Today’s Yesterday Album – Third BUZZCOCKS Album ‘A DIFFERENT KIND OF TENSION’ (1979)

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30 September 2023

Band: BUZZCOCKS (Manchester, UK)


Released: September 1979
Peaked at #26 in the UK

Rolling Stone wrote: ” ‘A Different Kind of Tension’ is the Buzzcocks’ most formidable record yet. Chief songwriter Shelley has finally arrived at something approaching a hard-bitten and reasonable world view. Technically the band’s fourth LP, is bursting with many of the same laudable features that graced the ‘Singles Going Steady’ set: bold and big-bottomed rhythms, combustible buzz-blur guitars and leader Pete Shelley’s rushed,
iambic vocals.”
Score: 5/5 – Full, review here.

TUTV: “Criminally underrated album. Their best non-stop avalanche
of riffs loaded, barbed wire pop knockouts. From start to finish.


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CACTUS FLOWERS – Psycho-And-Rockabilly Act Moves And Grooves On New Single ‘DEAD MOON RISING’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

30 September 2023

Who: Psych-rock act from Houston, Texas fronted by Jessica A.M., whose mother who photographed bands for Rolling Stone during the magazine’s counter-culture heyday,

TUTV: Expect a sultry mid-tempo garage blues-rock corker fuelled by echoing, rollicking riffs, steady drum hits and bewitching Jessica A.M. vocals. Dead Moon Rising resonates like glorious legends The Cramps in slo-mo with a mean machine vibe, rock-and-psycho-billy swagger and footstompin’ dynamics. From bad moon rising to dead moon rising.

Put your black leather jacket on, smear your hair with gel, shake your hips like Elvis
did and pretend you’re rock ‘n’ roll star for 4.44 minutes. Feels cool, right? You betcha.



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Happy Birthday To Glam And Glitter Rock Icon MARC BOLAN

30 September 2023

MARC BOLAN, the mastermind of massive hit machine T. REX, back in the 70s,
was born in Hackney, Londen on 30 September 1947. He’s an immortal 24-Carat
rock star. He would have celebrated his 76th birthday today.

Elton John about Marc Bolan

Unfortunately, he passed away on 6 September 1977. The pin-up spearhead
of glam and glitter rock died in a car incident. He was only 29. His wife was
behind the wheel and survived the crash.

Three great T.Rex Moments.



– 20th CENTURY BOY –


THE CORAL Enchant With Warm Vibes For A Cold Winter On Best Album Of September 2023 – ‘SEA OF MIRRORS’

30 September 2023

The seasoned psych-folk-pop-rock ramblers launched their 11th album, named
SEA OF MIRRORS on 8 September. Unquestionably LP of the month to my greedy

Order info here.

(Press photo via Maintain Perspective PR)

MOJO Magazine said: “For all the drifting, though, it’s rare that The Coral let these songs get away from them. They might have needed the cinematic prompt as a spur, a reminder of earlier unpasteurised idiosyncrasies, but Sea Of Mirrors stands up without the set dressing. It ends with a brief reprise of the opening track, gently lighting the aisles to the exits; you might well find yourself staying put in the dark, ready to let it run back to the start and play out again.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: For me, and countless music fans out there,
music evokes aural activity, feelings, and images
on your movie-screen in your mind. And it all happens
here too, of course, while listening to Sea Of Mirrors.

What do I hear?

A non-stop sequence of reflective pop fantasies, of tantalizing tunes with
a laid-back resonance and of meditative musings that cause a welcome,
lazy state of mind.

Blissfully feelgood vocality, with a melancholic timbre, everywhere.

Gently weeping strings. A seamless sonic marriage of acoustic and electric guitars.
It’s vintage The Coral as we know them, but even more yearning for romanticism than before. So they left their island and travelled to their fictional Western reality where all
sorts of misfits try to survive. Americana, the Liverpool way.

Warm vibes for a cold winter

What do I see?

A pub in Liverpool in a yet-to-be-made movie directed by iconic filmmaker Serge Leone, where an ensemble of troubadours entertain, with Charles Bronson on harmonica, the drunk barflies, the lonely, the lost gringos, the hurt souls, and the broken-hearted. For some weird reason, everybody looks like they’re keeping each other company for comfort since forever.

What do I feel?

The little kid in me who watched
cowboy movies with the whole family.
In a glorious state of relaxation.
Like an on-cloud-nine Coral fan.

Singles/clips: That’s Where She Belongs / The Sinner / Oceans Apart





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Waking Up With Pop-Metal Heroes WITHIN TEMPATION And New Bombastic Blast ‘RITUAL’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

30 September 2023

Female-fronted metal unit WITHIN TEMPTATION is one of
the biggest bands ever in the rock history of The Netherlands.

They recorded/released 7 studio albums so far, since
1997, with Resist (2019), as their most recent one.

Number 8, baptized Bleed Out lands on 20 October.
Pre-order info here.

But first the 7th (yes, seven) shared track off the LP

RITUAL is a bombastic blast, a burning torch, a vintage WT haymaker
accentuating again the vocal vociferousness of metal Diva den Adel and
the band’s craft of blowing up the decibels around pop melodies.

Press play.
Get blown away

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UNDERWORLD Share New Track – An A CAPPELA One (No Joke) Titled ‘DENVER LUNA’

New striking strokes

29 September 2023

Press photo by Jon Gorrigan

Weird things happen now and then, and I like it.

Hear this. Techno heroes UNDERWORLD have another new track out titled DENVER LUNA, following last April‘s familiar hypnotic stomper And The Colour Red. So far, so normal.

But, here it comes, the song is an a cappella one with Karl Hyde, who normally just mumbles
some words over their electro-dance jams, and Rick Smith delivering a WOW vocal feat.

No, not a joke, listen for yourself.

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