Turn Up The Volume’s 5 Best EPs Of 2022 (So Far)

More than a single, less than an album

Turn Up The Volume‘s ears say that these
are the 5 best EPs of 2022… so far.

Who: Hit team formed through a shared love for London’s DIY music scene.
Their songs draw no boundaries – no subject is too confusing, no sound too
eclectic. The band write collaboratively, harnessing the noise and energy
that comes from playing together.


Turn Up The Volume said: Three riff-mental haymakers. Three vitriolic sucker-punches. Three intimidatory knockouts. The Nothingheads‘ frontman sounds like his own meanest demon, threatening and ready to kick badasses. This EP was made to scare all the human-destroying rulers of our paranoid world. If we go to the dogs don’t forget to take this EP with you. It’ll help to channel your frustrations while Armageddon is grinning around the corner.

Stream/buy/dig the whole 5-track EP here…

NOTHINGHEADS: Facebook – Spotify

Who: Experimental electro duo, Dez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson,
from Boston who collaborate frequently with other artists.


Turn Up The Volume said: Violet Nox compose their spaced-out symphonies in an
electronic universe of their own where ambient music dominates in all its different reverberations. Soothing and meditative (opener Spaceport 5), tripping out (Eris / Bellatrix), spooky (Magnetar), and mind-puzzling (Ghost Star). It all feels utopian and cosmic. Foggy harmonies with Portishead‘s vocalist Beth Gibbons transcended timbre and repetitive eurhythmics echoing German legends Tangerine Dream.

Close encounters of the third kind.
Sonic science-fiction. Stupefying

Buy/stream  ‘Eris Wakes’ here…

VIOLET NOX: Facebook

Who: Inflammable engine
from Phoenix, Arizona

Turn Up The Volume: wrote: The Darts? They sound cool, look cool and rawk ‘n roll cool.

This Devilish American Rip-roaring Turbo Squad do it again on this new 3-track EP
with a garage hurricane (Love Tsunami), a mid-tempo groover (Shit Show) and another
brisk belter (Underground). And again, Nicole Laurenne, the utterly charismatic dart in
the middle, fires up the cuts with her sexy 60s-sounding organ.

The electrifying Amazons hit the bullseye once more.

Press play here…

THE DARTS: Instagram

Artist: ROBIN GUTHRIE (Scotland)
Who: Co-founder of Cocteau Twins (1979–1997)


Turn Up The Volume wrote: An instrumental 4-track one with a featherlight, heavenly and spiritual magnificence. Stardust everywhere. If you’re not into all that festive end-of-the-year fuss (like me) play all Guthrie‘s 2021 releases on repeat. It’ll give you (and me) a mind-relaxing, soothing, and idyllic feel. Sparkling vibrations for the midnight hours. Guthrie transfers you to a blissful place.



Last November sharp-rapping poets SLEAFORD MODS  played in their
hometown Nottingham. Now 6 of the performed tracks (2 of the latest
album ‘Spare Ribs‘, a cover of Yazoo’s ‘Don’t Go, and 2 oldies) are cemented
in a live EP called LIVE AT NOTTZ ARENA.

Mork In Mindy features big soul voice Billy Nominates
and Amyl Taylor was a guest on Nudge It (which she did
too on the duo’s 2021 LP).

Get up and let your feet and your hips do the talking…


Montreal Indies THE EMBER GLOWS Grab You By The Throat With Epic Psych Gem ‘SILENT LOVE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

30 June 2022

Photo by Bryan Gagnon

Who: Montreal-based post-punk 4-piece with a sound based on hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitars & baritone vocals. The band traces its roots to the moody side of 80’s new-wave, psych & British indie.
FFO: Echo and the Bunnymen, Simple Minds, Nick Cave, The Cult, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Verve, The Cure, The Mission, Interpol, War On Drugs.

New single: SILENT LOVE

Richard Bunze (guitarist): “After hearing the initial chord structure and vocal melody, I began playing a variation of my current guitar riff. I wanted it to sound wide and ethereal, with a driving gritty character and texture. I think we all added our own TEG stamp on this one!”

Score: This is what epic grandeur is all about. Silent Love grabs you by the throat for its full 302 seconds. A sturdy drum beat sets the pace from the get-go, sweeping Will Sergeant-like guitar radiance produces an instant psychedelic wildfire while an edgy bass riff rumbles on and on. And when the stupendous voice of Martin Saint scrapes the sky shivers roll down your spine. Magic in masterful motion. Grandiose gem.

Whenever you close your eyes
Whether near or far
I’ll help you
Make this wound become a scar
When you wake up in tears
And you feel that kind presence
We’ll sit here
By the candle in silence

Buy/stream this pearl here…

THE EMBER GLOWS: Facebook – Instagram

IGGY POP Joins Movie Soundtrack Composer DANNY ELFMANN For Neurotic Jam ‘KICK ME’

New striking strokes

30 June 2022

(artwork Bigger. Messier.)

American film soundtrack composer DANNY ELFMAN has a new album
out, titled BIGGER. MESSIER., on 12 August with reimagined versions of
songs from his last year’s Big Mess longplayer. More info here.

It features guest vocals from Trent Reznor, Iggy Pop, HEALTH,
Zach Hill
of Death Grips, Xiu Xiu, Squarepusher, Ghostemane.

Elfmann: “At the onset of Bigger. Messier., I asked the same thing of every artist:
‘express me through your own eyes.’ Not only was I surprised at the artists that
wanted to participate, but completely blown away by what everyone contributed.”

And here comes IGGY POP, the on-target
neurotic voice for neurotic jam KICK ME


Waking Up… Rising Up

30 June 2022

Last March PINK FLOYD (Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason) released the band’s
first new original music in 25 years with opera-like anthem HEY HEY RISE UP.

A song written by David Gilmour (who has Ukrainian family) in support of charity fund Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief. The majestic composition features a monumental vocal performance by Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the popular Ukrainian band BoomBox.

Now the news came in that this special humdinger will be available as both a 7-inch vinyl and CD single on July 15 in the UK, Europe and other markets, while it will be released on August 3 in Japan. In North America, Canada, Australia and Mexico, it will arrive on October 21. Pre-order info here.



For Your Eyes – PETER MATTHEW BAUER Lets Skulls Do The Talking On The Video For His New Single

Eye-catching clips

29 June 2022

After high-passionate American indie rockers The Walkmen called it a day
in 2013, after 13 years and 7 albums, frontman PETER MATTHEW BAUER
started his solo journey.

On 23 September he will delight his fans
with his 3rd solo LP titled Flowers.

PMB just shared the electrical lead-single, called SKULLS.

“Skulls” came out of a really strong period of writing music without thinking. I had stumbled onto this new style of guitar playing that brought me a lot of joy. I started using a distortion pedal for the first time in my life and discovered I could play all these riffs. “Skulls” came out of this kind of endless waterfalling soloing I played for hours and then cut down to what you hear on tape.”

Here’s the hilarious video.

Let the skulls do the talking…

PMB: Facebook

New album FLOWERS out 23 September 2022 via Fortune Tellers Music

RADIOHEAD Topped The UK Album Charts 25 Years Ago With Their Magnum Opus ‘OK COMPUTER’

Back in time

29 June 2022


Released: 21 May 1997 – their 3rd LP
Score: No 1 in the UK on
29 June 1997 – 25 years ago

Pitchfork said: “The record is brimming with genuine emotion,
beautiful and complex imagery and music, and lyrics that are
at once passive and fire-breathing. OK Computer is like tossing
David Bowie, old U2, Spacehog and lots of Pink Floyd into a
blender and pushing the ‘kill’ button.”
Score: 5/5.

TUTV: A 5-star classic. Glorious from start to finish.
Visionary musicianship. Hands down.

Singles/clips: No Surprises / Karma police / Paranoid Android / Lucky





Stream the full computer here…