HISTORY – 1 April 1984 – MARVIN GAYE Shot By His Father 35 Years Ago Today…

Soul icon MARVIN GAYE (born Marvin Pentz Gay Jr.) was born on 2 April 1939 in Washington D.C. The world famous star was shot by his father after a severe discussion that completely got out of hand on 1st April 1984, one day before his 45th birthday, 35 years ago today. R.I.P.

Marvin Gaye became one of the most respected and praised soul artists in history.
He was a key musician in the creation and the global success of the Motown sound.
His most influential work was his 11th studio LP, entitled WHAT’S GOING ON that
came out in 1971, 48 years ago. With brave songs about urban decay, environmental destruction, the military industry and war (Vietnam), police brutality, unemployment
and poverty he made a masterpiece that is terrifyingly relevant again today…

MARVIN GAYE: Biography

Folk Pop Duo MRS. GREENBIRD Touches You With Title Track Of New Album ‘DARK WATERS’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

31 March 2019

After two chart-topping albums & receiving two Echoes (German Grammys) and years
of being on the road with sold out concerts, German folk pop duo MRS. GREENBIRD needed to reconsider their standpoint: “What is really important in music and in life?
The pair decided to focus on good old handmade music with heart & soul. Back to
the roots, if you like.

The direct, intimate and honest new album ‘DARK WATERS‘ will be out on 12th April. Ahead of it here’s the title track off the LP. A delicate beauty that makes you silent so
you can truly experience the depth of its essence. Capture the profound sentiments here…

MRS. GREENBIRD: Facebook – Website

SKY FERREIRA Finally Returns With New Spooky Single ‘DOWNHILL LULLABY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

31 March 2019

Already six years past since SKY FERREIRA released her debut album Night Time, My Time. In the meantime she collaborated with countless other artists. But finally she’s back now with work of her own. New single ‘DOWNHILL BABY‘ is a most intriguing and ghostly piece of work. Darkish, enigmatic and bewitching. Welcome back! Join Sky Ferreira‘s soul-stirring introspection right here…


HISTORY – 31 March 1949 – First 7″ Single Released 70 Years Ago Today…

31 March 2019

American record label RCA Victor Records introduced the 7-inch (= standard diameter)
45 rpm (= play speed) micro-grooved vinylite record, marketed simply as a ‘45‘. The new format had been under development for several years. Cool thing to know: the colored vinyl wasn’t an invention of the punk era. From the start, back in 1949, each genre of music had its own color. Country releases were on green vinyl, children’s records were on yellow, classical releases were on red and popular releases on standard black vinyl. The very first 45 rpm record created was a child song entitled ‘PeeWee the Piccolo‘ and pressed on 7 Dec 1948 and launched months later.

Anyway, on 31 March 1949, a country song called ‘TEXARKANA BABY‘ written by Cottonseed Clark and Fred Rose and performed by EDDY ARNOLD was among the first seven-inch 45 rpm records releases by RCA in the United States and given the credit of being the very first 7″ ever. Here’s that historic 7″…

Irish Wiry Trio FERALS Batters Heavily On Brand New Single ‘MYSTERY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 March 2019


Who: A high energy and high intensity three-piece indie rock band
from Belfast drawing influences from Foals, Biffy Clyro and Wolf Alice

Track: MYSTERY – new cut from their upcoming debut EP

Score: This fresh Irish trio’s new single is a fervid steamroller oiled with
robustious drums/bass, glowing guitars and brisk vocals. Midway, during
a smooth and dreamy, the band reload their batteries for a heavy finale.

Tune in here…

FERALS: Facebook

‘Timeless Melody’ – Lost Diamond By THE LA’S

Knockouts from the past

30 March 2019

Timeless’ Melody’ by THE LA’S

It was not only about ‘There She Goes‘. The Liverpool’s THE LA’S had several
top tunes of which ‘Timeless Melody‘ is one of them. The song appeared on
their self-titled Debut Album Released as a 7″ single on 3 September 1990.
B-side: ‘Clean Prophet.’

The melody always finds me
Whenever the thought reminds me
Breaking a chain inside my head
The melody chord unwinds me
The rhythm of life unties me
Brushing the hands of time away

THE LA’S: Facebook

Here’s MODEST MOUSE With New Banging Single ‘POISON THE WELL’…

Brand new sonic impulses

Portland-based veteran rockers MODEST MOUSE – of which Johnny Marr was a member for three years (2006-2009) – released their last LP Strangers To Ourselves back in 2015. But as the band announced last month to go on tour with The Black Keys they also teased there was some new music in the pipeline too. Yes indeed, today they dropped new single POISON THE WELL. And what a mighty big bang knockout it is! The heavy corker will be released as a 7″ on triangular mint green vinyl for Record Store Day on 13th April.

Capture the impetuous beat here…

MODEST MOUSE: Website – Facebook

Thrilling Threesome HAVVK Rages Forcefully On New Impressive Single/Clip ‘IF I DON’T TELL YOU’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 March 2019


Who: “Trio originally formed in London in 2014, and relocated to Berlin two summers ago.
The band initially evolved around Julie Hough’s solo project but evolved into a challenging
trio with more atmosphere, punch, and political edge than before.”

Track: IF I DON’T TELL YOU – newest track from the band’s
debut LP ‘Cause & Effect‘, coming later in the year

Score: Tackling the very real and current issue of social media and how we can become lost between a genuine version of ourselves and the one that we feel pressured to present online ‘If I Don’t Tell You‘ is a towering belter grabbing you by the throat from the stormy get-go. An infectious crackerjack with glorious new wavish guitar play all the way along singer Julie Hough‘s fired up vox while a walloping rhythm drum/bass force pushes the pace relentlessly. A bang-up performance! Here’s the remarkable video clip…

HAVVK: Facebook