Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For April 2018!…

Killer tracks on repeat this past month

A red-hot cocktail of stupendous rippers
and vivid grooves energizing body & soul!
Go berserk with TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s
smoking April knockout team! Hell yeah!


1/ ‘Broken Algorithms’ by MANIC STREET PREACHERS (Wales)
A vintage Manics rocker / “Remember the mission to own your dreams”
Album:Resistance Is Futile’ – listen here

2/ ‘Odessey’ by MIEN (Texas, US)
Killer track from this experienced, mind-expanding supergroup’s debut LP…
Album: self-titled debut out now – stream here

3/ ‘Biker Song’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Amplified Danish firework thundering mercilessly from start to finish….
From New EPHead Down‘ – stream here

4/ ‘Better With Age’ by NIGHT OWLS (Leeds, UK)
Razor-sharp electro uppercut pushed by manic drums and jigsaw guitars…

5/ ‘3AM Lullaby’ by HOTEL MIRA ((Vancouver, Canada)
This passionate cracker resonates like an intense Dinosaur JR roller coaster…

6/ ‘Under The Moon’ by REBECCA LOU (Danmark)
A dazzling guitar firecracker that will make your blood stream faster – titanic score…

7/ ‘Spree’ by ALTAR FLOWERS (Manchester, UK)
Irresistible electro groove with a goth twist and tempting male/female vocals…
EP: stream 5-track ‘Performance’ EP right here

8/ ‘Pink Harlot’ by Skiska Skooper (Belgium)
When Black Sabbath jam with Sonic Youth you get schizophrenic racket…
Album: debut ‘Universal Space Shifter’ out now – stream/buy right here

9/ ‘Waxmage’ by SCHOOL DISCO (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Psych-o-delic and insane jam with a paranoid Suicide touch…
EP: new 4-track titled ‘Look To The Sky‘ out now – stream/buy on Bandcamp

10/ ‘In The Street’ by RICH GIRLS (New York, NY, US)
Gripping mixed emotions pop with a darksome twist…
Album: debut ‘Black City‘ out now – stream/purchase on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Lost In The Light’ by NIGHT HAZE (Athens, Greece)
Haunting, obscure, mysterious and catchy as bloody hell…

See/hear you next month, music junkies

SUEDE Release Their 8th Studio Album ‘THE BLUE HOUR’ In September…

30 April 2018

Glam rock legends SUEDE, led by charismatic singer/songwriter Brett Anderson announce their eighth studio album, titled THE BLUE HOUR. The record is produced and mixed by Alan Moulder at Assault & Battery Studios in London and will be out on 21 September 2018. This is the album’s front sleeve…

All info and pre-order facilities right here.

Brett Anderson talked about the new longplayer with NME. Read it here.

Red-Hot Garage Rock Cats THE DARTS Are Ready To ‘GET MESSY’ At Roots & Roses Festival In Belgium…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 April 2018

Turn Up The Volume has three irrefutable reasons to choose boiling Phoenix/Los Angeles rock foursome THE DARTS as Pick Of The Day. One: they look and sound like the coolest
all-female gang on this troubled planet. Two: their debut LP ‘Me.Ow’ is injected with tons of sexy and sultry organ-fueled firework. Three: I’ll see these crazed cats for the very first time, in my homeland Belgium, tomorrow 1 May, at the steamy Roots & Roses Festival . Whether you’ll be there too or not just go bananas to GET MESSY right here, right now…

THE DARTS: Facebook – Me.Ow LP on Bandcamp – Twitter

Tomorrow 1 May party time with THE DARTS at Roots & Roses Festival 15.10 PM!

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – Here’s ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ By THE PRODIGY

Remarkable albums from the past

‘Music For The Jilted Generation’

Released: 4 July 1994
Their second LP

BBC MUSIC wrote: “Recorded against the backdrop of the Criminal Justice Act, the 1994 legislation that effectively criminalised outdoor raving – ‘How can the government stop young people from having a good time?’, reads a note on the inner sleeve – Music… simmers with righteous, adrenalised anger, rave pianos and pounding hardcore breakbeats augmented by gnarly punk guitar, wailing sirens and on ‘Break And Enter’, the sound of shattering glass. At
no point is this merely a band coasting on edgy vibes and bad attitude, though, rather, this
is a record that saw Prodigy mainman Liam Howlett maturing as a producer, increasing his palette of sounds and instruments without diluting The Prodigy’s insolent rush, and simultaneously smash ’n’ grabbing from a diverse range of influences that would be neatly integrated into the band’s design.”
Full review right here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favourite track: funky smack… POISON

Album in full

THE PRODIGY: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Poisonous breakbeats

Gloomy Melancholia At Its Nostalgic Best With An Eight ‘INSECURE MEN’ Orchestra In Brussels…

INSECURE MEN – Botanique, Brussels – 27 April 2018

INSECURE MEN is a new musical project formed by lifelong friends Saul Adamczewski (guitarist/songwriter for the most fascinating band in ages: Fat White Family) and Ben Romans-Hopcraft (frontman of London’s indie popsters Childhood). With both having
a variety of difficult personal experiences (hopefully) behind them the pair recorded and released a gripping don’t look back in anger longplayer. Produced by Sean Lennon (yes, the son of…) this gripping self-titled debut is to the heavy-hearted side of my ears a first-rate achievement. Gloomy melancholia at its very best. A captivating melting pot of cynicism injected stories drenched in highly affecting retro pop orchestrations. Romantic Wurlitzer tunes for 50s ballrooms with young, insecure people looking for much-needed attention on the dance floor. Something like this sweet little gem…

Last Friday the band – actually an orchestra of eight including a sultry saxophonist and
a teenage-looking pedal steel guitarist – hit Brussels. They translated, after a rather slow start, the weirdly glamorous and smoothly catchy feel of the album just perfectly onto the stage. At times this concert felt like an intimate campfire-like gathering in some dark alley of a big city with sticky sing along musings as nostalgic as the old-fashioned design of most of the band’s suits. As we all know, vulnerable and heartbreaking romanticism is timeless and ageless. The crowd, ranging from 16 to 60 years old, was into it until the very end when all present clapped and swayed along to darksome lullaby closer ‘Burried In The Bleak’ after Saul‘s hot shower in ‘Whitney Houston and I‘. It was good to see the once-troubled frontman smile again…

Hear this

INSECURE MEN: Story – Facebook – Instagram

Picture this

Insecure frontman

Childhood echoes

Smooth sax

Ballroom nostalgia


(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

PORLOLO Will Touch Your Heart With Mesmerizing Reverie ‘AWARDS’…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

29 April 2018

PORLOLO was conceived “in Denver back in 2002 by the eccentric and prolific Erin Roberts.
A true labor of love, Porlolo has become a project of good friends finding peace and adventure through musical connection. Roberts–a self-defined sister, swimmer and stunt artist—is a powerful songwriting force, cranking out grungy, sometimes twangy, often pure pop hits. Over her last 15 years of deliberate wandering through Denver, Gunnison, Eugene, and most recently Fort Collins, Roberts draws inspiration from the dramatic landscapes and even more dramatic personalities she encounters.”

This colorful collective just released brand new 3-track EP AWARDS. It’s the title track that struck me instantly. A mesmerizing gem that will touch your heart. A twinkling musing for daydreamers. Roberts‘ delightful voice sparkles melancholically while poetic guitar lines give this melodious reverie a fairylike sentiment. Here’s the crystal beauty…

PORLOLO: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Stream/purchase the sensitive ‘AWARDS’ EP right here

FRANKIE SIMONE – Electro Vox Invites Her People For A ‘LOVE//WARRIOR’ Trip

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


28 April 2018

Turn Up The Volume featured up and coming Portland artist FRANKIE SIMONE before
for the right reasons. She has a truly striking voice, she’s utterly cool & sexy and gloriously outspoken and she’s about to release her debut EP ‘LOVE//WARRIOR‘ on the first of June. Ahead of it here’s the title track. This song is an ethos for Frankie as she aspires to spread
her message of radical self-love and acceptance through her music and throughout her life in general.
Move over Béyonce, here’s the new high priestess of electro pop. Go funky right here, right now, folks…

FRANKIE SIMONE: Website – Facebook – Instagram

LOVE//WARRIOR EP out 1 June via Infinite Companion


28 April 2018

After 14 studio longplayers, released since 1983, the eccentric Oklahoma
psychedelia adventurers will release a greatest hits album on the 1st of June.

This is the tracklist for the vinyl edition:

Side One:
1. Do You Realize??
2. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
3. Race For The Prize
4. Waitin’ For A Superman
5. When You Smile
6. She Don’t Use Jelly

Side Two:
1. Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
2. The W.A.N.D.
3. Silver Trembling Hands
4. The Castle
5. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Also a Deluxe Edition, 3 CD’s will be available.
All details right here. One of my favorite Lips track on the upcoming release…
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

THE FLAMING LIPS: Website – Facebook – Discography


Remarkable albums from the past

‘Another Green World’

Released: 1 September 1975
Third studio album

PITCHFORK wrote: “The most remarkable thing about Another Green World, is how a stoic Englishman who showed no interest in the conventional expression of emotion managed to make something that feels so intensely personal. This is the nature of ‘Another Green World’s romance: Not what one person does or says for another, but the bond created between two people bearing witness to something bigger than both of them: Not love but wonder. Brian Eno has done everything from producing huge pop stars to creating tiny art installations to touring with rock bands to inventing ambient music. ‘Another Green World’ remains his definitive album.” Score: 10/10 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: “Eno was/is of the original sound-exploring wizards ever.”

Album in full

BRIAN ENO: Facebook – Album Discography

Genial sound fixer

Test Your Lungs’ Volume With Noise Trio FOREVER IN DEBT – Here’s Their Insane ‘RABBIT HOLE’ Outburst…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 April 2018

Band: FOREVER IN DEBT (Widnes, UK)



Score: ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a quit/Loud/quit/Loud monster that will crush your poor brain to pieces. This smacking three-piece-beast thunders like a ferocious volcano. A boiling
turbo that only slows down and then to reload their engine. Here’s your chance to
test your lungs’ volume and flexibility. S-C-R-E-A-M!…

FOREVER IN DEBT: Facebook –  Twitter

RABBIT HOLE is on their brand new ‘FORGET ME KNOT’ EP – Stream/buy here