ANGEL OLSEN – Rarities Compilation ‘PHASES’ Out Next November…

New sonic impulses…


ANGEL OLSEN will release album PHASES on 10 November. Record label Jagjaguwar
says it’s “a collection of her work culled from the past several years, including a number of never-before-released tracks and b-sides. ‘Special’ is a brand new song from the MY WOMAN recording sessions. Both ‘How Many Disasters‘ and ‘Sans‘ are first-time listens: home-recorded demos that have never been released, leaning heavily on Olsen’s arresting croon and lonesome guitar. ‘Phases’ acts as a deep-dive for longtime fans, as well as a fitting introduction to Olsen’s sprawling sonics for the uninitiated.” The collection opens with FLY ON YOUR WALL. A gripping, melancholic ballad previously contributed to the Bandcamp-only, anti-Trump fundraiser ‘Our First 100 Days’. Here’s that moony little pearl…

ANGEL OLSEN: Website – Facebook

PHASES out 10 November. Tracklist and info here.

Anniversary Albums – BJÖRK’s Magnificent ‘HOMOGENIC’ Released Twenty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

21 September 2017

Artist: BJÖRK
Album: HOMOGENIC – her third solo LP
Released: 23 September 1997 – 20 years ago…
Rolling Stone wrote: “With Homogenic, Björk proves that good art, like good love, relies as much on the interplay of opposites as it does on fusion. Let other musicians blend electronica and rock into a pop purée; Björk celebrates difference and challenges listeners to explore the joys of contradiction with open ears and vivid imaginations. What’s more, she does so without the safety net of instantly hummable hooks or predictable song structures. Instead she offers ingenuity with a human touch that’s all too rare in the rock & rave ’90s. That alone makes Homogenic one of the boldest — and most exciting — albums of the year.”
My impression: unique voice, adventurous pop explorer, incomparable
performer, wandering elf at heart…
Three Top Tracks: Hunter / Bachelorette / Alarm Call

* HUNTER riveting impact and impressive video clip

* BACHELORETTEa troubled love affair as ardent spark for epic grandeur

* ALARM CALL“I’m no fucking Buddhist but this is enlightenment…”

Full Album

BJÖRK: Website – Facebook – Discography


ALL THEM WITCHES – Hypnotizing Rendition Of Masterstroke ‘ALABASTER’…


20 September 2017


Band: ALL THEM WITCHES (Nashville, US)
Track: ALABASTER – my fav from their newest,
excellent album ‘Sleeping Through The War‘…
Where: KEXP Radio, Seattle (US)
When: 5 May 2017
Score: mind-expanding psych serpent infiltrating slowly,
but surely your mind – a towering knockout jam!…

ALL THEM WITCHES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Album SLEEPING THROUGH THE WAR – stream/listen on Spotify

Anniversary Albums – THE GUN CLUB Released Their Second Longplayer ‘MIAMI’ 35 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

Band: THE GUN CLUB fronted by the late, great Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Album: MIAMI – second LP
Released: 20 September 1982 – 35 years ago…
All Music wrote: “This album was a favorite of virtually every critic. Going for a higher, more desolate sound, frontman and slide player Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his band were literally on fire. Pierce and company pull out all the roots and reveal them for what they are. Squalling punk-blues, with the heart of the country in cardiac arrest. Dotson proved to be a fine replacement for Congo Powers, in that his style was pure Telecaster country (à la James Burton) revved by the Rolling Stones and Johnny Thunders. ‘Miami’ was given a rough go when it was issued for its production. But in the bird’s-eye view of history its songs stack up, track for track and continue to echo well into the night…”
My impression: tortured blues passion…
Three Top Tracks: Like Calling Up Thunder / The Fire Of Love / The Watermelon Man

* LIKE CALLING UP THUNDERgreat title, cool country blues feel

* THE FIRE OF LOVEsultry swagger

* THE WATERMELON MAN I can see and hear the ghost of Jim Morrison…

Full album (#1 – #12)…

GUN CLUB: Biography – Discography

The late, great Jeffrey Lee Pierce…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 38…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven fervid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven first-class tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Fantasy Kid’ by SYRINGE (Denmark)
A one man army from Northern Europe producing more decibels than Spacemen 3. This slashing corker injected with venomous vocals will help you to crush your ugly demons.
SYRINGE: Facebook – Label: Lush Records

2/ ‘Queer Fatwa’ by SWEATY PALMS (Glasgow, Scotland)
Unstoppable Scottish 4-piece turbo with a deranged garage crackerjack. A smoking bolide fueled with agitated vocals & squeaky guitars and threatening to explode any second. Ace!
SWEATY PALMS: Facebook – Label: RIP Records (photo by: Aidan O’mara)

3/’What They Said’ by SILK ‘N’ OAK (Brisbane, Australia)
Imagine Mumford & Sons and Beirut having the time of their lives together. Yes, that’s how they would sound. Impassioned, irresistibly catchy and fervent. Swirling and fiery score!…
SILK ‘N’ OAK: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Aloof’ by BOKITO (London/Ireland)
After a short, kind of Sigur Ros intro it’s party time all the way. This vibrant belter will make you dance instantly with an exotic cocktail in each hand. Tropical vibes for body and soul!…
BOKITO: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Wish’ by BATTERY POINT (Chula Vista, California)
Dazzling indie pop electricity colored with delightful harmonies and glimmering guitars.
An exultant and dreamy dandy from their latest 3-track EP ‘Star‘ – here on Bandcamp
BATTERY POINT: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

6/ ‘Derrick’ by TURQUOISE (Brussels, Belgium)
Sounds like Ennio Morricone going electro. Discover this cinematic and atmospheric synth beauty generating a relaxing feeling while you close your eyes and you float away. Blissful!
TURQUOISE: Facebook –  Twitter (artwork by David Delruelle)

7/ ‘Beggars Belief’ by THE CULT COLLECTIVE (Birmingham/Coventry, UK)
A gripping and captivating ballad with anthemic Britpop allure. Sounds like the Gallagher brothers finally are back together, with another name as camouflage. Magnificent stroke!…
THE CULT COLLECTIVE: Facebook – Twitter

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here are… MIND RAYS

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

18 September 2017


Band: MIND RAYS (Ghent, Belgium)
Track: SUNBREAK – from their barbed wire debut album ‘Never Endings’…
Score: This 4-piece garage steamroller rolls ferociously and rocks without mercy. Pushed by a throbbing bass/drums beat hell breaks loose from the moment maniacal frontman Sis Sevens shows his teeth and nasty guitar riffs start to punk it all up. The red-hot chorus does the rest. Sonic havoc to activate all your limbs and all of your senses. Choose your favorite brick wall, take your position and get ready to mess up your head…

If you’re still standing and know where you are, press the button and play
their roaring debut album NEVER ENDINGS in full here on Bandcamp


MIND RAYS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Label: Punk Slime Recordings

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)