THE POP GROUP & THE SLITS – Legendary Dance Perfomances On Belgian TV in 1980…

Here we look back in ecstasy at magical moments in music….



THE SLITS and THE POP GROUP. Two of the coolest, most adventurous bands that ever walked this planet – in case of the latter still do with never aging panache – on one and
the same TV show?! Absolutely. It happened in March 1980 when those kick-ass punks hit Belgian TV together to demonstrate step-by-step how to move, dance, walk, run, and jump up & down – in different directions – to their brilliantly deranged funky punk shit. Each gang performed their track that was part of a peerless split single released on 7 March 1980. Watch every move of these weirdos very carefully and try this at home with a first aid kit close by…

‘In the Beginning There Was Rhythm’ by THE SLITS

‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Way’ by THE POP GROUP

The Slits unfortunately came to a dramatic end when tremendously talented frontwoman Ari-Up passed away at the early age of 48 in 2010. May her soul rest in peace. The Pop Group on the other hand, are still dancing like freakish junkies. With last year’s splendid comeback album  Citizen Zombie they proved that not all reunions are pointless, on the contrary, hell yeah! And their song isn’t over yet. Brand new LP Honeymoon On Mars will see the day of light on October 28th. All details here on PledgeMusic


THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook – Freaks R Us Record Label


THE SLITS: Biography – Discography – New Docu in the Making


(photo The Slits: Getty Images)

Moody Colored Pop Tristesse with… RICH GIRLS


From New York City, the amazing… RICH GIRLS


Now and then we all need captivating songs to cry to. Well, in my case, genuinely touching music was and always be the best ever companion for my tears. Harrowing melancholy coming straight from a sorrowful heart is what I cherish in moments of sadness and I had some the past few weeks after the death of my father. RICH GIRLS is one of those bands you want to have close by, as a comforting friend, when painful tristesse haunts you. Led by songwriter and endearing voice Luisa Black they just released a most gripping 5-track EP, titled ‘Love Is The Dealer‘. Five tender pearls to soundtrack gloominess filled twilights. For me LOADED is the track that colors the whole picture just perfectly. Imagine walking into a dim bar, late at night, alone and heavy-hearted. And while ordering your next drink the radio plays some forgotten song, Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong…

Impossible not to play the EP in full, again and again…

RICH GIRLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Luisa Black – wonderfully gloomy…

Don’t Mess With Trash Garage Youth On Stuff – Here Are… THE GLÜCKS


Wham Bloody Bam! This is the story of a drummer girl and a guitar boy. The clamorous story of Tina & Alek. An unstoppable Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde duo on supersonic speed. Nice people off stage, mean animals on a podium. An extremely noisy two nation army called THE GLÜCKS. They produce a LOUD and NASTY garage punk racket the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would have liked to death. They play way faster than speedy Eugene Bolt ever ran. They batter heavier than Royal Blood ever will. They look better than Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne did about 50 years ago. They must be, without a shadow of a doubt,
the unwanted children of The Cramps glamorous couple Poison Ivy and Lux Interior. Yes, they are quite impressive. That Animal puppet is a pussy next to hammering octopus Tina. FACT! And mad man Alek acts more jerky than he can handle himself. FACT! You want some convincing evidence for what I try to stutter here? Damn fine, no problem. Here’s some explicit footage of their live psychobilly lunacy…

Last Saturday they played a dazzling gig in my hometown Ghent (Belgium) for a very special reason. Yes, it was the crazy launch party of – finally – their long-awaited debut cd titled YOUTH ON STUFF. This is how the terrific artwork of the newborn looks like…


The album is a boiling powerhouse full of crushing crackers. A mighty robustious paradise of hyperkinetic riffs, barbed wire hooks, overwhelming drum drones and desperate primal screams. A reflection of their hard labour, twisted soul and heavily beating heart. This promo teaser will give you a flashing idea of their hot fever…

More details and mail order info here on Drunkabilly Records

Here’s the album’s single CuCuCu Cool (also great artwork)…

Some photos of the smoking launch party last Saturday in Charlatan Club in Ghent...

Wild thing…

Mr. Hyde…


… on stuff

Two nation army…

At midnight…

THE GLÜCKS: Who? –  Facebook –  Twitter

MAGNETIC ALBUM COVERS! 7 Memorable Sleeves from 1976 – 40 Years Ago…


It’s all about the music as we know it
But powerful images are the timeless
faces for all big albums made then & now…
Here are 7 memorable sleeves from 1976
Yes, I know, 40 years ago!…

1/ ‘Ramones’ by RAMONES
Crushing punk pop blast. This Blitzkrieg debut started a million bands around the globe…

2/ ‘Blondie’ by BLONDIE
Their magnificent new pop wave debut only praised after they became stars much later…

3/ ‘Station To Station’ by DAVID BOWIE
Tenth and highly significant LP. Marked also the birth of his Thin White Duke character…

4/ ‘Radio Ethiopia’ by PATTI SMITH
The chaotic, yet rousing follow-up album to her unbeatable Horses debut…

5/ ‘King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown by AUGUST PABLO
A truly essential and masterful dub classic by the legendary Jamaican sound wizard…

6/ ‘Zoot Allures’ by FRANK ZAPPA
One of the few serious rock albums created by the late genius…

7/ ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ by STEVIE WONDER
His 18th longplayer was (double) masterpiece! A massive body of uplifting soul brilliance…


THE HOLY – Electro Driven Pop Ecstasy From Finland…


From Helsinki, Finland

THE HOLY with an unstoppable synths driven krautpop express that will make your unheeding head spin uncontrollably in all directions. RAMSES THE EVIL BROTHER turns slowly into a mind-twisting runaway train without speed limitation. Hypnotic and highly energetic. Jump aboard and escape to an unknown destination…

From their splendid 5-track debut ‘More Escher and Random Notes’ out now via Soliti
You can stream the EP here via Spotify…

THE HOLY: Story so far – Twitter – Instagram


The Wonderful KRISTIN HERSH Is Back With An Enchanting Pulsation…


‘Soma Gone Slapstick’ by KRISTIN HERSH

Kristin Hersh Portrait

Singer/songwriter/author KRISTIN HERSH, co-founder in the early 80s of startling
alt band Throwing Muses – is back with a new (double) solo album combined with
a new book, titled ‘Wyatt At The Coyote Palace’. Order details here. It’s already her 3rd album/book release. The double cd and hardcover book will be out on 28th October
in the UK and on 11th November in the US. Her new work was written over the past
five years and was inspired by her son Wyatt, who is on the autism spectrum and was fascinated for some time with an abandoned apartment building inhabited by coyotes. Ahead of the launch Hersch shared new weirdly titled track SOMA GONE SLAPSTICK.
A rhythmic stop/start pulsation like a heartbeat going up and down. Highly exciting in
a strange way..

KRISTIN HERSH: Tour dates – Facebook – Twitter


SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Corking Crackers for Week 39…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven snappy tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven vivacious jams to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the heat!

1/ ‘Even Steven’ by TELE NOVELLA (Austin, Texas, US)
Intriguing guitar pop trip, with a seducing twist, visiting different places – bewitching…
On: debut album ‘House Of Souls‘ – out 29th September via Yellow Year Records
TELE NOVELLA: Facebook – Twitter 

2/ ‘Devotion’ by CASPER SKULLS (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Boiling rollercoaster you will jump on repeatedly to feel the amplified heat again & again…
On: debut EP ‘Lips & Skull‘ out 28th October via Buzz Records
CASPER SKULLS: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Tjamahal’ by CAMERA (Berlin, Germany)
Drums driven krautrock escapade going straight to your hungry mind – hypnotic ride!
On: mind-bending ‘Phantom Of Liberty‘ album – here on iTunes
CAMERA: Bureau B Label – Facebook

4/ ‘Let’s Start It Over’ by COSINES (London, UK)
Irresistible jingle jangle flood that will inflame your whole body – overpowering energy…
From: tremendous 4-track EP ‘Transitions’ out via Fika Recordings here on Bandcamp
COSINES: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘The Shakes That You Make’ by DYSLEXIC POSTCARDS (Miami, Florida, US)
Passionate rock dissoluteness going completely berserk at times – bloody mad intensity…
On: rousing 6-track debut EP ‘Spare The Altar‘ – here on iTunes
DYSLEXIC POSTCARDS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Tired’ by SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN (Oakland, California, US)
This melancholic pop pearl will float smoothly around your head – enchanting vibration…
On: their bright new ‘666‘ album, out now via PIAPTK records
SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Drona Sticks’ by VANESSA ANNE REDD
Magnetic twilight beat colored piquantly with Redd’s fragile voice – deliciously rhythmic…
On: the singer/songwriter’s forthcoming solo (ex- Six Years and Rubicks) debut LP ‘Behind The Wall’ – out 7th October via Sharp Attack Records
VANESSA ANNE REDD: Website – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…



‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’ by ULRIKA SPACEK


LADY GODIVA’S OPERATION is an outstanding track on VU‘s 2nd album White Light/White Heat (1968). Krautrock inspired collective ULRIKA SPACEK – authors of superb debut LP The Album Paranoia earlier this year – recorded it as B-side of their brand new, superb single ‘Everything: All The Time’. Digitally available via iTunes and on vinyl here. Get lost in the slow-moving, hypnotic groove…

ULRIKA SPACEK: Website – Facebook – Tough Love Records

The single…

The band…

THE COATHANGERS – Brand New Video Smells Like Californian Perfume…

New swirling video clips to see/hear on repeat…




Electrifying Atlanta three-piece THE COATHANGERS just shared a video for new single PERFUME. A brisk, harmonies filled, poppy punk track from their excellent Nosebleed Weekend album released earlier this year. Directed by Matt Odom, the exquisite clip
was filmed in California. You will see the girls wandering blindfolded in and around
different places. Singer/guitarist Julia Kugel explained the whole idea of the video in an interview recently: “The imagery of these places seemed to fit the song. ‘Perfume’ is about seeing the truth for the first time and finally realising what you have been denying. California
is the ultimate place to explore the reality behind the twinkling starry deception of illusion.”

THE COATHANGERS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

The album…

HOPE SANDOVAL AND THE WARM INVENTIONS – Moody Motown with New Track ‘Let Me Get There’…




Who: Twilight vibrations band comprising Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and My Bloody Valentine’s Colm O’Coisog
New track: LET ME GET THERE – brand new single from third album ‘Until The Hunter
– out 4th November – all track details here at Discogs
Sound: feels like a moody Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood ballad with a seducing Motown soul touch making you longing for more melancholic beauty …
What guest singer Kurt Vile says: “It was a total honor to sing along to a beautifully hypnotic soul groove with heavyweights like Hope, Colm, and all the other top notch musos. To respond to Hope’s call in song of letting her get there felt right and real and gave me chills while singing, even though I knew they already got there years before I walked in the building.”

LINKS: Website – Facebook