LAS KELLIES – Delicisio Garage Pop Grooves In Rainy Belgium…


LAS KELLIES – Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium – 23 November 2016


LAS KELLIES was formed back in 2005 when three Argentinian girls started to play together just like that – out of the blue – with borrowed instruments, in a small venue somewhere in Buenos Aires, just for the fun of it. Yesterday and five praised albums later, the thrilling trio played my hometown Ghent (Belgium) for the second time as part of an extensive European tour to share brand new sixth longplayer FRIENDS & LOVERS. A mighty shaking collection of sunlit psych pop crackers. A record to lighten up your mood 365 days a year. Something we need in our bloody rainy Belgium! And the band was definitely aware of it too. Yesterday they just played every track of the fresh released LP! Oh, yeah, we loved it! You simply can’t resist their electrifying party mix of stirring beats, groovy bass splendor and blissful harmonies, performed with a cool and confident garage swagger. Spirited, addictive and sensual. And, yes, they look so much better than Lionel Messi! Maravilloso! Earlier released single SUMMER BREEZE will give you a perfect idea of how I felt yesterday and still feel today…

Okay, I guess we’re all ready now to party.
Here’s Friends & Lovers in full…

LAS KELLIES: Facebook – Twitter

Argentinian breeze…

Groovy bass waves…

Sunlit harmonies…

(concert pics by TurnUpTheVolume!)

One more thing. For the older music junkies among us. Las Kellies also covered that tremendous track by British post punk legends DELTA 5. Remember this one?

Gracias, Argentina…

Vibrant Irish Country Harmonies With… BUFFALO SUNN

Fresh from the recording studio…


From Dublin, Ireland. Here’s… BUFFALO SUNN


The poppy Irish folk rockers went all the way to Sunset Sound Recording Studios in Los Angeles to work on their second album. First result is new single IDLE MAN. A fetching
and sparkling Americana symphony obviously inspired, musically, by the sunlit place
where it was recorded. So lively, so upbeat and so richly colored with crystal clear Byrds harmonies that you almost forget that idle man isn’t a happy dude at all. The poor guy
has troubles on his mind. He actually needs help. Well, here’s some thrilling medicine.
He’ll cheer up after listening on repeat to this bright sunbeam…

BUFFALO SUNN: Website – Facebook – Twitter


ESTRONS – Fast and Furious Punk Engine from Wales…

Music that shakes us in a way we want to scream out loud…


From Cardiff, Wales, here’s ESTRONS. A fast and furious punk engine on its way to explode when strained singer Taliesyn Kallström‘s dangerously charged vox intensity meets some knockdown, droning guitars in a mind-blowing chorus. Two loudmouthed minutes of barbed wire passion. BELFAST will mess up your speakers. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?…

Sit back
Take comfort
Don’t mix your drinks
Free speech
I don’t care what you think

Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you’re saying what you saying to me?


God speed
Well if the journey’s mine
Breast feed (Get em out)
But not on my time

What you saying? What you saying? What you saying? What you saying? What you saying?
What you saying? What you saying? What you saying? What you saying to me?

Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you ask for
Again and again I don’t know what you’re saying what you saying to me?

Belfast is on their new, blazing 3-track EP – here on iTunes

ESTRONS: Facebook –  Twitter



‘Internal World’ by CLOUD NOTHINGS


Cleveland’s guitar noisemakers CLOUD NOTHINGS just shared the second single from forthcoming album Life Without Sound (scary thought if you ask me) – out 27th January.
All details here. INTERNAL WORLD roars big time. Basically a simple, yet unstoppable, catchy tune à la Weezer , drenched in a blustery bath of stupendous riffs with anthemic
effect on your ears. “No, I’m not the one who’s always right.” sings frontman Dylan Baldi in the chorus. No need for that as long as we can bang our heads and shake our shoulders
to crackers like this. Trust me, a couple of spins and you we will be hooked…

CLOUD NOTHINGS: Tour dates –   Website – Facebook

Artwork new album Life Without A Sound….

PETER DOHERTY – New Track ‘Kolly Kibber’ …

Fresh from the recording studio…


PETER DOHERTY shared another new track, titled KOLLY KIBBER, from his 2nd solo LP ‘Hamburg Demonstrations‘ – out December 2. All details here . Here’s the new folky song…

Artwork for front sleeve ‘Hamburg Demonstrations‘…

Kolly Kibber
Down For The Outing
Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven
Flags From The Old Regime
I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone) V2
A Spy In The House Of Love
Oily Boker
I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone)
The Whole World Is Our Playground
She is Far

PETER DOHERTY: Website – Facebook

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Captivating Crackers for Week 47…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven impressive tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven shaking strokes to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the heat!

1/ ‘Modern Age’ by PSYCHIC LOVE (Echo Park, CA, US)
Laura Peters‘s project, named after a 1-900 psychic hotline, explores the dark sides
of romanticism. Music to be played in shadowy Twin Peaks bars for the lonely ones…
From: brand new album The Hive Mind – stream it on Soundcloud
PSYCHIC LOVE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘When I Think Of You’ by LUCIA FONTAINE (Glasgow, Scotland)
The barbed wire, inflammable garage beat of this wicked love song will hit you on repeat. Here is an intense and wayward vox you can not and you will not ignore! Crushing cut…
LUCIA FONTAINE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Take Me Home’ by SILVER ROSE (Mexico City, Mexico)
Silver Rose originated in early 2015, as the solo project of Carla Sariñana. Her electrifying melancholia is driven by a glorious wall-of-slashing guitars creating a hypnotic vibe. Ace!
SILVER ROSE: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Weird Times’ by TIGER!SHIT!TIGER!TIGER! (Italy, Europe)
This powerful Italian trio will impress you with their boosting and mind-exploring 80s shoegaze guitars, their appealing swagger and, yes… their twisted band name. Score!
On: forthcoming new album Corners out in January via To Lose La Track Records
TIGER!SHIT!TIGER!TIGER! : Facebook – Twitter

5/ A RadioSong by OHBOY (Midlands, UK)
Sounds like a highly catchy pop song kidnapped by enraged guitars and turned into a surfing Ramones sledgehammer spiced with an euphoric chorus. Perfect slam dunk!…
OhBoy: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Superstar’ by PEARLS (Melbourne, Australia)
Glam rock stomper with a dance floor engine that will push you out of your lazy couch and will inspire you to transform your living room into a disco for the whole neighbourhood….
PEARLS: Facebook – Twitter – Remote Control Records

7/ ‘Dream Thief’ by MASS DATURA (London, UK)
Here’s some psychedelic pop splendor. A propulsive and tasty cocktail, richly colored and bouncing in different sonic directions. Splendid B-side with sparkling A-side single quality!
MASS DATURA: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies!….

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… I DROVE A TANK

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


‘Columbus’ by I DROVE TANK


A band name that makes me smile and a vivid pop song that makes me hop in the street. This Belgian 4-piece know all the tricks to create a perfect, catchy tune that kicks this Blue Monday gently in the ass. All you need is love, this sonic sunbeam and a tank to drive. Bingo…

‘Columbus’ is on their 7-track EP released last year. Stream/buy on Bandcamp

I DROVE A TANK: Facebook

SPIRITUALIZED – Come Together In The Weekend…

Weekly fuel to inflame your favorite 48 hours…


JASON PIERCE was co-founder of British psychedelic cult band Spacemen 3 (1982-1991).
A highly talented collective of drugs influenced egos who shaped their own world of mind-twisting, far-out sonic jams. “They were one of the great rock experiences producing a full array of throbbings, pulsings, yowlings, reverbs, triple echoes and sheer whiplash volume” wrote NME contributor Danny Kelly once after one of their spectacular, yet chaotic shows. After Spacemen 3 exploded Pierce formed SPIRITUALIZED to continue his own search and exploration of lazer guided melodies with 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space as one of his most succesful achievements. He played this masterpiece in full just a few weeks ago in London – review of The Telegraph here. Last year, in Amsterdam, I saw the transcendent musician and his orchestra live (again) for a one-off performance. And, yes, he still conducts astonishing, spiritual symphonies that mess up your mind in a most pleasing way from his traditional right spot on the stage. Hopefully the rumours of a new 2017 album are true. Anyway today is his 51st birthday (born 19 November 1965). Let’s come together and celebrate…

SPIRITUALZED: Facebook – Twitter


Paradiso, Amsterdam, 30 October 2015… (photos by TurnUpTheVolume!)