Now Watching – Drop Dead Gorgeous AMYL TAYLOR And Her SNIFFERS On Fire On TV

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Drop-dead gorgeous Aussie punkette AMY TAYLOR and her SNIFFERS
have two blistering punk rock albums out, so far. Their self-titled boiling
debut LP (2019) and the red-hot follow-up Comfort To Me (2021).

A week ago the Aussie fury and her desperadoes caught
fire in front of the cameras of The Late Night Show with
a volcanic version of Hertz, one of the many highlights on
the new longplayer. And of course, all eyes are on Amyl.

Don’t drool too much, folks

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Spotify – Facebook

Stream the newest album Comfort To Me via Spotify

NRVS – British Trio Claims We Are All ‘SCUM’ And Visualize It With A Mental Video Clip

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30 April 2022

Band: NRVS
Who: Mysterious trio with an inimitable take on
humanity’s downward spiral into a dysfunctional
entropic existence!

New single: SCUM
From their upcoming EP

NRVS: “So what about Scum? We’re all scum. We’re the future of the human race and we’re fucked, as Extinction Rebellion used to say when they were cool – and we love it, or at least we seem to! Us lot just happen to be feeling it at the moment cos we happen to be alive now, so we’re the toppest layer of the pond… scum, get it?”

Turn Up The Volume: Your body temperature rises the moment this wild-and-woolly midtempo whopper invades your greedy ears. NRVS kick ass with their king-sized wall-of-electrically-powered sound.

Oil your pipes ’cause when the wicked chorus pops up it’s scream-yell-bellow
along time. I can go berserk any day of the week to this kind of blistering belters.

(Btw, this mysterious trio looks a bit like the animated Gorillaz figures).

One more thing, people. Look around, scumbags have taken over the world.
Fuck Putin! Fuck Boris! Fuck Trump! Fuck all intolerant dirtbags!

The video clip is mental…

NRVS: Facebook – Instagram

Poignant Heart And Soul Intimacy With Midnight Hour Crooner OLI SPLEEN

Best longplayer of April 2022

30 April 2022

Who: Singer-songwriter
from Brighton, UK

New album: STILL LIFE

Oli Spleen: Ten years ago when I was in Paris finalising my debut solo album
“Fag Machine”, I would not have believed that ten years on I’d be five albums in.”

Cover artwork: The cover art is a painting by Sara Abbott of a baby albatross,
dead from plastic consumption. Based on a photograph by Clare Fackler (NOAA
Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
). In seafaring folklore, it is thought that he
who kills the albatross will be cursed. This image reflects how we as a species are
dooming ourselves and future generations in our relationship to the environment.

Turn Up the Volume: Oftenly, hard times can be an artistic inspiration for
musicians (for all sorts of artists, actually). It can work or not for the psyche
of the listener. Here it works magnificently.

Spleen constructed 10 sonic paintings about his struggle for life, about
soul-destroying and physical pain, and doubts about the present and
the future.

10 heartfelt, tender, and very intimate ballads, at times distressing, at times mournful,
but in the end, there’s hope, redemption, and lust for life. Spleen‘s voice is both doleful
and warm, just like star crooners such as Nick Cave, Father John Misty, The National‘s maestro Matt Berninger and most of all the midnight hour voice of Tindersticks maestro Stuart Staples sound.

Ten pearls about suffering and surviving.
A poignant and riveting work. Don’t miss it.

Stream/buy Still Life here…

OLI SPLEEN: Facebook – All Albums on Bandcamp

REGINA SPEKTOR Dropped 2nd Single From Upcoming LP – ‘UP THE MOUNTAIN’ Is A Sublime Pop Symphony

New striking strokes

30 April 2022

Born Regina Iljinitsjna Spektor (Регина Ильинична Спектор)
Who: Russian-American singer-songwriter, and pianist
Active: since 1997

New album: HOME, BEFORE AND AFTER – her 7th
Out: 24 June 2022 – order info here

Spektor on her FB page: “What a crazy world it has been. And still is.
I’m just so glad it IS… cause knowing us humans, that’s not always a given…
I’m full of extra gratitude and love for the world these days. Just glad to
be here.”

The follow-up to lead single Becoming All Alone.

It’s a sublime pop symphony with Kate Bush
and Florence + The Machine coming to mind.

Check it out…

REGINA SPEKTOR: Facebook – Spotify

Waking-Up With… New WILCO Single

Works faster than caffeine

On 27th May JEFF TWEEDY and his band WILCO
launch their 12th studio album. A double one called
Cruel Country

It features 21 Jeff Tweedy-penned tracks,
made almost entirely of live takes,
created with all six members together.

The first taster FALLING APART (RIGHT NOW)
is a heartbreaker lyrically but an earworm of
a tune musically.

Sing it, Jeff…

WILCO: Website

New album CRUEL COUNTRY is out on 27 May 2022

Talkin’ About Their Generation – THE LINDA LINDAS Are ‘GROWING UP’ On Debut LP

29 April 2022

Band: THE LINDA LINDAS (Los Angeles)
Who: Awesome female teen band Half Asian/Half Latinx
featuring Mila (11), Eloise (14), Lucia (15) and Bela (17) who
play together since 2018 and already opened as support
act for punk icons like Bikini Kill and Best Coast.

Debut album: GROWING UP
Order/stream info: here

Pitchfork says: “The Linda Lindas were destined for greatness, one way or another.
The Los Angeles quartet—whose members range between 11 and 17 years of age and
are Asian American, Latin American, or both—began as part of a kid cover band organized by Dum Dum Girls’ Kristin Kontrol. The musicians, a mixture of sisters, cousins, and chosen family, then formed their own band. Within a year, they were opening up for Bikini Kill… The teen (and pre-teen) punk rockers turn adolescent angst and razor-sharp hooks into heartwarming pop-punk with ample charm.”
Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: Power to the youth. Power to The Linda Lindas!

Certainly when they talk about their generation the way these young riot grrls do,
with pop-punk gems flying all over the place. All delivered with panache, flamboyance,
and swagger. These Los Angeles-based punkettes already know how to kick out the
jams. Think The Bangles teaming up with Weezer. Don’t grow up too fast, teenagers.

Singles/clips: Racist, Sexist Boy / Oh! / Growing Up


– OH! –


Stream/buy here…