholia surrounded by a glorious wall-of-glimmering-guitars. Hypnotic…
EP: ‘206’ – here on Bandcamp

10/ ‘Summer Breeze’ by LAS KELLIES (Argentina)
You can not & you will not ignore these repetitive, exotic garage guitar thrills. Irresistible…
Album: ‘Friends & Lovers’ – on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Club House Killer’ by GALLERY CIRCUS (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
Powerful rock twins with a terrific bravado that will make your hormones go bonkers…

12/ ‘Eat The Love’ by DOOMSQUAD (Toronto, Canada)
Slowly but surely you will lose yourself totally in a ritual trance about eight miles high…
Album: ‘Total Time’ – here on Bandcamp

13/ ‘Those Days Is Coming Soon’ by THE LEMON TWIGS (Long Island, New York, US)
Yesterday’s magic revisited for today’s pleasure. Retro brilliance on its way to greatness…
Album: debut LP ‘Do Hollywood’ – here on iTunes

14/ ‘Eyes So Cold’ by SHY NATURE (London, UK)
Sad love song drenched in a bath of sparkling guitars & spiced with a striking chorus…

15/ ‘Tear Us Apart Again’ by LITTLE CHILDREN (Stockholm, Sweden)
Highly swirling pop vibration that will stimulate all your senses from start to finish…
Album: ‘f.f.’ – here on Bandcamp

16/ ‘I Am Over Here’ by EERIE WANDA (The Netherlands)
Every single time I hear this blissful beauty I see hundreds of twinkling stars in the sky…
Album: ‘Hum’ – on Bandcamp

Gloomy sentiments and electrifying guitar emotions for the eternal twilight romantics…
Album: ‘Until The Hunter’ – on iTunes

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… BLACK REBEL MOTORCYLCE CLUB

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


All dedicated BRMC fans know that these black leather rebels out of San Francisco are genuine rock & roll crusaders born to spread a passionate, sonic love around this troubled planet as a fever from the day they entered the scene back in 1998. They produced tons of smoking grooves by now to blow all future Blue Mondays into bloody space forever. Like this outstanding slam jam that does not know where to STOP. Start the engine here…

BRMC: Discography – Website – Facebook

‘Stop’ was on their second album ‘Take Them On, On Your Own’ (2003)

THE LEMON TWIGS – Yesterday’s Magic Revisited For Today’s Pleasure…



THE LEMON TWIGS – Botanique, Brussels – 25 November 2016

Music junkies among us already know by now that THE LEMON TWIGS are the next big thing. And this time the hype is genuinely substantiated. This is a dazzlingly promising four-piece of teenagers from Long Island, New York led by brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario. Two extremely talented youngsters and, obviously, owners of an extensive record collection of all things great from the 60s to the 80s. From The Beatles to Queen, from Wings to Todd Rundgen, from Elton John’s balladry to Frank Zappa‘s jocose trickery
and all memorable pop and rock vibrations in between. Retro? Absolutely, but in a most genial way. At times you can hear snippets of all this magic in just one song. Sheer stellar creativity. They succeed where thousands failed before, because these yesterday’s sounds obsessed bros do not just copy/paste history. They compose rock opera like brilliance with the past’s very best era’s. They do not write songs, they build them brick by brick, they construct them step by step into something really special. If you didn’t hear it already check brand new album DO HOLLYWOOD here to find out what I try to stutter…

To be honest I had some doubts about the band reproducing their richly arranged and orchestrated pearls live on stage without falling apart now and then. They proved me wrong, completely. Without the safety and help of tapes, special digital effects or other extra whatsoever assistance (pretty common now these days) they stunned the sold out 200 capacity club from start to finish. The songs sounded more basic and rougher than on record and it worked big time! The intensity of execution was just overwhelming. The first half of the set felt like a Broadway musical with songs bouncing from slow to fast, from up to down, from quiet to loud, from harmonies to screams. AWESOME! The second part of the concert, after the d’Addario’s swapped instruments (drums/guitar), was an adrenalin injected rock & roll blast with Micheal moving like a classic guitar hero while handling his instrument like Chuck Berry. First class, elevating entertainment. WOW! Double WOW!
And these fresh punks bring it all with a high dose of natural coolness and unshakable confidence as if they do this since the day they jumped out of their rocking cradle. The
Lemon Twigs
are on their way to meganess. They gonna be huge, really huge. …

Melodic splendor…

Doing a Berry walk…

A singing snake…

Harmonies intermezzo…

From a whisper to a scream…

Band meeting…

Trapped in Brussels…

(concert pics by TurnUpTheVolume!)

Best debut album of the year!…

THE LEMON TWIGS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

SEX PISTOLS – 40 Years Ago And Highly Relevant Again Today…


‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ by SEX PISTOLS


Forty years ago today – 26 November 1978 – four teenage brats from the chaotic streets of London released this explosive hell of a soundtrack for a vexed country in deep economic and social trouble. The United Kingdom was a mess back then and sharp observer Johnny translated it brilliantly in the SEX PISTOLS‘ first glorious outburst. It didn’t changed the world nor Brittania yet at that very moment, also because record label EMI dropped the band soon after, but those punks would come back with a vengeance when Rotten wrote that ingeniously sarcastic love/hate song for that ‘she ain’t no human being’ creature who’s still in charge TODAY… 40 bloody years later! An ultra conservative and narcissistic old Queen, not in touch with reality anymore for ages, surrounded by extreme right-wing clowns who convinced a small majority of blind and nationalistic British people to go
back in time, away from Europe, back to the miserable days of the late seventies. Yes, indeed, the island will be a mess again. The knockout power of this terrific Pistols blast
didn’t age one fucking bit. A prophecy fulfilled… again! ANARCHY IN THE U.K.… again!

Right now ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
I am an anti-Christ
I am an anarchist
Don’t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I want to destroy the passerby

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
No dogs body

Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line
Your future dream has sure been seen through

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best, I use the rest
I use the enemy
I use anarchy

‘Cause I want to be anarchy


SEX PISTOLS: Biography – Website – Facebook –  Twitter


WOOLY MAMMOTHS – Relaxing Harmonies For The Weekend…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Smooth, lazy, relaxing and beautifully colored with harmonies à la Teenage Fanclub assisted by a couple of Byrds in the back. From Belgium, please welcome dreamy guitar pop herd WOOLY MAMMOTHS. Their new vibration COME UNDONE “is about the fleetingness of happiness, the ebb and flow of your emotions, how quickly they can come and go. In moments when you should be feeling good, you aren’t or sometimes you feel great unexpectedly. It has jangly guitars and a pop vibe but a definite darker undercurrent.” I agree totally. Now, c’mon, it’s the first really cold weekend of the year, get back in your warm bed where you can fantasy as much as you want untill Monday

‘Come undone’ is part of a brand new 4-track EP. Check/buy on iTunes here

They don’t look like a Mammuthus primigenius at all…

WOLY MAMMOTHS: Who? – Facebook

THE BAND Dancing Their Last Waltz 40 Years Ago…

Looking and listening back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ by THE BAND


On Thanksgiving Day – 40 years ago – 25 November 1976, legendary group THE BAND played an equally legendary farewell concert at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco
filmed by Martin Scorsese. There were so many famous guests and so many memorable performances that I sometimes forgot – watching the show on video (later on dvd) over and over or listening to the triple LP for the umpteenth time – what this magnificent event was actually all about. Yes, it was about the end (in its original and magical line-up) of an exceptional Americana collective of outstanding musicians. They called it a celebration. It definitely was. Hurry (so I can watch the dvd again), let’s celebrate the fortieth birthday of this historical music happening with one of my favorite moments…

‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ was on their eponymous second studio album, released in 1969…

THE BAND: Biography – Discography