THE LUMINEERS Enthrall With A Pearl Of A Ballad From Upcoming 4th Album

New striking strokes

18 October 2022

Who: Famous American folk-rockers
Active: Since 2005 / 4 studio albums
(new one included)

Release: 14 January 2022

Wesley Schultz (singer-guitarist): “We are all big shots in our
own story,” says The Lumineers singer-guitarist and co-founder
Wesley Schultz, “and, now, we’ve all been humbled over the last
18 months. The video was inspired by the 90s, and the storytelling
music videos we grew up watching on MTV.”

A pearl of a ballad.
A tower of a song.

And you wanna be a big shot
You wanna be the big man
You wanna hold a big gun
You gotta have a quick hand
You wanna be the big shot now


Rebirth Of Nigerian World Music Artist SONIA AIMY – Discover Her New Album ‘RECONNECT’

18 October 2021

Who: Toronto-Based
Nigeria born afrobeat artist

New album: RECONNECT
Released: 1 October 2021

Info: The release is a reflection of the Nigerian-born and Toronto-based
multi-talented artist’s recent sentiments around feeling overwhelmingly
stuck, having constantly been on the move, touring the world to spread
her influence and creativity. Aimy’s work is interwoven with unpretentious
altruistic double entendres, looking back on not only the global pandemic
that led to the creation of her new album but also the much-needed self-love
and self-care that we owe ourselves as human beings.

Sonia Aimy about being forced to suddenly slow down, and feeling grounded due to the virus crisis: “I cried, I thought about so many things. But then, something happened… I began to feel a new connection to myself. I began to really dream about my past, about my childhood growing up with my mother in Nigeria, or about when I moved to Italy. So many things I’d not reflected on in the mad rush. I began to see my life in a sort of rewind that I’d not seen before. And that’s when the music and the words began to flow.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a melting pot of traditional African world music with
all sorts of sonic colors like reggae, soul and ska. Uptight but also melancholic moments. Overall it’s a captivating collection of tunes that invite you to sway your hips, to clap your hands, to move around and around, to celebrate life. Great orchestrations, great horns, great post-lockdown record, like a soundtrack for a rebirth.

Video for single/title track ‘Reconnect’…

Stream full album here…

SONIA AIMY: FacebookWebsite

Centipede JAMES DOMESTIC Spits And Sneers On New Vitriolic Solo Single ‘FAZE OUT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 October 2021

Who: Member of former hardcore gangs The Domestics), plus Pi$$er,
Tokyo Lungs
and half a dozen more. Domestic is a cultural centipede:
poet, DJ, singer/songwriter, doctorate owner, producer, East Anglian
legend and inspirator of young punk bands.

A hard-working man: “I’ll write three in my head, forget one, demo two,
and throw one of those away ‘cos it’ll be crap…the third one will be great

Debut solo single: FAZE OUT
First cut from upcoming album
titled Carrion Repeating

Turn Up The Volume: Faze Out is a slash and trash jackhammer,
an angry spit and sneer storm, a Sturm und Drang firestarter, 143
seconds of furious frustration is what you get. Retro organs clatter
like if a nightmare is just around the corner, but Domestic sounds
like he’s a determined survivor who will not go down just like that.

Fucktastic rant!

Sucked into the vortex / it’s a Faze out /
you feel just like you’ll fade out


JOY DIVISION – Special Reissue Of Double Album ‘STILL’ To Celebrate Its 40th Annviersary

18 October 2021

Forty years ago, on 8 October 1981 (more than a year after Ian Curtis
death), iconic post-punks JOY DIVISION released double album STILL.

A great sonic memory, raw and rugged, consisting of previously released
and unreleased studio material and a live recording of Joy Division‘s final
concert, performed at Birmingham University.

To celebrate the 40th-anniversary a limited reissue with a ruby red sleeve
and pressed on crystal clear vinyl is planned to be released next year, on
11 February 2022. Only available via the website of New Order right here.

The full original release…


Happy 95 To CHUCK BERRY – Let’s Hear Some Rock ‘N’ Roll Music For The Hero

18 October 2021

Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born on 18 October 18, 1926.

Happy 95 to one of the historic pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll music. No wonder
his nickname was the ‘Father of Rock and Roll‘. The charismatic songsmith
recorded 20 studio albums, with Chuck as the final one, released in 2017.
He passed away, at 90, on 18 March 2017.

Let’s hear some of that Rock ‘N’ Roll Music


Crossover Noiseniks SAVING JACKIE Dropped Video Clip For Inspiring Single ‘IT’S CRITICAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 October 2021

Who: Heated gang from San Antonio, Texas


Last June Saving Jackie released their new album It’s Critical.
A bad-ass bulldozer of a record. A fresh video clip for their
newest single, the title track, premiered two days ago.

The single is a fiery fireball rolling with zappy zest, with
Jenny 4C Ramirez, a female Zack de la Rocha, blustering
with Sturm und Drang passion, as we know her, backed
by her battering beards.

The clip is full of pep, briskness and vivid verve
with Ramirez emphasizing the fight for your life
bravery that’s needed to survive dire diseases.

Don’t be deceived, It’s Critical!
Rise & Fight for your life you’re a Miracle
Don’t be deceived, Rise & Fight for your Life!

Listen/watch right here…

PS: Jenny Ramirez wearing a Johnny Cash T-shirt in the clip is utterly cool

Soulful Sunday With THE LEMONHEADS

17 October 2021

25 years ago, 15 October 1996, EVAN DANDO and his LEMONHEADS
released their seventh, critically praised, album CAR BUTTON CLOTH.

Here’s sensitive single IF I COULD TALK I’D TELL YOU.

Dando: “That song comes from when I would lose my voice and
I couldn’t talk, so I would write down, ‘If I could talk I’d tell you.’
I wrote that down once, and I thought, That’s a good title for
a song.”


FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – A Stream Of Hot-Tempered Blasts On New Album ‘STICKY’

17 October 2021

Band: FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES (Hertfordshire, England)
Who: Tattoo punk artist Frank Carter who started to scream with Gallows
(2005-2011), then continued with Pure Love (2011-2014) and rattles
on since 2015 with his Rattlesnakes

New album: STICKY – 4th LP
Released: 15 October 2021
Order info: here

NME says: “A great record borne of hard times. Where the band’s previous
albums explored mental health and toxic masculinity, this one is a pressure
release: loose and spontaneous… This kind of bug-eyed bish-bash-bosh is
exactly what we need from Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes right now.
Great records inevitably come out of shit times, and this is one of them.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: After 15 years Frank Carter has become an expert
when it comes to fabricate punked-up and scream-along headbangers to
ignite messy moshpits. Sticky is a stream of hot-tempered blasts that stick
instantly. Carter‘s forceful full-throated voice is the slam-bang engine
dynamizing all 10 cry-outs on this powerhouse longplayer. Touchdown!

Singles/clips: Go Get A Tattoo / My Town

(Feat. Lynks)

(Feat. Idles’ loudmouth Joe Talbot)

Full album…