EDITORS Return With Heavy Roller Coaster ‘MAGAZINE’…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


16 January

Epic Birmingham rockers EDITORS will release their new, sixth album VIOLENCE next month. But first new booming single MAGAZINE . Once again the band proves that sonic bombast works perfectly if you do it their successful way. With an inventive and intense
feel for burning melodrama and cinematic vision! Roll the intriguing, accompanying clip here…

EDITORS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album VIOLENCE out 9 March – all info here

PICK OF THE DAY – Noiseniks BONNE APARTE Share New Wallop ‘SKINSPILLING’ From Upcoming Longplayer…

Daily fuel load your sonic batteries…

Noiseniks BONNE APARTE from The Netherlands shared a second bashing stroke from their new upcoming album. Here’s hammer SKINSPILLING. Claustrophobic shit right in your face. You better like them before they come after your head and scalp you. 1-2-3-4…


SKIN SPILLING is a track from new album SCALPS, out 2 February 2018 via Luik Records (Belgium), Antenna Krzyku (Poland) and Wham! Wham! Records (The Netherlands)

THE POGUES Released Masterspiece Longplayer ‘IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

16 January 2018

Album: IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD – their 3rd and best-selling album…
Released: 18 January 1988 – 30 years ago
ALL MUSIC said: “If ‘Rum Sodomy & the Lash’ captured The Pogues on plastic in all their rough-and-tumble glory, ‘If I Should Fall from Grace with God’ proved they could learn the rudiments of proper record making and still come up with an album that captured all the sharp edges of their musical personality, Frontman Shane MacGowan continued to grow as a songwriter, as his lyrics and melodies captured with brilliant detail his obsession with the finer points of Anglo-Irish culture. Brilliantly mixing passion, street smarts, and musical ambition, this LP is the best album the band would ever make with Steve Lillywhite in the producer’s chair. “
TURN UP THE VOLUME says: one of the best bands ever in my book, on and
off stage. This exceptional longplayer is a solid gold classic. Big tunes, mythical
stories, heartwarming instrumentation, drunk moods and Shane of course…
Three Top Tracks: Thousands Are Sailing / Fiesta / Fairytale Of New York

* THOUSANDS ARE SAILING – gripping romanticism…

* FIESTA – the one to start and finish all parties with…

*FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK – unavoidable, imperishable, incomparable masterstroke – R.I.P. Kirsty MacColl

The diamond in full…

THE POGUES: Website – Facebook – Discography

SHOUT OUT – Brighton’s Steamy SONS Ready To ‘RISE’ Loud And Clear…

Sonic havoc hat thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

16 January 2018

Another great band from the boiling streets of classic rock city Brighton, UK. Here are steamy SONS. A smoking duo producing heavy rockin’ hullabaloo. Brothers in arms trying
to beat the Guinness decibels world record. Lee and Nick Meldrum have 7 lungs in order
to achieve their goal. Massive loudness, gigantic riffage, and big booming beats are their favorite weapons. They’re totally ready to RISE and I’m 100% positive they will succeed…

SONS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Beware, they only look nice…

THE PEARL HARTS Have A RUSH Before Their Debut Album ‘GLITTER AND SPIT’ Comes Out…

Sonic havoc hat thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

15 January 2018

Finally, next month, London‘s bashing duo THE PEARL HARTS will release their debut LP with the sharp and cool title ‘GLITTER AND SPIT‘. D-day is 28 February. Details here. To keep us happy while we wait Kirsty and Sara share another taster from their first firework full length. In a press statement the new crackerjack is announced as a song that ‘embodies feminine empowerment and psychological strength‘. Singer Kirsty describes the wallop as ‘a rush of adrenaline flowing in your blood’. That’s what these outspoken ladies are all about. High-voltage garage rock that energizes body and soul. C’mon, hurry up. Move your furniture, alert the neighbours and turn it up, here comes THE RUSH

THE PEARL HARTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

STEF KAMIL CARLENS – Romantic Troubadour And Melancholic Storyteller Heading For The Road…

STEF KAMIL CARLSEN – N9, Eeklo, Belgium – 13 January 2018


Ex-dEUS, ex-Moondog JR, ex-Zita Swoon
Romantic troubadour & melancholic storyteller
Songs about yesterday’s lost loves, songs about
Gainsbourg & Birkin, a Scottish girl & going away
Mesmeric melodies and gripping narratives…

Whispering vox, sensual harp, affectionate bass,
vivid keys, jazzy drums, glimmering slide-guitar
and nostalgic pop rainbows for heart and soul
up-tempo, mid-tempo, slow-tempo… MAGIC

This try-out will be on the spectators’ minds
for a very long time. More gigs to come…


STEF KAMIL CARLSEN: Website – Facebook – Instagram

“I have my eyes on you…”

Sensual harp, country voice…

Slide sentiments


Two hours of magic…

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 3…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven vivid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven shiny tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone’ by BROKEN RECORDS (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Epic rock ecstasy with a sparkling impact on all of your sonic senses. A truly overwhelming and massive masterstroke you’ll have on repeat all day long. From the band’s new, fourth, album ‘What We Might Know’ – to be released on 30 March. All info here on Pledge Music.

BROKEN RECORDS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Never Get My Love’ by GREAT NEWS (Bergen, Norway)
Highly sparkling pop euphoria from Northern Europe floating from New Order‘s best dancey moments to Vampire Weekend‘s exotic beats. Magical cut from their upcoming debut LP.

GREAT NEWS: Website – Facebook

3/ ‘Cathedral’ by MT. MOUNTAIN (Perth, Australia)
Driven by spine-tingling guitar electricity this impressive psychedelic rainbow transfers you, slowly but surely, to a mind-expanding level you want to stay on forever. Magnificent!

MT. MOUNTAIN: Facebook – Bandcamp

4/ ‘Hit It’ by GLOO (Littlehampton, South East England)
Smashing grunge hammer that will hit you from the first chord on. A clamorous knock-out uppercut to test your speakers’ flexibility. A perfect ‘wake-up your neighbourhood’ eruption.

GLOO: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘CPS’ by THE RINGARDS (London, UK)
Sounds like Billy Bragg bought himself a pair of brand new big Marshalls. Vintage British indie splendour with a gripping, melancholic feel that warms your heart. Marvellous!

THE RINGARDS: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

6/ Two Weeks by HIGH UP (Omaha, NE, US)
Heated blues rapture to activate your heart, soul and limbs non-stop for a couple of weeks. From upcoming album ‘You Are Here’ – out February 23 via Team Love Records.

HIGH UP: Facebook / LABEL: Team Love Records

7/ ‘Easily Charmed’ by SUPER EGO (Flint, Michigan, US)
If legendary ego David Byrne and guitar heroes Television would jam together it would sound exactly like this. Fascinating, far-out and sonically drunk. This is an intriguing track from their brand new ‘The Complete First Season’ – full experience here on Bandcamp.

SUPER EGO: Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are THE VACCINES With Come Back Scream Along Smack ‘I CAN’T QUIT’….

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

14 January 2018

London’s exalting rockers THE VACCINES are back and still doing what they do best. Making vitalizing bangers with massive, anthemic choruses to shout along at the top
of your exploding lungs. I CAN’T QUIT will make your adrenalin stream faster and
get you in a euphoric mood on this bloody Blue Monday. One-two-three-four…

Hangin’ around, hittin’ the ground, dead in the water
Suckin’ it up, fuckin’ it up with a favourite daughter
Take the swing, everything around in circles
Takin’ a hit, this is it, I’m over it

I can’t quit
I’m over it

Shootin’ it up, cuttin’ it up with broken glasses
Have a bird, been loving loving in the classes
Candyman and go to work out with your sister
Talkin’ about brother’s fame, I’m over it

I can’t quit
I’m over it
I can’t quit
I’m over it

You can’t change me, can you?
You can’t offer that much to me
Oh you can’t offer change, can you?
And I can’t offer that much to you

Havin’ it out, livin’ in doubt, with no defenses
Tighten the rope, and talkin’ to hope in different tenses
Callin’ my friends and tellin’ the only one that answers
It’s hard to make brother sick, I’m over it

I can’t quit
I’m over it
(I’m so dramatic)
I can’t quit
(I’m so dramatic)

You can’t change me, can you?
You can’t offer that much to me
Oh you can’t offer change, can you?
And I can’t offer that much to you

I can’t quit
(I’m so dramatic)
I’m over it
(Hangin’ around, over the ground, down in my basement)
I can’t quit
(Suckin’ it up, fuckin’ it up with your replacement)
I’m over it
(Time to swing, everything around in circles)
I can’t quit
(Takin’ a hit, brother said)
I’m over it

THE VACCINES: Website – Facebook – Instagram

New album COMBAT SPORTS out 30 March – info here