BRITTANY HOWARD Shares Tremendous Electro Brothers And Sisters Rant From Her Debut Solo LP – Here’s ’13TH CENTURY METAL…

Brand new sonic impulses

17 September 2019


BRITTANY HOWARD who released two albums as former frontwoman of Alabama Shakes  (Boys & Girls in 2012 and Sound & Color in 2015) and made also an album with
her side project Thunderbitch now goes solo. Her debut LP JAIME named after her sister who died of cancer when they were teenager will be out on 20 September.

After unveiling groovy lead single ‘History Repeats’ and soulful musing ‘Stay High here’s a totally different kind of animal. ‘13TH CENTURY METAL’ is an electro, flamingly spoken word, rant with Howard referring to what we all are… ‘Brothers and Sisters.’ Get the message? The only way to survive is doing it all together. Yes, ALL TOGETHER!

Here’s some dynamic fuel to soundtrack our survival…


(photo on top: FB Brittany Howard)

THE HIGH LOVES – Young Toronto Rockers Dropped Punchy Earworm From Their New EP – Here’s ‘TRIED TOO HARD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 September 2019



Who: A fresh Toronto four-piece “inspired by the likes of eternal greats The Beatles,
and more recent darlings such as The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.”

Pick: TRIED TOO HARD – first single from their upcoming EP

Score: Pushed by youthful euphoria and exuberant ebullience and subconsciously motivated to be ‘the best band in the world‘ these young Canadian rockers show their ambitious attitude with this poppy pushed jackhammer that covers several decades of vitalizing and darting guitar pop. From 60s beat groups to nowadays jingle jangle junks.

Press play and get electrified…


KEITH FLINT – 17 September 1969 / 4 March 2019


17 September 2019


KEITH FLINT, the flamboyant, charismatic and 100% full-blooded frontman of techno legends THE PRODIGY, was born on 17 September 1969. He would have turned 50 today. Unfortunately the troubled artist took his own life this year, on the 4th of March. A
truly sad loss for his family, friends and fans!

Let’s not forget this outstanding performer. Happy 50, Keith, wherever you are!
Here are four rip-roaring electro shock firecrackers to celebrate your birthday…


– BREATHE – 1997


– THE DAY IS MY ENEMY – Live in Russia, 2017

photo on top: Insta / FB The Prodigy –

IAN McCULLOCH Released His Heartfelt And Mourning Debut Solo Longplayer ‘CANDLELAND’ 30 Years Ago Today…

17 September 2019


IAN McCULLOCH, the soul-touching, eminent songwriter and unique voice of Echo &
The Bunnymen
released his debut solo LP titled CANDLELAND this day 30 years ago,
on 17 September 1989. Overall a very emotional and grieving album as McCulloch lost his beloved father, who he was very close with, and The Bunnymen‘s awesome drummer Pete De Freitas only a few months before the record’s release. Most of the songs are heartfelt little gems sung by a vulnerable, yet ingenuous vox looking to process his distressing grief and continue his life without those unforgettable important persons. Gripping sensibility.

The album reached number 18 on the UK Albums Chart.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Ian McCulloch’s first solo LP represents his most accomplished work
since the 1984 Echo and the Bunnymen masterpiece ‘Ocean Rain’ haunted by the recent
deaths of the singer’s father as well as Bunnymen drummer Pete DeFreitas, Candleland is
a poignant yet ultimately triumphant album which probes not only themes of loss but also rebirth. McCulloch’s expressive vocals and impassioned lyrics recall past glories, but also tap newfound reserves of maturity and introspection.”
Full review here . Score: 4,5/5

Three (of the many) highlights…




Album (expanded version) in full…


One of the best voices/singer-songwriters/performers of all time in my book

Discover Stirring American Brotherly Singer/Songwriter Duo BAUGHMAN DYNASTY

16  September 2019


Alex and Andrew Baughman are two musical brothers out of Frederick, Maryland, US. They released their debut LP called ‘IT WILL EVER BUBBLE UP IF THOU WILT EVER DIG’
a few weeks ago. A record about dreamy reflections and contemplative introspections on daily life, drenched in a variety of stirring jingle jangle melodies, with various influences from various 60s beat groups The Byrds to today’s troubadour superstar Bon Iver, that will keep you aural attention alert from start to finish.

Press play here and explore the BAUGHMAN DYNASTY‘ musings…


(photo on top: FB Marc Bolan)

T.REX Mastermind MARC BOLAN – 30 September 1947 / 16 September 1977


16 September 2019


Today 42 years ago, on 16 September 1977, one of the greatest British pop talents and rock performers MARC BOLAN (born Mark Feld) the then only 29-year-old artist was killed instantly when the car driven by his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, left the road and hit a tree in Barnes, London. To remember the eternal glam icon here are three of his timeless knockouts with his legendary band T.REX

– TELEGRAM SAM – (1972)

– HOT LOVE – (1971)

– 20TH CENTURY BOY – (1973)

T.REX: Biography


(photo on top: FB Official Fan Club Marc Bolan)

DEUX FURIEUSES Drop Crystal Clear Title Track From New Second Album – Here’s ‘MY WAR IS YOUR WAR’…

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16 September 2019

(photo/artwork Dan Donovan)

After fiery lead-single Year Of Rage  and solid slam Civilians  wholehearted, socially committed London based duo DEUX FURIEUSES  unveiled a third cut, the reflective title track of second album ‘MY WAR IS YOUR WAR’, out 18th October. More info  and pre-order facilities here on Bandcamp.

The two furious ones Ros Cairney and Vas Antoniadou  explained in a press statement that ‘My War is Your War’ is  a song where “three stories of different worlds colliding, from Gaza Beach to Ukraine to Yemen. The song was written as a way of not normalising the shocking events that stun the world and then are yesterday’s news. We can no longer just occupy our own safe space and turn a collective blind eye.”

Listen and watch. Some profound emotions are coming your way right here…

deux furieuses: Facebook

New album ‘MY WAR IS YOUR WAR’ out 18th October

Belgium’s Supreme Collective dEUS Released Its Splendid Debut Longplayer ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’ 25 Years Ago Today…

16 September 2019

25 years ago
this day, 16 September 1994, legendary Belgian rockers dEUS released their dumbfound debut album ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’.  What started as a bunch of music freaks sharing albums they liked the best, from Tom Waits to Captain Beefheart and some Frank Zappa insanity in between, turned into one of the best Belgian bands ever, led by charismatic frontman Tom Barman.  ‘WCS‘ was the spectacular start of a (still ongoing)
phenomenal career with many baffling LP’s, several line-ups and tons of astounding live performances (of which I attented many). Eventually Worst Case Scenario sold more than 300,000 copies and dEUS scored better and more with every new release from then on.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The five-piece spent its time exploring its own interesting rock zone, referencing back to classic rock influences and jazz pioneers as much as any of its many frazzled contemporaries. It’s a bit facile to say that if Tom Waits were a young guy in 1992 he might have formed this band, but there’s something agreeably impassioned and rough about Worst Case Scenario which calls to mind Waits’ own avant- garage jazz efforts in the mid-’80s… Tom Barman’s singing hits both loud, full-bodied shrieks, and low-and-slow as needed, while the band in general strike a great balance between straight-ahead performance and subtle studio trickery…” Full review here. Score 4,5/5

Three key tracks…



– VIA –

Album in full…

dEUS: Facebook – All Albums

Still  Belgium’s leading motherrockers….