TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For OCTOBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout October Team

1. ‘Hungry Baby’ by KIM GORDON (New York, NY, US)
Formidable blast with a mind-boggling impact. From new solo LP ‘No Home Record’.

2. ‘Couch Combover’ by GIRL BAND (Ireland)
Cutting chainsaw turbulence that’ll do your head in. From new album ‘The Talkies’.

3. ‘Trash Talk’ by LAZYBONES (Brighton, UK)
Unstoppable blustery ferocity that will pump up your bloodstream’s flow. Bloody hell yeah!

4. ‘Think Less’ by THANK (Leeds, UK)
A volcanic blowup build around an incessant, head-spinning, percussive bass riff. Nasty!

5. ‘Modern Romance’ by ANIMAL HOUSE (Brighton, UK)
A sickly sticky snorter that rushes and thunders like a high-speed train on the run…

6. ‘Spin’ by SILENT FORUM (Wales)
Crepitating post punk guitar stunner. Think PIL’s Keith Levene & Gang Of Four! Stunning!

7. ‘Spirit’ by RICHES (Canada)
Trippy and spaced-out rhythms and an electronic vitality creating a trance-like energy!

8. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
A mixed emotions corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic. Top stroke!

9. ‘Moonlight’ by KILL CHICAGO (Canada)
Smoking groove, glowing guitars, storytelling vocals and a 88 students choir! Hallelujah!

10. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky stomper for all misfits out there who want to freak out on a basement dance floor…

11. ‘Two Sense’ by THYLA (Brighton, UK)
Terrifically powerful crackerjack with a towering impact on your aural radar! Damn right!

All knockouts together on Spotify…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Happy 56 to JOHNNY MARR!

31 October 2019

Singer/songwriter and one of the most inspiring and genial guitarists of his generation JOHNNY MARR was born as John Martin Maher in Manchester on 31 October 1963.

Happy 56 to Johnny, whose productivity and creativity got an enormous boost since
he decided to go solo in 2013. Yes, he was the legendary electrifying force behind 80s
indie icons The Smiths fronted by that non-stop moaning right-wing nationalistic fool Mozzer but to celebrate my own Marr‘s birthday party I prefer to pick three songs of
his solo LP’s. Here we go…

(from The Messenger album – 2013)

(from Playland album – 2014)

(from Call The Comet album – 2018)


(photos, top & below, by Turn Up The Volume!)

HAIM Sisters Release New Swirling Single/Clip – Here’s ‘NOW I’M IN IT’…

New sonic impulses

30 October 2019

After their triumphant 2017 album Something To Tell You the HAIM sisters returned last summer with new jaunty single Summer Girl and today they launched another new cut called ‘NOW I’M IN IT’. A song about “going through it. A depression. Not leaving the house type of shit. For my sisters and I, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole. This track speaks to that emotion” says Danielle Haim.

Despite the song’s downcast and reflective content ‘I’m In It‘ sounds like pure
rapture. Frisky, swirling and twinkling. 24 Carat poppiness. Listen/watch here…

HAIM: Facebook

PARTY FEARS Duo Is Back – Listen To New Racy Single ‘OK. NO PROBLEM’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 October 2019

PARTY FEARS began life in Seoul, South Korea, as the solo project of Northern Irish-native Maggie Devlin. Teaming up in Berlin with musician Eilis Frawley the pair became a powerhouse of genre-bending anthems and joyful-cum-vitriolic punk. After the varied
and vigorous 2017 self-titled debut LP and last December‘s razor-sharp and snappy single Sun King II Party Fears is back.

Although the new single ‘OK. NO PROBLEM‘ is about self-doubt and loneliness the fresh track jumps and bounces forth and back as if only positive energy and a get-up-and-go attitude can beat those downcast feelings. As Devlin explains: “I don’t think loneliness is always sad. It can exist as a kind of frustration or mania. Or even joy. Like a stubborn, contrary joy.” She’s 100% right. Flush all your prescription pills trough the toilet, stand up, get up and go out and dance yourself into a state of mind-pleasing excitement in the streets. It’s definitely worth a try.

Capture the elated vibe right here…


CHROMATICS Share New Dreamy Video For ‘MOVE A MOUNTAIN’ From Their Long-Awaited LP ‘CLOSER TO GREY’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


Suddenly early October, out of the blue, Portland‘s electro collective CHROMATICS released the album they have already announced since 2014. New LP, titled CLOSER
is an overall starry-eyed and poppy affair containing also covers of Simon and Garfunkel and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

And just now they launched a video clip for one of the mooniest tracks of the record. Here’s tender love song MOVE A MOUNTAIN….


New album ‘CLOSER TO GREY‘ out now. You can stream it here…

41 Years Ago Today BLONDIE Released ‘HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE’ As A Single…

Knockouts from the past

30 October 2019

Band: Blondie
Song: Hanging On The Telephone 
B-side in the UK: ‘Will Anything Happen’
B-side in the US: ‘Fade Away And Radiate’
Released: 30 October 1978 – 41years ago today
Note 1: ‘Hanging On The Telephone‘ was the
opening track of Parallel Lines, their third and best LP
Note 1: The song was actually written by the not so famous
songwriter Jack Lee in 1976 for his band The Nerves
Note 2: Blondie learned about the song when Gun Club
frontman Jeffrey Lee Pierce had given them a compilation
cassette with that The Nerves song on it
Note 3: The single peaked at #5 in the UK and flopped in the US

Hello, Debbie…

BLONDIE: Facebook