X-RAY SPEX – 40 Years Ago Today They Shook The Punk Scene With ‘OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS’…

When timeless in sound and vision…


30 September 2017

X-RAY SPEX really stood out back then in 1977, the key year that British punk exploded. The clamorous energy and charmingly confident ‘who cares if I can’t sing, I’ll just scream my frustrations at you ‘ attitude of frontgirl POLY STYRENE combined with the other girl in the group, Lora Logic, who played saxophone as if she was in a kind of big trouble, was truly special among the many rock orientated and mostly male punks bands of that moment. On 30 September 1977 – yes, 40 years ago today – their debut single OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS! was released. Riot grrrl was born! A boiling mix of loud and clear lyrics and a razor-sharp DIY racket. Piercing stroke! Here’s a raw live version (without Lora Logic) to illustrate
the sheer power of this rowdy classic… .

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard
But I say…
Oh Bondage! Up yours!
1, 2, 3, 4!

[Verse 1]
Bind me, tie me
Chain me to the wall
I wanna be a slave to you all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

[Verse 2]
Chain-store, chain-smoke
I consume you all
Chain-gang, chain-mail
I don’t think at all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

[Verse 3]
Thrash me crash me
Beat me till I fall
I wanna be a victim for you all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

X-RAY SPEX: Biography – Discography

Left: Lora Logic / Right: the great, late Poly Styrene (passed away 25 April 2011, only 53!)

Fresh Duo ‘WORLDS’ Will Brighten Your Weekend With Some ‘GOOD SHIT’…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…



Who: a fresh musical partnership with Erica Driscoll (from Blondfire) and
Anthony Polcino (aka Antoine Diligent)

Track: GOOD SHIT – their debut single

Story: Erica revealed how the song was born: “The whole ‘Good Shit’ thing started when
we were about to write a new song together and actually hadn’t played a note of music yet. Anthony asked me what we should call this song and I blurted out, “Good Shit”, half joking around. He was like, “actually… yeah, let’s do that.” Once we had the title, the story and music all came together so fast. Pretty much like all the music we’ve been making together. We’re just having fun and going with what feels good, then we kind of magically have a new song.”

Score: This is how legendary 60s duo Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood would sound today. Dancey, seductive, playful and as alluring as back then. Trust me, this highly catchy electro pop groove will make you smile and feel funky all day long. Good shit indeed. Here we go…

WORLDS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Anniversary Albums – IAN DURY Released His Cockney Music Hall Punk Debut ‘NEW BOOTS AND PANTIES!!’ 40 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

29 September 2017

Artist: IAN DURY (his fab band ‘The Blockheads’ formed ‘officially’
a month after the LP’s release, therefore only Dury was credited


Released: 30 September 1977 – 40 years ago

Note: notorious single ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll‘ was not on the first pressings of the LP
Roy Carr wrote in NME: “It’s impossible to bag Ian Dury, except to say that he has taken the essence of the Cockney music hall and utilised rock as a contemporary means of expression.
On occasions, Ray Davies has dallied with a similar approach, but Dury has none of the self-conscious pretensions that Davies exposed in his flawed ‘Flash Harry’ caricature. Ian Dury feels no need to adopt a transatlantic voice to comply with his subject matter, preferring to deliver ribald and bittersweet monologues in the tone of voice he was born with. Whether or not you buy New Boots and Panties at least make hearing the album a priority…”

Turn Up The Volume! says: unique voice, impressive razzle-dazzle tunes and crazy stories (which I only could fully understand after a speed course ‘learn cockney in 48 hours‘) – his best ever achievement…

Three Top Tracks: Wake Up And Make Love With Me / Sweet Gene Vincent / Blockheads…

* WAKE UP AND MAKE LOVE WITH ME (lyrics video) – this gem hasn’t aged one bit

* SWEET GENE VINCENT cracking rocker

* BLOCKHEADSArrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh

Full album…

IAN DURY: Website – Facebook – Discography

R.I.P. legend… (Harrow, 12 May 1942 – Londen, 27 March 2000)

THE LIMINANAS feat. ANTON NEWCOMBE – New Pounding Single ‘ISTANBUL IS SLEEPY’ Will Make Your Heart Beat Much Faster…

‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ by The Limiñanas feat. Anton Newcombe

The awesome French duo The Limiñanas, the Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin of sensual psychedelia, are back with a brand new cracker featuring psychotropic guru and mind-expanding sonic expert Anton Newcombe on vocals. Wow! A stunning combination! ‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ gets you by the throat as soon as Marie hits her drum. Once again her irresistible, repetitive, rhythmic banging is the throbbing heartbeat. On top of the ongoing droning groove comes Newcombe‘s characteristic and intriguing voice giving the track a hypnotic and gloomy swagger. This stupendous jam will end up way high in my end-of-the year list. Here’s the striking knockout visualized in a cool clip. Play it on repeat, it’s much better and much cheaper than therapy…

The Limiñanas:  Facebook – Website
Anton Newcombe: Website BJM – Facebook

Brand new 4-track ‘Istanbul is Sleepy’ EP will be out 17 November

Electrifying collaboration…

Mean machine…

Magnetic heartbeats…

The Limiñanas last year in Brussels – incredibly steamy experience…

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

Anniversary Albums – 20 Years Ago Today THE VERVE Launched Their Masterpiece ‘URBAN HYMNS’…

Going back in sonic history…

29 September 2017


Album: URBAN HYMNS – their third longplayer

Released: 27 September 1997 – 20 years ago today

Anniversary re-issue: a deluxe 20th anniversary edition came out
a few weeks ago – all details, formats and order facilities here

NME’s tribute: ” ‘Urban Hymns’ had the right time/right place thing sorted – fag end of Britpop, wide-eyed endorsement from incumbent King of Rock Noel Gallagher – but in another sense it was timeless. Its unwithered status today is thanks to deathless anthems like ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ and ‘Lucky Man’ that will pass down the generations, tough-guy-with-a-heart ballads ‘Sonnet’ and ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, still affecting whatever their associations and a bruised bullish soul encapsulating Ashcroft, Captain Rock himself…”

Turn Up The Volume!: says: An epic magnum opus with several
outstanding symphonies…

Three Top Tracks (hard choice): Bitter Sweet Symphony / The Drugs Don’t Work / Come On

* BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY – “I’m heard this a million times from one day to the next…”

* THE DRUGS DON’T WORK – heavy-hearted and melancholic tristesse that touches the soul…

* COME ONsmashing psych jam as knockout album closer

Masterpiece in full…

THE VERVE: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Absolutely great to see charismatic frontman Richard Aschcroft (again) at the start of this month playing several Urban Hymns in Belgium (Crammerrock, 1 September 2017)…

(photos: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

FORNET – A Hypnotic Nowadays Interpretation Of The Best Part Of The Noisy And Adventurous Past…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

29 September 2017

Thanks to my musical buddy Didier – editor in chief of very popular Belgian music site Luminous Dash, I saw, heard and was blown away by one of the most fascinating discoveries of the year. FORNET is a truly must follow band for the future. An up and coming gang of Belgian youngsters producing a hypnotic, nowadays reinvention of spellbinding sounds of the best part of the noisy and adventurous past. Still in their
early twenties, they come up with a magnetizing mix of nasty Velvet Underground, some vitriolic 80s The Fall injected at times with early Pixies racket. Yes, that damn good! They played my hometown Ghent yesterday and they nailed it brilliantly! No special effects,
no-nonsense, just psychedelic krautrock fueled electricity, straight in your face. You
want proof? Here’s their brand new 5-track debut EP. Trust me, you’ll bloody love it…

FORNET: Facebook – Instagram

The men in black…

Back to the future…

(photos: JL/Turn Up the Volume! At KINKY STAR – Ghent, Belgium – 27 September 2017)

Experience BERMUDA ANGELS’ Psychedelic And Voyeuristic Escapade – Here’s… ON THE RUN

28 September 2017

Together Bermuda Jones and Sophie Kadow are BERMUDA ANGELS out of the Mojave desert of California. A sensual duo that will seduce your ears and eyes with a startling
and funkydelic journey. Their spicy and erotic symphony ON THE RUN progresses like
an insidious serpent in the hot sand looking for adventure. Intriguing and dangerous.
It feels and looks like a fantastical trip that stimulates all senses. An ongoing electronic hallucination with a spacey and modern ‘Once Upon A Time In The West‘ groove. A mind-expanding escapade for wandering lovers. A lustful experience for voyeurs. Here we go…

BERMUDA ANGELS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Adventurous angels…

Anniversary Albums – DEPECHE MODE Released Massive ‘MUSIC FOR THE MASSES’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

27 September 2017


Album: MUSIC FOR THE MASSES – their sixth LP

Released: 27 September 1987 – 30 years ago

All Music wrote: “Initially the title must have sounded like an incredibly pretentious boast, except that Depeche Mode then went on to do a monstrous world tour, score even more hits in America and elsewhere than ever before, and pick up a large number of name checks from emerging house and techno artists on top of all that. This album makes Depeche Mode’s massive success perfectly clear…”

Turn Up The Volume!: syas: This record clarifies what they meant with pop
earworm ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ – indeed, they wanted the world and they got it.

Three Top tracks: Never Let Me Down Again / Strangelove / Behind The Wheel…

* NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN made them stars in America

* STRANGELOVE“I give in to sin because you have to make this life liveable”

* BEHIND THE WHEELdance floor filler

Still massive today…

DEPECHE MODE: Website – Facebook – Discography