NOW PLAYING – New Mesmeric Album By Ambient Artist PHELIAN – Here’s ‘BESIDE YOU’…

28 September 2019


Who: New Orleans based artist producing music for nearly three years now, excelling at creating ethereal landscapes as he travels the real world ones. Taking the same approach to make music as an artist would to painting, he feels that each musician should have their own approach to the metaphorical easel. “You can look at the painting and know who painted it. You can listen to a track and know who produced it.”

Album: BESIDE YOU – released 18 September 2019

Sound: If you want to escape reality for a while, if you want to relax your busy mind, if you want to give your thoughts some time off, if you want a chill-out ear-massage than enter the transcendent sonic universe of this mesmeric ambient artist. Sit down, dim the lights, let the cinematic soundscapes enter your imagination, enjoy the silence right here…

PHELIAN: Facebook – ‘Beside You’ on Spotity and iTunes

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